Pigeons and Gulls From Charlie Carroll

Pigeons and Gulls… and a smattering of other stuff…

Am still going after Birds in flight… Pigeons are still a tough subject in the Air…


We’re into March next week and I can start to look for some color.



Schooner Ernestina 119 years old!

Len Burgess forwards the link-

Now 119 years old, the SCHOONER ERNESTINA (formely EFFIE M. MORRISSEY) was Essex-built in the Winter of 1893-94 and launch on Feb. 1, 1894. Designed by George Melville McClain and built at the James & Tarr, Essex, MA. the builder was Willard Burnham.
Be sure to read the link below to her great history as a…Grand Banks fishing schooner…Extensive Arctic exploration…U.S. military survey and supply…Cape Verdean packet trader, and now a National Historical Landmark of the New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park, official sailing vessel of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Under SEMA (Schooner Ernestina-Morrissey Association) Ernestina is being restored and will be operated as an educational enterprise. Other agencies and organizations committed to her stewardship are DCR, the Ernestina Commission and the National Park Service. History: http://www.ernestina.org/about/about-ernestina/history/


Fish on Fridays

The Fish on Fridays series is a collaboration between Gloucester photographers Kathy Chapman and Marty Luster. Look for various aspects of Gloucester’s centuries-old fishing industry highlighted here on Fridays.

This week we’re thinking about China. Kathy is working with Philips Auction House opening on the Back Shore next week (http:www.philipsauctionhouse.com). She came across these wonderful pictures of fishing boats from a personal vacation album dating from 1910-1920 China.





A little closer to home, Marty visited Horizon Chinese Restaurant, 4 Rogers St., Gloucester, and watched Chef James prepare mouth watering stir fried shrimp in garlic sauce and lobster in spicy chili sauce.  All seafood is fresh off the boat in Gloucester Harbor.

KCedit1423 copy
KCedit1437 Photos © Kathy Chapman 2013
www.kathychapman.com and
© Marty Luster 2013

Did You Know? (Mother Ann Rock)

mother ann

I had always wondered where Mother Ann rock was located and looked for her whenever I walked along the backshore, assuming that was where it was.  While photographing the waves crashing over the breakwater and on the rocks behind Eastern Point Light the other day, I took this shot.  It wasn’t until I was viewing the photos on my computer that I saw her, since I was more focused on the waves than the rocks. 

Mother Ann is a rock formation located near the Eastern Point Lighthouse in Gloucester, Massachusetts. When viewed at the correct angle, the formation appears to be the silhouette of a reclining Puritan woman. It is also believed locally that the formation represents the royal mother of King Charles I, Anne of Denmark, after whom Cape Ann is named.

The formation may have been named by Captain William Thompson of Salem in 1891, and has since been compared to New Hampshire’s Old Man in the Mountain.[3] A nearby whistling buoy is known as “Mother Ann’s Cow”.

The Mother Ann formation inspired several local writers, including Providence author H.P. Lovecraft and poet Clarence Manning Falt. Lovecraft may have used the Mother Ann formation as the basis for the setting of his short story The Strange High House in the Mist.

From Wikipedia

E.J. Lefavour

Nights on the Neck – Call for Performers and Sponsors

NOTN call for performers


I saw snowdrops blooming this morning, which means the 2013 Nights on the Neck season will be upon us before we know it, and scheduling is starting now.  Any local musicians, writers or other performers who are interested in being a part of this great summer offering by the Rocky Neck Art Colony, please email me at khanstudio@comcast.net. 

Nights on the Neck is brought to you by the Rocky Neck Art Colony www.rockyneckartcolony.org, a 501(c)3 non-profit arts organization located within the Massachusetts Cultural Council’s designated Gloucester’s Rocky Neck Cultural District, and by the generous support of sponsors.  Nights on the Neck is a free event, open to everyone and appropriate for all ages.  We are looking for businesses or individuals who would like to be a sponsor of Nights on the Neck.  Sponsors will be listed on all promotional materials and schedules for the 2013 Nights on the Neck season — a great way to show your support for the arts and let others know you support this wonderful free cultural event for the community and visitors to Gloucester.  Sponsors of $100 or more are being sought to help pay performers.  If you would like to be a sponsor of Nights on the Neck, please email me at khanstudio@comcast.net.   Thanks, and look forward to seeing you on Rocky Neck this season.

E.J. Lefavour

Snapshots from Brooklyn and NYC

Snapshots from visit with my darling daughter LivWillialmsburg Bridge Liv Hauck ©Kim Smith 2013

We walked and took the L everywhere and Liv showed me some of her favorite spots in Williamsburg and surrounding neighborhoods.

184 Kent Ave Brooklyn ©Kim Smith 2013 copy

184 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn–gorgeous waterfront residential building and one of the few adaptions of Egyptian Revival Style to modern commercialism in the United States.

Guggenheim ©Kim Smith 2013 copy

We saw the fabulously fun and playful Gutai group at the Guggenheim, which is an exhibit about the Japanese avant-garde Postwar artistic movement led by Jiro Yoshihara.

Atsuko Tanaka Electric Dress©Liv Hauck

Liv snuck this photo of Atsuko Tanaka’s famous Electric Dress at the Guggenheim (read more about the Electric Dress at the bottom of this post).

Juliette Restaurant Brooklyn ©Kim Smith 2013

Juliette Restaurant Williamsburg

Liv’s record producer friend always recommends the best restuarants. Next door to the utterly charming Juliette Restaurant is the hipster restaurant “egg,” and with an hour long wait for brunch, we decided  to take Dave’s advice and go with Juliette. We were more than delighted–French cooking at its most delicious, from Brittany owner Thierry Rochard. I’d love to go there on a warm spring night and enjoy starlight dining on their roof garden.

Juliette Restaurant Brooklyn -1©Kim Smith 2013

Dutch Pancake with lemon zest, blueberries, and creme fraiche

Jeff at Juliette Restaurant Brooklyn -2 ©Kim Smith 2013

Jeff, the manager, at Juliette Restaurant

I’ll post a few more photos over the weekend

Atsuko Tanaka Electric Dress

Atsuko Tanaka wearing her Electric Dress

To Read More About Atsuko Tanaka Electric Dress

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Distracted driving – another good reason to bank locally

Paula Novo – Customer Service Supervisor
with my retrieved ATM card @ BankGloucester

Last night after a long day of trying to get some code to work followed by a couple of meetings, I stop by the BankGloucester drive up ATM on Main St. to make a deposit.  I’m on the phone.  The radio’s on.  I grab a deposit envelope, rummage through my pockets to find my glasses, flick on the ceiling light, glance at the amount, stuff the check and deposit slip into the envelope, lift up my butt so I can get my wallet out of my pants, find my ATM card, stick it in the slot, type in my PIN and I’m ready to make the deposit.

OK, that’s done.  Off I go.  Oops.  At the Liquor Locker, I notice my ATM card isn’t in my wallet.  So I race back to the ATM and the friendly little light is flashing above the card slot waiting for my card.

The Bank’s already closed, so I call Vickie and she calls the 800 number on the back of her card to report the problem.  Did somebody take my card?  Could anybody guess my pin?  Not that there’s much money to steal,  but it’s the end of the month.  We’ve got bills to pay. Arrrgggg, this I don’t need tonight!

Well, this morning I get a call from Brittany at BankGloucester telling me that they have my card.  We don’t have to cancel it.  All I have to do is come into the bank, ask for customer service and pick it up.  WOW!  When I get there, I ask Paula Novo (pictured above) if they’ve taken the hold off my card so I can use it.  She says yes, but suggests I test it in the ATM just to make sure.  Another very smart move.  It works.

This has got to be the best service I’ve ever gotten from any bank anywhere, period!  My guess is that there are lots of people at BankGloucester who contributed to making my day today.  Somebody thought to have the ATM swallow cards that aren’t retrieved after a transaction.  Then somebody had to check the machine for swallowed cards, look up my number, call me, verify that it was me when I got to the bank, remove the hold, cancel the lost card ticket, etc., etc., etc.  THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!

I have only one suggestion for BankGloucester.  Instead of just beeping when somebody is about to leave a card in an ATM, why don’t you have the ATM shout, “HEY STUPID” as loud as possible.  I always stop and look around when I hear that . . .

Now, all you people who are going out to hear live music tonight (nine shows all over Cape Ann — see schedule here), remember that it’s just as important not to be distracted when you’re at the bank as it is when you’re driving.  But more importantly, if you’re constantly multitasking and you think you might forget your card some day, bank locally.

Not Without Heart and Soul

Click photo for more views

The GHS Girls Basketball team season came to an end with loss to Danvers in the 1st round of the playoff’s.  These young ladies play the entire season with their HEARTS & SOULS.

What Is This Some Kind of Foreplay I Haven’t Heard About Yet?

What kind of sadistic broad goes and whacks her mate to wake him up? 

I don’t even want to know what happens thirty seconds after the guy gains consciousness.   Like if you gotta resort to the whole whacking your mate in the face trick to get them aroused, you may as well give up sex, no?

Who does this?

Community Photos 3/1/13

Phyllis A From Bill Cox

Thanks again for all your support! Thought I’d send something in for the blog besides another fundraiser flyer and took some photos this past Saturday while we were doing some work.  I haven’t sent pictures in to you before so if there is something else you need me to do, just let me know!

I think I would title it: Even in the dead of winter, there is work being done on the Phyllis A.

Thanks and have a good one!