Passing the book! Dogtown Books succession story is rare indeed

Smiles all around as the torch passed from Bob Ritchie, rare and used books dealer and original proprietor Dogtown Books, to Lucas Cotterman and Caroline Harvey, Dogtown Books NEW owners. Happy to report there goes the neighborhood!

portrait of BOB RITCHIE_used and rare books dealer_on his last day as bricks and mortar owner legendary Dogtown Books_Gloucester Ma_20181119a_© c ryan

Passing the torch _portrait of BOB RITCHIE_used and rare books dealer_on his last day at Dogtown Books_with new owners_Lucas Cotterman_Caroline Harvey_Gloucester Ma_20181119_© c ryan.jpg


Posted on GMG yesterday- read more from the new owners Gloucester’s Legendary Dogtown Books Under New Ownership Nov 2018 Founder and original Dogtown Bookshop owner Bob Ritchie embraces retirement as the torch is passed to Gloucester residents Lucas Cotterman and Caroline Harvey…Dogtown Books is still located at 132 Main Street in Gloucester, MA.  Visit www.dogtownbooks or follow instagram @dogtownbooks for updated store hours and upcoming special events. Our business phone number is 978.281.5599. The Grand Re-Opening Celebration and Sale is scheduled for December 1st from 10am to 6pm.” There will be a toast to Bob- email them if you’d like to time that out.

Listen to Gloucester’s own author Hannah Kimberley live on NPR’s All things Considered!!

Listen Sunday August 13th at 5pm on NPR for Hannah’s interview about her new book A WOMAN’s PLACE IS AT THE TOP! (Some states may air at different times.)

Share the love folks!! Congrats Hannah!!!


A Book Party in Rockport!

BookADayinRockportPlease stop by this Sunday, July 19th and join Mary Faino at her shop in Rockport, The Paper Mermaid, along with me (aka S.D. Kelly) for a party in celebration of our new release: A Day in Rockport.

Mary created beautiful illustrations of iconic places throughout Rockport, and I wrote the text to go along with her work. It was a fun collaboration and we enjoyed the entire process, from choosing the places that would make it into the book — ranging from Millbrook Meadow to Bearskin Neck to the Headlands — to the more technical aspects of book design.

We’ll have locally-made treats at the party, a Scavenger Hunt, and a raffle to win a framed print of one of the illustrations in the book. Celebrate Rockport with us and stop by!


Art Longwood Books

The other day I was walking in Rockport on my way to photograph a couple of second-hand stores for my ongoing series, and to my surprise, I discovered two more stores to add to my list!

The first one, which I will profile today, is Art Longwood Books (33 Broadway #3), which specializes in “used books in art, design, and other subjects.” Although they specialize in books on the visual arts, they are buying in all subjects. The business originally opened in Cambridge, MA in 2003 and moved to Rockport in May of this year.  It will be open year-round, Thursday-Saturday 10-5, Sunday 12-5 (Monday and Tuesday by appointment). The store isn’t not really obvious from the road, but there is a sign in front of the house (see photo above) behind which the actual store is found:

The interior is a cozy space, a sort of bibliophile’s dream hideout:


Jeffrey Postel and Sadie Dudley are the couple who run the store.  Although they only moved to Rockport relatively recently, they have had connections in the are for a long time, including a business relationship with fellow seller of used books Bob Ritchie of Dogtown Books (profiled earlier in this series).

The other store which I discovered that day was Main and Pier, an antique store that I will cover in the next post in this series!

Matthew Green


Bullseye Books in Rockport: Second Hand Stores series continues

I keep discovering more and more second hand stores on this side of the bridge! One that had escaped my original list (which I have still not exhausted) was Bullseye Books in Rockport (25 Main Street). I stopped in the other day while showing a friend around town.

_Bullseye books façadeThey specialize in used books, but also have other vintage ephemera and other items, including “Flyboys” Scarves.

It’s near the Toad Hall bookstore too, so if you are out looking for books old and new, you can visit both in one trip. Not to mention Art Longwood Books, a new store for used books – especially art books – on Broadway in Rockport, in walking distance of Bullseye and Toad Hall. But that’s material for another post… as my series on second-hand stores continues!

Matthew Green

Dogtown Book Shop

So far, I’ve reviewed second-hand stores that were either antique stores or thrift stores, all of which carried a variety of items, even if they had their areas of greater focus.  Here’s one of our stores that specializes in only one item: books!

_Dogtown books façadeBob Ritchie, the proprietor of Dogtown Books (132 Main St.), has stocked an incredible amount of books, “used and unusual”, as the sign says. He is selective – he tries to avoid cheap mass-distribution paperbacks, for example – but even so he has books representing a wide variety of genres, periods, etc.  See for yourself:

As with the vast majority of the people I have dealt with in these stores, Bob is also a really nice person (he let me take a photo of him with Flat Stanley for the child of friends of mine in New York…), and is very competent in his field.  He has helped me find some great books, and bought some from me to resell.

So if you love books, this is a great place to go to peruse the stacks and to look for treasures in print from the past or the present. And, if you have interesting books (in good condition) that you don’t need any more, bring them in, and maybe you can help keep the shelves stocked with quality content!  It’s just a couple of doors down from Main Street Arts and Antiques, so it’s easy to visit both stores without moving your car or walking too far.

His posted hours are Monday-Saturday, 10-6, summer Sundays 1-5, with the note that “actual hours may be sooner or later”.

Matthew Green

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And we’re not even half-way through my list of second-hand stores to review…