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For information on reserving space on a schooner during the Festival:

Adventure, call 978-281-8079
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Thomas E. Lannon, call 978–281–6634

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Tickets now available for Festival Raffle.  Grand prize is an oil painting by John Caggiano!

ROSEWAY Racing in Gloucester From Al Bezanson

Hi Joey…… I managed to get this photo of ROSEWAY in the 2006 Gloucester Schooner Race from GREEN DRAGON.  She is Essex-built, in 1925, and was purchased by the Boston Harbor Pilots in 1941.  The pilots also worked from the schooner PILOT built at the same yard in 1924.  Now that schooner is called HIGHLANDER SEA, berthed right here at Rocky Neck Railways. 


I feel slightly connected to these two schooners for in 1962-63 I lived on Long Wharf with GREEN DRAGON right adjacent to the pilots office.  The schooners alternated on station for a week, year round, and were a regular sight standing off Nahant under trysail.  I think it was Monday mornings one or the other came alongside Long Wharf briefly to drop off or board pilots, and on one occasion I caught a glimpse from our window of ROSEWAY during a whiteout snowstorm.

Here is a 1963 Polaroid photo from our  Long Wharf apartment looking over GREEN DRAGON’s masts at T-Wharf.  The cooling water outflow from the Quincy Market Cold Storage warehouse kept the slip ice-free and we sailed year-round.  This site is now occupied by Larry Cannon’s Waterboat Marina.

Long Wharf114Roseway at GSF 06-2

Al Bezanson

Update:old news: pilot & roseway- The Infamous One Sends a Shout Out To Dave Bennis of Michigan &

The infamous one follows up with this –

joey – here’s a piece from the 1909 sanborn insurance map that shows where the parkhurst and burnham railways were in relation to each other.  few years earlier than the pilot boat pix, but the layout of the inner harbor didn’t change that much until urban renewal.  fyi, around 2005, some internet angel posted a complete set of the cape ann sanborn maps, from 1885-1917 in pdf format.  i downloaded them and have been using them ever since.  gave copies to the gloucester archives and sfl, and converted them to grayscale tifs for my own research purposes.  museum has these on board as well as the original full color hand-annotated atlases (that weigh about 50 pounds each!)  you want to know how this place has changed over the years?  never mind the pretty pictures, go to the maps.  they tell the story like nothing else can.


last month a nice chap named dave bennis came in to see me at the museum.  he was one of the volunteer crew on the ‘highlander sea’ (nee ‘pilot’) when she came into our port and wanted to see if we had any photos of the vessel in her days as a pilot boat in boston.  we found a few and here’s one taken of her by gordon thomas in 1960 on parkhurst railways for some work.  just so she wouldn’t feel lonely, i found another one of ‘roseway’ (pilot boat #2) on gloucester marine railways in the mid 50s.  dave’s gone back to his day job as lighthouse keeper in the upper peninsula of michigan, but i hope he sees these and comes back to visit us again.
infamous fred buck


check out the cape ann museum

Joey adds-
After recognizing the building in back of the parkurst railways I decided to pull up this picture I took on September 4th ,2011-

Can you line up the windows with the building in the top picture?

Adventure, Roseway and Highland Sea Photos From Bob Cullen


Yesterday I was at the Gloucester Marine Railway with my niece and her husband so they could re-visit the Adventure, where they had gotten married 25 years ago by Capt. Jim Sharp in Camden. Joanne Souza, Director of was nice enough to give us a personal tour. We were pleased that the Roseway was also there, because the Roseway was a 2nd boat used for their wedding guests. We were lucky in that the Roseway was just leaving the dock and motoring out the harbor. I got some shots of that. Also, I met a Capt. Tom (I didn’t catch his last name, but he said he had once captained the Highland Sea (aka the Pilot.)) He said I had to take a once-in-a-lifetime photo of 3 ships built by the same shipyard (Tarr and James) in about the same year (1926), all in one frame. So, I did catch a photo of the Roseway as she went past the Highland Sea and the Adventure.

I also took a few photos of a carriage and some screws at the GMR. You probably have enough of those, but, in case you don’t. I just uploaded the 15 photos to my Flickr account – Bob C8. It’s a new set titled “Adventure Anniversary”. They’re set to public viewing. Feel free to post on GMG. In the set they’re in the right order.

It was sprinkling for a time yesterday when I took the photos, so I caught the authenticity of raindrops on my lens cover (or, I forgot to wipe the lens.)

Thanks, Bob Cullen (aka Jenn’s father)

click the picture below to see the slideshow from Bob Cullen

Below deck of The Schooner Adventure


Shore-side fun for festival visitors

By Gail McCarthy
Staff WriterGloucester Daily Times

The Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center, now in its 10th year, has created a special day for land-bound visitors to the Schooner Festival.

Landlubbers will have a smorgasbord of activities to choose from during its seventh Heritage Day this Saturday.

“We’re pleased that we can participate to provide more land-based activities, for families in particular, because there are lots of wonderful things to see, but for many of them you have to be on the water. So the Heritage Day allows us to give exposure to many things,” center director Harriet Webster said.

The center’s exhibits and aquarium will be open free of charge throughout the day, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Canada’s Bluenose II will be berthed at the center from tomorrow through Monday and will offer free public deck tours Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and at other times to be decided throughout the weekend. Other vessels docked at the center and available for dockside viewing include the Roseway, the Pride of Baltimore and the Unicorn.

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