Civil War Monument at Mount Pleasant Cemetery From Peter Dorsey


While researching the Civil War statue that is next to City Hall c.1879, I discovered that there was an earlier Civil War monument that had been erected by the City. So I went to find it, and check it out, and then photograph it early one evening in advance of an on-coming snowstorm. Its unlikely that many people even know that it is there; as it looks just like another, if larger, granite Greek Revival memorial in the middle of the cemetery, and not otherwise set apart. The granite obelisk was carved and erected in 1867 in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery which had a, “…symmetrically modeled shaft, 20 feet height, and stands in the center of the grounds. It was dedicated on May 27, 1868.” (History of Gloucester, James R. Pringle – 1892).

Like a few of the Civil War statues I have seen in Gloucester, there were lots of beach stone or cobble stones set around the base; perhaps signifying the many who perished.

Peter Dorsey

Gloucester High School sophomore, Jennifer Palazola won Best of School for her piece “Embedded by Nature” at the 6th Congressional District High School Art Competition

Gloucester High School sophomore, Jennifer Palazola, daughter of Maryjo Lamphier, won Best of School for her piece “Embedded by Nature” at the 6th Congressional District High School Art Competition. The awards were presented Saturday, March 9, by U.S. Representative John F. Tierney at Montserrat College of Art’s 301 Gallery, 301 Cabot Street, Beverly and were hosted by Montserrat President Stephen D. Immerman.

Palazola’s teacher at Gloucester HS is Lorrinda Cerrutti, who submitted her pieces to the competition, along with junior Rosie Margetson’s, daughter of Annie Margetson.



logo-squareJuly 20  August 17  September 21
(Subject to City Approval)

Mark your calendars and fit us in your schedule!


Organization, Publicity: Valerie Marcley

Artistic Director (Talent): Will Hunt

Restaurant Liaison:    Mark McDonough

Merchant Liaison:       Lucinda Seigel

Sponsor Information:  Judith Brackley

Doorways of Annisquam

doorway to annisquam

Did you know that a red door signifies welcome and a vibrant place, full of life, energy, and excitement?  A green door is said to represent balance, peace, compassion, tranquility, and harmony.  A door is painted blue to suggest a feeling of abundance and prosperity.  A black front door projects strength, sophistication, power, and authority, indicating to all who enter and passersby that the home is a serious place inhabited by a person of substance. 

Bob at Dogtown Book Shop on Main Street is now carrying a selection of my photo montage cards, including this one, so if you are downtown and looking for a unique Gloucestercentric card, stop by and see Bob at Dogtown Books.

E.J. Lefavour

The Sistine Seagull


The beautiful symbolism of the Sistine Seagulls perched atop the smoke stack shortly before the white smoke billowed from the smokestack, announcing the cardinals had elected the new pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio. He takes the name Pope Francis in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi, patron saint of Italy, the poor, and of birds and animals.



Sistine Seagulls

Images Courtesy Google Image Search


Bach, Mozart, Hendrix, Prince & Elvis – all by one virtuoso guitarist on Sunday @ Shalin Liu

Benjamin Verdery does it all.  When Karen Herlitz from Rockport Music sent me the program for Sunday’s concert with Ben Verdery, I said, Really?  Bach & Hendrix in the same concert?  Mozart & Prince?  Elivs? Actually he’ll play Don’t Be Cruel
written by Otis Blackwell, who also wrote Elvis hits All Shook Up & Return to Sender, along with Great Balls of Fire & Breathless for Jerry Lee Lewis.  But it’s Fever, which he co-wrote with Eddie Cooley, that makes Otis Blackwell one of my favorite songwriters.  You can listen to Ella Fitzgerald sing Fever here (my favorite version for a lot of reasons) … But I digress …

How can anybody play such a diverse repertoire in a single concert without losing the audience in a swirl of confusion.  Well, just listen to this:

Now don’t you want to hear what he does with Bach, Mozart, Prince and Otis Blackwell?  Well you can on Sunday in one of the most acoustically perfect places on Earth.  Aren’t you glad you live nearby? There are still good seats left.  Get them here.

Just for fun, here’s Hendrix’s version of the song live in 1970.

Inspired?  Now check out this weekend’s spectacular live music schedule with 35 live shows on Cape Ann starting tonight.

KBMG ♪♫♪ Dog Bar Cape Ann ♪♫♪ Friday night 3.15.2013

KBMGDan King is back in town and KBMG is going to rock your world at the Dog Bar this Friday night. Master musicians under one roof and offering up a great variety of songs. Ones that you will be able to sing  along to and dance to as well.


9:00pm  to 12:00pm



65 Main St Gloucester, MA 01930


Lost Dog At Dogtown

I was wondering if GMG could post a note about my lost dog. Venus was lost at the Dogtown entrance near Cherry St. on March 6th. She is an 11yr old female Alaskan Husky, weighing 40lbs, and wearing a solid blue collar. She has a black overcoat, and tan undercoat, with tan legs and some white on her chest.  She is shy and will avoid other dogs and people if possible. She probably won’t come if called, but is food driven and may be coaxed by treats. Attached is a full body picture.

Thank you, Dan.

Dan at 978-290-0769.

“Olivia’s by the Sea” is under new management, renovated, and almost ready to roll

“Olivia’s by the Sea”, formerly “Amelia’s” (near Good Harbor Beach), is under new management! It has been taken over by the same people who run the new Cape Ann Diner in Brown’s Mall.  It has been renovated, and work will continue until the summer.  The new layout includes an informal, tray-serving-style dining area, designed to be comfortable for beach-goers:

and a smaller, more formal area where there will be waiter service and a more comprehensive menu.

Outside, the plan is to have an ice cream window on one side of the outdoor eating area.  In short, something for everyone!

On Wednesday, the restaurant opened for a breakfast test run “on the house” so that a small number of people could try the food and meet the staff. I was invited, so I showed up for a late breakfast.  The menu has a wide selection of scrumptious sounding breakfast food, with reasonable prices (although not as inexpensive as the Cape Ann Diner, which is to be expected for the location and style). I opted for a scrambled egg with bacon, home fries, and beans, with a mug of decaf coffee.

It was delicious!  And the owner, Ron, and the greeters and servers were friendly and cheerful.

They will be opening fully for business sometime next month.  I look forward to it!

Fr. Matthew Green


Best Money You Can Spend To Get Out On Gloucester Harbor–International Dory 2013 Sign Ups Are Here

From The International Dory  Racing Committee-image003

A new year is upon us and Spring is right around the corner.  What a great opportunity to pitch in, and be a part of “living history” with the Gloucester International Dory Racing Committee.  Recreational rowers, competitive rowers, and fans of dory racing can make a difference this year with memberships and volunteer work that benefit the entire community of Cape Ann .  Attached are your membership forms and schedule of events for 2013.  Please send us your forms right away and save the Committee the price of a stamp!  Mailers will be going out in a couple weeks so act now and we will see you on the water.



For more info-

Community Stuff 3/14/13

Hi Joey.   I don’t know whether or not this might be of interest to your readers, but today I posted several images (Kodachrome slides, 1954) of Japanese fishing boats in reference to comments my mother made regarding the “Bikini Incident”.  On March 1, 1954 the US detonated a nuclear weapon (Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands) creating dangerous radioactive fall-out and impacting the fishing industry.  If interested, here is the link:
We’ll see you all in May and looking forward to a Mug-up!  Ann

Rockport Senior Center Goings On-

Specialized Telephone Equipment Presentation at the Rockport Senior Center on March 20th at 10AM. If you are having trouble hearing on the telephone with Captioned Telephone you can see word for word what is said.  RSVP to Diane 978-546-2573.

Antique Appraisal at the Rockport Senior Center on Thursday March 21st from 10:30 – 12:00.  Free verbal appraisal on one item. RSVP to Diane 978-546-2573

Traveling Chef will be at the Rockport Senior Center on Friday, March 29th and will be serving Ice Cream Sundaes with a choice of vanilla or chocolate ice cream, hot Fudge, strawberry Sauce, Whipped Topping, Sprinkles, Crushed Oreos & Cherries. $3.00 11:30AM (after lunch) call Freda 978-546-5027.

Mohegan Sun Trip on April 24th we will leave from the Rockport Depot at 7:00 AM and we will depart from the Casino at 4:30PM. Cost is $25.00 and includes transportation, a $15.00 bet and a $15.00 food voucher.  Call Diane or Paula at the Rockport Senior Center 978-546-2573.

Empty Bowl Painting We will be having another bowl painting at the Rockport Senior Center on Wednesday, April 9th from 3-5 PM. Everyone is welcome to attend. We do need a head count so they know how many bowls to bring. Please call 978-546-2573 for resevations.

The Rockport Senior Center will be having beginner Digital Camera & Intermediate Digital Camera Classes, Intro to Face Book and intro to Tablets, IPad, Kindle & eReaders.  Classes are taught by Colleen McGrath. Call for dates and information, call 978-546-2573

Memory Loss: What’s Normal, What’s Not  Free seminar on April 9th at 1:00 at the Rockport Senior Center. RSVP 978-546-2573. This program is sponsored by Spectrum Adult Day Care and Addison Gilbert Hospital.

Diabetes Screening On April 11 from 1-3PM. Pre-registration is required.  Call Diane at 978-546-2573.  This screening is sponsored by Addison Gilbert Hospital.

Maritime Gloucester Goings On-

March 21st: “Sustainable Seafood Choices”

with: Allison McHale, NOAA Fish Watch; and Heather Tausig, New England Aquarium’s Ocean Friendly Seafood Program

Sustainable seafood purchases are easier to make, thanks to these two consumer-oriented programs. A must for anyone who cares about our oceans’ renewable resources and wants to know more about sustainable seafood guides.

March 28th: “Fish, Fraud, and Forensics” (rescheduled from March 7th)

with: Beth Daley, Boston Globe; Ross Lane and Dan D’Ambruoso, Special Agents with NOAA Office of Law Enforcement; and a representative from the seafood industry.

The lead reporter on the Globe’s seafood fraud investigative team, NOAA inspection/enforcement agents, and an industry member will describe this emerging concern and what measures are being taken to address it. 

All events are free and open to the public. We expect a strong turnout for these seafood programs.  Seating is limited, so please arrive early.

When:   Thursdays in March, 7:00 pm

Where:  Gorton’s Gallery

             Maritime Gloucester

              23 Harbor Loop, Gloucester

Maritime Gloucester, 23 Harbor Loop

Website Facebook Twitter

When: Wednesday, March 20th at 7:30 PM

What: Author of the sound-imaging poem Vaast Bin (Calamari Press), Michael Peters, will read at the Gloucester Writers Center.

Who: Michael Peters’ text and digital-based work has appeared in journals such as Bright Pink Mosquito, unarmed, SleepingFish, BathHouse Hypermedia Journal, and Hyperrhiz.  New work is forthcoming in Polis, PEEP/SHOW, and Drunken Boat.  His visual-poetic manifestations are in avant-garde libraries, special collections, and appear in galleries, journals, and anthologies –The Last Vispo Anthology: 1998-2008 is the latest.  His published work includes an essay on Charles Olson and a transcription of Sun Ra’s 1971 lecture for Nathaniel Mackey’s Hambone.  Peters cut his sound imaging teeth in the rock group Poem Rocket.  He continues to explore sound-imaging in solo performances, installations, and in improvisational collaborations.  Currently, he is working on a book about sound environment programming – a close study of the work of Charles Olson, John Cage, Sun Ra, and Jackson Mac Low in the post-1945 moment.


The Gloucester Writers Center is located in the late poet Vincent Ferrini’s historic home, at the Gloucester Writers Center at 126 East Main Street, East Gloucester, MA (please park across the street).  The Center was founded to celebrate, preserve, and promote Gloucester’s rich literary legacy and to create space in the community for the voices of people of all ages and backgrounds to be heard through writing, dialogue, and the artistic process.  Find out more about the Gloucester Writers Center at

Hey Joe,

Could you post this for my Relay for Life team “Friends for Friends”

Hoping it’s not too late to get it in there.

Much appreciated..

Brenda Davis



Just a reminder to sign up for the St. Patrick’s Day dinner, hosted at Savour Wine and Cheese, and expertly cooked by Chef Matt Beach.  We have 23 people currently signed up, but have room for 17 more.  It will be friendly and informal, with everyone sitting at community tables.  Come alone, in couples, or in groups.  Everyone is welcome!  We will need our final count by Thursday, March 14.  Justemail Kathleen to sign up!

St. Patrick’s Day Dinner

Sunday, March 17

5:30 – 6:00 – appetizers and snacks

6:00 – 8:00 p.m. – dinner

We plan to have a great St. Patrick’s Day meal for about 40 people. So come celebrate with us! From colcanon to corned beef, with beer tasting and wine, we will all have a good Irish party! 


Cheddar and Stout Fondue

Irish Soda Bread

Corned Beef and Cabbage


Dark Chocolate Cake with Irish Cream Mousse

Chocolate Stout Pot de Creme

Metropolis Xeno Decaf Coffee (best tasting decaf I’ve had)!

Wine machines will be open for tasting before dinner. We recommend the Sommerach trochen (dry) Silvaner, and the Jostock Mosel Riesling to accompany your corned beef.  We are also tasting out Julian Hard Cider, the favored drink of the American colonists, and two beers:Clown Shoes Genghis Pecan Pie Porter and Berkshire Brewing Co. Russian Imperial Stout

Dinner, with appetizer, dessert, coffee, and beer, hard cider or wine is only $25.00 per person (excluding MA meal tax and 18% gratuity)

Plan to join us at 5:30, have a great meal and go out and listen to some great music around Cape Ann, after dinner.

What’s New At The MAC? New Youth Basketball Program!


We are AST American Sports Training Academy on the North Shore, and we’d like to introduce
you to our new co-ed basketball skills & drills clinic program, AST Hoop-FUNdamentals for
boys and girls age 7-17.
We are launching our program mid-March at The Manchester Athletic Club (MAC) in
Manchester, MA (just off Exit 15, Rte.128N.)
Why should local Cape Ann players and their parents be interested in investing in skills & drills
classes this off-season, with spring sports just starting up?
We believe it makes perfect sense for kids who love the game, to keep in basketball shape and
continue to improve their all-important fundamental skills so they can develop to a higher
level…in preparation for next season.
We also believe younger kids, new to the sport of basketball, should learn the right way,
the first time and as for more advanced players, they only get better practicing the fundamentals.
A focused, fun, instructional program…our program…for one class per week will make the
measurable difference.
Our team at AST American Sports Training is staffed by experienced, energetic professional school teacher/coaches
and you can learn more “About Us” on our website
Also, of note, is the discounted price we give to each member of an established team if 2 or
more team members enroll and multiple siblings get an even deeper family discount rate.
p.s. We are proud our clinicians are exceptional people with experience teaching school and
coaching children and adolescents.

I have attached a PDF that nets out our Spring clinic and we will be very grateful if you can include it on GMG.
Any additional information you may need, please let me know.
Thanks, and I am signing us up for GMG. It is excellent….

Jim & Rita Dziadosz

AST American Sports Training Academy

AST FUNdamentals Basketball Skills & Drills Clinics/Camps/Individual Training