Muffy White’s Muff Riders Captain Tad Is Gunning For The Competition In This Year’s GMG/ Farm Bar and Grille Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament At Spindrift

There’s not much more that repulses me more than double denim but if I had to say there was something, it would be a hairy dude wearing a double denim cutoff denim shirt/denim speedo combination.

Makes me want to throw up a little bit in my mouth.


That being said if you don’t think Muffy’s Muff Riders are bringing the heat, you’ve got another thing coming.

I hope to see you all there on March 16th to support your favorite Dodgeballers and or charity- Next Step.  An organization that makes life better for young adults afflicted with life threatening diseases.


These Team Uniforms make Brokeback Mountain Look Like A Rambo Movie


Remember Camp Spindrift is available for your functions year round.  The perfect spot for a wedding or corporate team building function.

Paul Slifer has a book coming out this month with Schiffer Publishing. "A is for Anchor"

Hi Joey , our son tattoo artist,Paul Slifer has a book coming out this month with Schiffer Publishing. “A is for Anchor” is  child’s illustrated alphabet inspired by classic images from traditional tattoo design.The book combines Pauls love for classic folk tattoo art with his interest in kids books since becoming a Dad of our two terrific grandkids Esme and Sadie. The book is available on line from Amazon as well as from Schiffer books and will be in book stores soon. You may remember Pauls commemorative Ardelle launching painting in the same style a while ago. I hope all your tattoo enthusiasts here on GMG will like the book.

Best, Kathy Slifer

10 Ways To Celebrate Women’s History Month From Beth Pocock

Hi Joey,  Didn’t know if this would be appropriate for you but thought I’d try.  March is Women’s History Month and I compiled a list of 10 ways to celebrate.  Several different Cape Ann institutions are doing exhibits:  Cape Ann museum is doing exhibit of two of Cape Ann’s best women photographers; Library is doing displays and a panel discussion on local women who have started businesses.  All of these are listed on the 10 ways to celebrate.  I’ve attached 3 things: 1) the list of 10 ways to celebrate 2)a photograph from the Cape Ann Museum exhibit and 3) the national logo for Women’s History Month. 

Hope this is helpful.   Beth



Find recommended titles on display at the Sawyer Free Library, online at our website* and on our Pinterest board  

From politics to suffragettes to the Virgin Queen, here’s a list of 10 movies you should check out.

Ask your mother, grandmother or great-grandmother what life was like for them in an earlier day.  Influential women don’t have to be famous

Judith Sargent Murray was an early  American advocate for women’s rights, an essayist, playwright and poet and grew up in this beautiful home (49 Middle St., Gloucester)  

The American Library Association provides an annotated list of the best books to help young girls grow “smart, brave and proud”.  View the list online ( or check out the display in the Children’s Library

In honor or Women’s History Month, an exhibit of two of Cape Ann’s most influential women photographers will be on display throughout the month of March

From opera to jazz, the list is unending!  SFL has one of the best CD collections in the area.  Come get some inspiration
Everyone knows about Boston’s famous Freedom Trail, but few seem to know about the Women’s Heritage Trail.  Visit for more information
The 18 women chosen are all extraordinary visionaries and role models in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics where women are still noticeably underrepresented. Get to know them at

The Library is sponsoring a panel discussion for women in business on Thursday, March 14 at 7 PM in the Friend
Room.  The panel will feature women who have successfully started/run local businesses. 

Women’s History Books:
300 Women Who Changed the World:
National Women’s Hall of Fame:
Interactive learning site on Women’s History

It’s a False Rumor

pc38_pebble beach abstract2 copy

Willow Rest is not closed!  I was talking with a neighbor in Annisquam a couple of days ago and mentioned that Melissa at Willow Rest is now carrying a large selection of my photo montage cards.  They were surprised because they believed Willow Rest was closed until May because of a sign they had seen on the building.  There is a sign, but it refers to the gas station at Willow Rest, which is closed until May due to lack of business during the winter.  Willow Rest was closed for the week of February 3-10 for vacation, but are open for regular business with their great breakfast and lunch selections, coffee, baked goods and fine grocery and produce items.  So go back to Willow Rest, and while you’re there, check out my photo montage cards, many of which have never yet been seen.

E.J. Lefavour

Snapshots from Chelsea and the High Line

Chelsea Market ©Kim Smith 2013

Chelsea Market

Liv and I had lots of fun shopping the flea market and shops at Chelsea Market the afternoon that I left.

High Line Liv ©Kim Smith 2013

Adjacent to the market is an entrance to the High Line. Don’t you love the chaise idea? They are really comfy and relaxing.

High Line ©Kim Smith 2013. copy

The architects of the High Line intentionally left little patches somewhat wild to show what the elevated rail looked like after years of disuse. The rail had reverted to a a native wildflower garden, which then became the inspiration for much of the park’s plantings!

High Line  ©Kim Smith 2013. copyHigh Line -2 Liv ©Kim Smith 2013.


Kira ©Kim Smith 2013

Kira -1 ©Kim Smith 2013We met leopard-wearing Fashionista Kira at the Blue Bottle Coffee shop on her way upstairs to a photo shoot at MILK Studios. She was showing us her ballet moves, which she does with her eyes closed. When we asked why, she said it is because she has not yet studied ballet, but dreams about someday becoming a ballerina, and that is why she has to dance with her eyes closed as she is only “dreaming.”

Liv Hauck Brooklyn ©Kim Smith 2013

Here’s My Dreamer

There is nothing like spending time with your daughter and I am so looking forward to our next visit. I hope it’s not too long a wait!

OOPS Wrong Day: Gordon Bok is really on Friday 7:30, Debbie & Friends on Saturday 10:30 AM all at Old Sloop

This has been a bad week for me.  First I leave my card in the ATM (see this post).  Then I  get Gordon Bok’s Old Sloop Concert day wrong: It’s FRIDAY not SATURDAY (see corrected post).

On Saturday, Old Sloop presents Grammy-winning Debbie & Friends for a special children’s show at 10:30 AM (better check the poster below to see if I’m right).

poster-130309-crop-for-gmgA whole lotta music today and tonight (it’s already started).  Check the lineup here.

How many mangled lobster traps are in this photo?

Mangles Lobster Traps
Mangles Mess of Lobster Traps near Magnolia Beach

I figure this jumble looks like about 3 traps.  John thinks it’s 9.  So we settled on 6 and based on that we counted 36 mangled traps on a small stretch of rocky Magnolia coastline today (see map here).

Joey, maybe you and some of your suppliers can estimate the number of lobster traps in this mangled mess more accurately and we’ll adjust our count accordingly.

Anyone else wanna take a shot at guessing?

The Honky Tonk Women of Gloucester ~ Seaport Grille ~ Wednesday 6pm to 9:00pm


Barbara Jansson, Elaine Persons, Caroline Haines & Sheila Jones Schrank
The Honky Tonk Women of Gloucester show will be performing at
Cruiseport’s Seaport Grille this Wednesday 6pm – 9pm, March 6th
for your dining pleasure. Location: 6 Rowe Sq. off Rogers St in Gloucester.
It’s Girls Night Out type of evening to dine, sing, drink, dance or just relax.
Reservations are always a good idea for groups of 4 or more.
It’s their 4th year anniversary with many, many delicious menu specials.
We’ll be out on the heated deck playing and weaving our vocal magic.
I hope you can join us this coming Wednesday at 6pm (great music lising) (great info bulletin)
978-282-9799 (reservations)

Stuff Happening At Savour Wine and Cheese

Wine Classes

Wine Classes start a week from today!

Kathleen begins the 5-part series Tuesday evening, March 5.

Skip begins his 2-part classes, with the first series on Italian wine, Thursday, March 7.

Be sure to email Kathleen Erickson or call Savour (978 282-1455) to sign up.  Remember, this is the only time the 5-part course will be offered this year.  Please feel free to call with any questions or concerns.  If you have to miss a class, Kathleen can review the content with you (and you will have a notebook with all the articles and handouts, so you can keep up). 

St. Patrick’s Day Dinner

Sunday, March 17

5:30 – 6:00 – appetizers and snacks

6:00 – 8:00 p.m. – dinner

We plan to have a great St. Patrick’s Day meal for about 40 people.  So come celebrate with us!  From colcanon to corned beef, with beer tasting and wine, we will all have a good Irish party!  (The cost is $25.00, excluding MA meal tax and gratuity).


Cheddar and Stout Fondue

Irish Soda Bread

Corned Beef and Cabbage


Dark Chocolate Cake with Irish Cream Mousse

Chocolate Stout Pot de Creme

Community Stuff 3/3/13

Rockport Senior Center Happenings

March 6th  9 AM Free Continental Breakfast & Social Hour, Call for Reservations, 978-546-2573

Beginner Computer Classes  starts on Thursdays, March 7th from 1-3:30. 4 weeks for $40.00. Call 978-546-2573

Flower Show at the Seaport World Trade Center on Wednesday, March 13th. Cost is $31.00 and includes Admission & Transportation. Call Diane for tickets at 978-546-2573

Specialized Telephone Equipment  March 20th at 10 AM at the Rockport Senior Center. If you have trouble hearing on the telephone this equipment is something you would like to see. It prints out your conversion on a screen for you to read it. Free, please call for reservations.

March 14th St Patrick’s Day Luncheon 11:30 with Comedian Mel Simons

Corned Beef & Cabbage, Carrots & Turnip, Potatoes with parsley, Irish Soda Bread and Blarney Stone Parfait (minted pudding with topping) $2.00 Call Freda for reservations 978-546-5027

If you need a ride to any of the events, call Diane at 978-546-2573 and she can help you fill out a form for CATA to pick you up at home and drop you at the Senior Center. This is a one time application process. 

Free Pediatric Speech & Language Screening!
  • Who?: Children ages 18 months to 18 years old.  
  • What?: Free speech/language screenings that are 15-20 minutes long to identify if your child is developmentally appropriate in terms of their speech, language, or feeding skills. If you child qualifies for further evaluation, a speech/language pathologist will assist you in scheduling a comprehensive speech/language evaluation.*
  • Where?: Speech-language therapy outpatient clinic at Beverly Hospital in Beverly , MA and Addison Gilbert Hospital in Gloucester , MA
  • When?: March 4, 2013 through March 29, 2013. Times available at Beverly Hospital and at Addison Gilbert Hospital in Gloucester. Appointments required.
  • Why?: Speech and language development in children can vary across children with and without the presence of disorders. Speech therapy offers a wide variety of services including articulation (speech) therapy, receptive language (ability to understand language), expressive language, memory, auditory processing skills, reading/writing, social skills, and feeding/swallowing skills. Our licensed speech-language pathologists have experience with a wide variety of patients across the life span. Early identification and intervention is key!
  • How?: Please call 978-816-2690 (Beverly) or 978-283-4000 x141 (AGH) to schedule your free screening today! Please feel free to email with any questions or comments.