Craig Kimberley Storm Photos March 8th 2013

Craig Kimberley’s Back Yard-

photo (4)

Craig’s Front Porch (Click Photo For Larger View)

photo (5)

Craig writes-

Oops, I was doggie sitting, and I must have forgotten Bootsie a bit too long!

photo (6)

Don’t leave your animals out in the cold!

photo (8)

The Gloucester Committee for the Arts announces $13,200 in new private donation!

Catherine Ryan submits-

Hi Joey

The Gloucester Committee for the Arts announces $13,200 in new private donation!

This jumbo gift enables the current conservation work on six of the Charles Allen Winter New Deal murals in City Hall to be completed without interruption. We would have still pressed on but there may have been an interruption (scaffolding down and then set back up again months later) as we continued to raise funds.  While the donors of the $13,200 contribution wish to remain anonymous, the funds were provided to the Committee through the Belinda Foundation at the Boston Foundation


Committee member Roger Armstrong, the owner of the State of the Art Gallery on Rocky Neck and the State of the Art Gallery II located downtown on Pleasant Street , secured this immediate funding gift.   Armstrong stated, “We are so very fortunate to be the beneficiaries of generous Gloucester citizens who share our appreciation for these art treasures in City Hall.”

And it’s also thanks in no small measure to the recent local media coverage –from GMG, Cape Ann Beacon and the GDT –of the current restoration of City Hall murals! The Committee is extremely grateful for this support of the conservation work and the recognition of the significance of the City’s collection of WPA-era murals.

If you would like to join the effort to care for the irreplaceable City art including these historic murals and the work of the CFTA, contributions in support of our City Art can be mailed to:

The Gloucester Fund

45 Middle Street

Gloucester, MA    01930

Be sure to put “Committee for the Arts” on the memo line of the check.


Who:        Trainers Scott Williams & Jess Ritchie

Where:    Rockport Community House, 58 Broadway, Rockport, MA 01966

When:    March 18 – April 15, 2013
        6:00 pm class:    Puppy pre-school    (4 week session)
        7:00 pm class:    Obedience class    (5 week session)
        8:00 pm class:    Tricks            (5 week session)

Cost:        $25 per class ($100 per 4 week sessions; $125 per 5 week sessions)
(*** Puppy pre-school classes are FREE for SeaPort Vet clients***)

Contact:    Scott Williams, 866-957-DOGS (3647)

From Oprah to Rockport, nationally acclaimed trainers Scott Williams and Jess Ritchie are offering a Monday evening series starting March 18th at the Rockport Community House!
Call Scott Williams to register; space is limited.
For more info, see and


Lots of early shows tomorrow (SUNDAY) will seem even earlier

OK, you’re setting your clocks ahead before you go to bed tonight, so that means everything that happens tomorrow will seem earlier.  That’s because it will be earlier even though our clocks will tell us differently.  Honestly, I don’t much like this business of changing time twice a year.  And setting clocks ahead seems to be much more difficult than setting them back.  It’s not because we supposedly lose an hour of sleep.  It’s because it feels funny.  In fact, early studies on circadian rhythms showed that when people could control their own light and were not exposed to any time cues, they gravitated toward almost a 25 hour day (sometimes referred to as a “lunar day”) — essentially synchronizing their inner “body clocks” with the tides.  (It takes the Earth 24 hours 50 minutes to rotate to the same position relative to the moon.)

Anyhow the point is that if you’re gonna feel weird, you might as well take advantage of the fact that good music starts at 11 AM tomorrow (it’ll feel like 10).  Then there’s music starting at 5:00, 5:30, 6:00, 6:30 and 8, when you can catch Marina Evans at Rhumb Line (good for those of you who were bummed because The Grove cancelled her last night).  Check the full live music schedule here.

GHS Track Banquet

Hi Joey
I was hoping that you might have room for a few items from the GHS Indoor Track Award Banquet last night.
As you know and wrote about them this season – they were very successful.
Coach Destino and Coach Brancaleone led the boys, with several going on to the State meet and Bianca running the Nationals in NYC.

Jo-Anne Crawford
This is a photo of Coach Destino presenting the Stephen Ross award to Sophomore – Everest Crawford


Stephen Ross Award to Everest Crawford


Rocky Neck Art Colony New Artists Show

On Sunday, March 3, I attended the Rocky Neck Art Colony “New Members Show – Meet The Artists Reception” at the The Cultural Center At Rocky Neck.

As usual, the selection of art was intriguing and beautiful – well worth the visit! The show runs until March 18, so you still have time if you haven’t seen it yet.

I set about trying to get photos of each one of the artists with one of works. Here are a few samples.

Otto Laske:


Nadine Boughton:


Peter Reis:

To see the photos, click below:


I only missed Thomas Martin, Rosella Park Sagall, and Deb Schradieck, who were not there while I was taking photos. 

Fr. Matthew Green

Benefit for Jodi Swenson (CAWBR) March 13th

A bunch of us have organized a benefit for Jodi Swenson (CAWBR) next week. It’s at Giuseppe’s on Wednesday night, their usual benefit evening.
I don’t know if you know, but we have been working hard for about two months getting her incorporated as a non-profit (done! she’s now incorporated as Cape Ann Wildlife (CAW)) and getting her 501(c)3 status from the IRS (pending). We’re trying to help her boost her fundraising potential — and it seems to be working!
We were hoping you might want to promote this on GMG. Or maybe even come by on Wednesday and take some pics!
You can find the Facebook page for the event here:


Family Fun at Addison Gilbert Hospital!

Family Fun at Addison Gilbert Hospital!

Family fun was enjoyed at Addison Gilbert Hospital when employees and their family members painted bowls for The Open Door at Addison Gilbert Hospital on March 4.

Family Fun at Addison Gilbert Hospital 001

Helping to paint bowls were

(back row) sisters – L-R   Ali and Kenzie George


cousins – L-R  Adam Madruga, Rachel Ketchopulos and Brett Moore

with good friend Lauren O’Connor

The children and their families are looking forward to attending the Empty Bowl Dinner, a fund-raiser for The Open Door on

Thursday, May 9 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Cruiseport Gloucester, 6 Rowe Square, Gloucester.   Those attending the dinner will be able to select a bowl and enjoy a meal.   Tickets are $15. and available at the door ($10. for children under ten). 

Beautiful bowls, food and prizes!  Don’t miss this fun event that will benefit The Open Door.

Why it Sucks to be a Weatherman in New England

Why it Sucks to be a Weatherman in New England

Mike Wankum explains why Massachusetts received so much snowfall

March storm dropped 2 feet of snow in some areas

Published  3:08 AM EST Mar 09, 2013

BOSTON —Everyone is asking, “where did all this snow come from?”

It was a fascinating set up in our atmosphere. Something we rarely see and no doubt will be study by meteorology students for years to come.

Low pressure over the Midwest traveled east ward and threatened Washington D.C. with a rare March snowstorm. With marginal temperatures it turned into a mainly rain event for our nation’s capital. As the low pressure system moved way off shore it appeared to be heading to far out to sea to have a significant impact on New England. To get major amounts of snow we usually look for low pressure to track just south of Nantucket. In this case the low pressure area was tracking nearly 500-miles out to sea.

At the same time an upper air low pressure area was plunging through the Great Lakes. It traveled near the Mid-Atlantic region and instead of joining up with the powerful ocean storm or following behind it, it set up in just the right location to help channel unbelievable amounts of moisture toward us. And this wasn’t just surface moisture this was deep Atlantic moisture through all levels of the atmosphere. We’ve seen this in tropical systems but I cannot remember seeing it in a northern latitude Ocean storm. These two systems working together set up a conveyor belt of moisture aimed straight at us.

The only thing missing was the cold air.

Most of Thursday it was rain or mix with little accumulation. It was just too mild. However as the sunset temperatures cooled a bit. As the heavy moisture fell, it forced cold air aloft all the way to the ground. As long at the snow fell hard it would stay all snow. If it had let up even a little, the snow would have turned to rain.

So there you have it. Just the right temperatures and unbelievable amounts of moisture.

bla bla bla bla bla bla blashit!

Read more:



I have a few different setups. One for Oil paint one for Acrylics and one for Watercolor.

So here is my Watercolor set up. It’s so easy to carry around. Other than the box all you need is a napkin or two. Island Art and Hobby down on Main st. carry a similar setup ask for the special water brush. Contact with your photos and info if you use this type of painting kit and i’ll post it and give you a free plug here on this Rag. :)

OK Here’s my Car set up. It’s a Sakura 24 color watercolor box that you can put a 4″x6″ postcard size watercolor paper in it and still have a lot of palette space to mix colors. you can see and or buy my small paintings at the EJ KAHN/GoodMorningGloucester Gallery down at the Madfish Galleries on Rocky Neck this year. Maybe. HAVE FUN!