Don’t forget – Origami Class coming up at The Hive, for Easter / Passover!

I’ll be teaching an origami class at The Hive (on Pleasant Street) on March 14 at 7PM!

The theme this time will be Easter and Passover.  Models on our menu to fold include:

  • The traditional origami lily. Easter Lilies are a standard for decorating churches.  On one hand, the white color represents purity and joy.  More importantly, the lily bursts forth and blooms from a bulb which lies buried and hidden in the earth, like Christ who lay in the tomb and rose in glory from under the earth.  This model also introduces origami novices to a standard of the traditional origami repertoire, with its characteristics of elegance and simplification.
  • An Easter bunny/basket (designed by a Korean named Jacky Chan – not the martial arts action movie star!).   Not as directly related to the religious significance of Easter, this model combines a container (maybe for chocolate Easter eggs?) with a rabbit for something that looks kind of like a bunny-shaped slipper.  Cute and functional!
  • A lamb.   The lamb is a central part of the Passover meal, as well as a symbol of Christ for Christians.  This origami design also introduces the origami novice to the use of non-square paper (it is folded from a 2×1 rectangle).

I will have a few more options available to chose from, for both Easter and Passover themes.  That will include a cross (for Christ’s death and resurrection), frogs (one of the plagues leading up to the Passover), a Torah scroll (which contains the account of the Passover), etc.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to fold and photograph examples of each for this post, but you get the idea.

As usual, please contact The Hive to register, so we know how many people will need supplies although one or two latecomers are fine too!

To summarize:

Easter / Passover origami at The Hive!
Thursday, March 14th, 7-9pm, students $15, adults $20
call 978.283.3889 or email to register (although drop-ins are also possible)

To see some of my previous posts about origami (including photos) and origami classes, click here.

Fr. Matthew Green

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