Dennis Brennan, Steve Sadler and Andy Plaisted …oh and dear Ol’ Dave Sag Tonight @ The Rhumb Line 8:30pm



40 Railroad Avenue
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Anthony Geraci and the HipNotics – Saturday Night

Each of these guys Anthony Geraci, Dennis Brennan and Willie J. Laws are amazing musicians that take you on a journey.  All three together on the same stage at the same time is going to be amazing – you are not going to want to miss it.  Saturday Night in Beverly at 9 Wallis – tickets start at $15  Get them here.  Add Pre-Show Dinner and make an evening of it.

Check out this video  if you are not convinced!

Dennis Brennan tonight! Dave’s Sag’s Blues Party @ The Rhumb Line 8:30pm 1.26.2017

dave sag

OK, girls, this is it. You’ve been tearing at my clothes amid great wailing and gnashing of tooth ,begging me to bring him back, so , here he is: Mr. Dennis Brennan. Truly a national treasure, undiscovered and under-appreciated, this cat writes some great toons, can sing his ass off, plays a mean harmonica and has a great hat collection, to boot. I mean this! Hopefully I’ll get him to sneak in some of his self-penned doozies between the really cool blues he’s known for.

dennis brennan

The commodious Steve Sadler, everybody’s favorite musical paint box, provides smooth backup on guitar, as does Mr. Chris Rivelli, former Broomful ‘o Blooze drummambulist and sneezeguard. I’ve been practicing all week!



40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-9732

Oh man! Dennis Brennan This Thursday Night 8:30-11:30 Dave Sag’s Blues Party @ The Rhumb Line 6.11.2015

Put on your dancing shoes….cause it’s gonna be one of those nights!dave s

Dave says,

dennis brennan 1

Dennis Brennan this Thursday night @ The Dave Sag’s Blues Party…The Rhumb Line 8:30pm 10.16.2014

dave sag rl 4.3.2014


OK, kids, time to put your vibrating font of perpetual solipsism* away and pay attention to this: Dennis Brennan is coming to town.Yes, yes, when it comes to naked emotions it helps to have D around to befriend our eardrums and try to make a whole lotta sense with our paltry lives. Possibly the area’s most important raw mineral. And he’s breaking it up a little bit by using some other cats than we’re used to hearing.
Firstly, there’s Steve Sadler ,gourmand guitarist and everybody’s favorite studio cat. Knows Dennis’ every move from other gigs. And Forrest “Frosty” Padgett, who’s a big fave around here, on the eggbeaters. And me, too. I’m Dave Sag, and I approve this message.


db rl c

Don’t forget next Monday afternoon: The Good Old Salty Jazz Band will be wheezing their hearts outs for you, the viewer, at The Rose Baker Senior Center. From 1 to 3, we’ll be playing all your favorite tin pan alley toons for the prune juice and joint replacement crowd. Join us for some great cane-tapping fun!

*smart phone, or personal brain damage device
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Dennis Brennan, Matt Stubbs and Forrest “Frosty” Padgett, Tonight @ The Dave Sag’s Blues Party 8:30-11:30 The Rhumb Line 7.17.2014

dave sDave says,

It’s a buzzer beater with my missive this time around: what with house guests and emergency cosmetic surgery, I simply don’t know where the time has gone. If you find it, send it back, postpaid, and I’ll buy you a cherry phosphate. So, let’s go!!
This Thursday at the Rhumb Line we feature that glottal gurgler and all-around nice guy, Mr. Dennis Brennan. A fabulous vocalist and harpist, you oughta see what he can do when I’m not around! He’s bringing along his fleet-fingered stunt double in the form of Mr. Matt Stubbs, on gootar, to add a lot of electrical spice, and Mr. Forrest “Frosty” Padgett to stir the pot.I’ll be on soup bone!

And Sunday evening, from 5 to 8, I’ll  be down at the Brew Pub cringing whilst backing up a fabulous singer: Ms. Maureen Benson. Backed up by a bunch of the Old Salties, this portends to be a groovie evening of standards from the good old American Schlongbook. Come and say Hi!
And don’t forget Monday at the Rose Biker Senior Center,where the Good Old Salties rule from 1 to 3. C’mon down and get your pacemakers recharged!


logo rl

40 Railroad Ave.

Gloucester, Ma.

(978) 283-9732

Dennis Brennan joins the Dave Sag’s Blues Party tonight @ The Rhumb Line 8:30 to 11:30 new time. 4.24.2014

dave sag rl mo

Oh dear, My atomic piles are acting up…and there’s no cure but to present Mr. Dennis Brennan, the only cure for the blues. This cat is the sodium lamp of vocalization, with a great collection of hats and tunes to ease your pain and assuage your inner  ĂĽbermensch. Big D is one of my fave singers and easy to follow into his pungent cave of She did me wrong. Girls, tighten that bustiĂ©r.
D is bringing along a new guitarist for us to taste: Mr.Tim Gearan. Known by reputation only, he comes here to ruin your life, musically speaking. I can’t wait. Temple throbbing provided by that Rheumful ‘o Blooze mainstay and imperial wizard,
Mr. Chris Rivelli. I’ll be on bass as usual. N.B. Our hours are back to 8:30 to 11:30

Dennis Brennan
Dennis Brennan

jisilva photo

  But wait! There’s more. Czech out poster below. Sunday sees me in another incarnation as  the Dupe of Earl in corralling the Good old Salty Jazz Band in providing accompaniment to the proceedings listed below. I don’t know much else, but it promises to be a great time. C’mon by and drink a beer and grind to your favorite hits from the Teens and Twenties. See below.

Marian Leah Knapp Music by Dave Sag and The Old Salty Jazz Band


40 Railroad Ave.

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phone: 978-283-9732

This Thursday night Dennis Brennan to play Dave Sag’s Blues Party @ The Rhumb Line. 8-11- 2.13.2014

dave bw

 We’re joining a musical health club this week and exercising our synapses with that top ‘o the heap pied piper and malarky master, Mr. Dennis Brennan. No relation to Walter. Big D has turned out to be a favorite around these parts, causing swooning women and male consternation. He comes fully equipped with a fabulous set of pipes, a harmonica, and a repertoire so vast as to inspire nosebleeds. My favorite singer!

Dennis Brennan
Dennis Brennan

He’ll be backed by an all-star cast featuring Mr. Matt “Dillon” Stubbs, on catarrh, and  Broomful ‘o Blues drumpeter, Mr. Chris “Craft” Rivelli, a veritable powerhouse of the Blues foundry system.  Both Matt and Chris have travelled the world incessantly and extensively, spreading the word with the likes of James Cottontail, or Jerry Porntoy, or Roomful or is it somebody else? I can’t remember. But you won’t forget the incessant carnal pounding of the boogie beat as you suck down that sixth beer…. It’s gonna be a blast.! See ya there!

Dave Sag’s Blues Party tonight with Dennis Brennan, Matt Stubbs and Chris Rivelli and dear Ol’ Dave @ The Rhumb Line tonight 8-11 12.12.2013

dennis brennan matt stubbs chris revelli

Dave says,

Let’s welcome the Boston Brain Trust back to Gloucester in the form of  the incandescent Dennis Brennan with his cohorts Matt Stubbs and Chris Rivelli. Another close shave with  three chords and the truth. Every time these guys show up, I feel like I’ve been reborn into a higher form of reptile! Someday, I won’t need the sun to make my aorta pop with rhythm. But for now,I’ll get out of the house before it’s too late. Put on your Keds and come out swinging.
Dennis, of the oleaginous windpipes and great collection of hats, is truly a master of the blues. Not only that, but of many other styles, too. Why am I telling you this?? You should already know!  His gunzel  Matt Stubbs has travelled the world  many times around backing up many famous cats. A sizzling guitarist, watch his fingers: now you see it, now you don’t. And Chris? Well, he’s the de facto Rheumful o’ Blooz agitprop, reedy to scramble your eggs with his whisking style.
Truly one of my favorite agglomerations, I can’t wait to see how it ends! Remember: Winter hours now 8 to 11


40 Railroad Ave.

Gloucester, MA 01930

phone: 978-283-9732

Vote today in Gloucester, then vote on-line at the Boston Music Awards

You know the rule: If you don’t vote you can’t bitch.  And I love to bitch, so I always vote.

After you go to your local polling place today, you can go on-line and vote for your favorite local music at The Boston Music Awards.  You’ll be able to vote for plenty of artists you’ve seen in Gloucester and Cape Ann, including Kingsley Flood for their Album “Battles” and for their Video “Sigh a While”, Peter Wolf for Live Artist, Gracie Curran (who opened the Gloucester Blues Fest) for Blues Artist, Barrence Whitfield for Male Vocalist and Dennis Brennan for Best Live Ongoing Residency.

Let’s show the Boston folks that artists who come to Cape Ann to perform get the most votes!

Dave Sag’s Blues Party to Host Dennis Brennan, Matt Stubbs and Chris Rivelli. This Thursday 10.10.2013

Dave Sag's
Dave Sag’s

Dave says,

We will reach our rendezvous with destiny this Thursday with the luminescent return of that master vocalist and harpist, Mr. Dennis Brennan. Rapidly becoming a favorite here at the Rhumb Line, this cat has got what it takes to put a shimmy in your shake, and ants in your pants. He can traumatize your soul. He’ll be bringing along the best young lion of guitarists, Mr. Matt Stubbs, with his finger-popping style and dead-on chops. Rhythm provided  by Roomful of Blues clanger, Mr. Chris Rivelli, 21 jewel ticker and concussion expert. Me? I’m the basest. Czech it out!
And on Saturday night, at the same old place, I’ll be cringing in the corner, filling in for that fabulous songbird, Ms. Mari Martin. She’s bringing along some great musicians like Roger Brocklebank, on skins, Mark Retalleck, on keys and Bob Enik on glitar. Mari really blew the roof off last time she was here. I gotta check Fred’s insurance. It’ll be a great night for dancing!
And, as usual, we thank you all for your continued support.  Now that I’ve got a Facebook page, what do I do with it? Let me know all your subhuman desires at Your wish is my command.

dennis and matt


40 Railroad Ave.

Gloucester, MA 01930

phone: 978-283-9732


Dave Sag’s Blues Party tonight @ The Rhumb Line with Dennis Brennan, Matt Stubbs and Dave Mattacks. Hold on to your hats! 8:30-11:30 ~ 8.8.2013

Dave Sag's
Dave Sag’s
jisilva photo

Dave says,

It’s time to give me your huddled masses and exotic diseases and await the haloed return of Mr. Dennis Brennan, ubermensch of the blues. Quickly becoming everybody’s favorite flavor, he sure knows how to get your blood moving..And he’s bringing that fleet-fingered six-shooter string glitar  master, Mr. Matt “Dillon” Stubbs  with him. Lotta maiming goin’ on. Gonna keep Doc Pomus busy all nite! Worse, the atomic clock. Mr. Dave Mattacks is short fused for the nite, so, get ready for for an all-out frontal assault. Be there or be square.

As the grapevine was strangling me, it’s become apparent that the place to be Tuesday nite is at the Doggy Bar. Rheumer has it that The Funda- mentals* are ripe for seed pod explosion and are waiting to spray you with their own brand of cosmic debris. I’ll be there with a whisk broom. You should go.

Also, buy yourselph  a folding chair and limp on down to Stage Fork Parque this Saturday. Sit down and don’t get up till it’s over. The 2nd annual Glou. Blooze Fest, that is. 11to 7, still gives you time to wipe yourself off and go bar hopping later. I’ll see you there.

And here’s some more goodies for you this month. It’s the best batch yet:
Aug. 15 Willie Alexander and some boom booms. Boomba boom!
Aug.22 Lydia Warren and Chris “Stovepipe” Brown. Breathing optional.
Aug.29 “Flash” Gordon Beadle and the north shore aliens. Medic!
Sept.5 Michelle Willson and John Hyde
Sept.12 Ricky “King” Russell, Edd Scheer and Mario Perrett. The three stooges! Spread out!
Sept.19 Lisa Marie with Keith Lockhart, June’s brother and his pet drummer Gym.
Sept.26 Chris”Stovetop” Brown with his pet air bulb anklysaurus

And, again, thank you for your continued support. Without you Fred could only afford Creme Brûlée once a week.

* or familiarly, The Feenamints®


40 Railroad Ave.

Gloucester, MA 01930

phone: 978-283-9732


New Music Hitting Gloucester this Week

DENNIS BRENNAN returns for another week with the Woodpeppers at Jalapenos Tonight.  The Woodpeppers are always great but adding Dennis Brennan to the mix is something you don’t want to miss – check out his video below and get over to Jalapenos tonight

FLY AMERO WITH SPECIAL GUEST JOHN HALL at the Rhumbline on Wednesday.  Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see Fly & John.  Who knows if it’ll ever happen again.  The Orleans concert at North Shore Music Theatre last summer was great.  Orleans_gli

LITTLEWOLF  All the way from the great state of Texas!!  Alternate Roots Magazine 2013 Debut Artist of the Year @ Captain Carlo’s – Friday May 3rd.  LITTLEWOLF fashions a unique, dynamic roots/blues/rock explosion: a fusion of Steve Lett’s 35 years of experience and Kristi Clanton’s youthful exuberance.  You have to check them out, Friday at Captain Carlo’s 

LOIS LANE & THE DAILY PLANETS  at Minglewood on Saturday May 4th.  Lois Lane & the Diaily Planets specializing in classic rock, blues, rhythm and blues (R&B), funk, jazz, rock, soul and pop music, Lois Lane and the Daily Planets are sure to satisfy even the most demanding audiences!  Check out the video

There is so much great music happening on Cape Ann that there is no reason you are not out enjoying some great music.  See the full lineup of music here:

Dennis Brennan is back ~ Jalapenos tonight 7-9 4.30.2013

dennis brennan

Dennis Brennan is back and this is what Dave Brown has to say…


Promoting one of my Fellow Iowans ~ Patty Larkin at Shalin Liu on May 5th

Patty  Larkin is playing Shalin Liu on Sunday May 5th.  Patty was born in Iowa, grew up in Milwaukee went to college in Oregon and then arrived at Berklee College of Music in the mid 1980’s but Patty Larkin calls Cape Cod home, so Patty Larkin is a Boston area musician.  Patty Larkin is a self-described “guitar driven songwriter” with an impressive 25 year career as one of the great voices of the contemporary urban folk scene. A winner of an unprecedented 11 Boston Music Awards.  Check her out and go see her.

Check out the full week of music and plan your week – some amazing music this week here are some highlights:

  • Tonight – Boston Benefit at Espresso’s 
  • Tuesday – Always great the Woodpeppers with special guest Dennis Brennan (one of my favs) at Jalapenos
  • Wednesday – Dennis Monagle with Julie Dougherty & Dave Brown at Minglewood
  • Thursday – Singer-Songwriter Shuffle at Giuseppe’s
  • Friday – Megan McKenzie Band at Minglewood
  • Saturday – Garnet Rogers & Chris Pahud at Old Sloop Coffeehouse or Jay Geils at Shalin Liu
  • Sunday – Patty Larkin at Shilin Liu

He’s Baaaaaack . . .

Something’s up in Gloucester.  Only 2 weeks ago, Dennis Brennan played The Rhumb Line with Dave Sag (see post about that here).

Tonight he’s back in Gloucester @ Jalapenos with Dave Brown, Wolf Ginandes & Dave Mattacks.  Could it be the tremendous musical talent resident in Boston is attracting yet another great musician?  That’s what we think.  So we’ve selected a series of Dennis Brennan videos to feature on gimmesound.  See them here.    

You might want to call Jalapenos at 978-283-8228 to reserve a table for tonight.  The room is usually full.

Here’s a video of Dennis when he was a bit younger.

Rare chance to see Dennis Brennan (one of Boston’s best rockers) with Dave Sag @ Rhumb Line tonight

Dennis Brennan @ gimmesound GiveBack Benefit
TT The Bears, October 2009

The fact that Dennis Brennan isn’t a huge star proves that music business executives are clueless.  Dennis was one of the first Boston area artists to make a gimmesound profile when we launched 4 years ago this month (see it here).  The first song he uploaded was Sugar Falls (listen here) and when we heard it, the whole office jumped up and danced and all agreed,  “He’s gotta be in our very first benefit show!”  (still producing benefits)

The next October, we produced our first GiveBack benefit show at TT’s in Cambridge featuring Dennis Brennan and other Boston stars.  Here’s what James Buhrendorf had to say about Dennis at that show, “Dennis Brennan was the cool driving force of the night. Fedora, coat, black jeans and boots, slinging an upside down lefty acoustic sluiced through a Fender amp…after 40 years on the Boston/Cambridge music scene, Young Mr. Brennan still tears it up. We’re talking genuine gritty alt-roots rockers, and tear out your heart sweetness and sorrows.  … ” (see the full article here).

Here’s a short video featuring all the performers that night: Elle Gallo, Dennis Brennan, Sarah Rabdau and the Elastic Waste Band (members of Morphine with Jeremy Lyons):

Don’t miss your chance to see Dennis Brennan tonight at Rhumb Line with Dave Sag, Matt Stubbs and Chris Rivelli.  Show starts at 8pm.

Thursday ♪♫♪ Dave Sag’s Blues Party @ The Rhumb Line with Dennis Brennan, Matt Stubbs and Chris Rivelli 8-11

dave bw

Special treat this Thursday As we welcome a new guy to our fold. Mr. Dennis Brennan, vocalist and harp master, will be doin’ his thing with the likes of his  (and my!) good buddies, Mr. Matt Stubbs and  Roomful Drummer  Mr.Chris  Rivelli. Matt tears up the place no matter where it is and bongo boy really makes the groove happen. I’m looking’ forward to a great night of madness and martinis. Wear support hose.

  I’m takin’ next week April11, off. I’m putting’ on my muddy boots and heading’ down to N’Awlins once again to hang out at the BP Oil Spill® Festival. Sponsored by Walt Disney, this outfit really knows how to get down and dirty. Corporations are people, too, my friends, and I’m so pleased that their ads show their great humanity and humility. Now if I could just get that oyster to stop waving’ a white flag….
Filling in the cavity left by my departure will be that friendly drummer, Jeff Casper and his band: Erin and the Soul Drivers, with my favorite big-eared bass buddy, Mr. Russell Keyes.
And write this down: April 18 Ms. Mari Martin returns with a blistering band featuring Bob Enik, on glitar, Jim Gambino, on keys, and Andrew Jones, on Drums. Last time Mari sang here, the heavens opened and stayed open.
And April 25, welcome back Mr. Greg Lutrell, fabulous guitarist and singer. He’s just got back from China, where he’s been all winter playing music and hacking into North Korea’s Sun Yung Guy’s  porno pod.
DON’T FORGET: we start at 8 pm now ,not 9. You’re the best. We love you!
I’m still not on Facebook, due to the large volume of nonsense, so , if you’ve got friends who want to know what’s going on, send me their email addresses. No pressure, no salesman will visit your home.

Check out Dennis Brennan

Matt Stubbs

Matt Stubbs


Taking some of Gloucester’s best music to Iowa on a cloud ~ and a prediction for 2020

We may be somewhat old-fashioned, but we still listen to CDs for 3 major reasons:

  1. We prefer the superior sound quality
  2. We have a lot of them that we bought before MP3s were available
  3. The only iPod in our house belongs to John (I can’t stand putting anything in my ear!)

But when Vickie had to jump on a plane to Iowa suddenly last Saturday to deal with a family emergency, she felt the need to bring a taste of Gloucester with her.  So she ripped our copy of Chelsea Berry‘s CD Live in the Moment (one of Vickie’s favorites) and put it in our cloud (the Amazon cloud, that is) so she could listen to it on the plane and while in Iowa — along with lots of other music from Gloucester (see list below) and elsewhere that is already stored there.

Although we’re fans of the Joey Approved Product series, those of you who read our posts regularly know that we’ve never even mentioned a product or service that we use — until now.  This is different.  Why?  Because the cloud is changing the way we buy, store and listen to our music more than any other technology since Edison invented the phonograph.

Here’s why we like the Amazon Cloud Service:

  1. We can access our music using devices we already own, including our desktop PCs, laptop, droid phones and John’s Kindle Fire.
  2. It’s free.  Amazon has a free cloud player for the phone and a free interface for the PC.  There is a a limit to the amount of music you can store for free, but we haven’t hit that limit (remember, we still listen to CDs a lot) and music we buy from Amazon (mostly for John) doesn’t count toward that limit.
  3. All music we buy from Amazon automatically shows up in the cloud and is IMMEDIATELY accessible on all of our devices.  Here’s an example.  John and I are big Bruce Springsteen fans — and Vickie knows that.  On the day Wrecking Ball came out, she was sitting on the couch with John’s Kindle fire and said, “I just got it.” (Wrecking Ball, that is) at which point, I plugged my phone into the stereo (because I don’t put anything in my ear) and began playing it!
  4. All of us in the family can play all of the music at any time without restriction.  For example, while Vickie’s in Iowa, she can play Chelsea’s I Wonder on her phone or her mother’s computer while John plays the same song on his Kindle Fire and I play that same song on my phone hooked up to the stereo (because I don’t put anything in my ear) — all at the same time.
  5. It’s easy to rip our CDs and add them to the cloud (it took Vickie only a couple of minutes to add Chelsea’s CD to our cloud before we took her to the airport).

Some of you may know that I’ve made a number of predictions that have come to pass relative to the Internet, music, etc.  (for example, in 1998 I predicted that by 2003 every business will either have a website or wish they did).  Here’s another one: By 2020, the most common way to listen to recorded music will be to access it from a cloud server.

And here’s a partial list of local artists, whose music Vickie is playing for her family in Iowa from our cloud (in alpha order by artist last name or band name):

Fly Amero, Bandit Kings, Inge Berge, Chelsea Berry, Dennis Brennan, Cape Ann Big Band, Allen Estes, Marina Evans, Elle Gallo, Orville Giddings, Tom Hauck, Will Hunt, KBMG, Satch Kerans, Pete Lindberg, Michael O’Leary, T Max, Dennis Monagle, Ned and the Big Babies, Gary Shane, Henri Smith