Saturday One Hour at Time Gang

Who remembers this song?  If you do not remember I can sing it to you while we are cleaning.

“Litterbug, Litterbug, shame on you!” “Look at the terrible things you do!” “Littering, cluttering every place.” “My, but it’s disgraceful!” “Litterbug, Litterbug, where’s your pride?” “Making a mess of the countryside.” “Soiling, and spoiling each lovely view.” “Shame, oh shame on you!” “It really makes one wonder what kind of house you keep.” “On every tour, the world is your personal garbage heap.” “Uncautious litterbug, litterbug, don’t you care?” “People must follow you everywhere.” “Cleaning up places that you’ve gone through.” “Litterbug, oh shame on you!”

We will be meeting again at St. Peter’s Square to do Main again and the Blvd.

Fishtown Players Present Martin McDonagh’s Lonesome West

Fishtown Players Present Martin McDonagh’s Lonesome West. Starring Roy O’Connor, Jay DiPrima, Michael McNamara and Kelly Newman.
Thursday April 4, Pay as you can at 7:30 Pm
Fri&Sat April 5,6, 12, 13, at 7:30 pm
Sun Paril 7, 14 at 3:pm
Thursday April 11, 7:30 Benefit for the Gloucester Writers Center
At the Gorton’s Theater (home of the Gloucester Stage Company)
267 East Main Street, Gloucester, MA
Tickets $18, Seniors $15, Students $10.
for tickets to to

Maritime Gloucester Initiates a Sea Scout Program

Maritime Gloucester is proud to announce that it is starting a new Sea Scout “Ship” effective immediately. It has been many years since Cape Ann operated an active Sea Scout group for youth. image

The Sea Scouts recently celebrated its 100th year anniversary when Governor Deval Patrick declared October 8th, 2012 as the official Sea Scouts Day in Massachusetts. First inspired on the waters of the Massachusetts coast, the program is a national coed outdoor program for young adults ages 14 to 20 that promotes knowledge of our nation’s maritime heritage and provides young people with positive opportunities through hands-on maritime education, training and experiences. The Gloucester “Ship” would serve the North Shore and be a part of the Yankee Clipper Council, BSA, Inc.

“Sea Scouts is a perfect fit for Maritime Gloucester” says Geno Mondello, who directs the dory shop at Maritime Gloucester and served in the Gloucester Sea Scouts as a teen. Maritime Gloucester’s mission is to inspire students and visitors to value marine science, maritime heritage and environmental stewardship through hands-on education and experiences. Located on the waterfront adjacent to the Coast Guard Station at Harbor Loop, it offers boatbuilding and repair, rowing programs, maritime heritage artifacts and exhibits, sails and education aboard the Schooner Ardelle and marine science education and research in biological and physical science classrooms.

According to Amanda Madeira, former Captain of the tall ship Ernestina, who will serve as the Skipper of the group, “I am eager to work with young men and women from the area who are interested in connecting to the sea and developing maritime and marine science skills.” Ms. Madeira is a licensed schooner captain and marine science educator at Maritime Gloucester who has worked extensively with youth on active sailing and seafaring programs.

“We are very excited about the addition of a Sea Scout program on the north shore,” said Laura Moriarty, District Director of the Yankee Clipper Council. “We look forward to working with their team to support a strong program in the historic port of Gloucester.”
Maritime Gloucester is a non-profit organization located at 23 Harbor Loop in Gloucester. Maritime Gloucester prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, sex, age, marital status, national origin, mental or physical disability, political belief or affiliation, veteran status, sexual orientation, and any other class of individuals protected from discrimination under state or federal law.

For more information about serving as an adult volunteer or being a youth member, please contact Amanda Madeira at or at 978-281-0470. You can also find more information about us at or visit us on Facebook.

Shoring Up The Accommodations

suring up accommodations

In case anyone else was wondering what this huge barge was doing in Smiths Cove today, it is there to replace two steel eye beams under the Rocky Neck Accommodations, so that it will be there for people to stay in and enjoy for many years to come.

E.J. Lefavour

Frances and Ann Margaret Ferrante

St. Joseph Day Altar ©Kim Smith 2013 copy

Our deepest thanks and appreciation to Frances and Ann Margaret Ferrante and friends for welcoming us to film and photograph an interview with their exquisite St. Joseph altar.Frances and Ann Margaret Ferrante ©Kim Smith 2013 copy

Frances and Ann Margaret Ferrante

Ferrante Family St. Joseph altar ©Kim Smith 2013jpg

Zina Saputo Felicia Mohan ©Kim Smith 2013Zina Saputo and Felicia

Ferrante ©Kim smith 2013 copy

St. Joseph Day Altar ©Kim Smith 2013.-2.Ferrante St. Joseph Altar

Writers David Crouse and Steve Almond at the Rocky Neck Cultural Center April 10

Chris Anderson writes:

I wanted to see if you guys could help get word out about this killer event at the Rocky Neck Cultural Center on April 10 @ 7:30 PM. Two literary rock stars, Steve Almond and David Crouse, will be reading from their work and discussing the craft of writing, rock and roll, parenthood, and anything else that might come to mind. These guys know how give a great reading, so this is not to be missed! The event is co-sponsored by The Gloucester Writers Center and Eastern Point Lit House & Press, my new venture.
Eastern Point Lit House & Press is a grass roots literary experiment that includes Extract(s) Daily Dose of Lit (featured on GMG last month), a small press, events, workshops, manuscript consultation, and anything else we can dream up. I hope to have formal announcements soon regarding a new author hosted book club series taking place at Duckworth’s Bistrot beginning in May. The host, a writer, chooses the book to be discussed. A great book, fine wine, and light snacks. It’s going to be ridiculously fun. I’ll have the entire summer calendar and ticket info very soon. You can find more information on all of this here:
Thanks for everything!
PS. Hope to see you Friday. I plan on bringing the kids down for a little while to check out the show. Congrats!Crouse&Almond

What are your kids doing this April Vacation?

NOLA-AirportFor the fourth year, Gloucester’s Rick Doucette, YMCA Teen & Camping Services director, is taking teens and chaperons from North Shore YMCAs to New Orleans during April Vacation to help people rebuild the City and even the Bayou — they plant trees as well as repair homes.

This trip works wonders on many levels: local teens are immersed in New Orleans culture; they feel the joy of having a profoundly positive impact on other people’s lives; they experience first-hand how working together builds a stronger community.

MardiGras2013_CabotAdMost kids goof off during April vacation.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a firm believer in giving kids free-time to explore the world and become themselves.  But something vital touches me when I hear that 47 local teens are going to donate their vacation time to work hard on a construction site or in a swamp so that people 1500 miles away can have a better life.

That’s one reason why Vickie and I are producing a concert next Saturday, April 6, featuring New Orleans natives Henri Smith & Charles Neville to help raise money for this trip.  Last year, we sold out Minglewood Tavern on Mardi Gras, so we decided to take it to another level this year and host it at the historic Larcom Theatre in Beverly (more about that here).

You can still get tickets and there are even a few VIP packages left.  Get on-line tickets here or go to Gloucester Music.

Here’s a list of the adventurous teens who are going on the trip and the YMCA they belong to.  Let’s honor them by helping to raise money so their parents don’t have to pay for their kids to work during April Vacation.

Meghan Cafferty Emma Knittle
Elizabeth Coughlin Renee Pavolich
Anna Gibson Emily Peugh
Nicholas Jalbert Adam Rodgers
Jonathan Powers
Rebecca Salah SALEM YMCA
Graeme Marcoux
CAPE ANN YMCA Catherine Marcoux
Michael Collins Hannah Morin
Frederick Doucette Jr Jakob Murtaugh
Christian O’Donnell Will Parr
Kevin Redmond Morgan Rogers
Conor Williamson Aiden Scrimgeour
Zachary White Shannon Tucker
Tyler Bailey-Jerome Elektra Tzannus Newman
Molly White Madeline Wiryo
Leia Sturtevant Brenna Burke
Nicole Klink Marin Ian Carter
Nicole Williamson Nathaniel Clark
Shannon Gallagher Catherine Coleman
John Brisson Audrey Delgado
Zeke Pasquarelli Chase Duffin
Jared Marshall Jaclyn Jermym
Austin Sousa Cole Jermym
Steven Verga Abby Sherwood
Zoe Wong


John Rockwell ~ Alchemy ~ Ladies Night ~ Wednesdays 7-9

john rockwell alchemy

Hi All:


 In honor of spring allegedly coming to Cape Ann AND the Cherry Blossom Festival about to happen in Washington AND in gratitude for last week’s appearance by my new musical friend Helen Aki, I submit the following:


Food, beer, wine, friends, song


Tomorrow is Ladies Night


Hump Day sadness gone.


Perhaps if I’d taken more than 30 seconds and used a brush and ink, that would have seemed poetic…Did you know that there are web sites devoted completely to haiku…about SPAM? It is well nigh impossible to select just one to share. So here are 2.


Can of metal, slick


soft center, so cool, moistening


I yearn for your salt


to be more spam like


o greatest mystery meat
resurrected feet 


I hope to see you this week at Alchemy Bistro, 3 Duncan Street in Gloucester. I sing every week there from 7-9, and it’s a lot of fun.




Thursday night blues party with Dave Sag’s to host Mike O’Connell…Smokin!

blues party mike dave frosty

Dave says,

Let’s welcome back local chef and author of “Cooking with Iams®” Mr. Mike O’Connell. Mikey, with his business partners: Mr. Ixnay, Mr.Umpchay and Mr.Amscray has been busy prepping food for the latest nursing home season in Rockport, and is just rarin’ to go and whoop it up on our stage. He writes, he plays groovy catarrh, and he sings like an angel. He’s dying to get out of the house!!

Again, we bring you guit-slinger Dave Brown, the systolic swami of slide, to lubricate the proceedings. Also, Forrest “Frosty” Padgett, to pound the skins. You’ll be hearing Mikey’s toons as well as a eclectic compendium of past hits and failures. Gonna be a swell nite! Spread out!!

Off the Island


Plum Island

I shot this and a bunch of other photos on Sunday using an old Nikkor 24mm f2.8 manual lens that I got at a yard sale for $15. It was more work, but if you have lenses from your old SLR’s and they fit on your DSLR, try experimenting with them. You might be surprised with the results! Here’s more information on this.