Baby Grand from Mac Bell, open mic, and music classes – news from Sound Harbor

Check out the Chickering baby grand (pre 1900) piano Mac Bell gifted to Sound Harbor! Sound Harbor offers music lessons and special musical experiences:

  • Save the date for a casual open mic recital on March 4th from 1pm-4pm
  • Sound Harbor hands on baby/toddler music song and dance classes are held every Thursday and Friday at 10AM, $5 per family.

Sound Harbor music lessons headquarters is downtown Gloucester, Massachusetts, 45R Pleasant Street (within Browns Mall) 

Zach Gorrell at Sound Harbor demonstrating new baby grand donated by Mac Bell ©c ryan Jan 2018_161254.jpg

Two Vintage “Might Mac” Copper Printing Plates.

I Tried photographing the plates against a mirror to read the inscription.

One Copper Plate Contains advertising inscription about Chester Brown going to a Yale Harvard game, wearing his Might Mac Jacket. The plates were found by a gentleman from Beverly Mass.

A1  A2

B2  B1

Let Me Help You Mrs. Mayor!

Helping Hand!
A Helping Hand?

After the Magnolia Road Race Mayor Kirk and the residents of Magnolia made their way down to the Pier for what many here in Magnolia do often.  Jump from the Pier!   Well in all good fun and an opportunity to raise a few dollars and help encourage Mayor Kirk in making the leap of faith!   The push was raffled off, well don’t you know the wining bidder was Mac Bell.  With a helping the mayor was inflight to a safe landing in Magnolia Harbor.   Thanks to all that made the Magnolia Libary celebration a success.

Bid On a Day With Mac Bell

Monday, March 14 8:00 am – Monday, March 28 10:00 pm

Plum Cove Elementary School

15 Hickory St., Gloucester, MA

The Plum Cove PTC will be hosting its 3rd annual online fundraising auction for The Plum Cove Elementary School in Gloucester, MA from March 14th through March 28th.

Gloucester, MA Feb 1st, 2011 – Expect to find great deals on one-of-a-kind, unique items and experiences at Plum Cove’s largest annual fundraising event. Cape Ann’s favorite local businesses, artists, authors and services have donated items to benefit this, our 3rd consecutive online auction.

100% of the proceeds will benefit the arts and education of the students at Plum Cove Elementary School. The success of our past auctions has allowed us to re-build our playground and make improvements to our library; including the purchase of books and the implementation of an electronic library cataloging system.

About the Plum Cove Parent-Teacher Co-op:

Voted PTO Today’s “Outstanding New Group” of the year in 2009, the Plum Cove Parent-Teacher Co-op was established in 2007 following a major citywide redistricting that left the school without a parent/teacher group of their own. The group leaders and parent volunteers, through an enormous amount of local support, raised funds to upgrade the existing playground equipment, relocate a playground from an old school, update the library and upgrade the school grounds, making them better suited to the new student body.


Ann Andrew, PTC Auction Chair Plum Cove Parent-Teacher Co-op

978 325 0220

Ann Writes-

I have a GREAT new addition to our auction that i bet a ton of locals would love to get – a day of Mac bell…!!  Check this out:

It would be AMAZING if you could help us push this one more time…  thanks so much buddy!

Up Close and Local

Buy Mac Bell for a Day (well, 3 hours anyway…)


City Hall Birdseye Meeting To Air This Week

Hi Joe,

We are wondering if you could possibly mention on Good Morning Gloucester that TV Ch. 12 will be showing film of the BirdsEye Meeting that was at City Hall 11/21 & they will be airing on Weds Dec 9 8:30pm & Sun Dec 13 8:00pm?
Also, I wanted to put links to all your vids of Mac on the webpage
Renata Greene
Here are six videos with Mac about the future and past of the Birdseye property-

Birdseye Public Meeting Saturday Nov 21

Gloucester City Hall
Saturday, November 21, 9am

Finishing the Job
An Urban Renewal History – Gregor Gibson
On-going transition of Downtown Gloucester & Review of
Neighborhood Meeting & Focus Groups  – MaryJohn Boylan
Vision / Possibilities / Dreams – Mac Bell
Hot-mulled apple cider & free tours at the BirdEye Factory after.


Inside The Birdseye Building Tower With Mac Bell

Here we are in the stairwell of the Birdseye Building Tower with Mac.  Coming at 8AM we open the door at the top of the stairwell and take some video up on the roof.  In the rain, and wind, lol.

Mac Bell’s Chamber Of Commerce Building Before Transformation

Video #3 inside the Birdseye Building coming at 8AM

Like I said before, every project he has done has been done tastefully, within the character of Gloucester and has enhanced the community.  A classic example-


Beautiful Industry- Old School Cafeteria Inside The Birdseye Plant

Empty and collecting dust, this old school cafeteria hasn’t been in use in years.  Hopefully with community participation and vision we can turn this non producing property into a vibrant community asset.  Check out to see the website with photos and info about the site