CABI Business on ESPN!!! Sharing some Gloucester Pride!

Erika Hansen writes-

Joey & GMG Friends,
Check out this link to an ESPN video, featuring a Cape Ann Business Incubator (CABI) business, ProMirror, a Gloucester-based company that provides video training systems for coaches, athletes and training facilities:

ProMirror’s systems provide on-field, touch-screen video training and result in Rapid Player Improvement.  ProMirror has been used extensively this Spring by Major League Baseball and the company has received extremely positive feedback from teams such as the Minnesota Twins, Detroit Tigers,  and New York Mets.
How cool is that? 
For more info, visit


Joe Testaverde Forwards Us Links to some Gloucester Maps In The 1800s

Joe writes-

I recently was checkout some sites and saw to my eyes ,that Gloucester had places I didn’t know!  Impossible said I for in my 60 years I have hopped,skipped and walked over most of this water front, It was my play ground as a boy.. But there it was in B&W or color I mean, I think? but CANAL STREET ,DIKE ST., LOCUST ST., IVY CT., WHARF ST AND RAILROAD AVE  Off  DUNCAN ST,   AND ROGERS STREET running only  from  PORTER ST.AND WATER STREET!  Where am I ?

"THE SURFSIDE" Off Western Harbor, Homes on the SOUTHERN SIDE OF Western Ave.,The Gloucester, Essex & Beverly St. railways Co line and Barn and The Gloucester Street Railway on trestles running through the parking lot of Good Harbor Beach today;  WHERE the hell am I ?

Community Heritage Maps Antique Maps of Cape Ann Massachusetts 1889 including Rockport, Manchester, Magnolia , Gloucester

Published by Geo. W. Stadly & Company

30 Columbus Avenue, Boston , Mass.

Prints of Original Map

Print of Original Map 13 x 19 =$39, 18 X 26 =$59, 22 x 32 =$79

Gallery Collection Prints

Gallery Collection 13 x 19 =$50, 18 X 26 =$100, 22 x 32 =$125

Front Page-Cape Ann 1899

Listing of towns and villages

Table of Contents

Listing of towns and villages

Original Antique Map of Cape Ann Massachusetts-index map 1

Original Antique Index Map Gloucester,Massachusetts , Map 2

Eastern Point, ten Pond Island, Rocky Neck, Five Pond Island, Fort Point, Western Harbor

Gloucester Massachusetts- Map 3

Pavilion Beach, Western Ave, Ocean House, Forbes School, The Surfside

Original Antique Map of Gloucester, Massachusetts Map 4

Western Ave, Mansfield Street, Washington Street, Hovey School, Govenor’s Hill, The Cut Bridge

Original Antique Map of Gloucester, Massachusetts Map 5

Independent Christian Church, Old Universalist Cemetery, Collins School, Babson School, St. Ann Roman Catholic Church, Huntress Tufts’ Home, Gloucester High School, Sawyer Free Library, Gloucester Lyceum

Old Antique Original Antique Map of Gloucester Massachusetts Map 6

Pearce Street, Wharf Street Wharf, Vincent Cove, Sawyer School, Friend Street, Our Lady of the Good Voyage, Mt. Vernon School, Brown Wharf, Central Wharf,

Old Antique Original Map of Gloucester Massachusetts Map 7

Gloucester Massachusetts Inner Harbor,Webster Pond, Sawyer School, Holdreth School, Haskell Street

Old Antique Original Map of East Gloucester Massachusetts Map 8

Wonsons Cove, Oakes Cove, Rock Neck, Perry Landing, Parsons Wharf, Wonson’s Wharf, Smiths Cove

Old Antique Original Map of Glocester Massachusetts Map 9

Cape Ann Shoe Factory, Ye Oldest Burial Place, Pest Hospital, Gloucester Athletic Association, Oak Grove Cemetery, Meeting House Green

Old Antique Original Map of Gloucester Map 10

Gloucester Net & Twine Company, Old Rockport Road

Old Antique Original Map of East Gloucester Map 11

Webster Pond, Good Harbor, Bass Rocks, Long Beach,Atlantic Road

Old Antique Original Map of East Gloucester Map 12

Braces Cove, H.C. Rouse, Eastren Point, Light House Cove, South East Harbor, Long Beach, Niles or Fresh Pond, Isaac Patch, Rocky Neck

Old Antique Original Map of West Gloucester Map 13

Stage Head, Western Harbor, Stage Fort Park, Squam River, Ravenwood Park

Old Antique Original Map of Gloucester Ward 8 Map 14

Normans Woe Cove, Mussel Point, Old House Cove, Fresh Water Cove, Master-Moore Land Company

Old Antique Original Map of Gloucester Ward 8 Map 15

Magnolia Habor, Magnolia Point, Cedar Point, Normans Woe Heights, Strawberry Hill Cove, Crescend Beach, Ocean Side Hotel

Old Antique Original Map of Gloucester Ward 8 Map 16

Stanwood Point, West Gloucester Station, Dikes Meadow Reservoir, Little River. Rusts Island


Old Antique Original Map of Gloucester Ward 8 Map 17

French & Sylvester, Haskell Pond,

Old Antique Original Map of Riverdale Gloucester Ward 8 Map 18

Addison Gilbert Hospital, Edward Babson Estate, Mill River,Dogtown,

Old Antique Original Map of Annisquam Gloucester Ward 8 Map 19

Annisquam , Lobster Cove, Annisquam Harbor, Daimon Cove, Annisquam Light, Annisquam Yacht Club, Annisquam Universalist Church, Goose Cove

Old Antique Original Map of Rockport Massachusetts Ward 7 Map 20

Plum Cove, Rockport Granite Company, K.P. Sargent , Hodgkins Cove, Davis’ Neck, Rockport Granite Company, Rockport Quarry

Old Antique Original Map of Gloucester Massachusetts – Lanesville, Ward 7 Map 21

Folly Cove, Lanesville Granite Company, Folly Point, Christian Bedders, Lane School, Wood bury, Lanes Cove ,Lanesville Universalist Church

Old Antique Original Map of Gloucester – Riverdale Massachusetts Ward 6 Map 22

Goose Cove, Mill River, Squam River, Wheeler School, Wheeler Point

Old Antique Original Map of Rockport Massachusetts Ward 8 Map 23

Jones River, Pearces Island, Squam River, Farm Creek, Two Penny Loaf, Farm Point, Bald Rocks, Barn Rocks, Willoughby Park, Essex River , Coffins Beach, Wingaersheek Beach, Sleep Hollow Lake

Old Antique Original Map of Rockport Massachusetts Map 24

Map of Rockport ,Pigeon Cove, Halibut Point, Angling Point, Motif Number 1 , Pebble Cove, Colburn Point, Andrews Point, Rockport Breakwater

Old Antique Original Map of Rockport Massachusetts Map 25

Map of Rockport Massachusetts, Bear Skin Neck, Old Harbor, Central Wharf, Broadway School, Annisquam Mills, Motif Number 1, Peg Legg, Sandy Bay , Doyles Cove, Lighthouse Bottling

Old Antique Original Map of Rockport Massachusetts Map 26

Map of Rockport Massachusetts , Sandy Bay, New Harbor, Central Wharf, Norwoods Head, Bear Skin Neck

Old Antique Original Map of Rockport Massachusetts – Lands End – Stonehaven Map 27

Map of Rockport Massachusetts , Lamorna Cove, Loblolly Cove, Emerson Point, Whale Cove,Gap Head, Straitsmouith Point, Gully Point, Penzannce Road, South Cove, North Cove, Lands End Company

Old Antique Original Map of Manchester Massachusetts- Map 28

Map of Manchester Massachusetts, Singing Beach, Masconomo House, Manchester Harbor, Central Pond, Manchester Station, Masconomo Stables

Old Antique Original Map of Manchester Massachusetts Map 29

Map of Manchester Massachusetts Manchester Harbor, Nortons Neck, Tucks Point, Fosters Cove, Glass Head, Bartols Point, Fort Head, Chubbs Poijnt, Newport Hill, Norton Mountain, Cheevers Point, Black Beach Cove, West Manchester Station,

Old Antique Original Map of Manchester Massachusetts – Lands End – Stonehaven Map 30

Map of Manchester Massachusetts , Manchester Harbor, Norton Neck, Glass Head, Ram Islands, Gales Oint, Masconomo Beach, Singing Beach, Lobster Cove, Image Hill,Ballurach Cove, Pickards Point, Ram Islands, Musical Beach

Old Antique Original Map of Magnolia Massachuse Map 31

Map of Manchester – Mognolia Massachusetts , Kettle Cover, Gray Beach, Crow Island, Graves Island, Eagle Head, Black Beach, Essex County Club, Coolidge Point, Goldsmith Point, Richard H. Dana, White Beach


Thomas Philbrook Writes-

Yo Joey!
Thought you might want to post this on GMG.
Here’s a composite I made of most of the sidewalk chalk renderings executed by kids from six to sixty at yesterday’s MOTIF #1 DAY. Many thanks to all those hardworking souls who made the day the success that it was.

Click the photo for a larger view-


Did You Know? (Centerfold, Joey C.)

That Joey C. is the centerfold in the 2011 Cape Ann Guide?  (Well not exactly center, but close enough; and doesn’t he look beefcake in that photo?)  When you get a chance, pick up the new Cape Ann Guide, which is really beautiful and so professionally done, and presents Cape Ann in all her beauty, realness and glory.  But you gotta love the 2 page spread on Joey, The Man Behind Good Morning Gloucester best. 

Joey C., the Man Behind Good Morning Gloucester

E.J. Lefavour

SUP the Coast, all downhill from here.

The epic adventure continues, Will Rich (grew up in Bayview) and Mike Simpson are now paddleboarding from Key West, Florida, to Portland, Maine to raise money for the Wounded Warriors Project and SUP Cleanup.

They have now made it across the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. I’ve crossed this bridge, tunnel, bridge, in the safety of my car and wondered how someone was going to paddleboard it. Maybe go around and do the coastline of the bay? Nope, read here in their blog how they made it across.  (Took two tries.)

Googlemap that bridge then imagine being out there with the wind suddenly coming up 25 knots from the east and eight foot swells appear. Nice shallow water for big waves to pop right up. Gives me the willies reading it while sitting on my couch but Will and Rich took it all very calmly.

Still easily on track for July 4th arrival in Gloucester.

SUP the Coast website

SUP the Coast on Facebook

Luke and Ruby McElhenny Represent! Down At The Dock

Dear Joey,

Thank you very much for showing us the lobsters and crabs in your tanks. Also, thanks for the cool GMG stickers!

Your friends,                                                                                 

Ruby (3) and Luke (5) McElhenny


Tick Talk


Here is a community, public service announcement for you to please post for your viewers, re:  Tick Talk & Mosquito Questions.  Date:  5/25/11 @ 6:30 pm.

Experts Alfred DeMaria, Jr., M.D. & Esteban Cuebas-Incles, Ph.D, will speak on these two important topics.  It’s presented by the Essex Board of Health and will be held at our Regional, Manchester – Essex High School.  Please join us for this informative evening!


Ann White, Clerk, Essex Board of Health



Passports Wine Dinner with Kathleen Erickson The Wine PHD Thursday June 2nd Limited Seating


A Wine Dinner with Kathleen Erickson- The Wine PHD
Owner/ Savour wine and cheese
Passports Restaurant
110 main street Gloucester, Ma. 01930
Seating is limited to 24 guests  $50 per person
Start Time 7:00 pm

1st course – raw bar of oyster,  shrimp and lobster tail
      Wine pairing – Baurmard Clos du Papillon Savenierres – France

2nd course – Rocket salad with fresh summer strawberries
      Wine pairing – La Monacesca Verdicchio di Matelica – Italy

3rd course – Bone-in Filet Mignon with mushroom Bordelaise
      Wine pairing – Spier Vintage Selection Bordeaux blend – South Africa

4th course – Cheese plate from Savour Wine and Cheese
      Wine pairing – Cossart-Gordon 15 yr. Bual Madeira – Portugal

Check Out The Passports Blog Here

Time To Start Rowing! US International Dory Eliminations Are Only Weeks Away!

Erik Dombrowski writes-

Ladies and Gentlemen:

US Elimination races are only 2 weeks away!  Still looking for women and junior crews to participate, so dust off your oars, find a partner and get in the dories!  New race dories are in the water and will be at the town landing next week to be rowed, fit your gear, etc.

Let the season begin.


Schedule of Events for June Races

Friday, June 3rd, 6 pm – US Elimination Race Sign-up

At: St. Peter’s Square

*All committee members are welcome to participate.

Saturday, June 4th, 8:30 am – US Elimination Dory Races

At: Niles Beach, East Gloucester

*Open to the public.

Monday, June 6th, 6 pm – US final Eliminations

At: Niles Beach, East Gloucester

*Open to the public.

Note: Please be courteous and respectful to our neighbors here at the town landing and do not leave any lines on the dock, take care coming and going as not to damage their boats, and do not leave any trash or other items on the dock or in the dories.

Thank You!

Your International Dory Committee’s Board of Directors

Hey look- in the picture that Erik are the new dories named- The Elsie, The Dauntless, the Catherine and the Thomas Gorton (thanks Damon for the other names)dories

for more info check out the International Dory website-

FOB Kurt Lubbers Forwards An Important Notice To Mariners

I guess NOAA started laying these submersible buoys all around the area last weekend and already a trawler hooked one out on Stellwagen Bank.  I know no one here is a real big fan of NOAA but maybe we can at least save some fishing gear… I thought maybe you would be willing to post it.  Thanks, 
MK1 Kurt Lubbers
USCG Sta. Gloucester

Click picture to view full sized-

NOAA/National Ocean Service/Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services will be deploying oceanographic instrumentation in trawl-resistant bottom mounts (TRBM) or subsurface taut-line moorings (SUBS) in the Massachusetts Bay region in the following positions the week of 16-19 May, 2011. The equipment will remain in place for at least 35 days after which time it will be recovered, serviced and redeployed in additional locations in the region. The stations should not have any presence on the surface. This equipment will be used to improve current predictions and may help save lives and property.

The SUBS are NOT TRAWL RESISTANT and may cause damage to fishing gear.


Fred Buck Finds Another Picture Of Our Grandfather- Captain Joe Ciaramitaro- Thanks Fred!

From the Archives at The Cape Ann Museum.  ask and you shall receive-

If you have any Gloucester topics from the past which you would like to find out about, go to the Cape Ann Museum and talk to the friendly folks down in the archives.  They are happy to help you discover things that you may not know had existed.

Our Grandfather Captain Joe, the man our dock is named after is second from the rightAF1940-01-001a

Community Plots Coming Along At Burnham’s Field

Here is MouseyDew’s Photo of her plot-

Dew writes-

My plot is mostly focused on things that can be used in soup or pasta sauce: cherry and slicing tomatoes, yellow onions, garlic, cabbage, chard and celery. By using creative stakes on the tomatoes, it will help maximize what I can harvest from the space. I’ll probably replace the chard with kale later on to have a little more roughage for the fall. Be sure to bring the Bean by for a visit!

You can follow along the Burnham Field Community Garden Posts on Twitter by following this hashtag- #BFCG

John McElhenny Reports-


The plantings are in the ground at the Burnham’s Field community garden! On Saturday, the gardeners finished building the 20 raised beds, put up a fence to keep pets out, and began the really fun part: growing vegetables and flowers to harvest in the months to come. A small sample of “crops” being planted includes bell peppers, zinnias, carrots, strawberries, lavender, watermelons and marigolds. Thanks very much to the Gloucester DPW for delivering two trucks full of donated compost.

Here’s the area of the Burnham’s Field community garden last week before the garden was built.

Burnham's Field garden - Before

Here’s how the garden looks now.

Burnham's Field garden - After

Paula Shevenell uses twine to build a grid to organize her garden plot. One of Paula’s plantings is a lavender plant that kids can touch and smell.

Burnham's Field garden - Paula Shevenell