People Magazine Features Gloucester and The Greasy Pole In Bert The Conquerer’s Guide To Thrills

Bob Hastings From The Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce forwards this-


On The Travel Channel’s Website Bert Writes

It is impossible to write about the Massachusetts episode and not focus on the Greasy Pole competition. I have never had a better time or been more welcomed into a community than in Gloucester, Massachusetts. At the same time, I have never been more embarrassed by one of my performances than I was that day on the Greasy Pole. I have no defense and I will not try to justify my weak-ass attempt at getting the flag. I will, however, point out a few things I think are important to acknowledge before we BOTH call me a wimp.

First and foremost, I am somewhat of a wimpy man. Case in point: I live in L.A. Not a lot of hardcore, real men move to L.A. The only one I can think of off the top of my head is Joe Rogan. Having said that, my performance at the Greasy Pole should not highlight what a wimpy man I am, but rather highlight what real men I was surrounded by. These were dudes with big, fat, rough hands. Guys that when they slap you on the back after a joke, it hurts (or at least it did me). Guys that don’t rupture spleens or get knocked unconscious; I do.

Second, I was at least ten years older than anyone on the platform (not counting my director LANI who was on the platform and much older than me). If this show has given me anything it is the realization that with age comes wisdom, and with wisdom comes fear, which sometimes sadly results in weak-ass attempts at Greasy Pole flags.

Last, and certainly not least, there were plenty of people that day that didn’t do the competition, and for good reason. A thirty foot fall, off a greased-up pole, into ten feet of water is, to say the least, intense. I would like to think that had I gotten a chance to try it four more times (like I thought I would) I would have been charging it just as hard as the rest of them. But as I sit here in my hotel room watching “Maury,” I can’t honestly say I would have. Thankfully I have twelve months to build up my courage and my core because next year, I will be a GREASY POLE CHAMP!!!

Here is the video I took of Bert’s Greasy Pole walk from the beach

And here was Bert’s Trailer from the Pole-

Roger Cressey- Gloucester Guy Gone Big Time

Roger is I think s a year or so ahead of my class and I believe he played on The Building Center’s Babe Ruth team.

Here are a bunch of his video clips

Roger can be seen reporting for NBC like he was this weekend.  He’s even got his own wikipeidia page-

Cressey received his Bachelor of Arts in political science from the University of Massachusetts Lowell in 1987 and a Master of Arts in security policy studies from George Washington University in 1991.[2] He has taught a graduate course on U.S. counter-terrorism policy at Georgetown University,[3] where he is currently an adjunct professor.[2]

Cressey worked at the Department of Defense, including as Deputy Director for War Plans. From 1991–95, he served in the Department of State, working on Middle East Security issues. He has also served overseas with the U.S. Embassy in Israel and with United Nations peacekeeping missions in Somalia and the former Yugoslavia.[3]

He was Chief of Staff to the President’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Board at the White House from November 2001 to September 2002. From November 1999 to November 2001, he was Director for Transnational Threats on the National Security Council staff, where he was responsible for coordination and implementation of US counterterrorism policy. During this period, he managed the U.S. Government’s response to the Millennium terror alert, the USS Cole attack, and the September 11th attacks.[3]

In 2002, Cressey founded the corporate security company Good Harbor Consulting.

An on-air counter-terrorism analyst for NBC News, Cressey has been awarded the State Department’s Meritorious and Superior Honor Awards, and the Defense Department’s Exceptional Civilian Service Award.

Cressey has been a foreign policy advisor to President Barack Obama, but not exclusively.[4]

Click here for the rest of his wikipedia page  where you probably won’t read about his former Babe Ruth Team, LOL

Note the name of his company- Good Harbor Consulting


The schooner FAME, built in Essex and berthed in Salem, is in Gloucester for commissioning for the 2011 season. FAME , a replica of a War of 1812 privateer, was launched in 2003.

Fishtown Horribles Day Fundraiser Wednesday May 11th at Giuseppe’s

Hi Joey,
Can you put this flier up and remind people of the fundraiser for the Fishtown Horribles Parade on Wed May 11 at Giuseppe’s? We are raffling off a prize pack that includes $25 gift certificate to Giuseppe’s Ristorante and Piano Bar, Two tickets to Greasy Pole, The Musical at The Cape Ann from Henry Allen TheatreWorks and Two greasy pole shirts from Tiny Island Beach Glass. Value $115
Dinner, Show and Attire. What more can you ask for?
Giuseppe’s is generously donating 10% of the evening sales to The Fishtown Horribles Parade.
Also this will be the kick off to Hoot Night at Giuseppe’s with Scotty Parisi on the piano, 8-Close!
Thank you, Melissa Cox
Fishtown Horribles Parade Committee


Chickity Check It! Lady J Fishing Charters

Our buddy Dave Jewell is a tuna and groundfish assassin and now he has a webpage with info on how to book a charter-

Charters available!

Lady J. Fishing charters has trips available both weekdays and weekends throughout the year, though we do have many bookings there are still lots of available trips.

We offer both full and half day trips for:

  • Bluefish and Striped Bass

We offer full day trips for:

  • Cod and Haddock
  • Giant Bluefin and school Tuna*

Family fun fishing, bring the kids along for an adventure aboard the Lady J. and experience deep sea fishing and whale watching like never before.

Alternative arrangements can be made to suit your group please contact us for information.  We will make every effort to provide you with the trip that best suits your needs.


Childrens Summer Art Program Annisquam Arts!

Spring Greetings from Annisquam Arts! We are entering our 17th season with an exciting array of workshops to inspire your child’s imagination. We will have fun,  create and explore while investigating a wide range of art materials in a multidisciplinary studio environment. Classes include painting, drawing, sculpture, bookmaking  and mixed media for ages 6-14.  We also offer a photography program fro ages 10-16.

We are located at the spacious Plum Cove School, just minutes from Plum Cove Beach. Workshops meet four days a week, Monday-Thursday, from 9AM-1PM, photography classes meet in the afternoon from 3PM-7PM. The session begins on June 27 and runs thru August 11. For more information, and to register, please visit our website at

For a printed brochure please call 978-283-9638.

Very best, Dawn Southworth and Dana Salvo

Annisquam Arts Children’s Summer Studio Website:

Tel: 978-283-9638 Email:

This Wednesday night 5-11-2011 ~ Fly Amero’s Special Guest is Inge Berge

Prime Rib Specials!
Wednesdays Only!
Hello everyone!
Wednesday, May 11th
Special Guest:

A rare appearance!  Not since last August did we have Inge
and his world-influenced original music.  Don’t miss this one!
Dinner with Fly Amero: 8 – 11pm
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Prime Rib Dinner –
 $9.95 (while they last)
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
I hope to see you there!  🙂 ~ Fly

Dory Dedication and Dory Auction This Friday May 13th

Erik Dombrowski writes-

Dory Guys & Gals:

Thanks to all who could make it down Saturday to help move the new race dories!  Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Don’t forget that this Friday, May 13th at 6 PM we will be holding the dory dedication in preparation for their launch on Saturday morning.  Please make every effort to attend (flyer attached) and let us know if you can volunteer some time on Saturday morning to help drop them in right at the Heritage Center and row them over to the town landing (if you’re not rowing in the Essex River Race that is).

See you Friday!

A Gloucester Tradition Since 1952

The Gloucester International Dory Racing Committee cordially invites you to attend the dedication of 4 new racing dories generously funded privately by the community to continue the tradition of dory rowing and racing dating back to the schooner/dory fishing of the early 1900’s that helped define the fishing heritage of our unique city.

Friday, May 13th, 2011

6:00 PM New Dory Dedication

Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center

Harbor Loop, Gloucester, MA

Meet boat-builder Geno Mondello and the infamous Jimmy T

Converse with rowers and donors

Public Welcome

We currently have a high bid of $550.00 for the practice dory in the water down St Peter’s Square. The bidding for the practice dory will run until the Friday night of Eliminations drawing and will be closed bidding.
Do I hear $600.00??? the New Dory Dedication at the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center on Harbor Loop. Hope to see you all there!

Contact Dory Representatives Here-

Glenn Harrington – Vice President,
Eric Dombrowski – Treasurer,
Geoff Thomas – Board of Governors,
James Tarantino – Board of Governors,
Gina Lampassi – Board of Governors,
Mark Duvall – Board of Governors,


This One Has Been Killing Me to Keep Under My Hat!!!!


Gus Sanfilippo, 48, Gloucester, MA, fisherman
Nino Sanfilippo, 43, Gloucester, MA, fisherman
Joe Sanfilippo, 44, Gloucester, MA, fisherman

From Lynette Rice On Inside TV

ABC announces cast for ‘Expedition Impossible’ (Yep, its another amazing race coming to you in June!)


Now that Mark Burnett is stealing some thunder away from American Idol with The Voice, is he now hoping to suck a little steam out of The Amazing Race?

You be the judge: Burnett is the man behind a new summer reality show for ABC dubbedExpedition Impossible, which features 13 teams of three players who will travel across deserts, mountains and rivers in the “exotic, fabled Kingdom of Morocco.” Fun? Each week a new stage of the expedition will be revealed to the competitors, who must find a way to work together to complete the trip. After 10 legs of competition, one team will cross the finish line.  Winners each receive $50,000, a Ford Explorer (nice product placement) and the privilege of never having to be called members of the Fab 3, Mom’s Army, or Grandpa’s Warriors ever again.

You think we’re kidding? Check out the monikers given to the 13 teams, which start the expedition on Tuesday, June 21. (My money is on the fishermen. Not so much for the gypsies):

Here’s Joe Sanfilippo and dory partner Marc Duval Getting In Some Early Season Dory Race Training

and after a hard fought Dory Race Win-

You may recognize Joe Sanfilippo from his interviews down at the dock, he is one of our lobstermen.  If not here he is in the RunGloucester Race-

Here’s Nino Sanfilippo Taking Home The 1998 Greasy Pole Flag-

Here is Joe Sanfilippo’s Chevy pick up truck.

Joe carries the normal stuff that skiff lobstermen carry in the back of their pick up trucks- fuel jugs, water jugs, covered fish totes to put bait in, some random buoys.

What you might also notice in the back of Joe’s truck are the dory oars and bench set up that he uses to train for the upcoming International Dory races. Joe is an avid rower and always a contender to represent Gloucester with his partner in the International Dory Races between Gloucester and Lunenburg.

He lobsters out of a 22 foot Eastern skiff after work and on weekends with his son Ryan.

Click here for all the posts from GMG with the Sanfilippos

Here’s a photo of Joe Rowing in the International Dory Races From GMG contributor Mike Lindberg-


4th Annual Digital Photography Workshop

On Saturday I had the opportunity, along with over a dozen others, to tap into the expertise of 4 photographers at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum. By using the museum environment, Barry, Dave, Tony, and Lenny presented a day-long workshop on camera basics, composition, lighting, portraiture, and photo documentary. After each segment, we were sent out into the yard to capture photos using what we had just learned.

The construction of the Ardelle, the antique tools, the boats, the woodshops, the entire Museum grounds gave us excellent material to practice our newfound knowledge. We students ranged from beginners to advanced photographers, and each of us was able to take what we needed from the workshop. I now have a better understanding of the cause and effect of different aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings. The guys went out with us and answered our specific questions and gave us tips. Then we returned to our “classroom” where we were able to view our images on the big screen. We politely critiqued each others’ photos with positive input from the instructors.

The rain held off until late afternoon.  We celebrated our day of success, exchanged email addresses, and left with a big thank you to the Workshop team!

If you are interested in becoming a better photographer, watch for this workshop in the future. Take the time to do a photo walk around the Essex Shipbuilding Museum on your own, and if you like what you see, become a member!

To see some of my photos taken during the workshop, click here.

Glass Whale Tail Pendant Hand made At Beth Williams Studio



Check out Beth’s Site-

Go By Her Studio In The Heart Of Downtown Gloucester

Email Beth!

978-283-5566 – 17 Pleasant St Gloucester, MA 01930

Visit Beth’s Studio…

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