Kevin Henry Represents! at Quantico

Hi Joey,

We’re back from a long weekend with some of my Vietnam Marine buddies at the big Marine Base in Quantico.  "Combat Camera…." really does bring new meaning to "shooting", and if you can manage it and get back alive?

Best, Kevin




Did You Know? (Smokin’ Jim, Joe Sanborn & Bob Kearsey)

Smokin Jim's Bar-B-Q on East Main Street in Gloucester
Photos by E.J. Lefavour

That the site of Smokin’ Jim’s Bar-B-Q was once Bob’s Clam Shack, and that Harbor Master, Jim Caulkett’s wife Judy’s father, Joe Sanborn was one of the carpenters who built it?  And did you know that Robert Earl “Bob” Kearsey, born in Gloucester on December 18, 1934, passed away at his home in Moss Point, MS on Saturday, March 26, 2011?  In 1953 Bob built, owned, and operated the famous East Gloucester seafood restaurant, Bob’s Clam Shack, where he served “The Finest Clam on Cape Ann.” Notice, he started that business when he was only 19.  After the Clam Shack and Marina were sold in 1980, he purchased an RV and traveled the United States, living and working wherever his next adventure would take him.  His memorial service was held this past Saturday, April 23rd at the UUC, 50 Middle Street in Gloucester.

Today was the opening of Smokin Jim’s Bar-B-Q and I stopped by to say Hi to Judy and Jim, who are great people with such wonderful energy.  I’m not a big rib person, but I did have some of Jim’s chicken, and it was great – so tender and the sauce just right, not overly sweet and cloying like some I’ve had.  I also have to say that their coleslaw, potato salad, Cajun rice, chili and corn bread are out of this world.  I don’t like gritty corn bread, and Jim’s (although I think Judy actually makes it) is fluffy and so delicious.  Seeing that I’ll be on Rocky Neck this summer, I have a feeling I’ll be a regular at Smokin’ Jim’s for the great and very reasonably priced food, for Jim and Judy, and for all the great people who come through there.  I met a bunch of really nice new people while I was there; a number of Good Morning Gloucester lovers, a couple of new converts, and saw House Doctor, Ed Collard and Robert Porter from Coveted Yarn. 

E.J. Lefavour

St. Ann’s Summer Program

Good Morning Joey

If you could please post this flyer about the St. Ann’s summer program on the blog we would be greatful.  We also still have openings in our school for the coming school year.  If in the future we could post something about the school it would be great.  Thanks you for your help.

Have a great day! Barbara Jean Ciolino and St. Ann’s staff

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St Anns 001

Blue Shutters Inn Food and Wine Tasting May 7th

Joey — here are some details on our upcoming Food & Wine Tasting Fiesta coming up on May 7….

making sliders

The Blue Shutters is having its final Food & Wine Tasting of the off-season on Saturday May 7, and there are still a few spots open. These Food & Wine Tastings are our most anticipated off-season events…and why not? You get to try some great wine paired with amazing dishes in a fun and friendly atmosphere overlooking Good Harbor Beach — and it’s our treat for those who spend a night or two at the Blue Shutters that weekend. And if that’s not enough of an incentive, consider this: we’re using our May 7 event to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, featuring wines and food items fromChile, Argentina and other countries south of the border. This all unfolds in the Main Room of the Blue Shutters, where you can compare notes with other wine and food lovers before retiring to one of our uniquely decorated rooms overlooking Good Harbor Beach. Once again, our Traveling Vineyard wine expert Kathy Hill and Langham Hotel chef Mark Sapienza are putting together the tasting menu for this afternoon. We’ll know more about their plans in a few weeks but to give you and idea of what’s in store, check out the items from our March tasting: Smoked Salmon Crostini; Chicken Rillettes with Apple Ice Wine and Toasted Baguettes; Fennel Salami, Speck and Duck Proscuitto with Fig and Cherry Moustarda Fruits; Meatball Parmesan Sliders; Manjari Soft Chocolate with Burgundy Cherries…all paired with yummy red and white wines (in the photo here you see Mark, his wife Donna and innkeeper Patty preparing those meatball sliders). No matter what Mark and Kathy serve up, this is definitely not your average Saturday afternoon snack. Call or email us today and reserve a room for this weekend — one night or two — and get in on this special event. We’re also offering a weekend discount — if you stay two nights that weekend, the second night is half-price! You won’t find a deal like this anywhere.


Tony, Patty, Ed and Annmarie

Mother’s Day is coming soon — May 8 — and we have a suggestion on how you can make this a special treat for Mom. That Saturday, May 7, we’re holding our Food and Wine Tasting — you’ll find details in the post below. Mom can enjoy great wine and amazing food items on Saturday afternoon and wake up to the beauty of Good Harbor Beach the next morning (in this photo you see our innkeeper Moms AnnMarie and Patty enjoying some wine at our last tasting event in March). We’ll make sure Mom has some flowers — our treat! There will be time to enjoy walks on the beach, and we’ll also have menus and recommendations for those interested in dining at one of Cape Ann’s many restaurants – and a guide to some of our favorite spots for drinks, shopping and entertainment while you’re here. Of course it would be even more special if you were there as well — or maybe you want to treat yourself to a Mother’s Day getaway. No matter who comes along, it’s sure to be a special weekend. And we’re making it even easier to spend a few days here — book a room Saturday and get Friday night at half-price. Call and make a reservation while there’s still space left.

annmarie and patty

The Gloucester Brick House for Sale

I’ve always loved the brick house at 21 Middle St.  The outside has so much character, the brick, the vines, the large windows and the peek at the little garden patio.

Now the home if for sale and just as spectacular on the inside and full of history. There is a whole site dedicated to the sale. It’s not in my price range at $750,000, but maybe it’ll make someone else’s dream home.

Excerpt from the website: “The Gloucester Brick House, or as it has otherwise been known, The Alfred Mansfield Brooks House, has a patchwork history of colorful characters and associations. Built by that inveterate mover and shaker, George Rogers, bon viveur, sea captain and owner of the Surinam sugar trader California , who bought in Boston the interior of an 1820 Charles Street house and a 1790 West Cedar Street house attributed to Charles Bulfinch, barged them up to Gloucester, placed the Bulfinch atop the 1820 and built the brick shell around the two.”

Andrew Carnegie Quote Of The Week From Greg Bover

click picture for Andrew Carnegie Wikipedia page


There is not such a cradle of democracy upon the earth as the Free Public Library, this republic of letters, where neither rank, office, nor wealth receives the slightest consideration."

Born in Scotland, Carnegie came to the United States as a child. Starting as a messenger boy and then rising through the ranks of a telegraph company, Carnegie invested in steel, eventually building the company that came to be known as US Steel, which he sold to J. P. Morgan for 10 billion dollars in today’s money. He spent the rest of his life giving this money away, notably to create more than 3,000 public libraries, and to establish a model of library operations and administration followed by many others, including Samuel Sawyer. Carnegie Hall in New York and the Carnegie Endowment for World Peace are among the many other recipients of his largesse. He is thought to have been the second richest person in history, behind only J. D. Rockefeller, and to have been the inspiration for Disney’s Scrooge McDuck.

Greg Bover
Gloucester Lyceum and Sawyer Free Library

Mayor Kirk’s 2011 Tourism Season E Board Report

If you are in any way involved with Gloucester’s Tourism industry or if you just want to know what is going on behind the scenes at the meetings where the planning takes place to coordinate how all the pieces work together, tune in all this week for a 10 part series featuring videos and links to many different resources available to you in this-

Tourism Week On GMG

2011 Red Cross Community Heroes

Scott Oil Press Agent and FOB Ellen sends in this-

I attended yesterday’s event honoring the 2011 Red Cross Community Heroes sponsored by the Red Cross of Northeast Mass.  Out of the whole region 4 of the award were given to Cape Ann folks.

  • Community Hero: Bill Scott
  • Community Hero: Sefatia Romeo Theken
  • Community Hero:  Karen Benier, Jeff Jones, and Jorge Lemerise who helped save a distressed boater in Essex last August
  • Education Hero:  Shawn Maquire (Principal Rockport Elementary) and parent Tina Lamond

The Red Cross receives a lot of nominations and only 9 total awards were given out including a Youth Award and and Enduring Hero award.  So Cape Ann was well represented.  May your weekend rock, Elle

Red Cross Heros - 3-31-11 011Red Cross Heros - 3-31-11 012Red Cross Heros - 3-31-11 014


According to our boat guide these are the last three boats of the fleet. They go out for rockfish, flounder, monkfish and sometimes dredge for oysters.

Someone picking oysters out of one of the many oyster beds:

Bringing in Oysters for Don’s Seafood Restaurant:

Up On The Roof- Temple Ahavat Achim Views Of Gloucester and Construction Video

To celebrate this Sunday’s move back to Temple Ahavat Achim I present these videos from atop the Temple as it was being Re-Constructed May 27, 2010 and September 7th.

Sunday, there will be a procession from the temporary building at 33 Commercial St. to our the new building at 86 Middle St celebrating the move back to Cape Ann’s Jewish Community’s home.

Kim Smith’s Butterfly Garden Workshop at Tower Hill Botanic Garden this Sunday, May Day

Join Kim Smith this Sunday at 1:00 at the Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Worcester for the perfect May Day event–How to Create a Butterfly Garden. Pre-registration is required: Creating Summer Magic.

Monarch Butterflies Nectaring at Smooth Asters

Monarch Butterflies Nectaring at Smooth Aster

I will be presenting the necessary elements to help you create a beautiful and welcoming haven for butterflies. Once you begin to think about your garden as food source and shelter, it will influence all your horticultural decisions. Native and well-behaved non-native plants, along with examples of architectural features, will be discussed based on their value to attracting specific butterflies. This lecture and slide presentation will help you gain a deeper understanding of the interconnected world that we human beings share with plants and butterflies and how to translate that information to your own garden. Butterfly gardening plant list included with workshop.

From wiki: The Floralia, also known as the Florifertum, was an ancient Roman Festival dedicated to Flora the goddess of flowers and vegetation. It was held on the IV Calends of May, April 27 to May 3, and symbolized the renewal of the cycle of life, marked with dancing, drinking, and flowers. While flowers decked the temples, Roman citizens wore colorful clothing instead of the usual white, and offerings were made of milk and honey to Flora.

Maurice Prendergast May Day Central Park 1901

Maurice Prendergast May Day Celebration Central Park 1901

Did You Know? (Joey C. at Gloucester Reads Poetry)

That Gloucester citizens read their favorite poems, in an event sponsored by the Lyceum Committee with Poet Laureate Rufus Collinson, which included our generally fearless leader and poet, Joey C., reading his poem (written with the help of The Bean and Sloop Maddie Mad), titled “Good Morning Gloucester”?  You could never tell by watching the video that he was as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs beforehand; but he did an excellent job, and his poem was so real and so homie that you couldn’t help but love it.  There is a line in his poem that I think is pure genius; it says: “… it’s all just a sheer embarrassment of cultural events that bedroom communities can only envy”.  So true.  Bravo Joey!

E.J. Lefavour