iPad, iPad2 Should You Take The Leap? My View

Right now there are Apple freaks lined up for hours to get their mitts on the new iPad, the iPad 2.

As someone that has owned an original iPad for the past three months I’d like to give a little advice to those of you who are considering the device.

First off I absolutely love mine, the first Generation which came out about a year ago. It is the coolest electronic device I’ve ever owned. At this point I should also state that I am not a blind Apple follower. I was hugely unimpressed with the last gen MacBook pro and feel that the last generation incredibly underperformed my Windows laptop which cost about one third the price. So this review is coming from a guy who is completely impartial and judge these things based on how easy they are to use and how quickly they get them done.

There are several types of computer users and I will spell out what device I would buy based on several different scenarios.

In my opinion 70% of computer users in the US could easily use an iPad and never miss a single feature of a desktop or laptop computer. This is based on my theory that 70% of computer users don’t do much more than check email, Facebook, YouTube and occasionally upload a picture or two and that is the extent of their computer use. I would argue that the form and function of the iPad is awesome for those tasks and any more computer is overkill and a waste.

If you fall into that category and are debating wether you should buy a laptop, I would suggest you buy yourself an iPad instead. Now you have a couple of different choices. You can buy a refurbished first generation iPad for $349. Or you could buy the newer generation one for $499. I haven’t played around with the new one yet but I can tell you that the one I’ve had is awesome. I reach for it before I reach for the laptop at the house. So if money is a bit tight I wouldn’t hesitate recommending you get yourself a $349 refurbished unit from Apple. You will love it, trust me.

If you are rolling in dough I wouldn’t fault you buying the iPad2. It is 33% thinner and 15% lighter and has a faster processor. I guess it can’t hurt to have a faster processor but I’ve never felt that the first gen was sluggish. $349 for a like new refurbished iPad to me is a sweet deal though. For the amount of time you will use it that $349 sounds just sooooo doable.

Despite what the Apple folks would like you to believe however, for the other 30% of computer users who use their computers to create lots of content. To edit videos, to edit photos, to really write long blog posts or novels or articles or word documents or spreadsheets, you want a laptop.

While the iPad is the best device out there to consume content on the go, and it is capable of creating content, it just isn’t nearly as efficient for creating large quantities of content for the power user or above average content creator.

So if you don’t already own a capable laptop or desktop computer but create a good amount of content I would say those are easily a better option than either the iPad or iPad 2.

Now for those of you with the means and you already have a laptop or desktop but want to splurge, by all means go out and get yourself an iPad for travel or commuter rail or browsing the internet on the couch.

With the amount of content I create, a small laptop is probably a better option for me than my iPad as I create one to two videos a day and upload anywhere from 2-30 photos a day. I can’t justify owning both so I’d like to sell my 3 month old iPad. I figure since it’s only 3 months old and in perfect condition that it should bring in $300 if anyone wants to buy it and I’d go get me a small laptop and someone would get a great deal. Last week I offered my iPad for sale for $375 to a few friends. I never expected apple to offer refurbished units for $349 quite honestly. $349 for a refurbished one is a great deal as well, but mine for 300 with a $30 sweet case included is a much better deal.

I hope I shed a little light on the subject for those of you considering taking the leap. Feel free to ask any questions.

Plum Cove, “Roots to Grow” online auction Now With Time Bandit Signed Jacket


2 WEEKS ONLY! Monday, March 14 8:00 am – Monday, March 28 10:00 pm

Plum Cove Elementary School


15 Hickory St., Gloucester, MA

The Plum Cove PTC will be hosting its 3rd annual online fundraising auction for The Plum Cove Elementary School in Gloucester, MA from March 14th through March 28th.

Gloucester, MA Feb 1st, 2011 – Expect to find great deals on one-of-a-kind, unique items and experiences at Plum Cove’s largest annual fundraising event. Cape Ann’s favorite local businesses, artists, authors and services have donated items to benefit this, our 3rd consecutive online auction.

100% of the proceeds will benefit the arts and education of the students at Plum Cove Elementary School. The success of our past auctions has allowed us to re-build our playground and make improvements to our library; including the purchase of books and the implementation of an electronic library cataloging system.

About the Plum Cove Parent-Teacher Co-op:

Voted PTO Today’s “Outstanding New Group” of the year in 2009, the Plum Cove Parent-Teacher Co-op was established in 2007 following a major citywide redistricting that left the school without a parent/teacher group of their own. The group leaders and parent volunteers, through an enormous amount of local support, raised funds to upgrade the existing playground equipment, relocate a playground from an old school, update the library and upgrade the school grounds, making them better suited to the new student body.


Ann Andrew, PTC Auction Chair

Plum Cove Parent-Teacher Co-op

978 325 0220


Time Bandit Jacket

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Bidder Basics

Online OpenMar 14, 2011 8:00 AM EDT

Online CloseMar 28, 2011 10:00 PM EDT

Number of Bids0

Opening Bid$100.00

Item Information

Estimated Value Priceless

Item Number 154

Item Description

Time Bandit Crew Jacket signed by Captain Andy Hillstrand – featured on Discovery Channel’s hit show – The Deadliest Catch Black Jacket size XL.

Did You Know (Annisquam Fish Class)

1951 photo of Annisquam Fish Class catboat, Montgomery boat yard and artist, David Montgomery
Collage by E.J. Lefavour

This 1951 photo (courtesy of Cynthia Kennedy Sam of Annisquam) is of one of the famous Annisquam Fish Class catboats in a race (which Annisquam won).  The original Fishes were first built in 1921 by Nick Montgomery at the Mongomery Boat Yard in Gloucester, and were used as class boats by several Yacht clubs in the area, including the Annisquam Yacht Club, Conomo Point and Eastern Point/Sandy Bay Yacht Club.  Montgomery built 80 Fish boats the first year.  There have been close to 1,000 built since then.  The last Fish was built in 2006 for actress, Lindsay Crouse, who has a home in Annisquam; however, you can still have one built if you’d like to order one. 

The second photo is of the seven-ton concrete mold, made by Nick Montgomery in the winter of 1920, which was still used to form the Fish boats up until about six years ago. 

The third photo is of the workshop where the boat building takes place.  The Montgomery Boat Yard, now a third-generation business and one of the oldest family boat yards in New England, is located at 29 Ferry Road on Montgomery Cove (so named in honor of the 100 years of operation of the boat yard in 2008). 

Third generation boat-building Montgomery, David, is also a gifted artist.  He and members of the Cape Ann Artisan’s Group have a group exhibit at the Sawyer Free Library through March.  The last photo is of David in his studio with some of his work.   Check out the Library exhibit.

E.J. Lefavour


Did You Know (Harp Seal, Part 3)

For those GMG readers who may not have seen this response to my Harp seal post, and have encountered or may encounter a harp seal, Mendy from the National Marine Fisheries Service writes:

Hi E.J., thank you for posting your great photos! I am the regional Marine Mammal Health and Stranding Response Coordinator for NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service. I wanted to chime in an let you (and the GMG readers) know that we are documenting an increase number of adult harp seals this year, not just in MA, but along the eastern seaboard down to NC. We haven’t seen this number of adult harp seals for almost 10-years. While this particular seal looks healthy and happy, I do encourage folks to report any sightings or strandings to our local network partner, The Whale Center of New England (978-281-6351). NOAA, in collaboration with a network of organizations, document sightings and stranding trends to monitor the population’s health and distribution. Check out our website for more information: http://www.nero.noaa.gov/prot_res/stranding/.

MacKid GMG Promotion


Mac Kid Hamilton is a free, weekly online newsletter for North Shore parents, listing cool things to do and giving you the scoop on local businesses and schools.  Its publisher, Hamilton mom Lorraine Miller, has teamed up with Leeny, a local musician who creates fun and educational music for kids.  Together we are offering new subscribers a chance to win a music CD from Leeny.  To subscribe: just visit http://www.hamilton.macaronikid.com.  When you fill-out the subscription form, indicate you learned about MacKid Hamilton from GMG and that you’d like to win a cd!

You can learn more about Leeny, who won a 2010 ASCAPLUS Songwriting Award and is in the running for Children’s Music Song of the Year in the 10th Annual Independent Music Awards (IMA), by checking out her sites at:

www.leenyandtamara.com and www.leenyandsteve.com

Dawn Gadow and I To Give Social Media Presentation At The Next DMO Mug Up March 15th

Linn Parisi invited Dawn Gadow and yours truly to give a talk about social media and it’s importance to marketing local tourism related businesses at the next DMO Mug Up.

Here are the details from Linn-

Hey Joey-
Discover Gloucester is having a Mug Up/Tweet Up for all tourism biz people so they can learn how to use Twitter, FaceBook and blogging as a communication/info tool for their businesses.
The guest gurus of the evening? None other than GMG’s @Joey_C and Art Haven’s Dawn Gadow! For real!
Takes place on Tuesday, March 15, 5:30P at the new TheatreWorks Cape Ann, 1 Washington Street, above Giuseppe’s, with thanks to host Henry Allen.
 RSVP info@seaportgloucester.org. Bring your laptop, phone or iPad and be prepared to get started!
To quote the Master (Joey!): “Tourism people: Facebook, Trip Advisor, and twitter are taking over.  Get on board or let the competition eat your lunch.”
Well put, Joey!  Thanks to you and Dawn for sharing your knowledge and for the gentle kick in the ass.

Dean Salah’s Renewal Of Newell Initiative

I was hoping you guys could help me spread the word about a fundraiser we are doing to
support the GFAA in their efforts to get Newell Stadium re-furbished. For every $10 donation
made to this effort you will be entered into a raffle to win breakfast for a year at George’s Coffee Shop.
One lucky winner will be entitled to full breakfast for two once a month for an entire year. A $10 donation
is a small favor to ask to help get this field done and one person gets an added bonus. Tickets are available
at the shop or through various GFAA members. Please spread the word and help us get this done,
                                           Thanks,  Dean

Ladyfish at The Naples Pier

As soon as we walked down the Naples pier for the first time, one of the guys yanked up a few ladyfish.  They look like small smelt but only larger and with a few extra fins.

I figured he was going to toss them into his cooler but he instead threw one back and rebaited his other rod with it to use as bait to catch a larger fish.