AMAZING front page photo by Paul Bilodeau Gloucester Daily Times!

Detail from Paul Bilodeau full front page photograph for today’s¬†Gloucester Daily Times–¬†Tom Brady New England Patriots holding his daughter after Super Bowl 2019 win.¬†Good day to buy the paper for a great Super Bowl keepsake

detail from paul biodeau super front page photo_Tom Brady-Gloucester Daily Times 2019020 © catherine ryan.jpg


What the MFA said…New England Patriots dominance and Super Bowl 2019 MVP Julian Edelman!

Twitter excerpt from #MuseumBowl 2019 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston vs. J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles 

MuseumBowl 2019 MFA Boston vs J Paul Getty Museum

WILLIAM RIMMER_Flight and Pursuit_ 1872 oil on canvas colllection of Museum of Fine Arts Boton
WILLIAM RIMMER_Flight and Pursuit_ 1872 oil on canvas accessioned 1956 collection of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

(alas Museum Bowl 2019 appears to be bragging rights only, but maybe the Getty will consider shipping the Hare to the MFA, pretty please…)

Former Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett creates children‚Äôs books | Paul Solman PBS Newshour is a must watch great interview!

Paul Solman fantastic interview with charming, smart and inspiring Martellus Bennett-  Making Sense series: After the Game.

His brother Eagles defensive lineman Michael Bennett pops in. Seriously watch it! Great 8 minutes for all ages and families.

PBS Newshour Paul Solman interviews Martellus Bennett Making Sense After the Game aired Jan 2019
Link to interview aired January 31, 2019

“…Since his own retirement last year, Martellus Bennett has hurtled himself into his work at The Imagination Agency, producing an animated series, mobile apps and children’s books about A.J., a character based on his 4-year-old daughter, Austyn Jett Rose…” – Paul Solman PBS NewsHour Making Sense segment


IN the news | Twins on Patriots and just how accurate are DNA tests?

PATSPULPIT.COM.jpgphoto by Rich Hill¬†208 – McCourty (playing in Super Bowl 53) and¬†Hollister twins (Jacob listed injured reserved) I’m LOVING all the McCourty stories!¬† Hollister twins sing, too


Marketplace host Charlsie Agro and sister Carly investigate DNA ancestry kits, and consult with experts at McGill and Yale because the results were mystifying. They¬†purchased AncestryDNA, MyHeritage, 23andMe, FamilyTreeDNA and Living DNA kits. None were accurate, all offer more entertainment rather than science, and may guess at “the continental level” solely.




All Bow Down to the Great Hoodie

The Museum of Fine Arts and J Paul Getty Museum faced off for #MuseumBowl 2019 ahead of the Superbowl for a quick game of twitter trash talk. The MFA served up plenty of fun Patriot hype zingers. The Getty managed a couple retorts. The MFA was bolstered by tremendous support from #PatriotNation New England museums.

MFA barb vs Getty MuseumBowl 2019


t-shirt worthy “I kid you not” from the Davis Museum


I kid you not Davis Museum for the assist Museum Bowl 2019



Don’t miss¬†MFA twitter finale is a Boston Title Town double burn

See more 2019 playback reel


Patriots hype | It’s on! MFA Boston vs the J Paul Getty 3pm today #MuseumBowl twitter showdown

Over the past few years, museums join in the Super Bowl spirit via trash talk on social media accounts. From humorous challenges and clever collection puns it’s morphed into big stake art bets for Super Bowl contenders: Some wins have triggered a museum loan from the losing city’s rival fine arts institution.¬†Yesterday (see below) the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, announced a twitter showdown with the J Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles. Look for #MuseumBowl and @mfaboston and @GettyMuseum. It’s going down at 3pm TODAY, Friday, Feb 1, 2019. I don’t know if there’s a wager but I hope so! It’s great fun no matter what.

The MFA makes good use of their archives dog, Riley.


MFA Boston twitter account Museum Bowl 2019

now theyre cooking

we want the Getty famous painting Hans Hoffman Hare.jpg

Preparing. Working. Believing. Smoke rising since Saturday ūüŹą#GoPats

Admiring some serious tailgating prep by super fans! Smells like a win.


tailgating prep_gloucester patriots gourmet super fans grill brick oven stoking more than a day_6am 2019 january 13_ ©catherine ryan (1)

Meanwhile, we’re at a munchy fare level, and loaded potato skins (thanks Sista Felicia) for the big game 1:05PM Los Angeles Chargers vs New England Patriots. What’s on your menu?

After the battle – Fife and drum parade retreat downtown

Weather held off for the big Reenactment of the 1775 Gloucester Falcon Battle, but the incoming tide kept things moving ahead of schedule. If you missed it Рnot to worry: 1623 Studios (Cape Ann TV) filmed the battle from Beauport Hotel, and there were drones in the air. Fantastic coverage of the event here on GMG: see Bridgette Matthews photos from event here on GMG  and Manny Simoes photos on GMG.

So as not to let the parade pass by, here’s a snippet of fife and drum retreat swinging through downtown after the battle. The officers gave them protection and compliments and timing of Cape Pond Ice truck was kismet.


fife and drum parade downtown After Battle of Gloucester reenactment_20180811_ Gloucester MA

if you missed #Patriots tributes: #MuseumBowl and Amen-dolah Hallelujah

AMENDOLA IS TRENDING- The 2018 #MuseumBowl twitter throwdown between the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and the Philadelphia Museum of Art went down earlier today. Here are a few brags and barbs from the MFA twitter feed MFA Boston MuseumBowl Danny Playoff Amendola will come through


And some counter shades from the Philadelphia Museum of Art (I knew they were going to use the Rubens). Nice touch on that crisco photoshop ūüôā¬† I’ll be happy when that West Benjamin Franklin will be loaned out to the MFA. You can check out the complete humorous battle by searching #MuseumBowl and/or following the museums’ twitter accounts @Philamuseum and @MFABoston. Fun to see the Clark and Davis joining in to side with the MFA. The MFA video of the conservation puppy (and new art world star mascot) tearing apart the eagle chew toy was tough to top. Here’s a link to the round-up:

LOVE that my sons’ teacher shared the Amen-dola “Hallelujah” parody in class today.



Oh that graceful, acrobatic catch! Danny Amen TOE la Continue reading “if you missed #Patriots tributes: #MuseumBowl and Amen-dolah Hallelujah”

Super Bowl #MuseumBowl wager @MFABoston vs @philamuseum

The 2018 #SuperBowl¬†LII winner will trigger a museum loan from the losing city’s rival fine arts institution. If the Patriots win, @philamuseum will lend Benjamin Franklin Drawing Electricity from the Sky¬†by Benjamin West. Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston. The MFA would lend Mrs. James Warren (Mercy Otis)¬†by John Singleton Copley, which the MFA modified for #museumbowl twitter trash talk vs Atlanta.

Super Bowl 52 bet

Philadelphia Museum created a video this year.

When the Patriots win the Eagles might feel more like this woodblock print from the MFA famous prints and drawings collection: **Sad** Eagle on a Pine Branch in the Rain, Isoda Koryusai, ca.1770s, Japanese Edo period, Bigelow collection.

eagle on a pine branch in the rain MFA Japanese Edo period ca1770s Isoda koryusai.jpg

On Friday the two museum twitter accounts will throw down. I wonder which works the MFA will modify this year for the trash talk on twitter, maybe their iconic Copley Paul Revere?

The Philadelphia Museum of Art could doctor their Rubens Prometheus… if so one hopes with the logo, not a player. (And one could argue even still that it’s in the Patriots favor as knowledge of foresight for the win, and Prometheus comes out all right in the end.)

Phil Mus Art Rubens Prometheus W1950-3-1

Last year the MFA did a great job with the Thomas Sully–but hey what about that eagle installed nearby.

Thomas Sully (American (born in England), 1783‚Äď1872)¬†The Passage of the Delaware, 1819, American wing, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

There are a lot of eagles in the MFA collection…Too dark?

homer MFA MacIntyre eagle MFA (2).jpg
Winslow Homer. The Fog Warning. 1885. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. mash up with Samuel McIntyre Eagle ca 1786-89 for cupola at Derby house 70 Washington Street Salem, MFA collection

What would you pick for the MFA #MuseumBowl?

Patriots Out

Finn had a pretty early hockey game in Woburn on Saturday morning and I took advantage of the time in the passenger seat to delete tons of emails.  While scrolling through my inbox, I found an email notification from the Patriots announcing their plans for a Super Bowl send-off party at Gillette stadium.  With some extra time in the car as Finn and Freddy went into the rink to get ready, I decided to book a hotel and surprise the boys with a quick overnight trip to Patriot Place to be a part of the action.

I’m so glad I did.¬† After a really long week the quick family trip was just what we needed.¬† After Thatcher’s Sunday afternoon hockey game we drove to Foxboro.¬† We checked into our room at the Renaissance Boston Patriot Place and the boys were thrilled to see the bright blue sign of Gillette Stadium shining right outside our window.¬† After getting settled, we walked through Patriot Place and down to the NRG Plaza in front of the Pro Shop at the entrance to Gillette.¬† The boys were able to walk up onto the stage that was set for Monday’s festivities and then spent an hour skating on the Winter Skate Ice at Patriot Place.¬† After working up an appetite we had dinner at CBS Scene. Unbelievably, all of Patriot Place was like a ghost town.¬† I had made dinner reservations, but we were one of only a few full tables there.

After dinner we walked back to the hotel and the boys decorated signs to show their Patriot Love.  We were in bed by 11:00 and up at 6:00.  After turning on the news we realized that the crowds were already gathering so we quickly got ready and went back down to the plaza. We scored great standing room directly behind the media pit and enjoyed the show!

The boys were interviewed by both radio and TV news personalities and were psyched to be a part of the excitement.¬† They had the opportunity to hear from several Patriots greats and I hope that, as huge sports’ fans, they’ll look back on yesterday fondly for a while.


EVERY Backyard Needs These!

Spring is here…summer is right around the corner….and, in my humble opinion, every yard needs Cornhole. ¬†And, if you’re going to have a set, why not have a set cooler than your neighbors’?

Really, if you’re being honest, the only question to ask yourself is, “Exactly what do I want painted on mine?”

Should you go with the Team Spirit vibe, school colors, favorite vacation spot, favorite band, monogrammed as a wedding or anniversary gift, totally custom and off the chart? There’s absolutely a blank slate (or two) calling your name!

I recently ordered a set of Dan’s Custom Cornhole Creations with our school logo painted on them. ¬†First of all, they were done so quickly….secondly, they’re awesome. They are going to be such a perfect addition to campus for both the students and the faculty/staff alike. ¬†Friday afternoon Faculty Fun will surely be centered around some friendly games of cornhole in the very near future!

If you own a company and have a logo, you need these. ¬†If you, say…for example…run a pretty successful blog and have¬†oh, I don’t know¬†maybe a seagull for a logo, you need these. ¬†Just saying.

If you are looking for a Father’s Day gift, a house warming gift, or a birthday gift…here you go. ¬†If you have a friend with a sweet yard and want to ensure you score a few invites over the course of the summer, you might want to consider ordering him/her a set. ¬†The possibilities are endless, the beers are cold, the bean bags are waiting to be tossed. ¬†Make the call.

Check out Dan’s Custom Cornhole Creations at his Facebook page HERE

If you’re not on Facebook, absolutely email Dan at

Or call/text Dan @ 508-981-1530

image2 5

Trash talk on twitter: Museum of Fine Arts Boston Patriots vs Atlanta’s High Museum #MuseumBowl plus Smocks and Jocks Fine Art Super Bowl auction

MFA highlight¬†Thomas Sully (American (born in England), 1783‚Äď1872) The Passage of the Delaware, 1819


MFA ¬†John Singleton Copley (American, 1738‚Äď1815) Mrs James Warren¬†(aka Mercy Otis-Patriot, writer), ca.1763

High Museum collection: Richard Misrach (American, born 1949) Untitled #892-03 photograph, 2003

Check out the museums’ twitter accounts @mfaboston vs @HighMuseumofArt. For more fine art and football see

Super Bowl weekend super fundraiser: Smocks & Jocks

The National Football League Player’s Association (NFLPA) held the 12th annual ‘Smocks and Jocks’ Fine Art Auction and Jazz Brunch featuring art created by active and former NFL players (and others). The benefit raises money for the Gene Upshaw Player Assistance Fund.

@NFLPA  functional pottery by Chris Cooley @thecooleyzone

“Our players are so many different things…The original thought was to create an opportunity for former players to come to the Super Bowl in a more relaxed atmosphere and to show a different side of the professional athlete by them being able to display their art.”

video below caption: Super Bowl XLVII  (2013) Washington Redskins Andre Collins interview- time stamp at 2:20 pans through 2013 auction items



Ceramic art patterned after Minnesota Lakes by hall of fame¬†Carl Eller–former defensive end Minnesota Viking star– was commissioned for the new Vikings US Bank Stadium.

“Carl Eller provides artwork for new Vikings Stadium” youtube clip below

And for Craig Kimberly –¬†Baron¬†Batch (Bansky of the NFL) and fellow former Steeler teammate John Malecki founded¬†Studio A.M.¬† Gallery in Pittsburgh

Flashback: visiting Clark Museum to see Bierstadt’s Puget Sound¬†on loan from the Seattle Art Museum thanks to the Patriots Super Bowl XLIX win. (If Seattle Seahawks won, Homer’s West Point Prout’s Neck¬†in the Clark would have¬†gone west.)


GloucesterCast 167 Taped Live @CapeAnnTVCATV With Megan Merlin, @KimSmithDesigns, @Eves3, @CraigShoots and Host @Joey_C


GloucesterCast 167 Taped Live at Cape Ann TV With Megan Merlin, Kim Smith, James Eves, Craig Kimberley and Host Joey

podcasticon1 - Copy

subscribebutton - Copy

Topics Include:

Kudos To The Rhumbline For The Excellent Staff and Libations- Now Featuring A Dart Board and Cribbage Night on Monday nights thanks to Kathy Hopkins.

This weekend’s monster storm possibility Is it going to be another winter like last winter- Who Is Excited- Who is Prepared?

Art Haven Buoy Auction & Family Fun Night
Friday, January 22, 2016
Cruiseport Gloucester
Tickets are $10 before the event and $15 at the door. Free admittance for children. Purchase tickets at the Art Haven and Hive locations or online here.
Free admittance for families with children who painted a buoy during buoy painting week. No tickets necessary ‚Äď names will be checked at the door.
Join us for a spirited night of fundraising and family fun to support our organization. The funds that are raised will sustain our efforts to provide our classes free of charge to students from low-income families.
This year, Cape Ann Power Yoga is donating one free class to every individual who buys a buoy!

Challenge the Maine Lobster Trap Tree Building Prisoners To Enter A Team In This Year’s Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament

Free GMG Gloucester Sticker

As long as supplies last if any GMG folks want a bumper sticker but can’t drop down the dock, just send a self addressed and stamped envelope longer then 7 and a half inches and I’ll drop one in the mail for you.

Send the self addressed and stamped envelope to the dock at 95 East Main St Gloucester Ma 01930 care of Joey (put my name in big letters to make sure it gets to me)

Warby Parker Glasses
Hot Librarian Porn Glasses

James Eves awesome Photoshop class!

James’ new pellet stove and gets his pellets at Cape Ann Chimney and Hearth

Craig recommends a window energy sealing product that was easy to install

I’d be most upset if The Rhumbline closed out of every other joint in town

Juni Van Dyke’s ongoing quilt exhibit at the Cape Ann Museum, through February, thirteen quilts and several more to come, free admission to Cape Ann Museum for Cape Ann residents.

‚ÄúFor the Birds‚ÄĚ

Opening January 28th,
Reception January 31st, Sunday from 2 to 4
Chris Leahy Audubon Talk Februarty 11th
Kim Smith talk, February 18th
The Artful Birdhouse, auction February 12th

James Eves Cape Ann Art Rundown

Art Happenings This Month

Cape Ann Museum Offers Free Admission for Cape Ann Residents during January 2016

Gloucester, Three Visions Panel Discussion
For this panel discussion, Jeff Weaver and Don Gorvett will be joined in conversation by Debbie Hagan, arts editor, and Peter Anastas, a local historian and cultural observer. This program is offered in conjunction with the current exhibition Vincent, Weaver, Gorvett: Gloucester, Three Visions (on view through February 28, 2016).

Cape Ann Reads with the Eric Carle Museum
The Eric Carle Museum will be offering workshops for children and adults to kick-off the new Cape Ann Reads initiative. This program will take place at the Cape Ann Museum and is free and open to the public. Space is limited. Reservations are required

Cape Ann Museum Printmaking Workshop (Part I)
A three-part Folly Cove Designer-inspired printmaking workshop at the Cape Ann Museum.
Enjoy three days of close instruction from artists Mary Rhinelander and Victoria Petway as they delve into the world of block printing.

Patriots- Denver Bronco Defender Antonio Smith Has Been spouting off saying that Tom Brady Is a Crybaby and he whines when the refs don’t call a penalty when he gets hit.
I would just like to say in advance “Thank You” to Antonio Smith for giving that little extra motivation and making a Pats victory that much sweeter when Brady picks the Denver Defense apart and gets in their face about it.

Valentine’s Day is upcoming, what are you getting for your sweetheart? plans?


Kim‚Äôs talk for North Shore Horticultural Society (American Legion Hall, 12 Church Street, Manchester) Tuesday, January 26th, (if we don‚Äôt talk about ‚ÄúFor the Birds‚ÄĚ). Open to the public.


GloucesterCast 10/27/13 With Guest Toby Pett and Joey Ciaramitaro


GloucesterCast Podcast Taped 10/27/13 With Guest Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

Topics Include: Controversial Boston Pro Sports Officiating,Sista Felicia Makes It Official, Rotary Trivia Night, Chad Konecky, iPad Air vs Microsoft Surface Pro,Reminder To Vote In Local Elections

Topics Include: Controversial Boston Pro Sports Officiating, Sista Felicia Makes It Official, Rotary Trivia Night, Chad Konecky, iPad Air vs Microsoft Surface Pro, Reminder To Vote In Local Elections