Statues & Plaques of Gloucester From Peter Dorsey-Fitz Henry Lane


This is one of the statues that inspired my series of the last few weeks in Good Morning Gloucester. It was after I noticed this statue of Fitz Henry (Hugh) Lane and the Joan of Arc statue, that I started looking around Gloucester for more and more statues and plaques. It has been a fun and interesting search for me. The legacy of Fitz Henry Lane (1804-1865) and his wonderful paintings is such an important part of the artistic heritage of Gloucester. Just go to the Cape Ann Museum, and look at their enormous collection of these detailed, soothing seascapes. These paintings are world famous glimpses into life on and about Gloucester’s harbor and shores.

One of the things I learned about Fitz Henry Lane was that he was crippled as a child by ingesting some kind of a plant. And it was because he was unable to run around like other children his age that he became fascinated with drawing and sketching; and the thing that was nearby was Gloucester harbor, and its shipping activities. And because he had all this time to sit quietly sketching, he was able to see the play of light evolving at different times of the day; and fortunately for us, he became fascinated with the interplay of darkness and light. He was one of the school of luminous artists. Because his only formal training was with a lithograph and printing studio in Boston; he also showed the fine intricate details of many of the things that he painted. He took the painted equivalent of snapshots for us of nautical things that might not have been preserved from the workings of the Gloucester and other harbors of this day. His house where he lived as an adult, and created many of his paintings and drawings was in the center of what is now Harbor Loop. If you look at old photographs of the early 1900’s this, the western edge of Gloucester Harbor was packed with houses, warehouses and docks. All but this one granite constructed residence remains, and it was from this elevated perch that Fitz Henry Lane looked out often to the harbor. This life-like copper statue of him that is here was “Sculpted by Alfred M. Duca in 1997 “, and carved into the granite base it says, “step into my shoes and become inspired”, and next to that are a pair of copper or bronze sandals that are welded to the rock.

“I am have been a residential real estate broker for 26 years. Also, I am a novice rower down on Harbor Loop at the Gloucester Rowing Club at Maritime Gloucester. I have roots in this city that go back to 1919 when my father was born here. My grandfather worked as a scientist for John Hays Hammond at the time. Every year, as I do business in this city, and travel around Cape Ann, I find more and more interesting things that I see for the first time. I like to share some of these special places here on Good Morning Gloucester with my camera.”

Peter Dorsey

How Lazy Do You Have To Be To Serve Your Child Frozen Grilled Cheese Sandwiches?

How do these even exist anyway?

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Cellar Holes

cellar hole 22 copy

Apparently there are 40-45 cellar holes from the Commons Settlement, now known as Dogtown.  This is the Full Cellar Holes Registry From the City of Gloucester website

Cellar Holes Full Registry

  1. Nathaniel Day
  2. Becky Rich
  3. Nolly Millett
  4. Emmons Family
  5. Mussey
  6. Smith
  7. Ben Stanwood
  8. Jeremiah Millett
  9. Clark Family
  10. Arthur Wharf
  11. Phillip Priestly
  12. William Wilson
  13. Joseph Winslow
  14. Hannah Stevens
  15. Easter Carter
  16.  James Dermerit
  17.  Dorcas Foster
  18.  Isaac Dade
  19. Joseph Ingersoll
  20. Widow Day
  21. Stephen Robinson
  22. Joseph Riggs
  23. Col. Pearce
  24. Abram Wharf
  25.  Peter Lurvey
  26. Stanwood house
  27. The Castle
  28.  Bennett Farm
  29. Hilton Place
  30. Joseph Hunter/cobbler
  31. Jim White
  32.  Ann Davis
  33. Esther Wharf
  34.  Unknow
  35. James Wharf
  36. Whipple Family
  37. Wither family
  38. White family
  39. Ben Allen
  40. Unknown

T.     Liz Tucker
R.    Judy Rhines
W.  James Wharf, Jr.
S.     Nehemiah Stanwood
X.     Unknown
Notable People

1.       Anthony Day married Mary Davis and the two had seventeen children. One son, Isaac, was a gunner on the USS constitution. All children also bore many offspring.

2.       Becky Rich was a woman who told fortunes from coffee grinds. She was a nice old lady, and mainly made her business in young people. She would tell teenagers who they were or weren’t to marry, among other relationship-related business.

14.¬†¬†¬†¬† Hannah Stevens’ father was Joseph Stevens. Joseph Stevens owned a large amount of land, and in spite of his wealth was still a nice person.

15.     Easter Carter was very well known around Gloucester. She could often be found dressed as a man, under the pseudonym John Woodman. With this persona, Carter did a lot of outdoor work, primarily in building stone walls.

17.     Dorcas Foster was seen as a very brave girl, as she was independent at a young age. Her father was not around very much. She married three times. Her last marriage was to Captain Joseph Smith, who commanded a brigantine in the War of 1812.

18.     Isaac Dade led a very eventful life. After serving aboard an English man-of-war during the Revolutionary War, Dade became impressed by the area and deserted the British Army. He sailed to Virginia on a cargo ship and joined the Continental Army. He rowed across the Delaware River with George Washington. After fighting in many major battles, he became badly wounded and later left the Army to marry Fanny Brundel. Dade was well acquainted with the George Washington family. With his health deteriorating, he resolved to move back to Gloucester. It was here in Dogtown that he built a house, now known by its cellar hole, Cellar Hole 18.

19. ¬†¬†¬† Molly Jacobs was a friend of Judy Rhines and Liz Tucker. These three are known for bringing infamy to Dogtown in later years, as it began to be viewed as the ‚Äúred light district‚ÄĚ of Gloucester.

22.     Joseph Riggs’s father was Sam Riggs. Sam Riggs owned a sizeable amount of land, and was town clerk and schoolmaster in 1661.

23.     Pearce’s large sheep flock attracted the attention of British raiders during the War of 1812.

24.     Abram Wharf was a very successful sheep farmer. In 1814, all his children had left him. This prompted him to crawl under a large boulder and ultimately commit suicide. This came as a shock to many people, as he was very smart and had many friends.

25.     Peter Lurvey was married to a sister of Abram Wharf. He is well known for his leadership during Captain Lindsay’s attack on Gloucester. Lindsay planned to attack the Commons and take the sheep for food. The skirmish resulted in a few cannonballs causing damage in Gloucester. The militia lured the Falcon to a cargo ship which looked deceptively loaded. When in range, the men fired on the Falcon, driving it out of the harbor. Before it left, it killed two men, one being Lurvey. He was the first Dogtown man to be killed in war.

27.     The builder of the structure known as the Castle is unknown. Becky Rich’s daughter Rachel Smith is believed to have lived there. Aunt Rachel, as Rachel Smith was known, was famous for brewing herbs and making medicines

Random Tidbits:

In 1814, 6 of the original 80 houses remained in Dogtown. The last resident left in 1830, and all were gone by 1845.

Judy Rhines and Tammy Younger are known as the ‚Äúwitches of Dogtown‚ÄĚ for their power to control people and manipulate situations in their favor. While this may have led them to achieve the title of ‚Äúwitch,‚ÄĚ these characteristics are also apparent in many politicians.

The sheep of the commons were subject to stealing. During the War of 1812, British sailors would see them as prizes of war and steal them from their owners in Dogtown.

I’d be curious to know if anyone has found them all, or how many people have been able to find.¬† I have only found a few of them – the boulders are much easier to find than the cellar holes.

E.J. Lefavour

Wednesday, March 20 at 7:02AM Vernal Equinox

Spring will arrive at 7:02 AM on Wednesday morning shortly after sunrise at 6:45 AM. Start practicing standing raw eggs on their end. Rubber Duck is a master.


It won’t be long until we dip our duck feet in the water.

duckfeetRight now it is a bit too soon. The A01 buoy off Gloucester Harbor is recording 40 F from the surface detector all the way down to 50 meters. in the next month or so that 50 meter detector will still be at 40 F but the surface will creep up to 50F and beyond. 50 F is where I draw the line for flipping my kayak. Arms and legs still function for an hour at 50 F but colder than that and paddle is just too hard to grasp. So when the air temp gets really mild make sure your personal flotation device is up to snuff and stick close to shore. Better yet, wait a few more weeks until that A01 buoy reads 50F.

ps. Seasonal Openings 2013 Part I will be posted on the first day of spring. Our first seasonal opening is March 31st. Can you guess?

Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Party Time

Congratulations to Champions Blinded by the White, Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Winners, second year in a row!

With an extended Harlem Shake at 4 minutes.

Good Morning Gloucester/Farm Bar and Grille Bikini Speedo Dodgeball 2013 to Benefit Next Step

Ed Collard’s House Doctors Blinded by the White Team Members: Jon Vizena, Matt Sawyer, Austin Souza, Shannon McCarthy, and Erica Mitchell

We’re Loco for Willie over the next 2 weeks with 50 Years of Rock n Roll History

Willie "Loco" Alexander at his 70th Birthday Bash
Photo by: Anne Rearick.

You may know that award-winning local filmmaker Henry Ferrini shot Willie¬†“Loco” Alexander’s 70th birthday bash at Somerville’s Davis Square Theater back in January. ¬†Well now he’s edited all that footage down to a one-hour show that will air on Cape Ann TV next week on Tuesday, March 26 at 9pm and Friday, March 30 at 9pm. ¬†And, at Henry’s request, after his special, Cape Ann TV will air the Local Music Seen with Allen Estes show with Willie as guest. ¬†Needless to say Allen, Vickie and I we are honored at Vincent’s request. ¬†To get you psyched for the next week’s special Ferrini cablecast, we’re airing Willie’s Local Music Seen show this week Wednesday at 6:30pm, Friday at 1:30pm and Sunday at 6pm.

Willie "Loco" Alexander at his 70th Birthday Bash
photo Paul Cary Goldberg

Check out Henry’s official press release, below, with details on all the famous people who attended from Governor Patrick to Peter Wolf to locals Dave Sag, the Razdan’s and John Hardy (of Alexandra’s bread).

50 Years of Rock and Roll History
On January 12, 2013 at the Davis Square Theater in Somerville, ¬†Gloucester resident, Willie “Loco” Alexander celebrated his 70th birthday. ¬†Unbeknownst to the “god-father of punk,” ¬†his wife Ann Rearick had put together a small army of musicians to help Willie celebrate his special day. ¬†The theater was filled with 17 to 70 year old rockers from Cape Ann to London all pumped ¬†to get on stage and perform from Willie’s prolific song book.¬†¬†Writers Ted Widmer, ¬†Amanda Cook and Jim Dunn provided some personal history of the School Street resident. Even Governor Patrick ¬†chimed in with a birthday greeting.
Bands and players included: ¬†Dave Saginario, Roger Miller, The Boom Boom Band, The Bags (with Jon Hardy on Bass and vocals), Birdsongs of the Mesozoic with Boby Bear, Peter Wolf, Roger Miller,¬†Andrea Gillis,¬†the Nervous Eaters, Mike Tucker, Mission of Burma, Barrence Whitfield, Persistence of Memory Orchestra, ¬†w/ Ken Field and Marc Chenevert, ¬†Manzie, Dennis Brennen, Randy Black, Ed “Moose” Savage, ¬†Frank Rowe, ¬†John Roy, and Jon Macie, ¬†Reddy Teddy, The Darlings, ¬†The A-Train Orchestra with Alek and Rikki Razdan, ¬†David “Doc” Vincent , Dan Whalen and Ken Demaine, John Powhida and David Minahan & the neighborhoods.
The extravaganza was produced, shot and edited ¬†by Henry Ferrini as a part of the Gloucester Writers Center video archive. Ferrini¬†¬†said, ¬†“This is the kind of event that usually happens when you’re dead, Willie deserves it while he’s still kicking. ¬†Didn’t I hear he was going to be Gloucester’s next poet Laureate.”
The hour long show will be cablecast on Cape Ann TV.

Open Chef’s Table – Sunday, March 24 At Savour

Open Chef’s Table – Sunday, March 24

(The last table sold out within 24 hours)!

Dear Joey,

Please join us for Beach Gourmet’s

Open Chef’s Table

(You can sign up for one place or all 12)


Hors d’oeuvres

Cheddar and Gruyere Shortbread
Sausage Stuffed Mushroom Cap

(Tasting at Wine Machines)

Wine: Marc Hebrart Premier Cru

Blanc de Blanc Champagne
New England Crab Cake with Spring Greens Julienne Vegetables and House Dressing

Wine: Hirsch Heligenstein Gruner Veltliner

Kammern/ Kamptal
Grilled Lamb Chop with Oven Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Pan-Fried Red Bliss Potato and Jus

Wine: Prado Enea Gran Reserva

2005 Muga Rioja


Grand Marnier Bavarian Cream Tart

Wine: Tre Monti Casa Lola

Albana di Romana Passito

Contact Kathleen here to sign up for Chef’s Table

Chef's table

Visit Beach Gourmet and Savour Wine and Cheese at 76 Prospect St.

Lanesville community Center Annual Meeting and Community Potluck


The Lanesville Community Center will host its annual open meeting on Sunday, April 7, from 4-6 PM, at 8 Vulcan Street, Lanesville. Come and hear the report from the board of directors to the community about what’s been happening over the past year. Offer your suggestions. Bring a dish to share. The Lanesville Community Center is fully accessible with plenty of parking.

St Joseph’s Trolley Tonight 4PM At Fitz H Lane Parking Lt

Sefathia writes-

We had so much fun last year young and old everyone is welcomed come visit the St. Joseph altars we will go by Trolley to 10 homes..see and feel the Sicilian tradition captioned only in Gloucester no other town goes to house to house, the children think it’s Italian Halloween..Monday 3/18 at 4 pm we meet at Fitz H Lane parking lot Trolley will leave at 4’s free..


Shewsberry Delivers The Latest Greatest Version of The GMG Sticka!

Huge thanks to Shewsberry and Frank Ciolino who produce these for us and to Beth Swan who created our official logo!

You voted for the hot pink wing and Shewsberry delivered!!!

Girlfriend Julie Does Honors of the Unboxing

If you would like the latest version of the Sticka for free send a self stamped and addressed envelope and I’ll mail one out to you.

Joey C C/O Captain Joe and Sons

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