Little Mermaid Jr Wraps Up At O’Maley

O’Maley Innovation Middle School Drama Club performed final show of Disney’s Little Mermaid Junior this past weekend

 This year’s cast and crew of over 100 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students, performed a total of seven shows, including one morning performance attended by all current Gloucester fifth graders.

 Little Mermaid Saturday Shows 2

O’Maley Innovation Middle School “X” cast, 7th grader Jared Gilman (Prince Eric) and 6th grader Sadie Cook (Ariel) pose at the production’s final curtain call on Saturday night, March 16th.

 Little Mermaid Saturday Shows

Final performance scene for “X” cast, left to right, 6th grader Caroline Muniz (Flounder), Jared Gilman (Prince Eric), Sadie Cook (Ariel), and 7th graders TS Burnham (Ursula), Henry Hardy(Scuttle) and Talia DeWolfe (Sebastian).

It is Time

The One Hour At A Time Gang will be cleaning the streets starting this Saturday, March 23, 2013.  It is too bad that we all do not carry a bag in our car and pick up when we see the mess the winter and others have made.  Whoever wants to join us, we will be meeting at 8:00 am at St. Peters’ Square.  Please bring gloves and I will get the yellow bags.  If any readers know of a particular place that needs us, please let me know.

Thanks all and see you Saturday.

Anna Vojtech and Roland Cornelis – First Dual Exhibit

Anna Vojtech and Roland Cornelis

March 21-31 at The Center at Rocky Neck, 6 Wonson Street
Anna Vojtech and Roland Cornelis present paintings and sculpture in this not-to-be-missed two-week exhibition. We are looking forward to this landmark show that celebrates the work of two dedicated local artists who are partners in life. This is their first dual exhibition featuring abstract wood sculptures by Cornelis and paintings by Vojtech that cover a wide timeframe—some work dates from the 1980s. You are invited to an opening reception on Saturday, March 23, 4-8 PM and “Meet the Artists” Saturday, March 30, 4-6 PM.

Happy Women’s History Month! Brought to You By Hannah Kimberley

On Sunday, March 3rd, thousands of women attended the Centennial Women’s Suffrage March, and walked  from the Capitol to the Washington Monument in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the 1913 Women’s Suffrage March in which Alice Paul and many other suffragists demanded the right to vote the day before President Wilson’s inauguration in Washington D.C.  Read More About Annie Smith Peck and Hannah Kimberley on Hannah’s Blog.

suffrage-protest-1Hannah Scialdone-Kimberley is a professor of English and author currently creating a biography on Annie Smith Peck (she is also married to GMG’s own Craig Kimberley).  I had the pleasure to meet Hannah when she and Craig came to dinner, and very much enjoyed learning a bit about her biography-in-progress about Annie Smith Peck. About her interest in Peck, Hannah writes, “I first learned about Peck in 2007 via a poster that my father purchased for me in an antique shop that displays an image of her in her climbing costume and reads, “A Woman’s Place Is at the Top.” I had never before heard of Peck, but the image of her in her climbing costume was so striking that I set out to see who she was and what she had accomplished. After a bit of research, I became completely enthralled with Peck’s accomplishments, including her scholarship, her climbing career, her role in politics, and her longstanding commitment to the advancement of women’s rights.”  Annie Smith Peck Blog

Hannah, Craig, Johnny Mac

Hannah and Craig Kimberley and John McElhenny

Lecture Tonight ~ The Pollinator Garden

Tired of the monochromatic New England landscape? Tonight, Thursday, I am giving my lecture program The Pollinator Garden from 7 to 9 at the Andover Public Library Memorial Hall. The public is welcome.

Pink flowering dowood Cornus florida rubra

North American Native Pink-flowering Dogwood ~ Cornus florida rubra



More Gloucester Blues Festival Lineup ~ Tickets go on sale April 10

This just in from Bob Hastings, co-producer of the Gloucester Blues Festival.  Excellent lineup for August 10.  And this isn’t even everybody.  There will be at least one more performer, so stay tuned.  Tickets will be available April 10 on the Blues Fest website.

B.B. King Entertainer of the Year, Tommy Castro headlines:

Ana Popovic – how does she play in that dress?

Soulful Johnny Rawls

Biscuit Miller – with a name like Biscuit, you gotta be funky

Anthony Gomes – Smokin!  You saw him yesterday.  Here he is with Ana Popovic – again I ask, how does she play in that dress?

Free Chamber Music Concert at Shalin Liu on Saturday

NYSOfirehousechamberconcert_0053Some of the best young musicians in the state will perform for FREE as part of the Northeast Massachusetts Youth Orchestras (NMYO) Honors Chamber Ensemble Concert this Saturday, 3/23 at Shalin Liu.

Don’t miss this FREE opportunity to hear top young artists perform Chamber music in a venue acoustically tuned to that kind of music.  Plus you can expose your kids to the music you love!

Check out the press release from Laura Heinrichs below the video.

NMYO’s Honors Concert
Saturday, March 23, 2013 at 7:00pm
Shalin Liu Performance Center,
37 Main Street, Rockport, MA

Free Admission

DANVERS, MA – 20 March 2013 – The Northeast Massachusetts Youth Orchestras will be presenting their Honors Chamber Ensemble Concert on Saturday, March 23rd, 7:00pm, at the Shalin Liu Performance Center, 37 Main Street, Rockport, MA.

“Our Honors Chamber Concert features NMYO’s top student musicians,” says Trudy Larson, NMYO’s string and chamber music director, “chosen because they demonstrate a high level of skill and musicianship.” This special concert will include music from some of the great masters of the chamber music genre such as Beethoven and Mozart in addition to more contemporary composers.

NMYO’s Honors Concert will feature around 30 musicians from all over northeast Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire playing in small chamber ensembles as well as selected soloists.

This concert is free and open to the public and appeals to all ages.  The evening’s musical selections will last approximately an hour and a reception will follow the performance.

This concert is sponsored, in part, by the Geoffrey H. Richon Company, with additional grants from the Gloucester and Rockport Cultural Councils, local agencies which are supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

For more information on NMYO and their performances and opportunities for young musicians, please visit the website or contact NMYO at or (978) 309-9833.

About Northeast Massachusetts Youth Orchestras
The mission of the Northeast Massachusetts Youth Orchestras (NMYO) is to provide young musicians with exceptional ensemble training and opportunities for growth through musical performance and community service. Led by Music Director Gerald J. Dolan Jr., with an accomplished team of music professionals, NMYO creates community connections and collaborations for its young players.  NMYO’s musicians come from over 40 towns and participate in one of eight ensembles offered by the program. The regular rehearsal and concert schedule is supplemented with master classes, enrichment days, chamber music coaching, community service outreach concerts to underserved populations, and a composer in residence program.

Meet Chocktaw Rocket


Chocktaw Rocket a fairly new band around town. I’ve seen them twice before. Once, when they made their debut at The Cape Ann Brewery last year and then again at The Dog Bar Cape Ann, about a month ago.

We had the pleasure of hearing them this week at The Rhumb Line’s Monday night open jam . They were the first band to go on to play after The Bandit Kings opened up the evening.

The first song they performed was one that I have never heard before “Everybody’s Gonna Be Happy”.  It was so good that people hit the floor dancing and it seemed they very familiar with the tune.

Their second song was an original that Bill Foley wrote “My Type Of Girl”.  Both songs were lively, fun and great to dance to.

I hope we get to see more of this band around town soon

Choctaw Rocket is:

Bill Foley_ Vocals and Guitars
Thomas Mitchell_Bass Guitars
Frank Hawks_Lead Guitars
Tod Ellyson_Drums and Vocals
Paula Dion_Vocals and Percussion

Have a listen.


Origami Rabbits

Six different origami rabbit designs I folded last night! Starting from the top center and going counter-clockwise, they are designed by Jacky Chan, Jun Maekawa, John Montroll, Robert Lang, Akira Yoshizawa, and… I’m not sure about the last one in the top right. I might some slight modifications to a very common origami rabbit design.

Fr. Matthew Green


Digital Dogtown

digital dogtown, gloucester

coconut, dogtown, gloucester

This past weekend we stumbled upon these Digital Dogtown Markers on the Dogtown Square trail. Each have a map with a QR code to scan. Each sign has information on the stops along the trail, similar to the signs on the Harborwalk around town. I didn’t have my phone on me, so I didn’t get to check it out for myself. Next time, I’ll bring my phone and see what I’m missing.

It was nice to get outside and enjoy the area. Coconut especially liked the walk. She climbed the giant boulders and rolled in the leaves. I made sure to check her good for ticks and luckily didn’t find any.  We saw a few others on the trail; people riding bikes, dirt bikes, walking dogs and taking photos.

It’s nice to have such a peaceful escape so close to home.

UPDATE: From Linn Parisi: Alan Davis did this project towards his Eagle Scout Award. He did the research, organizing, etc. and did a great job.

Thanks Linn for a little more background. Great job Alan!


Catherine Ryan Explores The Latest Exhibits At The PEM

Hi Joey,

We are so lucky to have the Cape Ann Museum in Gloucester , MA . The North Shore is also fortunate to have the Peabody Essex Museum (PEM) in Salem . There are several memorable exhibits overlapping right now at PEM; I would recommend going for longer immersion without kids, but they’re all kid friendly.  In order to share more shows with my children, we decided the best approach was to divvy up separate exhibits with mini visits to the kids’ Discovery Center . The Discovery Center ’s current home is temporarily pushed back further into the museum as they re-design its formal space. It’s sort of a “best of” right now, cycling through favorites from past installations. A wall sign encourages sending in any ideas we may have. We can’t wait to see what they do. One benefit from the move was my sons’ discovery of glass art on exhibit just beyond the delineation of where they usually turn off to the kids’ wing.



Here’s the rundown:

  • You have until April 2013  to visit MIDNIGHT to the BOOM: PAINTING IN INDIA AFTER INDEPENDENCEworks from the Chester and Davida Herwitz Collection

A “wow”, cross-generation response to so many selections in this exhibit, including the Gieve Patels and Sudhir Patwardhan’s Town

  • You have until May 27 2013 to visit  FreePort [No.006]: Nick Cave

The visionary FreePort exhibits are curated by Trevor Smith who is helping the Gloucester Committee for the Arts as part of the final juror selection panel for the HarborWalk Public Art Challenge

The new Soundsuits for Nick Cave’s installation are intricate and lush, joyous and serious, and SO MUCH BIGGER IN PERSON.  My sons—they’re 8– stopped short from the encounter and there was mention of Star Wars and limericks. If it weren’t for one suit entirely covered in buttons they would have lingered. They selected favorites, read the wall label, skipped the headphones, and whooshed right along a curved wall of custom wall paper design After the continuous sounds and sights of Cave’s film installation. They sat through twice; it’s a lot to take in.  One of my sons dubbed his favorite Soundsuits from the film: “Mr. Spotty Square Head” and his second “Chewbacca”. I noticed later that neither of his choices showed masks or faces. In the dark and finding a seat, my other son immediately recited:

My father’s name is Sasquatch

My mother’s name is Yeti

They often feast on frozen fish

But I prefer spaghetti

  • You have until July 7, 2013 to visit Golden Light Selections from the Van Otterloo Collection

They enjoyed the Golden Light exhibit because of its elaborate touch- screen kiosk for Isaack Koedijck Barber’sSurgeon Tending a Peasant’s Foot. (“It’s RIGHT HERE, um look HERE at the painting itself, not the kiosk!) Spend time too with Maria Schalcken’s self portrait, ca.1650. We always make it in this wing because of the Norman Rockwell lucky boy painting, and the monumental ship models–which we visit whenever we come. I was lucky to know Philip Reisman, and film and write about him back in 1984.

One of his Gloucester fishing industry paintings is tucked in this same wing; make sure to have a look.
The Cape Ann Museum has a fantastic Reisman hanging in their archives room.

  • You have until October 2013 to visit FreePort [No.005]: Michael Linn

Thanks to the creative mind of Michael Linn, my sons found anchors and stags, crowns and fish. We journeyed back and forth many collections, scale, spaces and time, enjoying many eureka moments which for them felt like real life I SPY. This also offered me a chance to see the poetry and light of the Bosworth exhibit. LAST CHANCE: you have only till March 31, 2013 to see Natural Histories: Barbara Bosworth’s photography show

Here are some snaps from FreePort [No. 005]: Michael Linn, Peabody Essex Museum

 These two FreePort exhibits have a fun balance and flip experience: you’re stationary for the freewheeling movement that is the Nick Cave exhibit; while the quiet, delicate and inanimate objects for FreePort [No.005] make you move throughout different levels, rooms and halls.

image007 image008

Ipswich Middle School Principal The Latest To Kowtow To The Politically Correct

Read about it on Barstool Sports- 

And the Pussification of America Continues: Ipswich Principal Cancels Middle School Honors Night In Favor Of All Inclusive Assembly Because He Doesn’t Want To Hurt Kids Feelings Who Didn’t Make It

While I’ve come to respect that the use of the word retard is unacceptable I pretty much agree with everything else written in the post on Barstool Sports.

This is my take on the whole participation awards for everyone vs MVP award whether it be in scholastic or athletics:

By doing away with MVP awards of recognition because kids get their feelings hurt you are creating  generations of kids who never feel the need to try harder to push themselves.

Listen, there were not many more awkward looking, physically ungifted teens than your boy Joey C.   I was and am a terrible, terrible athlete.  When I was in middle school I figured out early on that with my scrawny body and braces and zits that I better work on other things that I could control like being funny or studying harder in school and pushed me to hit the gym to pack on a little muscle.

Not everybody is going to be a great athlete but by pointing out who is good at what and not telling kids what their strengths and weaknesses are they think they are equal when clearly some kids are better math students, some people are better athletes, some people are better artists.  To get an award for simply showing up how the heck are they ever going to know they suck at certain things and should focus on things they are good at.

Not rewarding hard work is just straight up counter-intuitive to being an American (or at least that’s the way it used to be before the commies took over).

We gotta toughen our kids up and stop giving them outs every step of the way.


Community Stuff 3/21/13

CSA shares still available at Moraine Farm in Beverly! Fresh vegetables from June-October with a winter share option, too – lots more info about the farm & what’s in a share is here:


Temple Ahavat Achim at 86 Middle Street in Gloucester Presents:
Sunday, March 24th at 10 am
Come learn about the Jewish holiday of Passover with songs, stories and fun activities!
This event is open to families with young children of any faith who would like to learn more about Passover.
For more information, please contact David Wesson, Director of Learning and Programming, at (978) 281-0739.


Hi Joey-Our church is hosting organist, Susan Taormina, on April 14 at 4:30PM.  She will be playing our tracker organ (one of Cape Ann’s Oldest, circa 1855).  This is a FreeWill Offering concert (people give what they wish to contribute).  Light refreshments will be provided following the concert.  I have a PDF of a flyer.  Would you be willing to post this on Good Morning Gloucester and if so what is the fee.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Thanks so much for all you do for our City!!
Maria Orlando Russell
Church Secretary
Lanesville Congregational Church