I Am More Collection

This Thursday the I Am More: Massachusetts touring exhibit will join the Cape Ann Makers Market at the Paint Factory, hosted by Ocean Alliance, upstairs in the newly-renovated copper mill building as part of Gloucester’s Culture Splash series of events from 4-8 pm. This is the first Cape Ann exhibit of twenty new portraits and essays from around Massachusetts addressing topics such as opioid addiction, postpartum depression, PTSD, cancer, suicide, and disability. Wellness resources will be available from NAMI Cape Ann and Rep. Seth Moulton. Viewers requiring handicap access can view the entire I Am More collection of 36 portraits and essays at the Salem State University Berry Library from September 1st through November 30th.

Friday through Sunday from 12-5 see the exhibit along with the newest I Am More portrait by Amy Kerr in progress.

Grimdrops Gloucester mural and hometown pride drops in a big way! | #streetart #spraypaint #publicart #ActionInc #NorthShoreCDC #GloucesterMA

August 2021 – Splash! Enjoy photographs of Grimdrops jazzy hometown portrait off the Elm Street side of Action, Inc. **new** Harbor Village apartment building in downtown Gloucester, Massachusetts. The large scale commission heralds Gloucester’s upcoming 400th celebration in 2023. The artist was born and raised in East Gloucester.

Artist: Grimdrops [Mike Grimaldi], mural artist residing and working in Salem was born and raised in Gloucester, MA.


Hopefully NSCDSC will consider commissioning an extra add on for Grimdrops so the artist can extend his characterful water motif ideas straight to the top (and maybe add a gal for history! His vibrant notes brought Virginia Lee Burton Mike Mulligan Mary Ann and folly cove pattern references readily to mind). Come winter the mural might be visible from Chestnut Street. Bonus: if it’s topped off it will be visible year round from that vantage.

Gloucester Mural Map | Public Art

Grimdrops mural is on the map! Gloucester murals | Public art Gloucester, Massachusetts.



About Harbor Village

Harbor Village: a new apartment building developed by Action Inc. and North Shore Community Development Coalition building on 206 Main Street at Elm. This is the second of a few public art commissions for this property via the developers’ ancillary non profit, PUNTA .

About Gloucester 400

Visit – https://gloucesterma400.org/

Light Up the Night For Earth Day – A Facebook Live Event-Wednesday Evening

LuminArtz is partnering with Ocean Alliance to bring you “Light up the Night” – Part 4 on their Facebook Live Page, Wednesday night at 9:00 PM.  

Here’s a sneak peak!

OA light up the night

With social distancing, we are all feeling a bit scared and lost. Covid-19 is touching each one of us and the request to stay at home keeps getting extended. But that doesn’t mean we can’t come together!

LuminArtz is partnering with Communications, Ink and other local organizations to launch “Light Up the Night” — a project that will project messages of hope and inspiration. Every week they will project from an undisclosed location in Essex County and stream it live to their Facebook page.

Check out last Sunday evening’s installment of “Hope is a Thing with Feathers”, the work of JennyMae Kho at a Historic Beverly location. Amazing work!

luminartz feathers

Check their events page for the next date and time. Stay safe & stay home!


Open House this Saturday

Visit the Paint Factory site this Saturday for Ocean Alliance’s Open House! We are celebrating World Oceans Day by demonstrating some of our drones for whale research program. Stop in to learn about our Robotics Club and kids under 16 will get a free glider plane!

June 8, 2019
Ocean Alliance
32 Horton Street, Gloucester MA

World Oceans Day 2019 Open House




World Oceans Day – Saturday, June 8th

World Oceans Day 2019 Open House


Ocean Alliance will be holding an open house next Saturday to celebrate World Oceans Day. Stop by to learn more about our whale conservation programs, watch SnotBot in action, and sign up for our Robotics Club. We’ll be giving away free glider plane kits and even testing out our new Epilog laser cutter! 

If you haven’t been to the Paint Factory in awhile come check out the new restoration work that has been done.

We look forward to seeing you there!



Watch Ocean Alliance on CBS News…

The last few weeks have been pretty exciting at Ocean Alliance hosting a number of television crews.

Two Saturday’s ago, Ocean Alliance had a CBS News shoot for a national news feature on SnotBot®. Host Tom Hanson interviewed Iain Kerr for the segment and filmed SnotBot® in action on Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary. We had really great weather and experienced a feeding frenzy of seabirds, dolphins, finback and humpback whales. Ocean Alliance collected great behavioral footage along with a robust snot sample from a Finback whale that will be analyzed  for hormones, DNA, and microbiomes. The news story is planned to air on CBS News affiliated stations today, reaching a minimum of 5 million viewers!

Tom Hanson, CBS News interviewing Iain Kerr

 Fin whale lunge feeding on Stellwagen Bank

This past weekend actor/comedian Sir Billy Connolly spent three hours at the Paint Factory with Ocean Alliance filming a segment for Billy Connolly’s Great American Trail television show. The show will be broadcast on ITV in September 2019 and then worldwide. The production team was interested in filming in Gloucester because of the whaling history, wildlife, and Ocean Alliance’s new developments in whale research. Billy was able to test out our thermal imaging drone FLIRBot, and even fly a drone himself! It was a lot of fun hosting Billy and the production team at our Paint Factory headquarters. We’ll keep you updated on when the show will air.

Billy Connolly talk
Filming at Ocean Alliance for Billy Connolly’s Great American Trail

DBilly Connoly Thermal.jpg
Iain and Billy using FLIRBot

Last September, while on a Parley SnotBot expedition in Gabon, Africa the Ocean Alliance team filmed an episode of  BBC’s Equator from the Air.  For our UK friends the first episode will air on Sunday 26th May, on BBC Two at 20:00/8pm BST. The series will air at the same time each week for an additional three weeks. Look for it on BBC streaming in the near future.

SnotBot® collecting humpback whale blow in Gabon


To learn more about Ocean Alliance’s work and what is going on at the Paint Factory visit https://whale.org or follow us on social media.


RESULTS Week 4 INVENTORS | #greatteacher Mr. Goulart’s local history hunt #GloucesterMA #TBT

Gloucester, Mass.  Great teacher at Gloucester High School, Shaun Goulart, creates a local history scavenger hunt trivia game for his 9th grade students that takes place weekly for 6 weeks. We’re taking the challenge paced one week after the students.


How did you do? Week two delved into Gloucester’s famous inventors. Stop here if you prefer to go back to see Week 4 questions only

Mr. Goulart’s Local History Trivia Scavenger Hunt Week 4 Inventors

1.John Hays Hammond Jr. “Jack”

  • Go to the location of his home and take a picture with a member in it.

  • What did he invent?

Answer: “Over the course of his professional career, he was awarded over 800 foreign and domestic patents resulting from over 400 of his inventions.  Many of these began in radio control before extending to electronics, naval weapons, national defense, as well as various consumer products.” – Hammond Castle

“In connection with his radio researches Jack obtained most important patents for receiving and broadcasting and these he sold to RCA…” John Hays Hammond, Sr

hammond 3109


Hammond first radio boat off Gloucester_The boat is run from the shore as no one is aboard_photograph Boston Public Lib

Hammond Castle – I hope that one day the Trustees and Historic New England add this as a shared property among their preservation jewels, along with the Natalie Hammond property and much of the parents’ estate, Lookout Hill, with some portion of admission for the City. At one point Hammond Castle was one of the top attractions in Massachusetts.



2.Clarence Birdseye

  • Go to the location where his company was and take a picture with a member in it.

  • What did he invent?

Answer: flash freezing

Beauport Hotel Gloucester Ma_former site Birdseye_25 March 2019_photo copyright Catherine Ryan
photo: Beauport Hotel, March 2019 ©catherine ryan 

3.Augustus H. Wonson

  • Go to the location of his grave and take a picture with a member in it.

Answer: Mt. Pleasant cemetery

  • What did he invent?

Answer: Augustus S Wonson invented antifouling copper paint to protect boats. Tarr & Wonson’s was established in 1863.  The former factory and harbor icon is now Ocean Alliance.

Mt Pleasant grave_20190325_© c ryan

Paint Factory Past/Present


Paint Factory Ocean Alliance_20180928_ Goetemann artist Deborah Redwood Whale in process public art_Glouc MA©catherine ryan

Paint Factory Ocean Alliance_2018 09 28_ Goetemann artist Deborah Redwood public art – whale’s tail in process_Gloucester, MA © catherine ryan

4.William Nelson Le Page

  • Go to the location where his company was after it moved from Rockport and take a picture with a member in it.

  • What did he invent? 

Answer: Le Page’s glue from fish waste (established 1876)

  • Go to the location of Le Page’s company co-founder Ruben Brooks’ manor and take a picture with a member in it.

Answer: Castle Manor Inn

lepage now_20190325_Gloucester MA © c ryan


Castle Manor Inn_20190325_© catherine ryan


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From our friend Iain Kerr Ocean Alliance

Dear Friends,

Here we go again! The Parley SnotBot team is off on expedition, we’re taking along some other ‘Bots and will be having some long distance chats!

This time we’re in the Dominican Republic (DR), visiting the breeding / calving grounds of the North West Atlantic humpback whales (photo 1). I was first here in the 1990’s aboard the RV Siben and then the RV Odyssey so it is great to be back. This location and this group of whales is very special to us, because while the humpbacks mate and give birth in the waters off the DR, some of them migrate up the East Coast of the U.S. to spend their summers feeding on Stellwagen Banks, right off the coast from our headquarters in Gloucester, Mass. (Photo 2)

During Expedition 9 we took the Parley SnotBot out to study and collect (Exhaled Breath Condensate) “Snot” samples from the Gloucester population of humpbacks and we’re very excited to bring all of our skills and tools to bear to add what knowledge we can, about these whales in their winter grounds.

As with every Parley SnotBot expedition, this one started out with us at the airport with a ridiculous number of bags (total of 20 bags with 2 carry on’s each ☹). We flew Boston to Miami, Miami to Santo Domingo where we picked up a rental mini van. We then drove for almost 3 hours to our Air B&B accommodation (Photo 3) in Samana. Six people and twenty bags was a bit of a squeeze in the mini van. So when we got to Samana Chris and I removed some of the chairs from the mini-van to make it a bit more SnotBot friendly (Photo 4).

In addition to SnotBot, we are putting energy into another member of the Drones For Whale Research family while we are in the DR EarBot. EarBot was first seen in Alaska in 2016 and 2017 (photo 5). While our other drone work has kept us busy, our Robotics manager Chris Zadra has given EarBot some much needed TLC over the last few months and we are excited to be putting EarBot back to work to record humpback whale songs in the DR.  As well as doing some behavioral studies and working with regional scientists monitoring the whale watch industry here we will also be doing photogrammetry work (measuring the size of whale with a drone) using our LIDAR array (photo 6) mounted on one of our Inspire 2 drones.

We have a bigger team here this year as we continue to try to improve Parley SnotBot and our Drones for Whale Research program. The team from past expeditions are Iain Kerr, Andy Rogan, Christian Miller & Chris Zadra. Now we have Ocean Alliance staff member Britta Akerley helping Andy with the science and data and Angie Sremba from Dr. Scott Bakers lab at Oregon State.  Angie has been doing most of the DNA analysis of our Snot samples so we thought it important for her to see the collection process. Next week Ainsley Smith from Gloucester will be joining us to be trained on our data protocols and management. As if this was not enough we will be joined by Germany’s largest TV network ZDF (https://www.zdf.de) to shoot a documentary short.

We did get out on the water today but it was blowing close to 20 knots (photo 7) which like Gabon makes the work more challenging. To try and beat these trade winds the plan is to be on the boat tomorrow at 6:00 am (before sunrise) and be with the whales as the sun rises – hopefully we will have some spectacular photos and will be able to collect plenty of Snot before the wind picks up (fingers crossed).

Last but not least I am excited to report that these blogs are going Live! Our good friends at Maritime Gloucester will host an evening with a live discussion from the DR with the Parley SnotBot team along with live and archival footage.  We hope that we can share some of the expedition excitement and let people know what it is like to be working in the field and answer a few questions….LIVE. If you live near Gloucester, please come on down and be part of the conversations at Maritime Gloucester on Sunday March 3rd, you can Register here. Next time we do Expedition Live we hope to webcast as well but for this first one we are trying to keep it simple as we can.

So once again we will be keeping busy, that said I am sure we will have some great stories to tell along with Christian Miller’s stunning photos.

As always thanks again to our partners and expedition supporters Parley.

Onwards Upwards and Fair Winds from the Dominican Republic!


Iain Kerr


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The prettiest kind of snowy day, not too cold, with swirly fluffy flakes.


“Dive Deep Within” – Goetemann artist Deborah Redwood’s sculpture at the Paint Factory

Don’t you love the scale of Deborah’s piece? Much like Gloucester’s most beloved statues, the “Fishermen’s Wives Memorial,” “Man at the Wheel,” and “Joan of Arc,” “Dive Deep Within” is built to a very human scale and blends beautifully with the environment. “Dive Deep Within” is a statement, but does not try to compete with or dominate the surrounding landscape. Read more about Deborah’s piece here:

Deborah Redwood

and visit her website here: https://www.deborahredwood.com/

When I look at the subtle artistry of “Dive Deep Within,” I am reminded of the humungous abrasive metal sculpture that our community has been highly pressurized to accept, to not only find a suitable location for its installation, but to pay for its fabrication as well. One suggested site was the tiny narrow strip of green grass on the Rocky Neck causeway. When that location was wholeheartedly rejected, the next attempt was to locate the sculpture at the beautiful, but again very small, Solomon Jacob’s Park. This suggestion was especially nonsensical because the Solomon Jacob Park was specifically designed to be an open window to the working waterfront.

Monumentally large sculptures like that perhaps look best when sited in vast open spaces, a midwestern prairie or on a farm field; at a similar place where from the artist has made his home for most of his life, rather than Gloucester’s stunning waterfront.

Greatly appreciating the scale and intention of Deborah Redwood’s “Dive Deep Within”


A view that never disappoints-

Choppy harbor waters

Storm clouds clearing

Later that same afternoon

Late Sunday afternoon

After a very successful There’s More to Sea Art Show at Ocean Alliance, ( The Paint Factory), the sky was so awesome and there was a small cruise ship, I think it is the American Glory, leaving port.  The Beauport was also was cruising Gloucester’s Beautiful Harbor.