Original, enchanting, and magical, Disney-Pixar’s Coco is an animated film for all ages. Only just released in the U.S during Thanksgiving weekend, Coco has been at the top of the charts in Mexico for over a month. The filmmakers traveled to Mexico during a period of six years to create a beautiful film about a young boy coming of age that is both culturally authentic and deeply moving.

We love the Gloucester Cinema for the friendly staff, convenience, and delightfully comfortable new seats. Without criticizing Gloucester Cinema in any way, Coco is being released in the U.S. with an absurd short featurette, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, as though the only way to see a film set in Mexico is to be force fed a horrendously confusing short film, vaguely about Nordic traditions. After you get over the utter incongruity of the two films paired (or just go late so you don’t have to watch the twenty minute short), sit back and get ready to swept up in the magical world of Miquel and his journey to the Land of the Dead.

Gloucester Cinema is located at 74 Essesx Avenue. For tickets and information, visit their website here.

O’Maley Middle School Performing Arts Production Of Disney’s Beauty and The Beast Jr

I’ll have a bunch of videos and pictures all week long of this incredible performance.  Snoop Maddie Mad and I had a ball.  These kids deserve a ton of recognition for the energy and effort put into this production.

click picture for full sized version of the cast