Happy Easter Happy Spring #GloucesterMA

What’s it like here today? A bright and chilly Sunday, about 39°, meant hats and warmer coats for daybreak walkers. Gig rowers were pulling a fast clip in the harbor. Shorebirds and tracks were absent from the beach. Seagulls and robins were in the streets thanks to a night of heavy rains flooding out earthworms.

Let’s go Celtics! Celtics Easter pops from Nichols


Thank you Jackie, Peggy, and Mystery Friend for sharing your beautiful egg photos.


Winter egg landscapes and natural chix eggs from Jackie.

Peggy writes, “While on tour with the VT Symphony many summers ago, my host presented these to me as a breakfast option. Quail? (I chose granola…)”

Mystery Friend’s Pavilion Beach – #coronavirusinspired eggs.




Church bells ringing from the Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church on this beautiful Easter morning. You can very faintly hear Our Lady of Good Voyage from where I was standing (I think it’s Our Lady’s bells). Perhaps I should have tried to record between the two churches. Anyway, a handful of people had gathered outside the UUChurch and it was sweet when everyone clapped at the end. Happy Easter, Happy Passover  


I’d like to write Happy Easter and Happy Passover but I think this spring of the coronavirus pandemic is for far too many of us the furthest from happiness that there is. Instead I’d rather think about eggs. Our granddaughter had the best time coloring Easter eggs last weekend (and all the fun made her suddenly love eating hard boiled eggs 🙂 ). It was her little two-year-old self first time and she adored every moment. Imagine children the world over decorating Easter eggs. The egg is a universal symbol of new life, fertility, purity, faith, and hope. We can fight this coronavirus thing with faith and the hope for better days to come (and of course the mandated protocols).

I took some snapshots of eggs from around our home. We don’t have many Easter decorations but the ones we do have I treasure. They include eggs covered in origami paper that we made when the kids were little. A decorated ostrich egg found in a junk store. And a bowl of small speckled stones that I have been collecting from the beach because they remind me of shorebird eggs.

Send us your egg photo tonight and tomorrow and I will post them Easter Sunday night. Any egg photo you like. Thank you.

Photos can be added in the comment section or sent to kimsmithdesigns@hotmail.com.

Ostrich egg vs. chicken egg

Don’t you love the the beautiful ovoid shapes and myriad colors of creature’s eggs?

Love the bits of colorful yarn woven into this Robin’s nest photo taken at Michelle Del Vecchio’s home

Catbird egg 

Kildeer eggs

Piping Plover Eggs

Union Congregational Church, Magnolia joins bell ringing in unison Easter Sunday at 10am

Susan Dalton shares a vintage postcard image and message from Magnolia that



Dierdre Savage’s message of the bells was shared. Pastor Abram Kielsmeir-Jones confirmed that the Union Congregational Church, Magnolia will particpate in the bell ringing event 10AM Easter Sunday.

Like Dierdre, Susan explains that she’s originally from New York and “wanted to mention that Magnolia’s Union Congregational Church was missing from the group of photos on your GMG Post.” She lives near that “sweet church” which completed a “recent re-shingling project on their vestry.” Thank you, Susan, for this happy update which also gives me a chance to underscore that the first post included some places of worship in Gloucester, not all. Enjoy photographs of a few more below.

Look forward to hearing the ringing of the bells which is an international effort now. “Tuscany and beyond!”


Church Bells ringing in unison Easter Sunday at 10AM – please share

A lovely message and clarion request from Dierdre Savage, a Gloucester resident who grew up in New York City:

“Sitting in my too quiet home in Gloucester at 10AM last Sunday morning I was struck and comforted by the sound of church bells coming from up the street. Sure, there would be no usual gathering, but the bells rang. I felt an eerie sense of calm, as if it was a regular Sunday. 

Later the same morning, I live-streamed Mass being held in a small chapel at the Church of St. Ignatius Loyola in NYC. 

The endless sound of sirens coming from outside could not be missed. It was utterly heartbreaking.

Here’s a thought – lets get all the church bells in Gloucester – and beyond – ringing in unison on Easter Sunday morning. If you agree — please share this request far and wide.” – Dierdre Savage, Gloucester, Ma


Please consider asking your churches to participate. People across the country have already responded saying their churches are in on the idea — bells will ring across the country on Easter Sunday at 10AM!


  • various places of worship, Gloucester, MA — and City Hall bell tower 🙂 – click individual photos twice to enlarge to full size (or pinch-zoom)
  • Manny photographed the bells CLOSE UP at Our Lady here
  • Our Lady 1924 photo Fred Bodin here


At Sherry’s Corner Cafe, cute Easter gifts

Sherry’s Corner Cafe


Tired of buying the same old boring Easter chocolate from the supermarket? Maybe this year you don’t want to or can’t make it to the market! Spice up your Easter basket this year with our personalized chocolate eggs made in store by own our Kristen!!

They can be made with either milk or white chocolate and can be personalized with a name.

The best part is everything is edible, including the grass, so Peter Cotton Tail approves!

Each is $14 and we will be taking orders until April 9th, 2020!🐣🐰

Leave a message here, direct message me or come to the cafe’ and see our take-out window to place your order!

I can take Venmo and we can deliver!!


I love stopping in to visit Maria and Nina at Caffe Sicilia anytime of the year, but especially during the holidays. The bakery was humming today, with their regular customers as well as regional and international travelers, and their refrigerator brimming over with special Easter orders. Folks are still purchasing raffle tickets for Caffe Sicilia’s giant chocolate egg to benefit children with autism. What a gorgeous day for shopping downtown Gloucester. Happy Easter and Happy Spring! 


Saturday afternoon and Haley is working like mad to fill everyone’s Easter basket. She has so much finesse and makes it all look so easy. I’m a messy cook and would after only a few minutes be covered in chocolate. Not such a bad thing, though.


White Chocolate Turtles


Caramel Choclate Nonpareils

Tendercrop Again

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…. if you haven’t pulled into Tendercrop Farm while driving down Route 1A in Wenham…you’re missing out.  I go in once each week to get some cheese, pears, blueberries, soup, and the absolute best pita chips you’ve ever had!  I’ll often grab a sweet treat for the boys and maybe grab some steak tips or eggs.

Head over now and also check out their adorable Easter decorations and flowers!




Get Crackin’…Egg Hunt Throw Back

Happy, Happy Easter!

I know that I have totally used these photos in another post here on GMG, but they are my all-time favorite Easter photos ever.  This kid kills me.  Finn turned the lovely and charming Rockport Egg Hunt into some crazy rugby inspired grudge match.  When the leader of the egg hunt said, “Ready, set, go” he took off all Ninja Warrior from one end of the field, clear down to the other, and back again.  He slowed down long enough to grab just one little egg.  I have absolutely no idea what was going through his head, but I laugh and laugh every time I see these pics.


Saturday at Virgilios and the shop is packed!

Virgilios beautiful cookie selection for your Easter table ~ Nanci Lee Virgilio Photo

FullSizeRender (49)

The Easter Egg Basket Cookies are going fast!



IMG_2658Nanci Lee Virgilio Photo




Jon Hardy Alexandra Rhinelander Alexandras Bread Kim Smith 2016 copy

I love stopping and shopping at Alexandra’s Bread because of these two! As everyone in the community knows, their bread, scones, and cookies are beyond delicious, but it is Jon and Alexandra’s friendly smiles and congenial chatting that always make the trip a joy.

Happy Easter! Happy Spring!


FullSizeRender (46)Charming kitchen towels

FullSizeRender (45)

Children’s aprons

FullSizeRender (43)I have a thing for aprons, and Alexandra has the best!

FullSizeRender (42)Oil cloth apron


Turtle Alley Kim Smith 2016Turtle Alley -4 Kim Smith 2016.JPGWe’re so fortunate in Gloucester to have not one, but two, F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S chocolatiers. Yesterday I visited Haley Baker at Turtle Alley where they are in full Easter mode. Tomorrow, I’ll be at Nichols Candy House. Shop local for your Easter baskets!





Turtle Alley  -3Kim Smith 2016.JPG

Turtle Alley -2 Kim Smith 2016.JPG