Statues & Plaques in Gloucester- Civil War In Riverdale From Peter Dorsey


Another Civil War memorial I have recently noticed sits in the Riverdale section of Gloucester on Washington Street, near the intersection with Hodgkins Street and across from the Mill Pond. It is an area which was filled in on the tidal side, and has a granite sea wall built up around it, and a cast iron fence with granite posts. The historical marker is a granite obelisk with a pointed cap on the top and beach stones set into and around the base. The inscription reads, “Riverdale Martyrs in the War of the Rebellion 1861 – 1865”. The names of the Riverdale men who died in the Civil War are listed on three sides of the memorial. Carved into a top section of polished granite are the Union Army Corps badges. It is a very scenic location for a war monument; in a tidal inlet.

Peter Dorsey

Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Pre-Party Live Blog Starts Now!!!! Come On Down To The Farm And Join The Fun!!!

Drawmaster Steve Campbell


Frankie Gwynn From Red White and Blueballs

Giovanna Displays The Muff Riders Uniform

Frankie Approves Ryan Pinkham and Ty Rodgers Great Balls For Hire Uniforms

Matt Sawyer and John Vizena From Last Year’s Champion Blinded By The White Get Uniform Approval
KPup From Cross Fit Cape Ann Earns Speedo Approval
Dodgefathers’ s Chris DeWolfe Gets Speedo Approval While The Dodgemother Looks On
Dirty Luchadors Heather Mason and Amanda O’Neil

Beverly Athletic Club (last year’s villans) Represent Strong At The Dodgeball PreParty
Jason Mason and Taylor Ingenhuett

Chris Fontaine From Beverly Athletic Club’s BAC in Action
The Rabbit and Derek Smith From The Crazy Ivans

Franklin Cape Ann Spring Wine Dinner March 20th


The first of our 2013 Wine Dinner Series celebrates the Wines of Spring.

Always a popular event, our wine dinners combine beautiful seasonal dishes paired thoughtfully with choice wines and presented by the knowledgeable and entertaining BZ from United Liquors.

Reservations are recommended.

Call Maria @ 978-283-7888

Lunch at Willow Rest

willow rest

Everything they serve at Willow Rest is fresh and delicious.  I went for their cheeseburger, my favorite.  Friend Chris got the Cuban, and my mom got the best BLT she’s ever had in her 80+ years.  Even our beloved Mayor loves to scoot over there from City Hall for lunch. 

If you haven’t been to Willow Rest lately for breakfast or lunch, or to pick up some of their fresh baked goods, veggies or other goodies, stop in and enjoy.

E.J. Lefavour

Vibrant Throbbing Wingbeats

Several weeks ago in one of my posts about Niles Pond at Risk, I wrote about the beautiful Mute Swans at Niles. A reader wrote requesting a description of a phrase that I used, the “vibrant throbbing wingbeats” of the Mute Swan. I have shot hours of B-roll for both my Black Swallowtail and Monarch films at Niles Pond and at Brace Cove, so much so that I am making a mini film about Niles Pond. In organizing the Niles footage, I discovered some good audio of the swans throbbing wigbeats, filmed at sunrise.

The swans often take flight in unison, circling round and round the pond before returning. I patiently wait and wait and sometimes they don’t return, and as has happened more times than I care to say, while I am packing up my gear, they return and then I miss the shot for not being patient enough! Other times they will take flight and head over to feed at Brace Cove. A wedge of swans flying overhead is beautiful to observe, although a challenge to hold in my camera’s lens. Reviewing the footage I heard myself frequently cussing at the mosquitoes because their bite causes me to jag the camera sharply and then I lose sight of the swans. But one especially lucky dawn in September, I did manage to capture several flights.

Isn’t the music so swan-like? The composition is called “The Swan,” written by Camille Saint Saint-Saëns, and is the 13th Movement in a suite of 14 of the humorously themed Carnival of the Animals, Zoological Fantasy for 2 Pianos and Ensemble. See below for more about Carnival of the Animals from allmusic.

Watch on Vimeo if you prefer:

Read more:

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Follow John Rockwell around town tonight

This could be a record: you can see a the same local artist in 3 different venues in one night.  So John Rockwell fans are in for a treat.  And if you’re not already a fan, you don’t know what you’re missing.  It’ll be a nice night, so take this perfect opportunity and go see him.

If you bought an Irish Sweepstakes ticket, you’ll see John singing Irish songs at Gloucester House tonight starting at 5pm.

Then you can bop on over to Alchemy and catch his set with Robert Erinn Brown at 7.

And off you go to Rhumb Line to see him (and Robert) as Fly Amero’s special guest just after 9pm.  If you’re not familiar with John’s full, smooth, robust voice (Vickie says it has sex appeal), check out the video of John with another of our favorite voices, Sarah Slifer, nicely shot by FOB Joanne Silva.

Going out tonight is a perfect way to gear up for a great weekend of music starting tomorrow and to prepare for Friday, when you’re just gonna have to choose from among Cape Ann’s best musicians all playing on the same night.  Check the Friday schedule here and start planning now.

The next Cape Ann Auction to be held March 26, 2013 6:00pm Preview from 4:00pm-6:00pm

Walt Kolenda who runs the auction is fantastic and a treat to watch. Even if you do not go to buy go to see and hear. I know I was smiling most of the night.



Walt Kolenda ~ Auctioneer extraordinaire

March 4th I had the pleasure of going to the Cape Ann Auction at the Magnolia Library
It was my second time attending one of these. I was so confused the first auction with all the number amounts going up and down and all, that I did not bid on anything.
This second time was a little different. I had a method to my madness. There was nice oak dresser I had my eyes on. I got to bid on it but once again got a little excited and lost the bid.

They had this real cute little woodpecker toothpick grabber that I would have loved to have in my possession  I did bid on that but it went up so fast I gave up and wasn’t willing to pay what the winning bidder did. I checked online and it the past they sold from anywhere from 7:00 to 54.99 dollars. I think that one went for 25.00 dollars.

Who knows, maybe I will own one someday. This one is on Ebay for 54.99. Way to high for me.

eb w
It’s amazing to me how a $3000 mint cherry table went in the low hundreds and a beautifully crafted schooner went for 330.00. Walt said the owners paid at least a thousand for it.


What I did end up bidding on and walking away with was this cute push toy. When pushed a little bell goes off at each cycle. So I did not leave empty handed after all and for 5.00 dollars…oh what a deal.

The next auction will be on March 26th,  and they plan on having them twice a month if not more.

This is also where the first auction I went to took place. It was a lot of fun too.
The other address is 17 Kondelin Rd, Gloucester Ma. They will be having indoor yard sales from this address I have been to two this winter and hope to attend many more. There are lots of treasures to be found at these sales

Next Auction

March 26th 6:00 – preview from 4:00 to 6:00
1 Lexington Ave Gloucester, MA 01930

Cape Ann Auction 
Auctioneer Walt Kolenda


 This is how it’s done.

Don’t forget – Origami Class coming up at The Hive, for Easter / Passover!

I’ll be teaching an origami class at The Hive (on Pleasant Street) on March 14 at 7PM!

The theme this time will be Easter and Passover.  Models on our menu to fold include:

  • The traditional origami lily. Easter Lilies are a standard for decorating churches.  On one hand, the white color represents purity and joy.  More importantly, the lily bursts forth and blooms from a bulb which lies buried and hidden in the earth, like Christ who lay in the tomb and rose in glory from under the earth.  This model also introduces origami novices to a standard of the traditional origami repertoire, with its characteristics of elegance and simplification.
  • An Easter bunny/basket (designed by a Korean named Jacky Chan – not the martial arts action movie star!).   Not as directly related to the religious significance of Easter, this model combines a container (maybe for chocolate Easter eggs?) with a rabbit for something that looks kind of like a bunny-shaped slipper.  Cute and functional!
  • A lamb.   The lamb is a central part of the Passover meal, as well as a symbol of Christ for Christians.  This origami design also introduces the origami novice to the use of non-square paper (it is folded from a 2×1 rectangle).

I will have a few more options available to chose from, for both Easter and Passover themes.  That will include a cross (for Christ’s death and resurrection), frogs (one of the plagues leading up to the Passover), a Torah scroll (which contains the account of the Passover), etc.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to fold and photograph examples of each for this post, but you get the idea.

As usual, please contact The Hive to register, so we know how many people will need supplies although one or two latecomers are fine too!

To summarize:

Easter / Passover origami at The Hive!
Thursday, March 14th, 7-9pm, students $15, adults $20
call 978.283.3889 or email to register (although drop-ins are also possible)

To see some of my previous posts about origami (including photos) and origami classes, click here.

Fr. Matthew Green

Open Door Bowl Painting Event

Dear Joey,

Would you let GMG readers know there is a chance to paint a bowl for the annual Empty Bowl Dinner? The decorating event will be held at The Open Door, info or 978-283-6776 ext. 205.

For more information, find us on Facebook/TheOpenDoorMA or visit

Maybe Snoop Maddie and The Bean would like to get in on the painting action this year? Hope to see you there.

Community Photos 3/13/13

Charles Erbafina Photos From March 8, 2013

Bil Hubbard Submits-

Here’s a short story about two of the first Gloucester gillnetters that I hope you can use on GMG.
My grandfather, Capt. John A. Dahlmer  bought the 39ft. “Rough Rider” shortly after she was launched at Manitowoc, Wisconsin in 1904.  She was one of the first gas-powered fishing boats on the Great Lakes.  The first picture was taken the day of her launch.  Grandfather brought her to Gloucester in 1910 and alternating in the command of Capt. Edw. Weiderman and Capt. Pete Tysver and Capt. Lawrence B. Dahlmer.  The second picture shows her at the Tysver wharf off E. Main St.
In 1909 Capt. John Dahlmer had the 63ft. “Margaret D.” built at the J.G. Laird & Son Shipyard in Ashtabula, Ohio.  She was named for and christened by my mother, Margaret V. Dahlmer who was 5 years old in 1909.  Later that year, or early in 1910 he brought her to Gloucester where she worked as a gillnetter and mackerel seiner.  The first picture shows her launch in 1909 and the second is of her, rigged for seining in Smith Cove.  She was wrecked on Milk Island off Rockport in 1915.
The captains Dahlmer, Weiderman and Tysver were among a group  of 10 skippers who brought their families and boats from Charlevoix, Michigan to Gloucester in 1909-1910 and established the first successful gillnet fishery in America’s oldest fishing port.  All four families settled on Rocky Neck and eventually moved to other Gloucester locations. Other families from Michigan who brought their boats and settled in E. Gloucester included the Arnold, Shoares, Lasley,Lafond and Place families.
The Michigan men earned handle, “Michigan Bears” by working together to do whatever chore needed to be done for their boats, no mater how hard or how heavy the work.  The Michigan men and their son’s went on to captain many other boats out of Gloucester over the years.
Bill Hubbard

Rob and Danelle Get The Gold In Sochi

David Umstead writes-

Let me give you a bit of background on Rob.  We moved to Manchester in 1978 when Rob was eight.  We always skied a lot as a family and skiing became Rob’s passion at an early age.  He became interested in ski racing when he was at Manchester High School and drove himself to Stowe, VT every weekend in the winters of his junior and senior year to train with the Mount Mansfield Ski Club.  He went on to ski for UMass Amherst and was named captain and MVP of the of the Team in his senior year.  When he graduated UMass, his plan was to coach ski racing for a year or two and then apply to medical school to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather.  Somehow, the med school gig never happened.  He followed his passion and I am guessing that last Saturday, one day before his 43 birthday, was the greatest day of his life.  I am guessing this tops the two bronze medals at the Paralympic Games in Whistler.

You can follow the story of Rob and Danelle as a team at their website … or via the link to Facebook.

I have attached a picture of Rob and Danelle getting their gold medal in Sochi.

World Cup Downhill Champions

Local Notables To Consider Voting For In The North Shore Magazine 2013 BONS Awards In The Eat Category

I’m taking category by category and highlighting some locals who you may want to consider worthy of your vote (BTW St Peter’s Fiesta is currently trailing Topsfield Fair and Good Harbor is close to Crane’s) so if you haven’t voted in the Play Category get on it!- Voting in the Play Category here

Here are some local joints that have been nominated in the Eat category (you can click on the highlighted establishments to see pictures or posts we’ve done about them)-

Vote Here  For The Eat Category In The North Shore Magazine 2013 BONS Awards


Al Fresco Dining- Franklin Cape Ann, Lobster Pool

Bake Shop (Pastry)- Jim’s Bake Shop, Plum Cove Grind

Bakery (Bread) Virgilio’s

BBQ- Smokin Jim’s, The Farm Bar and Grille

Beer menu- Franklin Cape Ann, Cape Ann Brewing

Breakfast- George’s, Sugar Mag’s, Willow Rest (as you know my love of Gloucester Breakfast joints is unmatched- way too many to list so we will stick with the nominated but Mamie’s Kitchen, and Fort Square should be at least nominated as well)

Burger- Passports

Cocktail Bar- Franklin Cape Ann

Coffee Shop- Lone Gull, Cape Ann Coffee Café Sicilia and Pleasant St -None are nominated all deserve to be!

Confectionery- Nichols Candies and Turtle Alley

Farmer’s Market- Cape Ann Farmer’s Market

General Excellence- The Market, Duckworth’s is not nominated but I’d say needs to be a write in.

Gourmet Market- Savour Wine and Cheese 

Lobster- Causeway, Lobsta Land and Roy Moore are Nominated, For Lobster Pool and Seaport Grille not to be nominated is silly IMO

Italian- a write in for La Trattoria Gloucester only makes sense

Lobster Roll- Seaport Grille

Mexican- Jalepenos– for Tacos Lupita Gloucester needs to be a write in as well.

Pizza- Giuseppes and The Willow Rest.  There are so many great pizza joints in Gloucester and everyone has their favorites you could write in any number- Sebastians, Sclafanis, ect, ect ect

Pub Food- Franklin and Topside Grille

Raw Bar- Lat 43 nominated, Rudder could be a write in

Sandwiches- There is no Gloucester nomination and you could easily write in Virgilios, Sclafanis, or Willow Rest here

Seafood Prepared- the Causeway and The Rudder

Sushi- Latitude 43

Tapas- Alchemy or The Azorean

Thai- Thai Choice could be a write in

and when you’re done you can vote in the Play Categories-


So far I’ve featured local nominees in the Play and Eat Categories, in a couple days I’ll highlight the Shop, Renew, Kids, and Live Categories.

See those locally nominated in the Play category here