The Topside Grill is finally opening for the season this Friday!

Hey everyone,

The Topside Grill is finally opening for the season this Friday! We hope everyone had a great winter (stupid snow!), and are now ready for Spring and warm weather. We have completely renovated our entire dinning room this year and can’t wait for everyone to see it! We are expecting a great weekend so we are encouraging people to make reservations for best seating during dinner hours 🙂 hope to see you all there!

We are also featuring new photography by Judith Montferrante and the Good Morning Gloucester photographers all around the restaurant! We also have John Jerome playing Friday night in the bar/lounge/pub. Also, launching my brand new Spring cocktail menu which I am very excited about (new drinks, wine, and beer). See you this weekend!!!


Doug Silva

General Manager

Topside Grill

50 Rogers St.

Gloucester, MA

(978) 281-1399

The Everly Sisters to Play the Landing Saturday Night

SATURDAY,  April 2nd
The Everly Sisters
8:45 p.m.., The Landing Restaurant
7 Central St., Manchester, MA.
An acoustic female duet singing the songs and
intricate harmonies of the Everly Brothers, the earlier
Beatles, classic hits of the 50’s and legendary vocalists.
Music styles encompass, folk, blues & soft rock.
Sheila Jones Schrank is the fingerstyle guitarist
accompanied by Elaine “Patsy Cline” Persons.
Together they weave harmony and melody vocals
side by side for “easy listening” audiences.

Sheila Jones Schrank
Everly Sister 1
Tel: 281-3451
Elaine Persons
Everly Sister 2
Tel:   978-337-2568


The Everly Sisters
An acoustic female duet, one a fingerstyle guitarist the other a Patsy Cline enthusiast, both harmonizing to the songs of the lengendary vocalists of the 60’s era, especially a well studied repertoire of Phil & Don Everly hits.  Their acoustic style is intriguing and relaxing, bringing a refreshing new sound to many classic hits from the 60’s to the 80’s.  Both blues singers at heart, they expand their repetoire to also include folk, soft rock, oldies the Beatles and especially the Everly Borthers


Thursday night blues party to host Evan Goodrow

THIS WEEK  I’m pleased to present the return of  Mr. Evan Goodreau. Movie star, jongleur, and all-weather breakfast. He sings, he plays, he winks, he drinks. Always gives me a hard time.
Pushing from behind will be that card-carrying time bomb, the redoubtable Forrest “Tucker” Padgett on skins and bones. And,as usual, my foodtaster Greg T. on catarrh and myself on base will be rounding off this agglutination to the nearest neuron.  It’ll be quite entertaining.

Topside Grill GMG Art Show This Season- E.J. Lefavour

Doug Silva who has been making some fantastic changes as manager at his father’s Topside Grill invited our posse to fill the newly renovated space with our photos.  If you haven’t heard by now from Paul Morrison’s Seasonal Restaurant Openings list,  The Topside will be opening April 1st.

We stopped by Saturday morning to drop off our work and I’ll be posting some images of each of our contributors with their pieces all week long.  You can check it all out for yourself (and get some great grub) on April 1st at Topside grill.


E.J. Lefavour



Here is a video from our Manny Simoes showing the pre-interview with CWO2 Luis Munoz over at the USCG Station Gloucester.  We have a multi-part video series coming your way which brings you inside the base, onto the boats, into the engine rooms of the vessels, and onto the roof.  I’m pretty sure you’re gonna like this series.

Help Joey Choose A Poem To Read At The Library’s Gloucester Reads Poetry Event

I need to find a suitable poem to read as part of Gloucester Reads Poetry: a program of the Gloucester Lyceum, which is the program arm of the Sawyer Free Library.

It’s going to be held April 28, 7 p.m. Sawyer Free Library but I need to get my submission in by April 4th.

So in the spirit of the GMG community I think I’ll open it up to you guys, my peeps to submit poetry suggestions and the one I like best, I’ll read at the event.

The explanation and the reading of the poem should take a maximum of 4 minutes.

Thoreau speech at Library

From the Beacon

On the 20th of December in 1848 several hundred citizens of Gloucester packed into the Town Hall to hear what was billed as an “original and highly entertaining lecture.” The lecturer was Henry David Thoreau, the gentleman from Concord. These men and women of Gloucester, who paid the not insignificant sum of one-dollar admission for a yearlong series of lectures, were perhaps somewhat starved for cultural offerings and evening entertainment. After all, they were without television, radio, movies, sports bars and none of their children were in the Little League!

On Thursday, March 31 at 7 p.m., that evening in Gloucester history and the Thoreau lecture will be recreated by Jay DiPrima, who brings history to life through his dramatization of people and events. The program is being sponsored by the Gloucester Lyceum and Sawyer Free Library, the current day version of the original sponsor. The Lyceum, which is the program arm of the Library, carries on the mission of cultural enrichment, education and entertainment.

For more information, click here.

Chickity Check It!- Never said about restaurant websites blog

Beth Swan alerted the GMG to this beauty of a blog a couple of days ago.  Check It Out, and this BTW should be mandatory reading for all restaurateur and website developers.

The irony of it all is that I bet some of the people it is intended for may still not even get it after they read it much like how they can’t comprehend the value in tweeting a 140 character daily special “because it takes too much time”


Click to go to-

Never said about restaurant websites

Paint Factory Report From Iain Kerr

HI Joey,
I hope you are well, ready to warm up a bit.
I remain concerned that people think that nothing is happening at the Paint Manufactory.
From the attached materials, you can see that that is far from the truth:
Many people are not aware that considerable work has gone on at the Tarr and Wonson Paint manufactory over the winter season.  Most of this work has been environmental mitigation (site clean up).  We have removed, two concrete block buildings at the entrance to the site that each had 20,000 gallon oil and solvent tanks in them.  We have removed asbestos siding from the side of one building and the interior of another, 8 solvent and mixing tanks have been removed from the brick buildings along with the SUV sized oil fired furnace.  The most exciting and challenging work has been the removal of lead paint from the exterior of the brick buildings.  Scaffolding had to be erected around the buildings and then closed in with tarpaulins that were kept at negative pressure so that no lead paint dust could escape.  The attached time lapse video shows the tarpaulins coming down.  As you can see from the attached document, the ice blasting has exceeded our expectations, the brickwork looks almost polished.
Cheers, Iain