GloucesterCast 4/30/13 With Chamber CEO Robert Heidt

GloucesterCast 4/30/13 With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guest Chamber CEO Robert Heidt

Click to listen- Host Joey Ciaramitaro

Topics Include:
Seaport Grille, Alchemy, The Landing, Calas, Lobster Land, Castle Manor Inn, Ohana, The Franklin, Lat 43, The Patio,, Golf Tourney, Small Business Week, Secretary of Education, Pleasant Surprises, Death Row Sub, Death Row Meal, Free Activities,Contact The Chamber

For More Info On Cape Ann Spring Restaurant week Deals-

2013-04-30 10.19.52

Where Is This?


Fred Bodin ( and I have a problem. We’ve been trying to locate this 30foot high boulder, but we have not yet found it.

You would think that something this large would be hard to miss. Google Earth, drive-by observations and even a few tentative walks in the woods have not revealed its location.  There are, however, a few clues.

Fred has uncovered a letter dated February 26, 1912 from Edwin D.Mellen of Cambridge to Samuel S. Dearborn of Boston which mentions photographs taken in 1891 and refers to the “round boulder at West Gloucester.” He also notes a second photo of a view of the Annisquam that was “taken from in front of the boulder at the edge of the cliff.”

Here is the letter:

nf_001 And here is the second photo:

RoundRockViewwm So seems pretty clear that the large boulder is somewhere on the west side of the Annisquam, perhaps high above Wingaersheek Beach.

Unless someone identifies this landmark soon, Fred and I will have to do the unthinkable: get out of the car and perform a scientific grid search of the entire area. That means exercise.

Please save us from that frightening prospect and share with us any information you have regarding the boulder’s whereabouts. SOMEONE OUT THERE KNOWS WHERE THIS ROCK IS.

All images  © Fredric D Bodin

Showing respect

Since the April 15, 2013 tragedy Rick and I have wanted to go and my our respect.  On Sunday, April 30, 2013 we decided to go down to Boylston Street.  The street was very busy with people also paying their respect and eating and shopping.  Our emotions were very strong, seeing teddy bears, flowers, beautiful poems, shrine, shoes and hats.  Many tears were rolling down my cheeks as well as most visitors.   Kindness and compassion will overcome the evil.

April 28, 2013 a sea of hat April 28, 2013 a sea of yellow ribbons on Boylston April 28, 2013 a shrine of hope April 28, 2013 kind words from such sadness April 28, 2013 Marathon Sports - Copy

The Passing of the Keys

passing of the keys

 Photos by E.J. Lefavour

It is now official.  The closing was at Deb Eliason’s office this morning and RNAC took ownership from Steve and Kathy Archer of the Center at Rocky Neck.  Join us this evening from 6:00-8:00pm for a ribbon-cutting/key-passing ceremony and celebration of this momentous event in the history of Rocky Neck.  A debt of gratitude is owed to Steve and Kathy Archer who made it possible for RNAC to conceive of accomplishing this major undertaking, and to Karen Ristuben and Karen Tibbets, who were the major driving forces behind its becoming a reality.  Kudos to all the RNAC members who have worked so hard this past year to help make this happen.



At Old Sloop Coffeehouse May 4

garnet rogers

May 4 – Garnet Rogers
with Chris Pahud and Seth Connelly
Tickets $16; at door $18, 65 or over: $10, under 18: $5.  Advance tickets can be gotten at, Toad Hall Bookstore, or Gloucester Music.

Garnet Rogers

In a darkened bedroom, lit only be the amber glow from an old floor model radio, two young brothers aged 6 and 12 lay in their beds, listening to the country music broadcasts from the Grand Ol’ Opry, and practiced their harmonies.  Two years later, the youngest one was playing the definitive 8-year-old’s version of “Desolation Row” on his ukulele.  He soon abandoned that instrument to teach himself the flute, violin and guitar.

Within ten years, and barely out of high school, Garnet Rogers was on the road as a full- time working musician with his older brother Stan.  Together they formed what has come to be accepted as one of the most influential acts in North American folk music.

Since then, Garnet Rogers has established himself as “One of the major talents of our time”.  Hailed by the Boston Globe as a “charismatic performer and singer”, Garnet is a man with a powerful physical presence – close to six and a half feet tall – with a voice to match.  With his “smooth, dark baritone” (Washington Post), his incredible range, and his thoughtful, dramatic phrasing, Garnet is widely considered by fans and critics alike to be one of the finest singers anywhere.  His music, like the man himself, is literate, passionate, highly sensitive, and deeply purposeful.  Cinematic in detail, his songs “give expression to the unspoken vocabulary of the heart” (Kitchener Waterloo Record).  An optimist at heart, Garnet sings extraordinary songs about people who are not obvious heroes and of the small victories of the everyday.  As memorable as his songs, his over-the-top humor and lightning-quick wit moves his audience from tears to laughter and back again.

“He mixes the powerful and the gentle and demonstrates his mastery of both…One of the major talents of our time.” – The Boston Globe


Chris Pahud and Seth Connelly

Chris Pahud grew up in Needham Massachusetts and currently resides in Quincy. Chris started playing guitar and singing in the local Boston area around a decade ago.  Chris’s latest CD “Red Sky in Morning” was released in the summer of 2009.  Produced and mastered by Seth Connelly (who will perform with Chris at Old Sloop Coffeehouse), it also includes Seth on bass, piano, mandolin and guitars, Garnet Rogers on guitars and vocals, Youngbloods co-founder Jerry Corbitt on guitars and fretless bass, former Del Fuego percussionist Joe Donnelly, Jr. on drums, Hatrack Gallager on harmonicas, and Steafan Hannigan on whistles, Uilleann pipes, bouzouki and bodhran.

“Chris Pahud sings with all his heart, and his heart is huge. His voice and songs come from such a beautiful place, I smile every time I hear him sing… and witness him doing what comes so natural to him… ” – Mary Gauthier – Lost Highway recording artist

Seth Connelly is highly appreciated and recognized by listeners and musicians alike as a talented singer/songwriter, guitarist, instrumentalist, producer, arranger, teacher and accompanist.  A talented singer and song writer, Seth’s songs move listeners.  He “…realizes that music is the one thing that reaches out to all of us… no matter what language we speak.”

Cape Ann Milkweed Project ~ Last day to order plants

Monarch Butterfly Marsh Milkweed ©Kim Smith 2011

Monarch Butterfly on Marsh Milkweed

Order Your Milkweed Plants Today!

In case you missed the details see Sunday’s Post: Cape Ann Milkweed Project

Tonight I am placing the order for the milkweed plants. Please get your orders in.

Thank you to Everyone participating in the Cape Ann Milkweed Project!!!

Monarch Butterfly Twins ©Kim smith 2011

Newly Emerged Monarch Butterflies.  I called these two butterflies the” Twins,”  because they completed every stage of their life cycle within moments of each other, including pupating and emerging from their chrysalides.

New Music Hitting Gloucester this Week

DENNIS BRENNAN returns for another week with the Woodpeppers at Jalapenos Tonight.  The Woodpeppers are always great but adding Dennis Brennan to the mix is something you don’t want to miss – check out his video below and get over to Jalapenos tonight

FLY AMERO WITH SPECIAL GUEST JOHN HALL at the Rhumbline on Wednesday.  Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see Fly & John.  Who knows if it’ll ever happen again.  The Orleans concert at North Shore Music Theatre last summer was great.  Orleans_gli

LITTLEWOLF  All the way from the great state of Texas!!  Alternate Roots Magazine 2013 Debut Artist of the Year @ Captain Carlo’s – Friday May 3rd.  LITTLEWOLF fashions a unique, dynamic roots/blues/rock explosion: a fusion of Steve Lett’s 35 years of experience and Kristi Clanton’s youthful exuberance.  You have to check them out, Friday at Captain Carlo’s 

LOIS LANE & THE DAILY PLANETS  at Minglewood on Saturday May 4th.  Lois Lane & the Diaily Planets specializing in classic rock, blues, rhythm and blues (R&B), funk, jazz, rock, soul and pop music, Lois Lane and the Daily Planets are sure to satisfy even the most demanding audiences!  Check out the video

There is so much great music happening on Cape Ann that there is no reason you are not out enjoying some great music.  See the full lineup of music here:

Dennis Brennan is back ~ Jalapenos tonight 7-9 4.30.2013

dennis brennan

Dennis Brennan is back and this is what Dave Brown has to say…


Wednesdays with Fly Amero @ The Rhumb Line~Special Guest: John Hall of Orleans



Surf & Turf Specials!
Wednesdays Only!

Hello everyone!
Wednesday, May 1st
Special Guest:  

Singer/songwriter.  Founding member of the classic American pop group, Orleans and the
famous 1970s “No Nukes” campaign.  Former U.S. Congressman and State Representative,
D-19, NY.  Current touring member of Orleans.
This week: A piece of American pop culture history… the legendary JOHN HALL!  As many
of you know, John has rejoined Orleans since the passing of Larry Hoppen last July.  Leading
into our 2013 summer tour, we have a number of isolated dates coming up around the country
– one of which happens to be a private performance in Watertown, MA on May 2.  John asked
if he could come in a day early so the two of us could do some songwriting.  I said yes – and
would you like to be my musical guest at the Rhumb Line?  So, here we are.  Please do not miss
this unexpected event.  Who knows if it’ll ever again ? ?  ~ Fly
Dinner with Fly Amero: 8 – 11pm
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Surf & Turf Dinner –
  $11.95 (while they last)
Tenderloin Tips with Grilled Garlic Shrimp!
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
May 8: Allen Estes

May 15: Ron Schrank

Coming soon…
Charlee Bianchini

Looking forward…
…to seeing you there!  🙂 ~ Fly

Artist Work Spaces: EJ


Hi Paul,

Since I now have new digs and a new work space on Rocky Neck, I figured I’d let you see, and share if you want on GMG.  I now am living on Rocky Neck full time at 1 Wonson Street, 2nd floor, right behind Sailor Stan’s.  Deb Clarke and her boyfriend used to live in this same space.  I just adore it, as you can imagine.  If you are in the area, stop by.  I usually have my door open whenever I am home, and the front door to the house is always unlocked.  I’m on the 2nd floor.  I’m going to have a pre-season Cinco de Mayo Mug Up on May 5th, which just happens to be a Sunday.  I hope you can come.  I miss seeing you.  Love, EJ

new studio and view

Community Photos 4/30/13

Plum Cove Beach from Nicole Bogin


Hi Joey-

Having been in Boston near the finish line at the Marathon followed by 2 weeks of offering Reiki (Energy Healing) to 50+ people, I was in need of a respite. A walk in the beautiful, peaceful woods of Gloucester provided just that; soothing the mind, nurturing the body and uplifting the spirit… for which I am most grateful. A wonderful place to embrace and celebrate ‘Earth Day.’ Enjoy the photo!  ~ Karen Pischke

Folly Cove Sunset Photo By Anthony Marks


Do not forget to Vote Today

It is a privilege to vote.

Polls will remain open until 8 p.m. today in the special primary elections in the race for Massachusetts’ U.S. Senate seat formerly held by John Kerry.

Polling places across Cape Ann are as follows:


:Ward 1, Precinct 1: East Gloucester Elementary School, 8 Davis St. Extension.

Ward 1, Precinct 2: Veterans’ Memorial School, 11 Webster St.

Ward 2, Precincts 1 & 2: Our Lady of Good Voyage Church youth center, 140 Prospect St.

Ward 3, Precinct 1: Veterans’ Center, 12 Emerson Ave.

Ward 3, Precinct 2: First Baptist Church, 38 Gloucester Ave.

Ward 4, Precinct 1: Beeman Memorial School, 138 Cherry St.

Ward 4, Precinct 2: Lanesville Community Center, Vulcan Street, Lanesville.

Ward 5, Precinct 1: Magnolia Library Center, 1 Lexington Ave.

Ward 5, Precinct 2: West Parish Elementary School, 10 Concord St.


:Precinct 1: Pigeon Cove Circle, 8 Breakwater Ave.

Precinct 2: St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, 24 Broadway.

Precinct 3: Rockport Elementary School, 24 Jerden’s Lane.


Manchester Memorial School, 43 Lincoln St.


Essex Fire Station, 24 Martin St.