Niles Pond and Braces Cove From Larry Davis

Hi Joey,

You have had a number of posts about the strip of land separating Niles Pond and Braces Cove.  In the late 50s, we could (and did) drive cars over that strip of land from Braces to the road in back of Gonzaga (or Blighty’s Estate as it was known as then).  It was no problem.  There was a dirt road that was easily navigated as long as no one decided to come over from the other side at the same time.  You could also drive down to Braces Cove from the Back Shore where there is just a foot path now.

GMG is a nice connection to what will always be home for us that are lucky enough to spend our retirement winters in Florida.  Keep up the good work.

Larry Davis

Resilience of People Who Live Near the Sea

Lido Beach and Long Beach are communities on one of the barrier islands on Long Island’s south shore in Nassau County, NY.  They were devastated by super storm Sandy last October. Property damage was extensive, businesses were destroyed and disrupted and some island residents,more than four months after the storm, are still living in public shelters. Relief agencies such as  All Hands Volunteers are still hard at work helping to restore and rebuild the area.

Barbara and I spent the weekend visiting my sister whose home was substantially damaged by the storm. We were awed by the extent of the damage to the community, but more impressed by the resilience of the local residents. They, understanding the dangers, have chosen to live by the sea and have directed their energy to rebuilding and restoring what the have lost.



Much of the beach was lost to Sandy, but surfers and dreamers still visit on a  late Winter day.

DSCF1562The world famous Long Beach boardwalk was destroyed by Sandy. Here, the new boardwalk is under construction.


And, always, music.

P1030863 Al Hands volunteers, including Karen Sherman and Brian Luster (R), prepare to enter a mold filled home in Long Beach.

Comet Panstarrs this month

This week and until the end of March if you get an unobstructed view of sunset you may be able to pick out Comet Panstarrs. panstarrsAs comets go this one is not going to blow your socks off but don’t you want to be able to say you saw Panstarrs? It will not be back for 100 million years so this may be your only chance.

Panstarrs is just a warmup for Comet ISON which should be brightening Cape Ann skies in late October. ISON is a “sun grazer” which will do a sharp button hook around the sun. If her water laden self boils furiously the resulting tail may outshine the moon.

So get some comet viewing practice this month and click the link for Lanes Cove web cam. If the sky is cloudless right before sunset get on down there next to the fish shack and bring your binocs.  Rubber Duck might be there.

Rubber Duck in Lanes Cove

Q and A with novelist JoeAnn Hart

JoeAnn will be reading from her recently published novel Float tonight, Tuesday, March 12th, at 7pm, at Toad Hall Bookstore in Rockport.

JoeAnn Hart Garden -1 ©Kim Smith 2013

There’s a Maine town in Float that is suspiciously like Gloucester, Ma. Is Gloucester your model?

JAH: Gloucester is the inspiration for Port Ellery, Maine, but not the model. Float is fiction, so I needed more leeway with geography and temperament than a real city could offer. As I was writing Float I had an wholly imagined city in my head, but I was not above borrowing bits and pieces from Gloucester on an as-needed basis.

Such as the fish dehydration plant? Seacrest Ocean Products in Float has more than a passing resemblance to a company in Gloucester. 

JAH: When I first came to Cape Ann in 1979, the old dehyde plant was still in East Gloucester, and the smell as you drove up over the hill from the intersection at 128 and Bass Avenue … well, it was quite the pungent introduction to my new home. Now Neptune’s Harvest in the Fort transforms fish waste — the 70% of a fish that remains after filleting — into amazing fertilizer and there’s barely a smell. Who could not be inspired by that?

Parts of Float have to do with the relationship individuals have with the sea. What is yours? 

JAH: For a long time I wasn’t a water person. I took my kids to the beach, but other than that, I didn’t like to get wet, and I really didn’t like being on a sailboat, what with people yelling and booms swinging. Then, after watching the International Dory races off Niles Beach, I fell in love with wooden rowing dories. I bought one of the Committee’s old practice boats, named her “Doreen,” and after a rather brutal learning curve with my rowing partner, managed to get the boat to move across the water. It was both exercise and relaxation, and I learned to appreciate the wonders of the sea. The best is when a seal pops up to see what we’re up to, like a visitor from another world. “Doreen” finally died a couple of years ago, but as a dues-paying member of the Dory Committee, I’ll take one of their practice dories out for a spin around the harbor now and then. Gloucester Maritime usually has one or two for members to take out as well.

What’s with all the animals? The ferret, for instance. What is a ferret doing in Float

JAH: There are always animals in my work, because there are always animals in my life. We have the usual cats and dogs, but we take in rescue livestock too, so we have donkeys (from Save Your Ass Rescue), chickens, a goat and a pig. Over the years, the children have brought home more animals than I can list, including finches, hamsters, and rabbits. Many rabbits. One year, my son brought home a pair of ferrets, and they turned out to be both smart and personable. They pretty much ran free in my son’s room, so I’d open up a sock drawer and there they’d be, curled up in a ball. They loved people and were as clever as chimps, but they smelled terrible. Worse than any dehyde plant. So when my son went off to college, they went too. I placed them with another male teenager, a species apparently immune to smells, but I missed them. So I brought a ferret back in Float, and named him Fingers.

When you sit down at your desk to write, what do you look out at?

JAH: I used to work in the guest bedroom where the family couldn’t find me. It was quiet, but it looked out onto a messy woodpile. Now that the kids have left the nest, I’ve moved my office into one of their bedrooms, with a distant view of the harbor. It’s beautiful, but I have to keep the curtains closed most of the time or else I’d never get any work done. I’d just be daydreaming all day, watching the boats go by.

JoeAnn Hart Garden -3 ©Kim Smith 2013

Snapshots from JoeAnn’s magical garden–just to get us in the mood for delicious warm weather. Throughout the summer JoeAnn and Gordon welcome me to their gorgeous gardens – sometimes I am there filming for hours. Thank you JoeAnn and Gordon for your always gracious hospitality.

JoeAnn Hart Garden ©Kim Smith 2013

JoeAnn Hart Garden -2 ©Kim Smith 2013

JoeAnn Hart Garden -4 ©Kim Smith 2013

Tonight – Dine at Jalapenos and support Y TEEN NOLA TRIP

Rick Doucette writes-

Howdy folks!

I hope you’ll please consider joining us for a dinner tonight to help some great local teens defray their expense of travelling to New Orleans in April to help rebuild!

If you can’t make it, please help spread the word….WORKING TOGETHER FOR STRONGER COMMUNITY!

Health & prosperity,




Wednesday’s with Fly Amero~Special Guests John Rockwell and Robert Brown

Surf & Turf Specials!
Wednesdays Only!Hello everyone!
Wednesday, March 13th
Special Guest: JOHN ROCKWELL!
Photo by Louise
Along with his amazing vocal skills and musical talents, John
brings friend and bandmate, Robert Brown to this week’s
Rhumb Line stage.  Do not miss! ~ Fly
Dinner with Fly Amero: 8 – 11pm
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Surf & Turf Dinner –  $11.95 (while they last)
Tenderloin Tips with Grilled Garlic Shrimp!
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
3/20: Chick & Ellen

3/27: Jon Butcher

NOTE: Charlee Bianchini has been
rescheduled from April 3 to May 1

Looking forward…
…to seeing you there!  🙂 ~ Fly

GMG FOB In Oahu Seeks Owner Od GLOSTA Plate In Oahu

Aloha Joey,

For the last couple of years I have been spending the spring/fall in Gloucester and the summer/winter on Oahu (though I always come back annually though the times are sporadic)where I have been hiding since I left Gloucester in ’75 J

I was going to a function @ a client’s office this past Friday when I pulled up to park and lo & behold in front of me is a vehicle with Hawaii plates that say “Glosta”….also had military stickers on there as well! I left my business card on the windshield wiper but have not got a call back! It was more out of curiousity but was hoping to hear from someone!!! If you post in the blog if anyone knows who it may belong to, I’d grateful though because I’ve been gone so long, I wouldn’t have a clue who it is! (I lived summers near Long Beach thru High School and then year round til I left in 11/75)…still have the house in Long Beach though my sis & hubby live there year round!

Your blog is the bomb and is a part of my daily routine!!!!


Business Development

Anticipated St. Joseph Feast at Sista Felicia’s


The feast of St. Joseph isn’t until the 19th, but the celebrations are getting started!  Felicia’s St. Joseph Altar was the first one I have blessed this year, and I was very happy to join the family and friends for a magnificent feast yesterday.


The fish was wonderful, and came in many varieties!


They made literally piles of home-made pasta for the occasion.


Fish was just half of the story; there was a variety of salad and antipasto.

And, of course, there were desserts! I particularly liked these nacho-style cannoli!


And of course, Joey was there with is family, along with several other members of the GMG team.  Thanks again, Joey, for inviting me to be a part of the GMG family!


Fr. Matthew Green

We’ve Got Balls. Dodgeballs That Is… Come To The Dodgeball Harlem Shake Taping/Registration Party At The Farm Wednesday Night!

The GMG/ Farm Bar and Grille 3rd Annual Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament.  This Year having outgrown the capacity of The Farm Bar and Grille and being Held At Camp Spindrift This Saturday at Camp Spindrift

All the info can be found at the event Facebook page (you don’t have to have Facebook to view it)-

Click here to follow along with the Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Facebook Page –

Dodgeballers and Friends of Dodgeballers Don’t Forget to Come To The Farm Wednesday Night To Pick Up Your Dry- Fit Technical T-Shirts and Registrations Bring Your Uniforms for Approval and Get In The Harlem Shake Video we’ll be taping Wednesday night!

The event itself will be held at YMCA Camp Spindrift in West Gloucester. They have an ideal facility to accommodate this event as it grows. Parking will be at nearby Wingarsheek Beach and there will be a shuttle between the parking lot and Camp Spindrift.

On Wednesday, March 13th at 7pm there will be a COMPETITOR’S PRE-EVENT MEETING at the Farm Bar & Grille in Essex, MA (233 Western Ave). The purpose of this meeting will be to give the athletes their tshirts and wristbands, as well as go over the rules of play and verify athletes’ age and make sure swimwear is all legal. At least one person from each team should be present. The idea here is to make everything run smoothly on the day of the event.

The Farm Bar & Grille and Good Morning Gloucester together with YMCA Camp Spindrift present the 3rd annual outdoor bikini/speedo dodgeball tournament to benefit Next Step, a charity that provides aid to children and young adults with life threatening illnesses (

Community Stuff 3/11/13

Pigeon Cove Circle Luncheon Meeting at The Gloucester House

The Pigeon Cove Circle’s annual luncheon meeting will take place on Tuesday, May 21 at The Gloucester House at 12 Noon.

The guest speaker will be Sefatia Romeo Theken, Community Health Liaison at Addison Gilbert Hospital, who will speak on health insurance issues.

Those attending will be able to order from the menu, separate checks will be provided. Please RSVP Carolyn at 978-546-3223.

The Pigeon Cove Circle is a civic organization made-up of men and women throughout Cape Ann.  During the year a variety of

holiday fund-raisers, bake sales are held.  The Cove Circle also has a large event hall that is available for rental for parties and other occasions.   Monies from these events are used for community purposes such as scholarships, etc.   The group meets monthly on the last Thursday of the month at 6 p.m. with a pot luck buffet dinner.   Guests are always welcome at no fee or pre-registration.

New members are always welcome.  

March is Seafood Month at Maritime Gloucester!

“All great change in America begins at the dinner table.” Ronald Reagan. 

Seafood Month is brought to you by the good folks at Turner’s Seafood.

March 14th: “Trawl to Table: Understanding Today’s Groundfisheries”

with Jen Levin, Gulf of Maine Research Institute and a representative from Northeast Seafood Coalition

An eye-opening discussion of commercial ground fishing methods, gear technologies, seafood transport, and the evolving seafood needs of discerning markets.

March 21st: “Sustainable Seafood Choices”

with: Allison McHale, NOAA Fish Watch; and Heather Tausig, New England Aquarium’s Ocean Friendly Seafood Program

Sustainable seafood purchases are easier to make, thanks to these two consumer-oriented programs. A must for anyone who cares about our oceans’ renewable resources and wants to know more about sustainable seafood guides.

March 28th: “Fish, Fraud, and Forensics”

with: Beth Daley, Boston Globe; Ross Lane and Dan D’Ambruoso, Special Agents with NOAA Office of Law Enforcement

The lead reporter on the Globe’s seafood fraud investigative team, and NOAA inspection/enforcement agents, will describe this emerging concern and what measures are being taken to address it. 

All events are free and open to the public. Seating is limited, so please arrive early.

When: 7:00 pm

Where:  Gorton’s Gallery

             Maritime Gloucester

23 Harbor Loop, Gloucester