GMG Discussion With Host Joey C, Paul Frontiero and Paul Morrison

GMG Discussion March 30, 2013

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We discuss:

The Gloucester Windmills

Taking The “Easter” Out Of The Easter Egg Hunt

GMG FOB Art and Photography Show at Cape Ann Giclee

Over/Under Date For Repairs To the Good Harbor Beach Footbridge (see poll below)

Monsanto and GMO discussion

Cape Ann Giclee

Great time Friday evening at Cape Ann Giclee.  GMG’s art and photography had their opening reception from 5:00 -9:00.  James and Anna did an amazing job with the printing of the art work and their gracious hospitality.  The show runs until April 7, 2013.  Come down and stroll the gallery.

Cute Friends of Blog
Cute Friends of Blog

March 29, 2013  the boss

Always yummy food
Always yummy food
Charlie and Carol
Charlie and Carol
FOB Ed looking like a judge
FOB Ed looking like a judge

Thank you Anna and James Eaves for Hosting the First Ever GMG–FOB–Cape Ann Gilcee Photography Show!

GMG-Cape Ann Giclee ©Kim Smith 2013

Snapshots from last night’s fabulously fun opening at Cape Ann Giclee.

Madeline and Joey GMG-Cape Ann Giclee ©Kim Smith 2013

Eaves Family GMG-Cape Ann Giclee ©Kim Smith 2013

Eaves Family left to right ~ Yianni, Anna, Dimitri, and James

Thank you Anna and James Eaves for hosting the First Ever GMG/FOB/Cape Ann Gilcee photography show, running now through April 7th. The quality of work in the show is simply outstanding. Come on over and have a look, meet Anna and James, and learn about the services Cape Ann Giclee provides for all your photography and fine art reproduction needs. Cape Ann Giclee is open Monday through Friday from 10am to 5pm. While the GMG show is up through April 7th, they are also open on Saturdays from 10am to 5pm.

Atticus and Meadow GMG-Cape Ann Giclee ©Kim Smith 2013

Craig and Joey GMG-Cape Ann Giclee ©Kim Smith 2013

Craig and Joey

Atticus and Meadow butterfly GMG-Cape Ann Giclee ©Kim Smith 2013

Atticus and Meadow


I am going to look into purchasing a large quanity of milkweed seedlings at wholesale prices for anyone in our community interested in cultivating milkweed. If interested, please leave a comment in the comment section, which will help give me an idea, very approximately, on how many plants to order. You can also wait until the fall and sow ripened milkweed seedpods. (Note: Please do not dig up any wild milkweed).

The following timely news release was in my inbox this morning!


“In real estate it’s location, location, location and for monarchs and other wildlife it’s habitat, habitat, habitat”, said Chip Taylor, Director of Monarch Watch. Monarch Watch ( started in 1992 as an outreach program dedicated to engaging the public in studies of monarchs and is now concentrating its efforts on monarch conservation. “We have a lot of habitat in this country but we are losing it at a rapid pace. Development is consuming 6,000 acres a day, a loss of 2.2 million acres per year. Further, the overuse of herbicides along roadsides and elsewhere is turning diverse areas that support monarchs, pollinators, and other wildlife into grass-filled landscapes that support few species. The adoption of genetically modified soybeans and corn have further reduced monarch habitat. If these trends continue, monarchs are certain to decline, threatening the very existence of their magnificent migration”, said Taylor.

To address these changes and restore habitats for monarchs, pollinators, and other wildlife, Monarch Watch is initiating a nationwide landscape restoration program called “Bring Back The Monarchs.” The goals of this program are to restore 20 milkweed species, used by monarch caterpillars as food, to their native ranges throughout the United States and to encourage the planting of nectar-producing native flowers that support adult monarchs and other pollinators.

This program is an outgrowth of the Monarch Waystation Program started by Monarch Watch in 2005. There are now over 5,000 certified Monarch Waystations – mostly habitats created in home gardens, schoolyards, parks, and commercial landscaping. “While these sites contribute to monarch conservation, it is clear that to save the monarch migration we need to do more,” Taylor said. “ We need to think on a bigger scale and we need to think ahead, to anticipate how things are going to change as a result of population growth, development, changes in agriculture, and most of all, changes in the climate,” said Taylor.

According to Taylor we need a comprehensive plan on how to manage the fragmented edges and marginal areas created by development and agriculture since it is these edges that support monarchs, many of our pollinators, and the many forms of wildlife that are sustained by the seeds, fruits, nuts, berries, and foliage that result from pollination. “In effect,” Taylor argues, “we need a new conservation ethic, one dealing with edges and marginal areas that addresses the changes of the recent past and anticipates those of the future.”

Monarch Butterfiles Female left Male right Milkweed ©Kim Smith 2012

The above photo of a male (right) and female (left) Monarch Butterflies on Marsh Milkweed is part of the GMG/Cape Ann Giclee photography show, currently on view at Cape Ann Giclee.

Easter Bunny (a.k.a. Rick Doucette) on the radio Easter Sunday

This Sunday (3/31) Aurelia Nelson interviews YMCA’s Rick Doucette on her radio show , Curtain Up, which airs at 9AM Easter Morning on North Shore 104.9 FM.

They’ll talk about the upcoming trip to New Orleans and the fundraising efforts to help make it happen.

See more about the YMCA Service Learning Trip here.

Cool stuff reminders and a rising star video

Amid the flood of info that washes over us every day, it’s often refreshing to get a reminder of some cool stuff we might have missed.  Here goes:

  • Espressos has jumped into the live music scene.  Check out their lineup.
  • Live music starts at 6 tonight and 11:30 am tomorrow (see schedule here).  Plenty of good shows you can take your kids to all over Cape Ann.
  • Seasonal wine and beer licenses kick in on Monday (April Fools Day — seems fitting somehow).  So The Cave, which is usually closed Mondays is having a wine tasting 4-6pm (more about that here).
  • You can help support Cressy Beach Restoration at the CPA meeting on Tuesday (4/2) 6pm at City Hall First Floor Council Conference Room (more on that here).

Here’s a very good music video by rising star Brendan James.  You can see him at Crowell Chapel tonight with guests Brian Jarvis, Charlee Bianchini & Dave Brown.  Tickets & details here.

Breaking News!! Rockport is Open!!

It’s been open all year but today it is really open.rockport1 Reconnoiter of the strategic plan. Maximum food intake per distance travelled.

rockport2The calm before the storm.

Roy Moores smoked salmon with a tasty horseradish  dip on the side.
rockport4My pal the lobster, haven’t seen you on a plate with butter in quite some time. Get in my belly!

rockport5First in line at Top Dog for my Chili Dog and fries. Opens at 11AM, hhmm maybe there is time …

rockport7 I can scoot down to Helmuts Strudel for a pastry.

rockport6Will you hold my place in line?

Cape Ann Artisans at 30


I stopped in the museum the other day, having heard great things about the art on display. I was not let down!


Click on the panoramas to see them in an immersive viewer:IMG_3783




Smaller items

In conjunction with the Cape Artisans at 30 Exhibit, the Museum is hosting a series of demonstration days. Members of the Artisans will demonstrate their various crafts throughout each scheduled day. This program is free with Museum admission.

Saturday, March 30
11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Mike Foley, Sculpture
11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Leslie Wind, Jewelry-making activity for children.
1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Beth Williams, Jewelry; Pam Stratton, Mosaics; Judith Wright, Mosaics.

Fr. Matthew Green


Free Gloucester Tri T Shirt To First One To Spot Dick Wilson

Steve Winslow Submits-


A few signs of Spring around Gloucester:

Joe’s Hot Dog cart down on the Boulevard…

Re-bar going in for the new foundation for Newell Stadium…

(Scheduled to open September 6th!! Mark the date)

First one to spot Dick Wilson gets a free Gloucester Tri-athalon Shirt!!

Steve Winslow – Get Fit Gloucester!


Cape Ann Seasonal Openings Part II

This list used to be easy to make but Cape Ann is exploding with openings today. So turn this computer off, finish that cup of coffee and get off your butt and get out there. Because when you are putting up your Christmas wreath this fall you do not want to regret missing one day of the season. The outdoor, eat a fried clam and enjoy Cape Ann season.

Rockport Update: “ has this covered. Click Here for their facebook update. TopDog opens today. Helmuts Strudel is Open. Roy Moore is open. Lobster Pool next weekend.  The Town Fathers officially did not roll the sidewalks up last night. Really. Click Bearskin to get the full list.

Below I stick my normal list but there are plenty more places opening this weekend.  I could spend time adding names and links but I got a date with a fired clam and I don’t want to

Hot Tip: Cape Ann Whale Watch sets sail starting on Saturday April 13 at 10AM weather permitting.  Tonight, after you drag your fired clam filled sunburned butt back to the couch click here and get tickets.

Saturday, March 30, Top Dog of Rockport opens.

Thursday, April 11, Lobsta Land Restaurant opens.

Thursday, April 11, Captain Carlo’s opens.

Friday April 12th, Dairy Train in Rockport opens.

Thursday, April 18 The Rudder opens.

Woody Allen Quote of The Week From Greg Bover

The QW is still on location in Indiana.

March 28, 2013

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”


Woody Allen (1935-    )

Born Allan Stewart Konigsberg in the Bronx, Woody began writing comedy as a teenager and in the 1950’s was a highly paid gag man for Ed Sullivan, Sid Caesar and others. In the Sixties he began developing his own stand-up career and the character of the nebbish with which he is so closely identified today. He began his film writing and directing with slapstick comedies but moved quickly on to more dramatic material with Annie Hall, Manhattan, and Hannah and Her Sisters. He describes his work as heavily influenced by Bergman and Fellini, and he himself is taken more seriously in Europe than at home. He has won four Academy Awards and has been married three times. Woody frequents the New York club scene and sits in as a jazz clarinetist. Although he is famously agnostic, his quote reveals a recognition of the comedy inherent in humans attempting to understand the divine.

Greg Bover