Magnolia to Unveil Memorial Stone Honoring Veterans!

The Magnolia Historical Society Proudly Announces…

Magnolia To Honor Veterans & Servicepersons

May 21st, Saturday at 10:00am

The public is welcomed & encouraged to join in this
poignant ceremony.

Magnolia, Massachusetts — April 25, 2011 — For Immediate Release —
The Magnolia Historical Society is excited to announce an unveiling and ceremony honoring all service branches on May 21st at 10:00 in Knowlton Park in Magnolia – situated along side the Magnolia Firehouse between Fuller & Shore Roads, overlooking Magnolia Harbor. A full military dedication will take place and the unveiling of the memorial stone.  A free reception open to the public will follow immediately with light fare, refreshments and beverages.  
Open to the public, we encourage all to attend, witness the unveiling of the memorial plaque and raising of the newly installed flagpole and flag, wreath laying ceremony, singing of the National Anthem, gun salute, color guard and more.   
This memorable ceremony will include veterans, active servicepersons, dedicated citizens, Gloucester Police & Fire Departments, Sen. Bruce Tarr and more – please be a part!
Seating and facilities will be available throughout the ceremony at the park for convenience.  Please come celebrate and show your appreciation our veterans and servicepersons representing and protecting the United States of America.
For more information contact:
Lisa Ramos, President of the Magnolia Historical Society
978.290.3005 –

Tomorrow Night "Dan Rather Reports" Investigates Fisheries

From Bore Head-

After a six month investigation, Dan Rather Reports will broadcast an in-depth look at the US commercial fishery along the east coast on Tuesday May 17th at 8 p.m. ET.

The report examines charges that NOAA, the agency that oversees the National Marine Fisheries Service, has been over-zealous in its prosecution of those in the fishing community. Fisheries Administrator Eric Schwaab’s responds to the charges.

Included in the report is rarely seen video of a NOAA raid against the Gloucester Seafood Display Auction and details of NOAA’s attempt to shut down the fish warehouse.

Also, the report examines the Asset Forfeiture Fund where fines, many in the hundreds of thousands of dollars against the fishermen, are deposited. The broadcast digs deep into what NOAA used the fund for. For example, it paid for bonuses for NOAA employees. Also, the broadcast documents that hundreds of thousands of fund dollars were spent on NOAA travel. One document shows that the fund paid the expenses of two prosecutors to Kuala Lumpur along with the judge in the case they had just completed. Eric Schwaab responds to these and other uses of the asset forfeiture fund.

Dan Rather Reports has obtained the confidential Inspector General’s report on the shredding of official documents by the head of NOAA’s law enforcement arm during an official investigation. NOAA responds to questions about that and to questions about an audit of the fund.

Community Garden Launched at Burnham’s Field Photos and Captions By John McElhenny

John McElhenny writes-


The Burnham’s Field Community Garden has been officially launched! On Saturday, 25 volunteers laid down geotextile landscaping fabric, built 4’ x 8’ garden boxes, filled wheelbarrows full of compost and raked fine-looking garden plots that’d make a Midwestern farmer proud. Twenty individual garden plots are planned, along with a low fence to protect the garden from critters. Thanks go out to the volunteer gardeners for their energy and awesomeness, the Building Center for donating materials, J. Harrison of The Food Project for his direction, Steve Winslow and the City’s Community Development Department for their support, and Donna Ardizzoni and the One Hour at a Time Gang for sprucing up Burnham’s Field on Saturday morning before the gardeners arrived.

John McElhenny, Allen Street


A truck dumps steaming compost for the community garden at Burnham’s Field. It took 25 volunteers about 2 ½ hours to shovel the compost into 4 x 8’ frames for individual garden plots. Twenty plots are planned.

Community garden - compost

Becky Thompson spreads compost in one of the 4 x 8-foot boxes specially built for the Burnham’s Field community garden. Thompson, who lives right by the field, is one of several Gorton’s employees who’ve volunteered to work in the garden.

Garden - Becky Thompson

Gardeners Barb Collins (left) and Marie Rodriguez fill a wheelbarrow with compost. Rodriguez is part of a group of teachers from St. Ann School who plan to use their garden plot to teach children about growing fresh flowers and vegetables.

Community garden - Barb Collins and Marie Rodriguez

Tim Burnham from the Building Center delivers wood to the garden site. The Building Center generously donated materials for the construction of the community garden.

Community garden - Tim Burnham

Gardener Gina Curcuru spreads compost onto the geotextile fabric beneath the garden. Curcuru is one of the many gardeners who live close to Burnham’s Field and can walk to their plots.

Community garden - Gina Curcuru

Thanks John for getting us the pictures and the rest of the volunteers and folks who donated time, money and energy to make it happen!  You all should be very proud!

Astronomy Photo of the Day

Astronomy Photo of the Day is something I usually try to catch. Stunning photos of galaxies and stuff. Well, APOD has a video for today, May 16 which has a few useful items in it for Gloucester. (Read the paragraph under the video for the non-Gloucester explanation.)

1) At 27 seconds in the setting sun with a green flash. If you have never seen one of these check it out and then the next time you are in Lanes Cove or a decent sunset viewing spot see if you can see the green flash.

2) Clouds as waves crashing into Brace Cove. at one minute and several other places.

3) Star field spinning around the North Star. You don’t have to go to a desert to get this. Go to Halibut Point State Park where the Cape Ann granite shields you from light pollution from Boston and lay on your back. If your cheap point and shoot has the ability to shoot movies in time lapse just fire it up and point it straight up. You will be amazed at the results. A tripod and pointing it at the north star helps but not necessary. You can even capture multiple shooting stars this way.

Click. Then right click and open video in a separate window so you can make it as big as possible. Watch this movie until the sun comes out. Rumor has it the sun may return in June.

Favorite Picture from Twin Lights Half Marathon

My wife completed the inaugural Twin Lights Half Marathon. The rain held off and the event had a great spirit about it. I only run when chased, but it looked pretty hectic out there for the runners with all the cars on the road. Hopefully they get some approval to shut down or re-route the traffic next year for the peak period of runners. Congrats to all the runners who participated.

These folks took on 13.1 in costumes and you would think the Lobster would not be so happy to see the chef!

Twin Lights Half Marathon Gloucester MA

Docksiders Would Like Your Vote In Bandemonium

This round ends at 11:59pm Monday Night

(David Cox, May 2011 Docksiders @ City Hall Photo)


The Gloucester High School Docksiders Stage Band still needs your vote for the Boston Heralds online "Bandemonium" contest. The prize is a $5,000 grant and with your vote that can happen!

Bandemonium Logo

The Docksiders thank everyone for their continued support in voting and look forward to seeing the community at many concerts in the fall.

Direct link to voting:


Wednesdays at the Rhumb Line
Prime Rib Specials!
Wednesdays Only!

Hello everyone!

Wednesday, May 18th
Special Guest Host: JOHN ROCKWELL!

Do not be misled by this photograph… John Rockwell is not,
nor has he ever been a member of the Clancy Brothers.  But
he IS a brilliant talent with a bottomless catalog of classic
material.  John has generously offered to host in my place
this week as touring takes me away to the west.  Come and
say hello!
Dinner with Fly Amero: 8 – 11pm
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Prime Rib Dinner –  $9.95 (while they last)
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
I hope to see you there!  🙂 ~ Fly

The Infamous Fred Buck In The Archive Room At The Cape Ann Museum

I’d never been down to the archive room where Fred and Stephanie Buck work.  Look for the video tomorrow to see just what types of treasures are located down in the basement of the Cape Ann Museum and how you can access them.



“Little Sandra” from Glenn AKA “Swimdad”

This is a great photo from Glenn. AKA “Swimdad” A Gloucester Fishermam now residing in the great State of California. Glenn is one on my biggest supporters when my posts get a little carried away. I always appreciate his support. Your right Glenn “we’re getting F’N Old!”

From Glenn AKA “Swimdad”;

Hi Paul;        I have been trying to get this pic to you but had to wait till I got a new all in one printer.  The person who took this got in touch with Matt and wanted to know if anyone would like copies back in 1978, never did get the persons name.  That’s me on the left, Tommy in the middle, Matt on the winch and Skipper Mike in the pilot house. 


Almost 33 years ago, boy are we getting fuck’n old



Thanks again always for your support and this great Photo!

Meet Mildred

On February 6 at 4:30 AM my 98 1/2 year old mother-in-law, Mildred, fell down a flight of steps fracturing 4 vertebrae and sustaining a small brain hemorrhage.  She was swiftly and professionally administered first aid by the Gloucester Fire Department, taken by ambulance to Beverley Hospital where she was further stabilized and then transferred to Beth Israel-Deaconess Hospital in Boston. After what seemed to me to be a ridiculously short 5-day stay she was discharged to Den-Mar Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Rockport where she currently resides.

I have known Mildred for 55 years, longer than the 53 years I have known her daughter, my wife, Barbara. In fact it was Mildred who “arranged” our first meeting. Before the accident, Mildred had lived with us for nearly 8 years. During all of that time she had been self-reliant, alert and strong.

For the first month at Den-Mar, Mildred was encumbered by neck and back braces. She often drifted away from reality and was frequently not able to participate in the rehabilitation program. Once the braces were removed and she had greater general comfort, she began, very, very slowly to improve.  Although she needs assistance, and sometimes gets confused, she can walk for about 10 or 15 minutes at a time, engage in conversation with her fellow residents and show clear signs of the wisdom, humor and compassion that have endeared her to all who know her.

I would like you to meet Mildred through these photos; I hope her story will be an inspiration to all of us when we face tough times. For me, watching Barbara’s devotion to her mother (with whom she shares a birthday) is inspiration enough for a lifetime.

If all continues to go well, Mildred will come home to us next week.

Getting ready for a walk
Barbara fastens the support belt.
Down the hall.
Pointing out golfers in the rain.
Den-Mar staff cheers her on.
Headin' home
Mildred to Barbara (who was sitting on a radiator): "Isn't your ass burning?"
Den-Mar Staff showing some love.
Mother and daughter.