New signs new restaurant coming | Gloucester Brazilian Steakhouse Buffet 151 Main Street #GloucesterMA

Gloucester Brazilian Steakhouse Buffet – Gloucester Steakhouse – new restaurant coming to 151 Main Street Gloucester, Massachusetts. Sign shows churrascaria images. There was a murmur back in January- a smaller sign beneath the Ohana facade forecast “Tastes better than it sounds. All You Can Eat Buffet.”

Gloucester Brazilian Steakhouse Buffet coming to 151 Main Street ©c ryan


(Across from the Lone Gull. OHana was there and Espressos before that.)

Restaurant comings and goings at both ends of town: Pier 23 Kitchen at 23 East Main closed and is for sale | Trio at 64 Main Street closed – new owners fresh start in the new year #GloucesterMA

Yes, that's a water inner harbor view_Pier 23 Kitchen restaurant for sale_23 East Main Street_Gloucester MA_20191230_photograph copyright © c ryan.jpg

Pier 23 Kitchen on 23 East Main Street closed. The restaurant is for sale: contact (978) 887-9895. Pier 23 owners and AJ’s contributed major upgrades and renovations at this busy spot. (Mooters, LaRosas, and Cacciatores preceded AJ’s at the Harbor.)

The new sign for Oliver’s Harbor Restaurant and Bar features tiles at each end and heralds a change in ownership at 64 Main Street. The Bragas sold Trio which they had reconfigured after opening Italiano Restaurant in the former La Trattoria space and completing a major renovation and build out replete with a new industrial kitchen. Last year they added additional outdoor seating.

Oliver's Harbor Restaurant and Bar coming soon_64 Main Street_ 2019 December 24_Gloucester MA photograph copyright © c ryan.jpg


64 Main Street on Gloucester’s West End as Italiano 2017 and Trio 2018:


Boston Globe rave review for Yella on the Water restaurant #GloucesterMA

Love the title and wonderful review!

“On the menu Yella on the Water seems to have become instantly popular, and we could see why.”

Read “Lebanese cuisine with a splash of Gloucester” by Coco McCabe and Doug Stewart Boston Globe 11/20/19 here


Yella on the Water Gloucester Massachusetts_ November 2019 © c ryan (2)

New restaurant Salt Water Grille opening soon | art by Alexia Seaside Graphics #GloucesterMA

Salt Water Grille_opening May or June 2019_ Gloucester MA_ art and logo by Alexia J Seaside graphics_20190510_© c ryan (4)

Salt Water Grille expects to open late May/ early June 2019.

The seasonal restaurant is located at 226 Washington Street, Gloucester Mass., in the former Friendly’s location off the first rotary. (See Gloucester Daily Times article here to learn more about the owners.) New logo and art by Alexia at Seaside Graphics.



Seaside Graphics in Gloucester, Mass., specializes in printing, graphic design and branding. “Seaside has done work for National Geographic Channel, Bosch, Honda North, Fama PR, Pilgrim Films, NOAA, Dunkin Donuts, NBC Sport’s show Shark Hunter, among others.” Owners and married couple Bill and Alexia handle the Wicked Tuna gear (e.g. Wicked Tuna, Falcon / Hard Merchandise, F/V-Tuna, The Wicked Pissah, and PinWheel). Check out the store on Railroad Avenue, or on line here: The headquarters also carries Alexia’s Hooked for Life apparel.






Raw Bar at The Fish Shack in Rockport on FRIDAY NIGHT

Say what? Yes, it’s true. Word on the street (the mean streets of Rockport, MA) is that Karin Porter of the Fish Shack (the restaurant, not the fish shack) in Dock Square is serving oysters along with a signature Motif No.1 Day cocktail to kick off the weekend’s pahtying in downtown Rockport in front of the Motif No. 1 Day festival on Saturday. Rockporters and assorted other types are eating raw mollusks in celebration of Motif No.1, Rockport’s famous fishing shack.

Motif No.1 is so famous that it has a festival dedicated to celebrating every inch of its surface, documented down to the last buoy and nail hole. It’s like Cape Ann’s very own Kardashian; we know everything about it and we still can’t get enough.

Come on down to Dock Square, eat oysters and lobster rolls, listen to music and generally party like it’s M1D:2015 this weekend! Because it is!

Motif No.1 for the win!


Rockport Local Food Forum

Well, it’s been a while since I posted. But in the meantime, Nichole Shrafft and others have been killin’ it in the representing Rockport department, so that’s been awesome. A whole bunch of stuff is coming up, so I wanted to pass along some information, starting with a local Food Forum in Rockport scheduled for next Thursday night. We can all get together and figure out the answers to some pressing food-related issues. There’s an anonymous survey too, in case you want to make your thoughts known and submit any questions to the panelists. Click HERE for the survey.

Feel free to share the poster
Feel free to share the poster

Helpful or Hells No? Dining out Debate.

I’ve been thinking about this for years…as it is something that I’m conscious of and pretty particular about each and every time we go out to eat….especially with the kids.  So, here’s the question…  Do you clean up the table to help out your waiter or waitress or do you leave it as is?  Or does it depend on the degree of the mess?

I’m a big fan of doing what I can to make order of the mess.  I am admittedly more than a bit obsessive compulsive, so it is probably 60% because I feel like I honestly should and 40% because I can’t bear to not do it.

I’m a big fan of wiping down the table, stacking plates, placing silverware neatly on one dish….and even scraping leftover food onto one dish so that the wait staff doesn’t have to scrape each individual plate.  I’ve been told that I go too far on more than one occasion.

I should also add that with a very brief exception (one summer vacation), I’ve never worked in a restaurant so it isn’t out of any kind of kinship…I think of it rather as common courtesy.

On that note, when the boys were smaller…and hence messier, I was known to pick up the debris that lay like shrapnel all over the floor after the breakfast battle of pancakes and scrambled eggs.  How could I not?  But I can still hear my friend’s voice saying, “Could you please stop doing that?” as I was under a high chair picking up scraps of rejected food.

So, by the end of a fantastic evening at the Studio the other night our table was covered with no fewer than 25 dishes.  With three adults and four children..with pretty refined palates…we managed to knock down one salad, one bowl of chowder, one pizza, one fish and chips, one order of edamame, one order of chicken dumplings, six platters of sushi (don’t forget the 4 little bowls of soy sauce), four desserts (might I add those were a lovely surprise, on the house, delivered by the manager especially for the kids), tons of silverware, and a bunch of glasses.

Even with well-behaved kids who are old enough to not make any extra or over-the-top kinds of messes, the table was an absolute disaster.  I could never, in a million years, have felt ok about simply sitting there as things were cleaned up around me.  I made a meek attempt to stack, straighten, consolidate, and wipe….while simultaneously being told nicely to leave it alone by our waiter.  It is worth mentioning that the same waiter and a co-worker of his shooed me away repeatedly as I tried to help clean up the chocolate milk that Finn had spilled on the floor.  OK….I realize I just said that the kids are old enough to not make any extra or over-the-top messes….but, that was a total accident and it was a really big glass compared to his little hands!  Bygones.  In case the picture isn’t painted well enough….allow me to make it clearer….that is a FANTASTIC staff over there at the Studio.  But, I digress.

What’s your Modus Operandi when it comes to post dining dish etiquette?  I’d really like to know.  Anyone in the restaurant business care to chime in also?

Image 3

Calling All Chefs!

I don’t know much about the restaurant business, but I’m guessing that it isn’t common practice to “copy” items from other restaurants’ menus.  That having been said, could someone PLEASE add this to their menu on Cape Ann?

We had an early dinner at the Brant Point Grill at the White Elephant on Nantucket and I could have eaten 10 of these!  So unbelievably delicious!

Creamy Ricotta Cheese, Asparagus, Honeycomb, Almonds, and Quinoa
Creamy Ricotta Cheese, Asparagus, Honeycomb, Almonds, and Quinoa

The White Elephant, Nantucket


Did You Know? (National Sushi Day)

madfish grille_hungry yet

That June 18th is National Sushi Day?  There is no other place to be on June 18th than Madfish Wharf for their amazing sushi.  But you don’t have to wait until the 18th.  Go to Madfish Grille any time (Tuesday through Sunday) for lunch or dinner of the best sushi you’ve ever had.  Check out Sushi Chef Jordan holding a tray of his amazing surf and turf with steak and lobster. 

Sushi not your thing?  I went a couple of nights ago and being a perpetual seeker of the perfect burger, I had to try their’s and I have to say, it was possibly the best burger I’ve ever had.  Perfectly charbroiled and dripping with cheese and carmelized bacon and onions.  And doesn’t that softshell crab sandwich look amazing?

E.J. Lefavour

The News from Madfish Wharf

Well the time is here, in spite of recent frosty days and nights.  A new season is upon us and lots of great things are planned this year on Madfish Wharf, starting this Thursday.  Have you been salivating for some of Jordan’s amazing sushi or other tasty fare from Madfish Grille?  Well you’re in for a big surprise.  The Madfish has been majorly spruced up and redecorated with some amazing work by Ben McAdam, in addition to an expanded sushi bar.  They are opening this Thursday, May 16th, so come on by and satisfy your tastebuds.

madfish opening

Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester will be opening for the season on Thursday as well, so come by and check out all the great new work by Joey C. and GMG contributors Donna Ardizonni, Fr. Green, Craig Kimberly, Kim Smith and Paul Morrison, as well as Deb Schradieck, Judith Monteferrante, Roger Salisbury and your’s truly.  We will be having a Grand Opening Mug Up on Sunday, May 26th.  Mark your calendars now so you don’t miss it.

khan studio 2013

Aquatro Gallery sneak preview.  Gigi Mederos and Stevie Black are back and they are taking no prisoners.  This year, look for Aquatro at Gallery 4 (next door, where Wendie Demuth Photography was the past two years).  In addition to Gigi’s and Stevie’s work, they will also be carrying Ben McAdam, Mary Bowles, Bella & Me, to name just a few.  Do not miss.


Carol McKenna has taken the plunge and opened her own gallery in the red barn which was previously Sigrid Olsen’s Isla.  Carol is having her opening on Saturday, May 25th from 5:00-8:00pm, so mark your calendar now for her champagne and chocolate opening.

carol mckenna opening

Since Carol has decided to open her own space, she is looking for someone to take her guest artist space at Khan Studio July 27-August 9 (super prime time).  If you are interested in taking this exhibit time, email me at

guest artist space 2013

Caroline Kwas is back with her Intimate Landscapes Gallery at G4 and is now open.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Rocky Neck this year.  And on your way to Madfish Wharf, don’t miss all the other galleries that are now open on Rocky Neck, and get yourself some yummy ice cream at Kiss on the Neck.

E.J. Lefavour

Sailor Stan’s – A Very Cool Place for Breakfast

sailor stans

In case you didn’t know, Sailor Stan’s is open for breakfast Saturday and Sunday mornings from 7:30 until 11:30-12:00.  As season starts coming in, they will be open more mornings.  Sailor Stan’s is one of the coolest most colorful artsy spots on Cape Ann, which always reminds me of Key West.  Karen and Wayne are the nicest people, and will cook you a special breakfast treat.  Wayne has a great display of his bold paintings on display, so your eyes as well as your mouth will be busy.

E.J. Lefavour

Lunch at Willow Rest

willow rest

Everything they serve at Willow Rest is fresh and delicious.  I went for their cheeseburger, my favorite.  Friend Chris got the Cuban, and my mom got the best BLT she’s ever had in her 80+ years.  Even our beloved Mayor loves to scoot over there from City Hall for lunch. 

If you haven’t been to Willow Rest lately for breakfast or lunch, or to pick up some of their fresh baked goods, veggies or other goodies, stop in and enjoy.

E.J. Lefavour

Going Vegan


(vegan pizza recipes here)

Last night Mike and I watched Vegucated on Netflix. It’s an eye opening movie, and not for the weak stomach.  Vegucated follows 3 New Yorkers as they experiment with a vegan diet. Not only does it focus on the health benefits, but also the impact the demand for meat and dairy has on animals and the environment.

Most of the movie is pretty censored, but there are some pretty awful parts… like when they show male chicks being ground alive, simply because they are male and won’t produce eggs. Pretty disturbing how animals are treated on today’s farms in order to keep up with American consumption and the impact these animals have on our environment.

I always thought veganism was for the crazy hippie lady, but now I have a different view.

I don’t think I will ever be fully vegan, I love cheeses, eggs, meat and fish. And there’s nothing like a gooey cheesy pizza or bacon and eggs. But, I do think there are ways to make more responsible choices. Knowing where my food comes from, how the animals treated and simply by consuming less. I plan on adding much more fruits and vegetables to my diet, and researching more ethical meat and dairy sources.

This may be a controversial topic, as we do live in a huge fishing community. And this isn’t the first vegan GMG post, but I am interested in your thoughts. Are you vegan? Have you seen the movie or other similar movies? What restaurants in the area offer vegan menu options?  Where do you shop for vegan foods?

Restaurants/Stores feel free to post a link to your vegan options. Local farms tell us what you do differently…


GMG New Year’s Eve Restaurant Round-Up

Here are the submissions from local joints that have sent me stuff-

If your restaurant isn’t represented here send in your submissions and I’ll add it in.



New Years Eve & Day @ The Topside

Topside jpeg

Still no plans for New Years Eve? Come join us at The Topside Grill! No expensive covers or outrageous mark up’s. Dinner features Roast Duck Ala Orange, Broiled Filet Mignon, Pork Scalopini Ala Oscar, Shrimp Vieste, Salmon with Mango Salsa, Pork Chops Vinegarette, & Yellow Fin Tuna with Lobster Risotto. Plus many more options off of our very special New Years menu!!

john jerome

Don’t have a million bucks this year to drop on New Year’s Eve? Ring in the New Year at The Topside Grill!

Join us for our annual New Year’s Eve Celebration. Monday December 31st at The Topside Grill

Complimentary Champagne Toast at Midnight!

Wonderful live entertainment featuring The John Jerome Band starting at 9:00pm.

Make your reservations now to hold an amazing table. (978) 281-1399
We will be serving New Years Day Brunch on Tuesday!

Roast Leg of Spring Lamb, Monte Cristo Sandwich, Spanish egg Frittata

Topside’s famous Huevos Rancheros, ,Egg, Cheese & Sausage Omelette

Corned Beef Hash, Asparagus & Cheddar Quiche, Eggs Benedict, Kahlua French Toast

Mimosa’s & Bloody Mary’s!!!

  Ring in the New Year at The Franklin Cape Ann!

Join us for our 12th Annual

New Year’s Eve Celebration
Monday December 31st

There will be live jazz with

Billy Novick & Thomas Hebb

We will be accepting all reservations
Call Maria @ 978-283-7888


For The Table…



First Course


Second Course



Entree Course – Choice of…





Dessert Course



gift cards not accepted for special events

Have a Happy and Safe New Year from the Franklin Cape Ann!

Dinner Reservations:

Latitude 43 978-281-3997

Alchemy 978-281-0223

Follow Up- A Note To Restaurant Owners

Following up on my thoughts about service at restaurants and bars for the owners and managers and servers and bartenders-

The point I was trying to make in yesterday’s tirade about the lousy attitude at that particular restaurant was that it behooves everyone to do with that establishment to engage your patrons.

I completely understand if the place is mobbed and your staff is doing everything in their power to get people their food or drink that they shouldn’t be expected to have a full on conversation with every customers.  I get it believe me.  If you’ve read this blog for any amount of time at all you know how often I eat out and like to sing the praises of the awesome restaurants we have here locally.  But even if you’re mobbed you should still be able to afford a smile or gesture of acknowledgment.

There are coffee shops like George’s, Sugar Mag’s and Fort Square Cafe that even when they are full on balls to the walls (I use these places as examples because they are usually very busy and for good reason) the owners and/or servers find ways to engage their customers.  It’s an art form.   There are plenty of lunch and dinner joints that perform the customer service thing equally as well.

The thing is that while I know that there are some patrons that no matter how good the service you provide they will break out their calculator and leave exactly 15-20% of their bill regardless of how well they were served or treated.  However I know there are enough people like myself that if you go just a little out of your way to make me feel welcome that tip on a $10 breakfast can easily go to $3 from $2 or in large parties out for dinner when we are all throwing money in toss in an extra $5 or more because they had a great time because they were made to feel special by their server.  Now $3 instead of $2 is 50% more and at the end of the day if you are working for tips and then at the end of the year you add all that up you just gave yourself a huge raise.

That’s all from the server or bartender’s perspective, what about the owners of these restaurants?

If you think I’ll be going back to that restaurant/bar from the other night any time soon you’re crazy.  There truly are way too many great restaurants/bars in Gloucester where the people welcome you even if they don’t know you and at the very least offer a smile when you belly up.  If you’re not insanely busy and can’t offer up a smile you’ve lost me forever, multiply that times every other person like me.

I think it would benefit you as a restaurant/bar owner to go to one of these places and observe how the servers and bartenders interact with their customers- The Farm Bar and Grill, Duckworth’s, Passports, Topside Grille, Lat 43, Ithaki, Stones Pub, Mamie’s Kitchen.  Please don’t take offense if your restaurant isn’t listed here,  there are way more very worthy local restaurant candidates but for the sake of space I’ll just highlight a few of the standouts.

Check them out and then check out how your staff interacts with their customers.  Are your servers doing anything other than the bare minimum to take an order and bring people their food/drink?  Because in as competitive a restaurant scene as we have here in Gloucester if your staff isn’t good enough to offer up a smile then you are losing your share of customers to the places that are.

Look, I get that not everyone, everywhere can be “ON” all the time, but when I’ve been to the same place a couple of times in a row and get the same “I could care less if you’re here or not” attitude, let me tell you, I’m gonna opt out in favor of someplace that wants to take my money.

YOU GOT TO ENTER TO WIN! May Giveaway is underway. Every month gives away gift certificates to some of your favorite restaurants on the North Shore and beyond! The best part about it is….it’s FREE!

Check out the contests in MAY! Good Luck!



Good Morning Gloucester!!!!

I took a bit of a break while we worked day and night to bring you the next big thing in restaurant savings. We mixed this with that, we tried adding a bit of this without that, but it just did not work. Then a lightbulb went off!!!! What if we can sell gift certificates at a discounted price?? Our name does say “U DINE 4 LESS”. So we brought in the brightest minds from across the country, and worked tirelessly into the wee morning hours to finally bring to the dining public ( thats all of you) – GIFT CERTIFICATES 4 LESS!!!! Yes – we have added a program to called Gift Certificates 4 Less, that will allow you to purchase a gift certificate to some of your favorite restaurants at a discounted price. How does this work you ask?

1. Go to

2. look for the “blue” Gift Certificate 4 Less button

Gift Certificates 4 Less Button

3. View the restaurants that are in the program

4. Click the blue button of the restaurant of your choice

5. Purchase a Gift Certificate 4 Less from the comfort of your home or office with your credit card

6. Print the Gift Certificate instantly

7. Enjoy your meal

There are 4 different options:

1. Purchase $25 and you will get $35 which means $10 FREE

2. Purchase $50 and you will get $70 which means $20 FREE

3. Purchase $75 and you will get $105 which means $30 FREE

4. Purchase $100 and you will get $140 which means $40 FREE

We are VERY excited about adding this new program, and would love to hear your feedback and questions. This program is sure to SAVE diners “mucho dinero”, and allow us all to dine at our favorite restaurants once again without breaking the bank.

We will be adding new restaurants to the program on a daily basis – so check back often to enjoy great savings.


Happy Tuesday!!

There are a couple of guys that started a restaurant called the Gloucester Depot that sits across the street from the train station. These guys create great dishes and are two of the nicest guys I have met. I have ordered food here MANY times and used the great coupons that they have offered. Not only do they have three fantastic coupons, but they have specials everyday. One of my favorite days is $4.00 Large Sub night on Tuesday Nights. You can actually get a Large steak tip sub with cheese, peppers and onions toasted for only $4.00. Seriously – how can you beat that!! Below is the specials each week:

MONDAY – Small Cheese Pizza – $3.99

TUESDAY – Any Sub – $4.00

WEDNESDAY – 1/2 Off All Pasta Dishes

SATURDAY – Large Cheese Pizza – $4.99

EVERYDAY – 2 Large Cheese ONLY $10.99