Community Stuff 8/8/13

Hi Joey –

Please share this invitation to the Community Celebration and Opening Ceremony at the New Balance Track and Field at Newell Stadium with your GMG readership. 

Thanks for all you do!

Kristin Michel

GFAA Postcard


Lanesville Quilt Unveiling!


Hi Joey C! How is your bad self? I’m out there trying to cause trouble again with my “Byrdseye in Pieces,” …three 18 x 24 oils depicting the old birdseye hang out! I never knew what a hang out it was til I spent many hours there painting. Anyway:

Who: Laureen Adrienne Maher

What: “Birds Eye in Pieces” art exhibit

Where: Lone Gull Coffee/Main Street

When: NOW and for the entire month of August
How: Drop your drinks and boogie on down to wear you can also get the best strong sobering cup of coffee in town…that’s how! Try something new!

I hope you see and enjoy the show and get to post it on your very informative fun GMG site!


001_1bydseye middle and end

“Birdseye in Pieces,”

by Laureen Adrienne Maher

Contact Info: or call/text anytime: 617-335-6788.

This show is dedicated to my late husband, Steve DeBoer, who supported my painting efforts whole-heartedly and loved Gloucester and the cast of characters and artists that make up this rich town.

Everywhere I go people are talking about what is happening around the old Birdseye building. All I know is I had a great time painting it!

I met many dogs and dog lovers. On one occasion, I was entertained by a guitarist who pulled up and played like Jimmy Hendrix for four straight hours! I got used to it…if only for Zen reasons. I have to admit that the rhapsody influenced the psychedelic foreground I created with a palette knife for the middle piece, “Venting about Birdseye.”

During another three-hour session a couple with an accent walked by to look at my painting and asked innocently if there might be a Marriot Hotel in the neighborhood. I didn’t know I would be so entertained in what I thought would be a quiet, desolate place to paint. I even found a little bit of fame when a Gloucester Times photographer showed up (Allegra Boverman) and decided to include me and my rough sketch in the foreground of her photo of this controversial spot. Of course, the moment was almost ruined by a Gloucester resident that would not stop talking to us the entire mini-shoot! There’s always that!

Anyway we had a nice time exchanging brief stories about my art and her photography. I even got to pass out my business cards to a few people interested in my haircuts. Then I got to bump into the famous and humble Jeff Weaver who showed up from around the corner and it seemed out of the blue! Gloucester is always so much fun. And now I get to hang my show at the best coffee place I know! Are we having fun yet? I love Gloucester!

Laureen resides in East Gloucester . She owns Beauty Bar at 14 Parker Street where she cuts and colors hair and exhibits her artwork year round:

New works are in progress for her upcoming exhibit at the Sawyer Free Library this November when she will be the featured artist of the month. She will be participating in the library auction event this September as well. Her work can also be viewed at Fred Bodin Historic Photo Gallery, Main Street.

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