Looks Like We Will Be Working With Abby

Had a fantastic meeting with Abby Ytzen Monday morning and discussed partnering up for the 2011 seARTS PAW program.

Here is the project as Abby describes it on her website

Artist Grant

At the end of January I applied for an Artist Grant, and was award one! I have been commissioned to create a public work about the city of Gloucester. 
Discover Gloucester is an education series of map/infographics about different aspects of Gloucester: Fishing, Historical/Cultural, and Conservation/Agriculture
Stay tuned, I will try to keep an updated on my process…still in the concepting/researching stage

Abby was one of the winners of the AIGA student competition, New Voices, Unique Visions. Her thesis, Biomes,  will be on display at Endicott College from now until the end of March. After the closing of the show her work with return to its permanent home at Ken Olsen Science Center at Gordon College.

Openning reception will be March 3rd Endicott College



The GMG Farm Bar and Grille DTF Burger Challenge Video From Frankie The Silver Bullet Gwynne

Frankie “The Silver Bullet” Gwynne Straps On The Helmet Cam For this Incredibly Edited First Person DTF Burger Challenge Video!

This is the video Paul Morrison calls the best GMG Video ever.  I’m not sure I agree with that assessment but I will say it is right up there.  Why don’t you be the judge.

Be sure to check out the very end of the video when pandemonium ensues.

Twin Lights Half Marathon Info Session With Dave Murray

Registration is open at http://twinlightshalfmarathon.com/

Those who sign up early will get Race Shirts so get on it!



Did You Know (Fire)

Photo by E.J. Lefavour

That the discovery of fire, or, more precisely, the controlled use of fire was, of necessity, one of the earliest of human discoveries? Fire’s purposes are multiple, some of which are to add light and heat, to cook, to clear forests for planting, to heat-treat stone for making stone tools, to burn clay for ceramic objects. The controlled use of fire was an invention of the Early Stone Age (or Lower Paleolithic). The earliest evidence for controlled use of fire is at the Lower Paleolithic site of Gesher Benot Ya’aqov in Israel, where charred wood and seeds were recovered from a site dated 790,000 years ago.   From Archeology.com.

This is a modern fire, hopefully the last one I will light this winter.  I thought the burning wood with the hole in it looked like a flaming lumpfish from hell. 

E.J. Lefavour


GMG Questions and Answers- Andrea Holbrook From the Gloucester Times

How long have you lived in Gloucester?

I don’t.

What is your favorite season In Gloucester?


Do you have any secret outdoor spots in Gloucester where you go to “get away”?

Half Moon Beach and Stage Fort Park in the late fall, when its nearly empty

What is your favorite pizza joint in Gloucester?

It was Andiamo’s, but now it’s Poseidon’s

What is your favorite sub shop in Gloucester?


What place would you go for a romantic dinner in Gloucester?

The Franklin

What is your favorite bar in Gloucester?

Cape Ann Brewery

What is your favorite breakfast joint in Gloucester?

Sugar Magnolia

What is your favorite local event in Gloucester?

The farmers market

In the summer do you prefer the beach or to be on a boat?

Boat, as long as I don’t have to crew or put bait on a hook. I’ll gladly hold/watch a pole, but I never hooked a tuna when I’ve gone out — just a warning

Who is your favorite local artist?

Dead: Fitz Hugh Lane
Living: Jeffrey Weaver

Which is your favorite local beach?

Half Beach Moon

Who has the best chowder in town?

I’m allergic to shellfish, and don’t eat clams.

Excluding GMG what is your second favorite local blog?

Heather Atwood’s Food for Thought

Do you prefer haddock chowder or clam chowder?


What is your favorite Gloucester neighborhood?

Rocky Neck. OK call me tourist

What is your favorite local band?

Bandit Kings

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As always the GDT

it’s ZAZZLE!, it’s clarkeAHHT!‏

Deb Clarke at her December Art Exhibit

Click on the Link below to see Debbies Zazzle Ahht Store

Design a personalized gift at Zazzle.

from: deb Clarke,

EJ’s recent post about her use of the art licensing site Zazzle.com inspired me to give it a try.  I haven’t tried to sell my artwork on-line, but the ease of using zazzle to put my art on hundreds of products drew me right in.  My zazzle store ‘clarkeAHHT’ is in a testing stage.  I’ve designed some button badges, refrigerator magnets and one poster. 
My friend Paul isn’t crazy about the idea of his mug on a poster (it’s a small poster), but his face on a button makes him beam  with the words “I am somebody!”.  Yes, Paul, you are somebody and here’s your mug on a button.  It’s a 2″ button for 2.45.  my royalty?  a quarter on each button sold.  not enough to make me rich, but enough to make me want to have fun designing these things. 
maybe I’ll design a sneaker with his mug on it next.  I’m amazed at how many items are offered through this site.  everything is printed on demand and is advertized as ‘ready to ship’.
EJ’s advice:  work those tags.  I’ve applied ‘glosta’ and ‘goodmorninggloucester’ and ‘paulie walnuts’ tags to my items.  if you go to the link you will see Paul’s badge and lots of other gloucester items created by other folk.
thank you gmg for putting together such a great site.  it not only keeps me up-to-date on the uniquely ‘glosta’ doings, but is helping me to step-up my marketing efforts through the generosity of other folk sharing their tips and experiences.  

Gloucester Art Community and Waterfront Development focus at SeArts Annual Meeting

Mayor of Gloucester Carolyn Kirk, Jay Paget, Mass Cultural Council Director and Susan Silberberg-Robinson, MIT Lecturer on Urban Planning and Design speak at the SeArts Annual Meeting to a large  audience.