Making Empenadas At Gloria’s Video

One of the things I love most about eating at Gloria’s is Gloria herself and the pride she takes in her cooking.

Whenever I ask her what tomorrow’s “Spanish Special” is going to be she gets this incredible smile and enthusiasm on her face when she describes what she will be making the next day.  I don’t even bother looking at the regular menu because the daily “Spanish specials” are always ridiculously good.

St Joseph’s Novena 3/18/11

The Ferrante’sDSC03561

Katie Fontana



The Scola’s


The Russo’s


The Orlando’s


Much more to come.  Pictures and videos.  I only stayed through 5 houses as I needed to get the girls home but our boy Manny is with Sista felicia and hopefully all the houses will get captured.

All I can say is that it was beautiful and emotional with waves of old school tradition washing over the rooms as the women sang and embraced each other.

The videos should be spectacular and photos will be plenty.

I’m Hurt! and somebody’s gotta pay!

I’m Hurt! and somebody’s gotta pay! and it will probably be Joey! Being left off his Twitter list is an insult! How dare you? No “Art, Rocks!” for you! only for someone who follows my twitter account!!/capeannpainter

Follow if you’d like a Free piece of Art! You’ll have to do some leg work to collect it.  but you have to be one of my Twitter followers. Goodluck! Next rock coming very soon.







Denial of the 301(h) Waiver Would Crush Already Over-Burdened Citizens

Ø Construction of a secondary treatment plant will cost at least $60 million and result in additional annual operational costs of at least $1 million.

Ø The full cost of the new facility would fall on the ratepayers of Gloucester, which would double their rates.

Ø There are currently no federal grants available for secondary treatment plant construction, as there were for all of the secondary plants built between 1972 and 1990.

Ø As a result of EPA’s decision, the annual charges for the average household would increase from $1,251 per year to $2,570.  By way of comparison, the average rate per household in Massachusetts is $584 per year, and the current highest rate in Massachusetts is $1,632. This annual charge would be about 5.4% of the Median Household Income in the City, almost three times the percentage that EPA considers a “very high” burden on residential customers in its guidance on affordability of sewer infrastructure improvements.

Ø In any economic climate, the prospect of dramatically increased costs of water and wastewater services, especially with no measurable environmental improvement, would have serious and immediate repercussions in the business and real estate sectors of the City.

The recent decision by EPA to deny the 301(h) permit renewal, and therefore force the city to build a $60 million secondary treatment plant, is not only cost prohibitive at this time, but also provides no appreciable environmental benefit.

The City is committed to preserving and protecting the ocean resources that have played a major role in our history, which is a vital part of Gloucester’s identity.  However, the City cannot look at wastewater issues in isolation, but more of a component to the overall infrastructure challenges.  The City is committed to implement an infrastructure master plan that will reflect a reasonable balance between cost, demand and environmental benefit.

The following points touch upon the background of Section 301(h), the EPA’s change in position and the financial impact mandating the City to build a $60 million secondary treatment plant:

Background of Section 301(h) and the Gloucester Treatment Plant

Based on Congress’ determination that secondary treatment provides little environmental benefit for discharges to deep ocean waters, Section 301(h) of the federal Clean Water Act allows publicly owned treatment works with ocean discharges to receive a variance from the Act’s secondary treatment requirements as long as statutory criteria are met.

In 1985 and again in 2001, EPA determined that statutory criteria were met and granted a waiver for Gloucester’s treatment plant.  If anything, the quality of Gloucester’s discharge has improved since 2001.

EPA’s Change of Position on the 301(h) Waiver

Despite that there has been no adverse impact on the marine environment in the vicinity of the outfall (One mile off-shore at a depth of 90’) and the fact that the City has recently invested $35 million in an EPA-mandated CSO project and $20 million on upgrades to the Wastewater Treatment Plant, EPA issued a draft denial of the 301(h) waiver for the Gloucester treatment plant in November 2010.  EPA’s application of the statutory criteria to the treatment plant in 2010 is strikingly inconsistent with its earlier positive decisions in 1985 and 2001.

The City has invested $3 million over 20 years monitoring conditions in the waters and sediments around the outfall.  This extensive EPA-approved program has shown no evidence of any change in the marine communities or of accumulations of organics or pollutants in the sediments.  There has been zero change in the abundance, diversity or composition of the marine communities.

An expensive secondary treatment plant will not necessarily address the issues EPA raised.

The City recently switched contract operators of the waste water system and have stabilized and made dramatic improvements at the plant.

Gloucester submitted detailed technical and legal comments to EPA demonstrating that the discharge satisfies all of the 301(h) statutory criteria.  More importantly, there will be absolutely no water quality benefit in forcing the City to spend more than $60 million to upgrade to secondary treatment.

The total sewer enterprise debt of the City would more than double, thus doubling the rates and have a major impact on the City’s bond rating.


The City of Gloucester will continue to challenge the EPA denial by putting forth the most compelling legal, technical, scientific and

financial arguments.  For the complete testimony, please see


Bob Hastings Executive Director, Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce

Episode #4 of the Gourmoo Cook Off–the Dessert Round–and a giveaway!

Hi Friends:

Here is the second to last episode of the Gourmoo Cookoff, the dessert round.  Check out the episode, our dessert creations and then after watching, let me know what you might have made with the delicious lactose free dairy products made by Lactaid and a one hour time frame.

Leave your comment below and on Tuesday, March 22nd I will make two random draws from all of the comments left here on GMG and on my blog and will award two winners with great prizes.  One winner will receive a $25.00 Amazon gift card, sponsored by Lactaid Milk, and one winner winner will get three (3) free Lactaid Milk coupons.

You can gain additional entries into my giveaway by tweeting or sharing this post on Facebook.  Just make sure you leave an extra comment indicating that you have done so.

Here’s the episode and

good luck in the giveaway!

SUPtheCoast Part 5

Will Rich (grew up in Bayview) and Mike Simpson are now paddleboarding from Key West, Florida, to Portland, Maine to raise money for the Wounded Warriors Project and SUP Cleanup.

Check out where they are using with the onboard GPS Spotting System.

Click on the links below to hook up and watch their process as they move up the coast towards us. They’ll be in Gloucester around 4th of July!

SUP the Coast website

SUP the Coast on Facebook

Daya Project at the Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport March 25


Daya Project at the Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport
Daya Project presents…The Boston String Quartet and local artists
Daya means compassion.    The Daya Project works to give the
300 million children in India and Nepal a chance to live life
instead of living in survival mode.   
On Friday, March 25 at 7 p.m. at the Shalin Liu Performance
Center located in Rockport, MA, a benefit concert will be presented.   
Tickets are $25. per person and tickets available at
The goal of this special evening is to raise $25,000.  The money raised
will go to building a Daya Home for children in Andhra Pradesh, India. 
Painting by local artist will be presented for a silent auction during the concert event.

Bandit Kings ~ Rhumb Line ~ Tonight

Today at 9:30pm – Tomorrow at 12:30am

The Rhumb Lline 

40 Railroad Ave
Gloucester, MA

Created By

More Info

The Bandits celebrate the day after St. Patricks day with even more fun, drink and music. The band has NEW SONGS and killer favorites…

So grab your pint glass, wear whatever color you think best represents the day after Paddy’s Day and start your weekend off right.

The Bandit Kings ♥ you.

Free • The Rhumbline • 40 Railroad Ave • Gloucester, MA

*check out our upcoming gigs (including outta towners like Portmouth and TTs in Cambridge) at:

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*feeling old school? howsabout:

The Restoration Works

Meet Dean Snell, owner of The Restoration Works at 16 Rogers Street. However, actually meeting Dean is not quite as easy as wanting to meet him. First you must find the entrance to the building (it’s on the side) and then climb a steep staircase up three stories to his wonderfully aloof loft that is home to his office, workspace and storage facility that is chock full of antique furniture awaiting his skillful hand.

Dean has owned and operated The Restoration Works for about 18 years, first in a garage, then his home and for the past 15 years or so in his third floor sanctuary on Rogers Street.


Do St Joseph’s Novena With Sefatia Tonight!

Sefatia invited us to go to all the city the Novenas tonight in a Novena Crawl (think bar crawl without the booze but with some killer food)

sefatia writes-

Good Gorning Gloucester for all your readers… Every year besides praying the Novena of St. Joseph I take a group around the night before like the old tradition to see the altar’s in

Gloucester we go to about 8 houses sing, chant Viva Jesus, Maria, Giuseppe, then we get our bread, lemon, orange you get to see the women/men make the home made pasta, some house still have it drying on the cords. You get to feel the culture and tradition hands on.. anyone can come the more the better its an honor, we meet at the Fitz H Lane parking lot around 5 we are usually done by 8 and we care pool so people who don’t drive no problem hope to see some of you there.. Sefatia

Gloucester Harborwalk – Call for Story Moments!

Harborwalk – Call for Story Moments!

Along the new harborwalk, granite posts will have simple etched glass or pressed metal markers that tell a story of Gloucester. If you know a story – a special piece of life in Gloucester – share that for the harborwalk!

Click Here To View More- Got a moment ?


Fort Square Café Pics From J Souza

Hey there.
We’re  big fans of the Fort Cafe and we thought we’d share a peek at some recent offerrings. Check out the stuffed French toast with ice cream -AMAZING -and the incredible assortment of baked goods in addition to all the delicious daily breakfast and lunch offerings.
Heidi is a cook/baker, extraordinaire and Rusty, Tony, Ellen and Krista complete the entertaining Fort Cafe team that makes for not only a delicious meal but a cozy environment with great company and conversation.
Check it out, right next to the Chamber of Commerce Building. It’s dangerously delicious…..

Fort Cafe - French toast-blueberry stuffed

Fort Cafe- Pastries

Wowza is all I can say!

Mendy Garron Marine Mammal Stranding Coordinator Reports On Common Dolphin In Gloucester Harbor Yesterday

Mendy Garron, NER Marine Mammal Stranding Coordinator

NOAA Fisheries Service

Hi Joey,

I did see the video and this too is a harbor porpoise.  Below is a picture of the common dolphin from yesterday (photo provide by USCG).  As you will notice, the dorsal fin is much more ‘hooked’ shape compared to a harbor porpoise. 

Thanks so much!



The Shanty of the Lunch Ladies (or Beans and Squash and Cheese)

Willa Brosnihan, Gwynne Fosberg, Morgan Phippen, Lila Olson, & Rebecca Dowd: The talented writers of Song of the Sea, perform their first song written for the show, “The Shanty of the Lunch Ladies ( or Beans and Squash and Cheese).” Set for production in October, 2011, Song of the Sea will feature an intergenerational cast at Henry Allen Theatreworks at The Cape Ann!


Chickity Check It!- Kyle Browne’s New Site


Exploratory Art : Learning from the world around us

About the Artist & Educator : Kyle Browne

Artist Statement

I create because I am compelled to. Creative expression drives my soul. A balance, a release, a meditative state of purity, a flow. Capture.

Capturing the moment, the movement, collecting the subtleties, the essence, a feeling.

A fleeting feeling expressed in painted color on a smooth delicate piece of hand-made paper, or collaged on a battered block of salty driftwood. To completely immerse myself in the quiet intense focus of excitement and discovery.

I create to clarify my mind, to allow deep thoughts to emerge, to unearth connections with images, textures and text in relationship to my world, our world. Our world – a beautiful disaster. So fragile, yet resilient.

I create to connect and build with nature, to bridge art with the environment.

To engage with the sounds, visuals, and conscious, of a swish of a flock of sand pipers simultaneously taking off for flight, the reflection and ripples of a street puddle captured between thawing ice, or the light riding a wave onto the hard sand, of a shell covered beach.

I create to understand humans’ relationship to our earth, our cultures, and to express my respect for its undying strength as it continues to amaze me.

Share. I educate because of my desire to share. I want to share these moments with others, share the artists mind, the contemplation of the beauty and life in everything. Lightness and heaviness, natural and un-natural, to release the burdens and routine of life and add a certain weightlessness to them.

To surprise the viewer and challenge their way of seeing.

I create to be whole…. will you create with me?

Here’s an interview with Kyle and some photos of her work

Click Here For Pictures Of Kyle Browne’s Art