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Starting our 4th Annual Young Playwrights Workshop! If you and your kids loved Song of the Sea, Murder on Rocky Neck the Opera, and Tale of the Oysta: A Seafaring Whoops, sign them up for this amazing workshop which will take place at our new Community Partner, Eastern Point Lit House and Press!! Ages 9+

Check out Henry Allen’s North Shore Folklore Theater

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Gloucester Boy

Concert by the Sea at Beauport with Henry Allen

IMG_5892 StitchConcert by the Sea at Beauport , at the Sleeper-McCann House, in the garden overlooking Gloucester Harbor. Listened to great music by Henry Allen and the New Swingers, watching the sunset and schooners passing by, what a great setting.



The North Shore Folklore Theatre Company is thrilled announce the 4th season of our Summer Stock Theatre Club!


“Not every child is a ‘camp kid,’ but in a club, everyone belongs.”

– Henry Allen

The North Shore Folklore Theatre Company is thrilled announce the 4th season of our Summer Stock Theatre Club! Continue reading “The North Shore Folklore Theatre Company is thrilled announce the 4th season of our Summer Stock Theatre Club!”

“Greasy Pole” The Musical June 27 – July 7, 2013

gp 2013

June 27 – July 7

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Back for our 3rd season by popular demand, and suitable for ALL AGES, this original musical about the 82 year history of Gloucester, MA’s famed Greasy Pole tournament (part of St. Peter’s Fiesta), is sure to delight audiences of all ages. It tells the story of 4 generations of Scolafazza men who, because of Mama’s curse in 1931, never walked the pole. A story of redemption and courage, food, family and faith, this show has lots of laughs and exciting original music that will have you dancing in the aisles. Greasy Pole, The Musical! is not to be missed!
Join us for TWO SPECIAL PERFORMANCES: Sunday, June 30th at 10pm. Right after the show we walk right out the door and join the procession to put St. Peter to bed. Our Annual tradition!
We will also have a special performance on July 4th, Independence Day at 8pm! Come celebrate with us! (less)



American Legion POST 3
8 Washington Street
Gloucester MA 01930


Murder On Rocky Neck~ A slide show of the event on May 19, 2013

Murder on Rocky Neck

View slide show > http://www.flickr.com/photos/joey_grl/sets/72157633585148783/

I have enjoyed every show that has been put on by Henry Allen as with the cast and crew. I was told the costumes were made by hand by Costume Designers: Amy-Beth Healey and Brenda Leahy. A work well done. I was totally delighted with it all.


A few words from Henry Allen,

Murder On Rocky Neck, The Opera was an idea that came out of my Summer Stock Theatre Club that I do in July & August. The children wanted to write a murder mystery about Old Gloucester. We decided that the idea was so great that we should develop it further in the Young Playwrights Workshop, which we did. The libretto was written collaboratively by 5 kids, ages 9-13, and the music was written by 15 year old Derek Dupuis (Renee Dupuis’ cousin).

Every year I work with local kids to create a show that is inspired by where we live. The show will then become a main stage intergenerational production the following Season. We are already working on next year’s script.

Ensemble cast: Alex Becket, Scott Brown, Emma Cavaliere, Caroline Connolly, Shannon Connolly, Sadie Cook, Timothy Edwards, Olivia Francis, Genna Healey, Jay Healey, Henry Jacques, Shannon Kelly, Belle Muller, Rodney Perry, Matt Service, Peter Souza, Elizabeth Wagner, Brandon Waterman and David Wesson.

Crew: Director: Henry Allen; Music Director: John Eldridge; Assistant Director/Stage Manager: Timothy Edwards; Set Design: Fionn McWilliam and Mike Ryan; Costume Design: Amy-Beth Healey and Brenda Leahy; Lights & Sound Design: InterMediaUnlimited.
A work well done. I was totally delighted with it all.

Greasy Pole, The Musical is coming up next!

greasy pole the musical northshorefolk


Murder on Rocky Neck: The Opera!

News from Henry Allen and friends:

This is David Wesson, I’m the new Outreach Coordinator for Henry Allen’s Northshore Folklore Theater Company. I’ve been a follower of GMG for some time, and look forward to connecting with you!

As you are likely aware, Henry has partnered with the YMCA as Heny Allen’s Northshore Theatre Company. Instead of our plays being confined to one theater, we are performing them in various hot spots all around town- as a way to truly reach out to the commnunity.

We would love your help in spreading the work about our upcoming show Murder on Rocky Neck: the Opera, as well as getting the word out for our children’s programming and summer camp.

Attached please see the flyer for our upcoming show Murder on Rocky Neck which opens on May 9 at the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck:

Murder on Rocky Neck

Attached also, please find a fun synopsis of the play Murder on Rocky Neck with more details. …[T]his is our first production at the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck, and we want to make sure the community knows about it! (Synopsis follows:)

On a frosty Thursday morning on old Rocky Neck,
The artist Richard Bluewall was found drowned, by heck!
Whilst the children of the town pondered how he had died,
Court was in session with those being tried:
Was it Old Scurvy Crabwater killed poor Richard Bluewall?
Or was it Miss Sylvia DeSylvia who’s love conquered all?
Or perhaps Jesse Pomeroy, a boy of sixteen,
With suspicious demeanor and caught at the scene!
Star witness and actress, Alicia Linguiça,
Insists to the end,
That the murder was committed
By her former best friend!
With Judge Thaddeus Pudge
Presiding the case,
And the audience as jury putting justice in place,
Attorneys Paperwell, Rockwell, Scissorwell and Schute
Do their level best to condemn the brute.

Travel back in time to 1870’s Gloucester, and lose yourself in this witty opera, a courtroom drama with a surprise ending – an original story entirely conceived and written by Henry Allen’s Young Playwrights, ages 9-13. The show features a beautiful original score by Derek Dupuis, age 16, who also composed the music for ‘Song of The Sea’. Murder On Rocky Neck, The Opera is appropriate for all ages!

Tickets: Suggested donation $20- General Audience, $15 – Seniors, Veterans & Students
Limited seating
The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck
6 Wonson Street, Gloucester

Director: Henry Allen
Music Director: John Eldridge
Assistant Director/Stage Manager: Timothy Edwards
Set Design: Fionn McWilliam & Mike Ryan
Costume Design: Amy-Beth Healey & Brenda Leahy
Lights & Sound Design: InterMediaUnlimited
Ensemble (alpha): Alex Becket, Scott Brown, Emma Cavaliere, Caroline Connolly, Shannon Connolly, Sadie Cook, Timothy Edwards, Olivia Francis, Genna Healey, Jay Healey, Henry Jacques, Shannon Kelly, Belle Muller, Rodney Perry, Matt Service, Peter Souza, Elizabeth Wagner, Brandon Waterman, and David Wesson.

“You Are My Sunshine”

Photos from the first of three short plays at the Tragabizanda Political Theatre Festival, which was held at City Hall over the past two weekends.  “You Are My Sunshine” is a moving drama that deals with the issue of post-partum depression.

Henry Allen, the director, gave an intro to the festival and to the three plays.
Playing “You Are My Sunshine”
“We don’t talk about it…”
…until they do.
Each play was followed by a “talk-back” session with the cast and crew

Henry Allen’s North Shore Folklore Theatre Company is on Facebook.

– Fr. Matthew Green

Pennies from Heaven

Last Wednesday evening, we had a great group at The Annie for our weekly singing event (7-9:30PM).  The last time I posted about this, someone asked for video of a song – so I brought my iPhone tripod setup, and filmed!

Henry Allen is not just a generous host at The Annie, he’s also a talented performer. Here  he sings “Pennies from Heaven”.

Come and join us some time!

OK, Once in a while you just have to cross the bridge

Our friends The Bandit Kings are embroiled in a BATTLE RADiCAL  at the Grog in Newburyport tonight and they need your help.  Why?  Cause they want to WIN!  So muster your courage, cross the bridge and show you’re support.  More info here.

Just in case you don’t own a car or simply can’t leave the island, there really is plenty of music in town.  You might want to catch the finale of Brad Byrd‘s month-long residency at Giuseppe’s.  You can tell him how much you like his new video.  Haven’t seen it?  Click here (lots of behind the scenes footage at that link too).

And for you jazz fans, there’s Mark Early with Henry Allen at the Elks.

See the full music lineup here.

Cameron’s Feast

“Cameron’s Feast”, a benefit dinner organized by Henry Allen at The Annie for to support both The Annie and the Brain Candy Foundation, was a great success on Monday night.  The food was great, and the performances of song, dance, and poetry (by Henry and his friends, colleagues and students) were inspiring!

The event was held on what would have been Cameron’s birthday.  He died from brain cancer four years ago, but his courage, hope, and desire to make a difference in the world, are still alive through the “ripple effect” he has had. Henry spoke movingly about Cameron and the initiatives that were born during and after Cameron’s fight with cancer. Great things are happening thanks to Cameron!

For a slideshow of photos, click here:

Go See! The Lobstah Crackah Ballet

All right let me just spell it out for you.

You could buy tickets to Boston’s Nutcracker and spend $40 (if you’re lucky) on parking, $74 for nosebleed seats, per ticket for a family of four and refreshments, say conservatively speaking $50 for a total of $386.  To see something that has absolutely zero relevance to your lives.


Orrrrrrrrrr, you could bring your family to the Annie At Blackburn and see The Lobstah Crackah Ballet performed by locals and featuring a Lobster and my favorites- super crazy menacing seagulls who poop all over the stage along with a whole bevy of other sea creatures.  For a teeny tiny fraction of that price!

We went night before last and Snoop Maddie Mad and The Bean have not stopped talking about it.  It’s a ballet, so know that up front so there are no words but there is a ton of action and unlike The Boston Ballet’s Nutcracker where it costs you $74 for the worst seats in the house PER TICKET you could go to The Lobstah Crackah Ballet for a mere $15 (suggested donation) per ticket.



So again $386 to go see the Nutcracker Ballet in Boston vs $60 to See Seagulls Poop all over the stage at The Annie!!!

I say go with the Poop all the way and that will leave you precisely $326 left over to spend on Christmas presents downtown!

Not to mention that the seating at the Annie puts you on top of the action instead of needing a set of those stupid  mini binoculars to possibly catch a glimpse of the action at The Boston Ballet from the cheap seats.  Duh, No-Brainer.



If you bring your family I highly suggest going to Giuseppe’s downstairs from the Annie,the food was fantastic, the service top notch and you can grab one of their specialty pizzas and a couple of kids meals and be out of there for under $50.

Here are some pics from our great night in GTown!

Dinner at Giuseppe’s-

Giuseppe’s Special Pizza

Chicken Fingers, the good kind

On To The Annie!


For more info check out the website-http://www.theannie.org/

Henry Allen TheatreWorks is NOW Casting for The LobstahCrackah Ballet!

Henry Allen writes-

Hi, Joey!
On the heels of our latest success at The Annie, ‘Song of the Sea,’ comes what is sure to be a new Cape Ann holiday tradition:
The LobstahCrackah Ballet – a homespun spoof of The Nutcracker! Rehearsals begin next week for a Dec 15th opening. Thanks for posting!


Song of The Sea -Get Your Tickets!

Wondrous Friends and Relations:

Please come out to see Willa (and Lila, Rebecca, Asha, and a whole cast of locals!) in Song of the Sea. Willa and her friends wrote the play last winter and now have starring roles!

The suggested donation for tickets is $15 per person. I encourage you to pay what you can or what you feel is appropriate, especially for those with kids! If you can or want to pay more then please do – It makes it possible for others who cannot pay full price to attend. Either way – Just come! Also, the tickets are considered a donation so they are tax deductible.

There are 12 shows! Help us fill the seats! It’s going to be a great show!

Thanks – Lara



We talked about this way back when they started putting the show together, now it’s time to go check out the fruit of their labor

We filmed this talking about the beginning stages of production on the 16th of March.

Here is the cast and crew from Henry Allen-

Here is the rest of the cast/crew list for ‘Song of the Sea’, if you want to post it. It has been a wonderful collaborative effort!
Narrator Rose Worthley – Sara Wheeler
Old Lunch Lady Loretta Worthley – Bebe Nelson
Child Loretta – Willa Brosnihan
Girl Loretta – Lila Olson
Young Loretta – Patrice Kelly
Old Lunch Lady Malvina Worthley Murse – Jennifer Lee Levitz
Girl Malvina – Bella Eaton
Lunchroom Kids:
Carla – Shannon Kelly
William – Scott Brown
Sam – Ivan Demarjian
Xavier – Enzo Paganetti
Esperanza – Maeve Plueler
Maleyah the Selkie – Rebecca Dowd
Pirate Mr. Rodgers – Richard Crowell
Mermaid Child – Asha Egmont
Mermaid Queen – Melissa Martin
Composer – Derek Dupuis
Music Director – Ben Patey
Art Directors – Shay Cajolet & Loren Doucette
Sets & Puppets – Students of the Gloucester Community Arts Charter School
Costumes & props: Parents
Production Manager – Nick Neyeloff
Technical Director – Richard Crowell
Assistant Lighting Director – Ramani Rangan
Stage Manager & Makeup – Nicola Scola
Director – Henry Allen

If It Rains Fear Not- There’s Still Stuff To Do To Get Your Fiesta On!

First off at daily at 5PM Sam Hartson’s “This Is Fiesta” movie at Cape Ann Community Cinema

trailer and interview with director Sam Hartson here-

Also all Day Performances At The Annie of “Greasy Pole- the Musical”

Info from Henry Allen-

A record 109 theatregoers packed into The Annie last night to see Greasy Pole, The Musical!, and gave another rousing standing ovation! (That makes 14 standing ovations since we opened!) Thank you for your support. Many happy patrons mentioned seeing us on Good Morning Gloucester!
There are still seats available at all shows, but they are going fast. If you get your reservations in early, you won’t have to wait till next year.
Come see what all the buzz is about. Don’t forget our two Saturday matinees at 2 & 3pm. Call 978-704-1269 to reserve tickets, and you can pay at the door. Arrive 20-30 minutes before curtain, as unclaimed tickets will be released to the hungry public 15 minutes before the show starts. All seats $15.
Friday: 6 & 7pm
Saturday: 2, 3, 6 & 7pm
Sunday (Closing): 7, 8, 9, 10*
Sefatia “The Godmother” Theken will be performing Sunday at 7, 8 & 10 and Anita Pandolfe Ruchman has the 9pm show and will be joining Sefatia for the 10pm. Two Mama Scollafazzas for the price of one! Not to be missed! After the show, the cast and crew will join the procession of St. Peter down the Fort. Join us!


Marty Luster Photo

and at 7PM No Pretty prayer Plays at Cape Ann Community Cinema-

Sal Zerilli’s documentary about The Fort Neighborhood called “No Pretty Prayer” returns, with shows Wednesday through Friday at 7:00pm, and Saturday and Sunday at 2:30pm and 7:00pm. The film sold out every show at its CACC premiere this winter.