How To: Take The GMG Sticka To The Next Level- Customizing


Huge thanks as always goes to Beth Swan who designed and Frank Ciolino and Shewsberry who print the official GMG Sticker which we give away free when you send in a self stamped and addressed envelope.


  • Free GMG Gloucester Sticker

    As long as supplies last if any GMG folks want a bumper sticker but can’t drop down the dock, just send a self addressed and stamped envelope longer then 7 and a half inches and I’ll drop one in the mail for you.
    Send the self addressed and stamped envelope to the dock at 95 East Main St Gloucester Ma 01930 care of Joey (put my name in big letters to make sure it gets to me)

Well the move is if you want to take the sticker to a whole new level is to cut an outline of the blue around the edges equidistant all the way around and round off the corners.

It gives The Sticka a totally die cut custom look. 

Send in your stamped and addressed envelope to get a new sticker.  Any self respecting FOB will get in on this.

Three Generations Represent From Fred Bodin

Three Generations Represent

Grandmother Eileen Donovan of Gloucester, Cheryl Baressi and her daughter Elizabeth Hynes (both from Brookline), represented in my gallery today. It astonishes me how nice people are, and are willing to be photographed for my FB and GMG. They leave with the sticka, and they’ll always remember us.

OK, Here It Is- The New GMG Sticka Color Poll

You submitted your nominations for the about to be printed new version of the GMG Sticka.  printed by our FOB’s Shewsberry and Frank Ciolino and designed by Beth Swan, so here’s the poll.

(and there will be no Rubber Duck yellow option)

Shewsberry Has An Idea For The Next Version of The Sticka Color- Ask The Readers For Nominations And Put It To A Vote!

So we are now accepting nominations for colors for the next GMG Sticka!

Enter your idea below in the comments to this post and after tomorrow I will create a poll.

If you don’t see the word comment below this post click the title of this post and then all the sharing options including pinterest, print this, Facebook, twitter, ect should appear.

What color scheme would you like to see?

At Most It can Be Two Colors.  Yellows and the like don’t show up.



Special thanks to GMG logo designer Beth Swan, and our producers Frank Ciolino and Shewsberry

Lisa Freed Represents!

Niles now rides with me….

He may come meet Homey one day.



Joey Edit:

The question I have is how exactly Niles got his name?

Was there an illicit sexual encounter on Niles Beach which led to the demon spawn shown in this picture?  Half Rubber Duck/Half Penguin?  You decide.

Anne and Christopher Lewis Represent! at Yosemite National Park, CA


Anne and Christopher Lewis representing at Nevada falls on the Mist trail, Yosemite Park


Anne Lewis representing at the base of the "California Tunnel Tree" -a Sequoia tree in Mariposa grove, Yosemite. This 1800 year old sequoia is the larger living thing on the planet.


A few other shots from Yosemite:


Drinking a "Capitini" at the Awahnee Hotel, Yosemite after a great hike on the Mirror Lake Trail. The Capitini is named for "El Capitan" – the Vertical wall that has challenged great climbers in the park.


On the 4 mile trail with "Half Dome" in the background. This trail goes up 3000 feet from the valley floor to Glacier Point.


El Capitan

Brooke and Tristan Welty Enjoyed Their Stay In Gloucester


Just wanted to write a note to let you know how much Tristan and I enjoyed our trip. It was perfect! The people in Gloucester were warm and welcoming, the food was amazing and the town is beautiful. It’s a gem. We’re planning on relocating there, hopefully in the fall! I’ve attached a picture of Henry the Aldabra tortoise proudly wearing his GMG sticker, representing the blog here in central PA. 

Brooke and Tristan


Waterfront Earth Day Clean Up Saturday April 21, 2012 and I’m Buyin! Two free T-Shirts and One Free Embroidered GMG Logo Courtesy Paulie Walnuts

For anyone who wants to help clean up down along our docks on east Main street for earth day, I’ll be buying coffee and donuts.  I suggested to Melissa Cox that I’d buy beer and pizza but she told me it might be a little early for that and suggested coffee and donuts.

We will have some water as well and if anyone is still around come noon Saturday April 21, I’ll re-up on the pledge for pizza and beer as well.

Melissa is picking up bags and disposable gloves.  We’re gonna get started at 8AM

95 East Main Street, Captain Joe and Sons

and anyone who shows up will get one of the highly coveted only a handful ever made metallic blue stickas!


Stickas made by FOB’s Frank Ciolino and Shewsberry


Paulie Walnuts donated two embroidered T Shirts and one embroidered GMG Logo Cap to be raffled off for a free drawing chosen from the group of FOB’s who come down and hang with us.  I can guarantee you that our group will be having the most Earth day Fun on Saturday!

There may even be an art rock planted somewhere in our general vicinity that morning!

Thanks so much to Paulie, check oout Paulie’s website here

Lois McNulty Represents! In Inisheer

Hi Joey-

I just got in from Ireland where I spent a fast week with my daughter Nora.

This picture is from Inisheer, one of the Aran Islands off Galway Bay on the west coast.  I thought I was in Gloucester- surrounded by the sea.   Fishing boats, granite everywhere, a bar on every corner, and the NICEST people.  See you soon!

Lois McNulty


My favorite photo of the trip to Peru! From Jackie Ganim DeFalco

Hi Joey,

I’m not sure if you got to use this one, but I just loved the way this Macauw deep in the Sacred Valley wanted to chew up the GMG sticker!  He personally asked me to get noticed on your Blog in Gloucester, so I had to send this in again.  He’s just so colorful, I thought he’d fit in right next to Homie.  I am also sending (in another email) the last GMG shot from Machhu Picchu since after that, I left my sticker with Pedro our guide!

Best, Jackie


GMG arrives overlooking Machhu Picchu, the great Inca city in Peru! Jackie DeFalco, Tracy Moore (Atlanta), and Kari Heerdt (North Carolina) represent!


LOVE IT!!!!!  Thanks Jackie!!!!!