Family fun tomorrow! TOHP Burnham #EssexMA party 10am-noon, and Motif #1 all day #RockportMA

TOHP Burnham Essex Public Reception Saturday, May 18 10AM-NOON

Temporary Public Art: Alexia Parker
Fun Fridays: May 10, 17, 31, June 7 4PM
Author James McKenna & Illust. Juni VanDyke If I were Series 5/10; llust. Alexia Parker Bike’s Big Adventure and Pumpkin Carving 5/17; Author & Illust. Barbara McLaughlin The Long Way Home 5/31; Author Diane Polley & Illust. Marion Hall Let’s Go! Animal Tracks in the Snow 6/7

TOHP Burnham Library, Essex
30 Martin Street, Essex, MA 01929
Days/Hours: M1-7,T1-5,W1-7,Th10-5,F1-5,S10-12

Essex Bicentennial display also on view.

snapshot scenes from Fun Friday May 10th and today below and TOHP Burnham hall installation views, Alexia Parker paper collage series, Hometown, for Once Upon a Contest group exhibition. 

returned with her completed work to show Juni_20190517_164303.jpg



Rockport Motif #1 Saturday, May 18 all day

poster Motif #1 day 2019.jpg


New Great Marsh brewery construction moving right along and Bicentennial Celebrations 2019 #EssexMA

Great Marsh Brewing Company expansion is well underway on the former Fortune Palace site at 99 Main Street in Essex, Ma. The brew pub makes a statement on the skyline and will have incredible views. Slated to open in the fall of 2019, the new brewery and restaurant received a five million bond boost from MassDevelopment and partnership with Webber Restaurant Group. North shore owner John Collins resides in Newburyport. If progress remains on track, the opening will sync right in with Town of Essex Bicentennial Celebrations in 2019 (see brochure below).

Great Marsh Brewing Company_former fortune palace_20190416_Essex Ma © c ryan (2).jpg

ArtTalk: Conversations with Essex Artists during ArtWeek

essex ArtTalk_20190419-postcards for May 4 2019.jpg

Essex news from Lee Spence and Lynne and Jay Havighurst:

ArtTalk: Conversations with Essex Artists

Date: Saturday, May 4, 2019 from 10AM – 12PM

Hosted by Essex River Cultural District

Event Location: Essex Town Hall, 3rd Floor, 30 Martin Street, Essex, MA 01929
(An accessible facility)

Get to know a diverse group of Essex artists as they share thoughts on the creative process, inspirations and influences behind their art, in a casual conversation moderated by Karen Ristuben (Program Director, Creative County Initiative at Essex County Community Foundation) with audience Q&A.  Hear from poet Erica Funkhouser, whose latest book, Post and Rail, undertakes an exploration of family history, one mother’s compelling silences and our recent discovery of a way to “hear” gravitational waves that have been traveling to earth from billions of years ago.  Mixed media artist Susan Guest-McPhail, passionate about the process of experimenting and starting new, explores the mystery of creating a non-objective painting.  Glassblower James McLeod of The Bubble Factory uses steel or wood coupled with glass –  creating tension between a very fragile material and a seemingly unbreakable, “heavy” material –  to generate an emotional response and connection to these objects.  Sculptor Chris Williams bends, shapes and welds metal into life-like works of art that appear caught in a moment of stillness.  His process of bending and twisting the metal gives each piece a pulse. Essex Arts Collective comprises the second panel of artists.  This dynamic group of women artists create collaboratively and collectively to inspire each other as they pursue their art.  Featured members are Melissa Glorieux, Jen Groeber, Mallie Pratt, Jen Romans, Margaret Sweet and Alison Taylor.

Doors open at 9:30AM with complimentary coffee and cinnamon rolls by Ripple on the Water Restaurant. Following ArtTalk, clam chowder by Woodman’s Restaurant will be served. Free admission and parking.

This special event, presented by the Essex River Cultural District, is funded by a grant from the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency. The event marks the recent 5-year renewal of the Essex River Cultural District designation. ArtTalk: Conversations with Essex Artists is part of ArtWeek (, a statewide creative festival.

 Artists’ Websites:

 Erica Funkhouser

Susan Guest-McPhail

James McLeod

Chris Williams

Essex Art Collective

Facebook Event Page

ArtWeek Event Page

10 BEST FRIED CLAMS list from Yankee Mag New England today

A friend in New York just emailed me this link: 10 Best Fried Clams in New England, courtesy Yankee Magazine’s New England Today. A couple of local Cape Ann favorites made the list. The comment board is climbing fast. I have friends that swear by the Cupboard in Stage Fort Park and various restaurants in Gloucester, Rockport and Essex. Did yours make the 2018 list?

10 best fried clams 2018

Ready set sled…almost! TOHP Burnham Library Essex MA

beautiful spot to sled Essex ma TOHP Burnham IMG_20180108_163434

TOHP BURNHAM LIBRARY, ESSEX, MA is sited upon another breathtaking Cape Ann landscape with an easy family slope for winter fun.

Great effort! Sweet son gave a proper push to mom, intending to hop aboard, while his older sister raced on.

running to catch up. Almost! Great push though sledding Essex MA

Lee’s and JT Farnhams on top 10 favorites list for BRAVO Top Chef judge

IMG_20170409_062745 (1)
can’t miss Lee’s at Gloucester corner – there’s an Edward Hopper drawing of the line up of homes on Lee’s side of the street

Article link: “Want to eat like Gail Simmons? Here are 10 of her Favorite Restaurants in the country (and Canada)!” 


Lee’s – 2 East Main Street, Gloucester, MA  5AM – 1PM  (978) 281-3873  
At least one of us orders an apple cheddar omelette

JT Farnhams – 88 Eastern Avenue, Essex, MA
Open seasonally. Fried clams for me. My kids like that they brand the hot dogs. Founder of Farnhams from Gloucester.  

December 2016 view from JT Farnhams Essex
winter view from Farnhams

Bravo The Nosh blog Top Chef

Farmer John’s Farm Stand In Essex makes The News

Farmer John Kusulas was interviewed on WBZ News Radio 1030, Mary Blake News Anchor.

Link  to interview Here. or read below.



_2014_10_08_049860 Stitch

Interview: “

Annie Fathergill, an artist from Marblehead, recently stopped by John’s Farm Stand to pick up some local produce. To her surprise, she received a tutorial on tomatoes. Kusulas took her over to a section of his stand and pointed. “This is what you call an Heirloom tomato. Do you know what an Heirloom tomato is?” he asked. When Fathergill admitted she didn’t, Kusulas explained. “Heirloom tomatoes are the original tomatoes, the way they used to be. Ugly as sin, but when man took over, they made it nice and pretty but they took away the taste,” he laughed.

He also treats many of his first time customers to raw corn. “When they tell me they’ve never had raw corn, I have ’em tasting uncooked corn. I just peel it open and I let them taste it and they can’t believe how sweet the corn is,” he said.

“You have to lean over and smell his fresh peaches before you buy one, and a taste is even better. Kusulas also has an answer for you if you can’t decide. “I have a little knife in my pocket. I take it out and I cut a piece and let the people taste it, and they realize once they taste it, they like it and so they buy it,” he said.

Kusulas is 72, and now retired. He left Greece at the age of 12, and spent most of his life in New York City. He worked in nightclubs as Maitre-D, and fondly remembers customers like Harry Belafonte and Anthony Quinn.

At other times in his life he owned a restaurant, a factory, and even once owned a donut shop. He says he loves this latest endeavor. “Instead of sitting home and nagging my wife, or my wife nagging me, I’m down at the farm stand and having a good time with the public,” he joked.

At his counter, he invariably has a greeting for his customers. “I always say how many, and they look at me like am I crazy or not, and I say, how many pies, I’m talking about pies,” he chuckled. John Kusulas is also known locally as the Pie Guy. He sells 14 varieties, everything from Apple to Lemon to Pecan and Pumpkin Pie.”

While his stand is stocked with summer fruits and vegetables, there is one sign that fall is coming. The first local apples are now on display, too.

Apple Street Farm

Apple Street Farm ©Kim Smith 2014Located in Essex, conveniently only a few scenic miles off Route 128, every Saturday from 10am to 2pm the farmstand at Apple Street Farm is open for business. Stopping for fabulous and fresh organically fed free-range eggs, heirloom veggies, fruits, and herbs has become a favorite Saturday morning ritual. Apple Street Farm tomatoes ©Kim Smith 2014 Frank McClelland is the owner of Apple Street Farm. Not only that, he is also the proprietor and chef of one of Boston’s most beloved and famous restaurants, L’Espalier. Apple Street Farm is the primary source of produce, poultry, pork and eggs for L’Espalier.Apple Street Farm -2 ©Kim Smith 2014 Each month throughout the summer and fall Apple Street Farm celebrates seasonal harvests with special dinners held on the farm’s spacious lawn. The five-course dinner is prepared by the L’Espalier chefs and includes cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and wine pairings. September 5th and 6th is the Fire Pit Fiesta and October 3rd and 4th is the Essex Harvest Feast. Call L’Espalier to make a reservation at 617-262-3023.

Apple Street Farm Pick Your Own ©Kim Smith 2014Pick You Own Flowers

Apple Street Farm hummingbird ©Kim Smith 2014Female Ruby-throated Hummingbird in the Zinnia Patch

Apple Street Farm Goldfinch and Cosmos ©Kim Smith 2014

American Goldfinch Eating Cosmos Seeds-A Great Reason NOT to Deadhead!

Farm and poultry shares are available from June through September. For more information about Apple Street Farm’s CSA program, visit their website here.

*    *    *

Photographing the Nubian goats was a delight. The little ones are very playful and affectionate and, when first let out of their pen in the morning, are super rambunctious. Apple Street Farm’s manger Phoebe explains that Nubian goats are great milking goats and wiki informs that Nubians are known for the high butterfat content of their milk.

Apple Street Farm  Nubian Goat Eating apple©Kim Smith 2014Apples for Breakfast

Apple Street Farm  Nubian Goats ©Kim Smith 2014

The Nubians climbed upon each other to reach the fruit and seeds.

Apple Street Farm Eating Catalpa Seeds ©Kim Smith 2014jpg copy

Nubian Goat Eating Catalpa Seedpods

Apple Street Farm Nubian Gots airborn ©Kim Smith 2014JPG SEE MORE PHOTOS HERE Continue reading “Apple Street Farm”

Maple Syrup time at Bothways Farm in Essex!

Hi Joey,

          I thought the GMG readers might enjoy seeing a couple pictures of our Maple Syrup production at Bothways Farm in Essex,We have 10 Maple Trees tapped with 20 metal buckets that we collect the sap from.So far we have collected about 90 gallons of sap.It taking us 70 gallons of sap to make a gallon of syrup.We boil it down in the wood fired evaporator for hours until the sap starts to turn brown from its original clear color.Once it just starts to stick to a ladel we transfer about a half gallon to a smaller pot.We then burn the rest off until the sap starts to foam,that means its real close.We then test the sap in a metal tube with a Hydrometer which tests the density of the sap.Once it hits a red line of the Hydrometer that means its now got a high enough sugar content and has changed into the syrup you put on your pancakes.Lets just say its about 10 hours of watching sap boil to 10 minutes of pure terror getting to density just right,because if you don`t and it gets too thick you get sap rock candy.The cold weather has been delaying our collecting of the syrup just like everyone else in New England.


Dean Burgess


Fish on Fridays

The Fish on Fridays series is a collaboration between Gloucester photographers Kathy Chapman and Marty Luster. Look for various aspects of Gloucester’s centuries-old fishing industry highlighted here on Fridays.

Last night and this morning Kathy and Marty photographed the clam flats in Essex where most of the local clams are caught and then sold at Gloucester’s Intershell

The 4 feet below and above normal tides during this full moon was a great situation for the clammers. Because razor clams like the shoreline they were easier to catch in this “minus” tide.

Both whelks and conchs are carnivorous gastropods. They eat horseshoe crabs and are a by-catch of the lobster traps and dredging cages used for surf clams.





 Photos © Kathy Chapman 2013

Video © Marty Luster 2013

Flight Installation at Cox Reservation Opening Wednesday 9/11/13

The Flight sculpture was installed at the Cox Reservation today. We’d greatly appreciate your assistance in promoting its opening effective Wednesday, 9/11.


Flight, by Dale Rogers at Cox Reservation September 11-30

Greenbelt hosts East Coast Debut of Large-Scale Sculpture Exhibit

Greenbelt, Essex County’s land trust, is thrilled to host the East coast debut of “Flight” at its Cox Reservation headquarters in Essex, MA, September 11-30. “Flight” is the stunning exhibit of nine large-scale stainless steel birds, each with a wingspan of 12 feet, supported on metal frames 12 to 16 feet high. “Flight” made its award-winning debut at ArtPrize, the country’s largest art exhibition held in Michigan, in 2012. “Flight” is the third large-scale public exhibit designed by Haverhill native Dale Rogers. A full time metal sculptor since 2003, Rogers’ passion for public art led to his first exhibit, “The Big Dog Show,” in 2009, followed by “Monkey Mania” in 2011.

“The flock will be arranged in a serpentine pattern in a waterside pasture, and brought to life by the reflections of sky, sun and water of the Cox Reservation landscape,” said Greenbelt’s Executive Director, Ed Becker. Visually interesting both up close and from a distance, the installation invites interaction. “We welcome the public to visit the Cox Reservation to stroll the grounds and marvel at the scale and artistry of Dale’s creation,” Becker added.

Dale Rogers visited Greenbelt’s headquarters in 2012 as a participating artist in the organization’s annual Art In the Barn benefit. At that time, “Flight” had just won the ArtPrize, and he was looking for a suitable location to reach new audiences for his work. “The Cox Reservation is an ideal site for “Flight,” offering many ways for people to enjoy the sculpture as an additional aspect of the landscape,” said Rogers. “I can envision families and children imitating the act of flying underneath the enormous birds, and others photographing the birds, –playing with the reflections to get the perfect shot,” he added.

Meet the Artist: Sunday September 29, 1-3pm. Dale Rogers will discuss the design, creation and installation of “Flight”, in Greenbelt’s free Monthly Walk Series. This event is also part of the Trails & Sails Weekend of Walks & Water, presented by the Essex National Heritage Commission.
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Bradley Royds~Riverside Bistro’s Music on the River~This afternoon

bradly riverside

Join Bradley Royds for an afternoon on live music on the Essex River at the Riverside Bistro from 3 to 6pm. The performance will take place outside on Cape Ann’s best waterside deck.

Enjoy one of the Riverside Bistro’s specialty drink list and their all-new sushi bar while listening to the tune of Bradley Royds.

br-g river


single tree music

Robert Coviello Antiques Shovels From The Inside Out After Nemo Blows Door In

Sometime Friday night the front doors of our antiques shop, Robert Coviello Antiques, 155 Main Street in Essex, blew in.  We were shoveling from the inside out Saturday morning!