Cape Ann Artisans Tour Gets Nod As Second Best New England Festival or Event After Being Edged Out by The Illustrious Maine Whoopie Pie Festival

Best New England Festival or Event

Winner, Runners-up for the 2013 New England Travel Readers’ Choice Award Are…


Eclectic events that celebrate everything from music and art to whoopie pies were the finalists for Best Event in the second annual New England Travel Readers’ Choice Awards. All five of these annual happenings are worthy of your bucket list, but only one could nab 2013’s top honors.

1. ***Winner*** Maine Whoopie Pie Festival

Whoopie Pie FestivalMedia photo courtesy of the Maine Whoopie Pie Festival

In 2012, more than 5,000 people converged on the town of Dover-Foxcroft for the Maine Whoopie Pie Festival, shattering previous attendance records. After winning Readers’ Choice honors, 2013 could be an even bigger year for this tasty annual event, which pits whoopie pie bakers against each other in competition for best traditional and best original whoopie pie honors. In addition to sampling entries for a quarter apiece, attendees can enter a variety of contests, enjoy music and participate in a variety of other fun activities. Save the date–June 22, 2013–for this quirky celebration of the official state treat of Maine.

2. Cape Ann Artisans Studio Tour

Twice each year in summer and fall, two dozen artists who call the stretch of coast north of Boston "home" open their studio doors, providing visitors with a wonderful glimpse of the inspiring settings in which they work. The Cape Ann Artisans Studio Tour celebrates its 30th year in 2013: Dates are June 22-23 and October 12-14. In addition to viewing diverse creations and interacting with artists, visitors enjoy spectacular coastal views as they follow this tour through the picturesque and historic towns of Gloucester and Rockport, Massachusetts.

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Breaking News!- Gloucester MA Becomes First City To Have More Than One Cultural District After Mass Cultural Council Approves Downtown Gloucester As The Gloucester Harbortown Cultural District

This just in from Mayor Kirk-

Congratulations everyone!  Just received word back from Springfield that we received the designation for the Gloucester Harbortown Cultural District.  This has been a remarkable effort by so many people who have come together with a common vision for our beautiful city.  Thank you all.

Mayor Kirk

We covered the process here on GMG.   At the meeting in which community leaders explained to The Mass Cultural Council Why Gloucester is so special and deserves to be the first City with more than one Cultural District-

Massachusetts Cultural Council Takes Over Downtown Gloucester- Photos At Fred Bodin’s Gallery With More To Come

Posted on February 21, 2013 by Joey C

The Mass Cultural Council came to G-Town to listen to and observe what makes Gloucester so special.  There are no other towns that have more than one Cultural District.  Gloucester already has Rocky Neck.  If approved for Downtown Gloucester, Gloucester would stand as the only City with more than one Massachusetts Cultural District.

When sitting in the room and listening to the distinguished assembly of community people that showed up it was obvious about 10 minutes in that honestly Gloucester deserves this in spades.  There is no where anywhere that is as culturally diverse, enriched and vibrant as our community.

All the people had to do was speak the truth.  It wasn’t about selling Downtown Gloucester.  Downtown Gloucester, it’s merchants, it’s artists, its community and artistic organizations sell itself.

You’d have to be deaf, dumb and blind to not see it and I can assure you the representatives of the Mass Cultural Council that visited, Anita Walker, Meri Jenkins, Kylie Sullivan and Maren Brown are anything but deaf dumb and blind.


Huge thanks to the Downtown GloucesterCultural District Steering Committee Catherine Ryan, Lise Breen, Judith Hoglander, Robert Whitmarsh, Anne Robinson, Ronda Faloon, Maggie Rosa and David Rhinelander for laying so much of the groundwork to make this meeting possible and also to Fred Bodin for hosting this momentous event at his Bodin Historic Photo Gallery.


Melissa I love my new scarf.  You rock!




Gloucester Welcomes The MCC Thursday 2/21/13 Info

Posted on February 19, 2013 by Joey C


Help us Decorate by printing and posting Art Haven’s poster! (attached)

Please print out and share this wonderful poster, a unique and custom welcome for MCC, designed by Art Haven, a founding cultural partner. We’re hoping residents, businesses, and organizations throughout the district at street level or above will put it in their window or door for that day. Founding partner, the  Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce will disperse it to its members. GMG will post it to request that folks display it for us.  Fred Bodin is also reaching out to his network to encourage printing/posting! We hope all the partners print/display and share with others.


Review the Itinerary

The MCC site visit will start at 10 AM with a check in at the Cape Ann Museum.  This will only be a quick stop prior to the first meeting, but will give the committee a chance to greet the delegation, distribute literature and prepare information about the venues and businesses within the proposed CD, and offer them a place to stash any items that they might want later in the day.

· 10:00 AM Cape Ann Museum steering committee will  welcome MCC/check in/home base

· 10:30 the MCC delegation will meet at City Hall with city officials, coffee and pastries courtesy Cape Ann Coffee

· 11:30 the walking tour begins and will include 7 stops (not more than 5 minutes each) with pointing and discussion along the way.

The proposed DGCD footprint very roughly spans from St.Peter’s/the Chamber side over  to Gortons, and from City Hall to Maritime Gloucester. This means it includes the Civic jewels, all of Middle, all of Main, all of Harbor Loop, our waterfront, and Rogers until Rose Baker.  It’s the same footprint used for decades and that we all know. We’ll be included in a select group that receive designation and will be marketed with 5 others on the North Shore. We will be the first town in the state with two cultural districts! It mirrors the HarborWalk’s,  the Chamber of Commerce’s, Discover Gloucester,  and Maritime Trail mapsl, etc–everyone’s efforts to maintain the integrity of downtown and historic harbor area. It will likely increase what is already great and working. Our downtown works hard to offer residents, visitors and employees fantastic experiences!

How Exactly is Monsanto’s Roundup Ravaging the Monarch Butterfly Population?

Monarch Butterfiles Female left Male right Milkweed ©Kim Smith 2012The above photo of a male (right) and female (left) Monarch Butterflies on Marsh Milkweed is part of the GMG/Cape Ann Giclee show opening tonight.

I am often asked the following question at my butterfly and pollinator garden design lectures. How exactly are Monsanto’s products ravaging the Monarch Butterfly population?

First, it is important to understand that all butterfly caterpillars rely on plant foods specific to each species of butterfly. For example, Monarch caterpillars only eat members of the milkweed family, Black Swallowtail caterpillars eat plants in the carrot family, and Heliconian butterflies eat plants in the passionflower family. Some caterpillars, like the larvae of the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail eat plants from a wide range of plant families. That being said, it is worth repeating that Monarch caterpillars only survive on members of the milkweed family.

Imagine a farm with row upon row of corn. Growing amongst and around the edges of the cornfields are wildflowers of all sorts, including milkweed. The wildflowers draw to the fields myriad pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and birds.

Monsanto has genetically modified the seed of corn and soybeans so that it will withstand extremely heavy doses of its herbicide, called Roundup. Monsanto’s corn and soybean seed is actually called Roundup Ready. Roundup Ready plants can withstand massive doses of the herbicide Roundup, but the milkweed and other wildflowers growing in the corn and soybean fields cannot.

Each year massive amounts of Roundup are sprayed on the corn and soybean fields, killing everything in sight, except the Roundup Ready corn and soybean. Additionally, Monsanto’s Roundup contains the active ingredient glyphosate, which has been tied to more health and environmental problems than you can possibly imagine.

Now imagine you are a Monarch Butterfly, having flown hundreds of miles northward towards breeding grounds of milkweed. But there is no milkweed to deposit your eggs. The circle in the chain of life is broken.

Since the use of genetically modified Roundup Ready began, milkweed has disappeared from over 100 million acres of row crops, or a roughly 58 percent decrease. Milkweed is not only the Monarch caterpillar host (or food) plant, the nectar-rich florets provide nourishment for hundreds of species of bees and other Lepidoptera.

The Monarch Butterfly migration is one of the great migrations of the world. Climate change and the loss of habitat are also factors in the decrease of butterflies. The Mexican government and the people of Mexico have enacted policies to help protect from logging the remaining oyamel fur trees in the Monarchs winter habitat.

There are several steps that we in the United States can undertake. 1) Avoid as much as possible genetically modified food, especially corn and soybean products. 2) If you own shares of Monsanto stock, get rid of it (Monsanto also developed Agent Orange). Thirdly, we need to start a national movement to cultivate milkweed and to create awareness about the important role wildflowers play in our ecosystem.

Calling Everyone: Plant Milkweed! No matter how small or large your garden, give a spot over to milkweed and watch your garden come to life!

Award-winning Folk legend Bob Franke @ Old Sloop Next Saturday


Here’s a homespun video of one of his simple, profound, moving, lyrical songs.  This concert will touch you deeply.  Get Tickets Here.

April Fools Wine Tasting @ The Cave on Main St

No joke.  Seasonal wine & beer licenses kick in April 1 (MON).

That means The Cave, at 44 Main Street, can sell wine again and they’re opening up at 4pm (usually closed Mondays) to host a wine tasting from 4-6pm.

They’ll have some new Italian wines at very affordable prices.  Plus they always have cheeses and other goodies to taste with the wines.  (You can taste any cheese before you buy it).  This has become one of our favorite new spots in town.  When I go in, I always let other people go ahead of me — not because I’m polite, but because I want to see what they’re getting — and when they get a taste, I pipe up, “Can I have a taste too?”  I’ve discovered over a dozen new delights this way.

Here’s a video I shot about 3 weeks after The Cave opened last Summer of Vickie tasting some of their wine and cheese.

Since then I’ve learned how to pronounce the name of the wine in the video.  It sounds like “Sarah Harris”.  I still don’t speak Portuguese, but Laura says that’s close enough for her to recognize which wine I’m talking about.

I’m Blown Away By The Quality Of Work in Tonigh’t GMG FOB Art and Photography Show. Live Video Feed Now with Audio Streaming

Tonight’s the night at Cape Ann Giclee!

Friday the 29th for some wine, beer, refreshments, laughs, camaraderie, and fun. Smile

You can watch us set up the show on the streaming webcam and it will be running throughout the show-


Click the start broadcast button above to watch live!

Joey C, Alice Gardner, Carol McKenna, Craig Kimberley, David Stozer. Eileen Oliver, Elizabeth Gauthier, Kathy Chapman, Len Burgess, Thom Falzarano, Brianmoc, Charlie Carroll, David Cox, Donna Ardizzoni, EJ LeFavour, Father Green, Kim Smith, Skip Montello and Trudy J Allen will be in attendance.


Living Stations of the Cross at St. Ann’s Church (Holy Family Parish)

…held last Sunday. I got a few decent photos:

Appropriate for today, Good Friday. Our services of the Lord’s Passion will be held at St. Joachim’s Church in Rockport at 3:00PM and at St. Ann’s Church in Gloucester at 7:00PM tonight.

Fr. Matthew Green

Community Photos 3/29/13

Al Bezanson submits-

Joey ___

A low sun just managed to light up these two Great Blues.  Of course the background reveals they were somewhere beyond the bridge.  This was last week on Assateague Island shortly before sunset.  I’m hoping you will allow these Virginians to appear on GMG.   After all, most of our local GBHs have likely starred here already thanks to Kim, David and so many other talented photographers. 

Al Bezanson


Bill Submits-

The Magnolia Pier took a beating this winter, I’m sure better days are ahead for her! 


Mike Dyer submits-

“Bruce and Steve test inhaul and outhaul of the bilge blocks”.