International Dory Races

The International Dory Races were held yesterday morning at the Jodrey State Fish Pier with GLOUCESTER winning 3 out of 4 races against Nova Scotia.

Mixed Doubles

USA:       Alex Pizzamenti & John Francis (W)

Canada:  Lisa Tanner & Robert Fox

Women’s Division

USA:       Alexis Novello & Kristen Burnham

Canada:  Gail Atkinson & Kath Moore (W)

Master’s Division

USA:       Mike Harmon & John Scola (W)

Canada:  Willie Wells & Walter Nickerson

Senior’s Division

USA:       Mark & Nick Giacalone (W)

Canada:  Brent & Todd Dempsey 





International Dory Race Qualifier Saturday 05/30

After the fog burned off the races were on!

International Dory Races Saturday

International Dory Races Saturday

image006 (3)

Don’t miss the International Dory Races in Gloucester ’s Inner Harbor this Saturday, June 21st from 10 AM – Noon.  See the American teams battle the Canadian’s for the International titles in Juniors (men 18 & under), Mixed Doubles, Women, and Senior (men open).  The races are best viewed from the Jodrey State Fish Pier or the park at the head of the north channel.  What a great opportunity to bring the whole family to see Gloucester ’s historic seafaring past in present day competition on our beautiful waterfront.  You may know some of our competitors:

Juniors: Tyler Edmonds /Thomas Beaton

Mixed:  Jimmy & Laurel Tarantino

Women:  Amanda Palazzola/Lindsey Rogers

Seniors:  Mike Mitchell/Vito Giacalone

Gloucester IDRC presents the Oar Master’s Cup Race

The Oar Master’s Cup Race is the only annual dory rowing competition which pits single rowers against one another in multiple heats over a set course to determine the fastest singles rower in the USA .  The 2013 course will begin at the Maritime Center pier and proceed out around Ten Pound Island and back (1.75 miles).  Heats will be limited to 4 dories provided by the IDRC and the fastest time will be crowned the Oar Master 2013.  This annual race will take place this Sunday, September 29th at 10 AM (best viewed from, and rowers report to Maritime Gloucester Center …dories will be towed over).  The Oar Master’s Cup race is open to all IDRC members and you do not need to be an advanced rower to compete.  As long as you can navigate the course, you are encouraged to sign up and enjoy a great day of rowing and camaraderie with your friends from the IDRC!!!

As a special tribute, the 2013 Oar Master’s Cup Race will be dedicated in memory of IDRC member Mike Regan of Springfield , MA .  Mike was a fan of dory rowing and loved to get out for a row in a dory when visiting Gloucester .  He passed away suddenly last month and will be dearly missed by his friends and family.  All members are encouraged to come down and row or watch, then join us for a light luncheon to celebrate life and Mike.

Please shoot me an email if you would like to register to race or if you can help with race logistics on Sunday.


Len Robertson 2011 Oar Master with the cup

Jimmy T Snaps An Oar 2013 June International Dory Races Photos From Lowell Peabody

Lowell Peabody writes-


Don’t see this everyday! Oar snaps at the start of the Final of the Masters Dory Race in Gloucester. Apparently race is restarted if something like this happens within the first ten strokes of the race. New oars were brought out and the race went on. Canadiens won this one. You can see the initial crack in the first photo.. — atGloucester Harbor.


The Old Man’s Still Got Some Power I’d Say Smile

International Dory Race Photos From Violet and Corey At Sweet Shots Secret Spots

Hey Joey, Corey and I took these this morning from a secret spot. I know there is a lot, we took several hundred and this was the best. I hope you can use some or at least one? Thanks, Violet

Check Out Violet and Corey’s Tour Business Sweet Shots Secret Spots Here















click for the video-


2013 International Dory Races Set For Saturday June 22nd, 10 AM


After some exciting elimination races last week the stage is  set for Gloucester to host our Canadian challengers in the 61st annual International Dory Races.  This is an exciting week for dory racing enthusiasts, dory committee members, and the general public to witness tradition, skill and athleticism wrapped up in the friendly competition of dory racing between 2 nations.  Saturday’s festivities will start with a pancake breakfast at 8AM followed by the dory races at 10AM.  Competitors from Nova Scotia , Canada will come to Gloucester to compete in 5 divisions of 2 person team dory racing:  Juniors (18 & under), Mixed Doubles, Women, Men Over 40, and Men Open.  This is a great family event unique to Gloucester and Lunenburg NS that shouldn’t be missed.  The 2013 IDRC Races will be dedicated to 3 members who recently passed away.  Robert “Woody” Greeke, Fred Purdy Jr., and George Dearborn were all involved in the IDRC in different ways, but shared a passion for dory rowing that will live on in dory rowers for years to come.

Please find attached a schedule of events for the upcoming week.  I hope all of our members and friends will make every effort to attend this week!  Those who would like to volunteer to help out Gina Lampasi with the Awards Banquet, please email .

GloucesterCast 6/6/13 With Guest Ron Gilson and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

GloucesterCast 6/6/13 With Guest Ron Gilson and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

Click to play-

Host Joey Ciaramitaro

Topics Include:

International Dory Races, Gloucester Harbor Launch,Boating Season, Gloucester Harbor Water Shuttle, Vacationing In Gloucester Totally Based On Public Transportation, The Accommodations At Rocky Neck, The Gloucester House, Cruiseport, The Patio

Dory Racing Season Begins This Saturday!


Elimination races to qualify to represent the US against Canada in the International Dory Races will take place this Saturday June 8th, 9:00 AM at Niles Beach in East Gloucester.  Racing teams must sign up Friday night 6:00 PM at St. Peter’s Square in Gloucester or email me before the 6:00 PM sign-ups to register (must be a member to compete).  We are hoping many teams will compete for the titles of Junior (men 18 and younger), Mixed Doubles (1 man/1 woman), Women (2 women), Masters (men over 40), and Men Open.  If you have never seen the dory races, please come down and check it out.  The last few years we have had very competitive races and some photo finishes.  If you are a former competitor and not racing, we could use some help timing, starting races and coordinating on the beach so please let me know if you can help out.

Best of luck to all competitors!



2013 Season, 61st Year of the International Dory Races

2013 Season, 61st Year of the International Dory Races


The weather is improving and eliminations to qualify to race the Canadians are only a few weeks away (Saturday, June 8th).  I hope your training is well on its way!  This May, we have undertaken an extremely popular “learn to row” program with 33 new rowers and many members volunteering to be mentors.  The program is a great success so far, but we still need mentors any Wednesday at 6PM or Sunday at 9AM to help with the rowing instruction.  Please let me know if you can help out!

On another note, there will be a change in the schedule of events this weekend.  We will postpone the race dory launch from Saturday May 18th to Sunday May 26th meeting at noon at Eastern Ave Self Storage (bring a small trailer if you have one).  In the mean time, this Sunday May 19th, we will be meeting at noon at Eastern Ave Self Storage to finish painting the race dories.  Sorry for the time change, but I have to fit in the learn to row sessions before.  Please let me know if you can make these events.

I look forward to seeing you all on the water!


Don’t forget Father’s Day presents from our apparel site linked to our website or like us on facebook!

Sunday May 19th          12 noon                        Dory painting at Eastern Ave Self Storage

Sunday May 26th          12 noon                        Dory launch starting at Eastern Ave Self Storage to launch at HS boat ramp

Saturday June 8th        9AM                             Elimination races at Niles Beach …sign-ups at St. Peter’s Square the Friday night before at 6PM

We could use a trailer or two for the 26th as well as a boat to tow them over to the town landing.

June 2012 International Dory Race Eliminations Results and Mixed Doubles Photos From Len Burgess


Elimination Races Niles Beach, Saturday June 9th, last race of the day. Mixed doubles battling a stiff wind.

–Len Burgess

Dory Races This Saturday- Great Family Fun On Niles Beach!


We are anticipating some very exciting races this Saturday at Niles Beach for the International Dory Elimination Races!  Many former championship teams will square off to find the best pairs to represent the USA against Canada in the upcoming International Races on June 23rd.  The Over 40 division looks like a rematch of August Champs John Scola and Mike Harmon against former US Champs Len Billante and Jay Prince which was a photo finish in August.  The Men’s Open division pits August International champs Glenn Harrington and Erik Dombrowski against 2009 champs Jimmy Tarrantino and Tom Jarvis, 2011 June champs Joe Sanfillippo and Mark Duval, Oarsmaster’s cup winner Len Robertson and partner Jeff Muise, and other crews rumored to be competing former champs Mick Cote and John Swift from New Jersey, as well as Mike and Scott Morrissey, and Joe Cominelli with recent partner Ray D’Amico.  We may also have some surprise entries.

We are still looking for more entries in the Women’s, Mixed Doubles, and Junions (18 and under) divisions!

Race sign-ups are Friday at St. Peter’s Square at 6PM.  (If you can’t make it down and your membership dues are paid you may email your entry to me before 6PM on Friday)

Races will begin at 8:30AM at Niles Beach Saturday.  Final Eliminations (if necessary) will be the following Monday night at 6PM also at Niles Beach .

Best of luck to competitors.

Don’t miss it!



Things To Do This Weekend- The Oarmaster’s Cup


The prestigious Oarmaster’s Cup with be presented to the fastest single dory rower in the land.  All will be decided this Sunday, September 25th at 10 AM in Gloucester Harbor .  The course will start and finish off the pier at the Heritage Center (show up there with your gear to row).  Four boat heats will row out to Ten Pound Island, around clockwise and return to the finish line (1.7 miles).  All members are eligible to compete and of course all are encouraged to attend, watch some great races and join us for refreshments afterward.

And, a heartfelt “thank you” to who helped remove the dories last weekend.  It only took an hour or so due to a great turn out.  You volunteers are what make this organization work!

IDRC Board

Things To Do- International Dory Races THIS MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!

  We would love to see you all there.

 Saturday we start things off with a Pancake Breakfast fundraiser at 8AM at the Head of the Harbor Park followed by the International Dory Races at 10AM right there in the North Channel .  Bring your friends and family and be a part of a great event this weekend!

IDRC Board

International Practice Dory Going Once……

From Erik Dombrowski-

Last chance to bid for tonight’s auction of the final practice boat!  Our current high bid is $750.00.  You can email me your bids up until 5 pm, but I will not be able to correspond the high bid throughout the day.  So make your final bid today!

Good luck!

IDRC Board

International Dory Races June Events This Saturday The Eliminations At Niles Beach


Saturday, 8:30 a.m., Niles Beach – The Elimination Races will be held to determine who will represent the US vs. Canada on June 18th.

If you’ve been watching the GMG coverage of the International Dory Races and the building of the dories at Geno Mondello’s shop or if you want to share part in a great Gloucester tradition-

Head on down to Niles beach Saturday morning for the elimination races.

It’s a great thing to take the family to and you can register to become part of the action, you can buy t shirts, get row hard or row home bumper stickers.

Here’s the scenario- you pack the kids in the car, go to Last Stop Variety, grab a cup of coffee and one of their incredible muffins (blueberry and morning glory are awesome) and then go to Niles to catch the action.

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