Gifts of Art

Went to Deb Schradieck and Audi Souza’s gallery at 12 Old Harbor Road on Bearskin Neck, Rockport, MA on Sunday.  These two artists are so talented and also fun.  Their art work, cards, mouse pads and bags are wonderful.  Make sure you go and check out this great gallery.

Their hours are:

November 29, 2019 – December 23, 2019

Thursday and Friday, 1:00 to 7:00

Saturday and Sunday, 12:00 – 5:00


Community Stuff 4/29/13

Chickity Check It! The Law and Water Gallery


Here above the tide, in America’s storied fishing port, the Law & Water Gallery shows provocative works by accomplished artists in mixed media, paint, ceramics, and photography.

The gallery brings together two bodies of art under one roof. The first has, as its starting point, the written and unwritten laws that shape society. The second centers around the body of water that surrounds and sustains our island.

These works offer fresh perspectives on law and justice, port and place, work and environment.

Located in the storefront law office of Ken Riaf on Gloucester’s Harbor Walk, the Law & Water Gallery is open on Saturdays and by appointment.

View the artists.


At the Friday May 10 meeting of the Gloucester Area Astronomy Club, physicist Gary Meehan will speak on the nation’s next generation of geosynchronous weather satellites, GOES-R.

Gary will give us a high-level "tour" around the satellite, and explain the various instruments that will fly on it. Gary will give particular emphasis to the Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI), the flagship instrument on GOES-R, for which he is the lead systems engineer.

The new satellites will provide continuous imagery and atmospheric measurements of Earth’s Western Hemisphere as well as space weather monitoring. They will be the primary tool for the detection and tracking of hurricanes and severe weather, and will improve support for the detection and observations of meteorological phenomena that directly affect public safety, protection of property, and ultimately, economic health and development.

Gary has been a member of the GOES-R Ground Processing team for the past few years at Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER) in Lexington.

GAAC meets at 8:00 on the second Friday of every month at the Lanesville Community Center in the Lanesville neighborhood of Gloucester. There is no charge. More information is available on their website, and on their Facebook page, http://facebookcom/gaacpage

Elynn Kröger Gallery

elynn kroger gallery

I really love living on Rocky Neck where I can see artist friends on a daily basis.  I went to tea at Elynn Kröger’s yesterday.  Elynn is always a joy to visit with, and her gallery and abstract landscape paintings and drawings are truly amazing.  Just the trip up to her space is a delightful adventure.  Her gallery is at the top of the stairs at 15 Rocky Neck Ave., and every step of the way you encounter an interesting and quirky assortment of objects and quotes.  Once inside, her work and space will blow you away.  And then there is her beautiful view of Smiths Cove.  Elynn’s gallery is open year round, but now that nicer weather is upon on, next time you visit Rocky Neck, make sure you take the magical trip up the stairs to Elynn Kröger Gallery.  In the meantime, you can visit her website at  Her phone number is 978-282-3467 if you want to call first to make sure she is open, although her general pre-season hours are 11:00-6:00.

E.J. Lefavour

Massachusetts Cultural Council Takes Over Downtown Gloucester- Photos At Fred Bodin’s Gallery With More To Come

The Mass Cultural Council came to G-Town to listen to and observe what makes Gloucester so special.  There are no other towns that have more than one Cultural District.  Gloucester already has Rocky Neck.  If approved for Downtown Gloucester, Gloucester would stand as the only City with more than one Massachusetts Cultural District.

When sitting in the room and listening to the distinguished assembly of community people that showed up it was obvious about 10 minutes in that honestly Gloucester deserves this in spades.  There is no where anywhere that is as culturally diverse, enriched and vibrant as our community.

All the people had to do was speak the truth.  It wasn’t about selling Downtown Gloucester.  Downtown Gloucester, it’s merchants, it’s artists, its community and artistic organizations sell itself.

You’d have to be deaf, dumb and blind to not see it and I can assure you the representatives of the Mass Cultural Council that visited, Anita Walker, Meri Jenkins, Kylie Sullivan and Maren Brown are anything but deaf dumb and blind.


Huge thanks to the Downtown GloucesterCultural District Steering Committee Catherine Ryan, Lise Breen, Judith Hoglander, Robert Whitmarsh, Anne Robinson, Ronda Faloon, Maggie Rosa and David Rhinelander for laying so much of the groundwork to make this meeting possible and also to Fred Bodin for hosting this momentous event at his Bodin Historic Photo Gallery.


Melissa I love my new scarf.  You rock!




Elizabeth Gauthier Gallery

During the block party, I discovered that a new gallery has opened on Main Street!  The sign isn’t up yet, but it showcases the work (in several different artistic media) of Elizabeth Gauthier – hence, the name “Gauthier Gallery.”

The gallery mostly contains her own work, but also some work by her sister.  Besides oil and acrylic paintings, she paints custom t-shirts!

Is that cool or what?  Here is the artist with some of her work:

During our conversation, she mentioned that she plans on teaching as well as doing her own paintings.   As I mentioned before, her sign isn’t up yet, but the gallery is actually on Main Street in Gloucester, between Sal’s Barber Shop and the Compass Rose tattoo place (right in the middle of the photo below):

Fr. Matthew Green





State of the Art Gallery II

Many times I’ve walked down Pleasant Street and passed by the State of the Art Gallery II (18 Pleasant St.).

Unfortunately, I have always been there at the wrong time to find the place open.  Last Friday, however, I was at the right time – and I am very glad I was! They have an amazing selection of art for sale.

I can’t really afford to buy these works for now (parochial vicars don’t get paid that much) but it’s well worth the visit jut to look a these beautiful, truly “museum quality” works of art.

I had a nice chat with Roger Armstrong, the proprietor.  They have another location on Rocky Neck.  The gallery I visited is located more or less across the street from the Pleasant Street Tea Company, so the next time you visit one, maybe you can stop by the other…

FOB Linda Colman Sends In A Picture Of Her Joey C Gallery Wall

Linda writes-

Joey!  I just framed my latest acquisition and added it to the Joey Ciaramitaro Masterpiece Collection.  Looks spectacular, don’t you think?  Linda



Well Linda you certainly picked out some very “Gloucester” themed photos!  I thank you for your support!

Art by Peter Reis

In the time I’ve lived in Gloucester, I’ve been walking around and exploring the local stores, galleries, etc. little by little.  For some reason, I have neglected the eastern part of Main Street; I always end up walk west, on the strip from around Alchemy to the Annie. So the other day, I decided to head in the opposite direction.

One of the treasures I found is Peter Reis art space at 222 Main Street. He was about to close up, but he saw me looking in the window and invited me in.

Besides being a very friendly and welcoming person, creates beautiful works of art, ranging from paintings on canvas for hanging on the wall….

to painted wooden toy chests…

and even a beautiful bronze crucifix!

His work on display incorporates saturated colors and strong geometry, which makes it very striking (and to my taste). Although some of the paintings are straightforwardly representational, most are somewhere along the spectrum of surrealism or self-reference: paintings of fantasy space-scapes, paintings of paintings that merge into the scene, paintings that are paintings of themselves, a pool table with fruit instead of pool balls… It’s really fun to look at!

So, stop by the gallery if you have a chance. It’s well worth it.  He also has a good website:

Good Morning Gloucester Exhibit At The Adolf Matz Gallery Inside The Sawyer Free Library

Stop By The Adolf Matz Gallery At The Sawyer Free Library (you can’t miss it as you pass through it once you enter the main doors to the library).

We have the GMG exhibit there all month long.

Kim Smith sold one of her pieces already.

Chris Coyne fine art

On one of my recent expeditions to Bearskin Neck I ventured into Chris Coyne’s gallery, “Chris Coyne Fine Art + Design“.

The entrance to his gallery at 37 Bearskin Neck

The painting in his window is almost identical to a photo I posted not long ago. He has good taste in subject matter…

My photo of the same subject:

Chris was kind enough to pose with his artwork, which is quite beautiful:

I really liked his painting of a Rockport landmark, Tuck’s. The façade seems to glow with its own light!

His work is offered at a wide range of sizes and prices. It’s worth stopping by for a visit, maybe for a last-minute Christmas shopping trip. According to his website, the gallery is “open year-round by chance or by appointment.”

Eugene Quinn gallery reception

Yesterday, I stopped by the Eugene Quinn gallery again (54 Bearskin Neck, Rockport), for a reception and opening of a new show of paintings, including works by Eugene Quinn himself, Colin McGuire, and Jill Demeri.

Eugene with some of his friends, patrons and paintings
More of Eugene's beautiful paintings
Colin McGuire with some of his work
More of Colin's paintings.
Works by Jill Demeri are also on display

It’s well worth a visit!

Adriana “Gigi” Mederos At Khan Studio/Good Morning Gloucester Gallery

Adriana “Gigi” Mederos Guest Artist Exhibit and Opening Reception

June 24-July 7

At Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery, 77 Rocky Neck, Gallery 3

Venezuelan artist, Adriana “Gigi” Mederos has lived and worked in the US since 1980 and has produced a diverse body of fine art paintings, printmaking and a hybridization of the two.  Her artwork is in private and museum collections around the world.  Recently her work was purchased for a collection of contemporary works on paper in Barcelona, Spain and was selected for a permanent collection in Panang, Indonesia.

Wendie Demuth Gallery Grand Opening On Rocky Neck Saturday and Sunday

There is going to be plenty of adult beverages as well as Joey C Iced Tea.

77 Rocky Neck Ave, Madfish Wharf Gallery G4 (right next to the Khan Studio/GMG Gallery)


Saturday and Sunday June 11 & 12, Noon-9:00, 77 Rocky Neck Ave, G4 on the Madfish Grille Wharf

Newly minted Gloucester resident Wendie Demuth will officially christen her first photography gallery this weekend and everyone is invited! In addition to unveiling luscious global imagery shot everywhere from Indonesia to Africa to Europe– and of course the center of the universe, Cape Ann — Wendie will be treating visitors to snacks and her newly-launched brand of proprietary ice tea that has appropriately been branded “Joey C. and Wendie D.’s Iced Tea”—in addition to other festive libations!

This gallery’s photography is as cool as the ice tea and promises to deliver the kind of wonder and curiosity only Mother Nature can concoct. Images include panoramic views of giant red sand dunes from Namibia (the largest in the world!), vivid close-ups and landscapes of Holland’s tulips, crazy colorful abstracts, and loads of other visual delights that will have you wondering whether you’re looking at a painting or a photograph– all priced so everyone can afford to decorate their spaces with a completely inspiring and original print of one size or another!

So come down to the Madfish Wharf on Rocky Neck this weekend to help Wendie celebrate her opening and eat, drink and be merry with all your fellow FOB-ers and all the other totally cool Rocky Neckers– and of course make sure to stop by the  GoodMorningGloucester Gallery–G3, right next door!!

Kim Smith’s Pre-Opening Opening Party Pictures (if that makes any sense)

Kim forwards these photos along from the GMG Gallery Khan Studio get together we had before the season kicks off-

The gallery has already been very successful with just a ton of people coming through- and best of all buying stuff.  Besides all the great work inside the walls of our cool ass joint, you can’t help but love the positive vibes and energy from our buddy EJ who is running the place.  If you are a FOB and come into Gloucester you have got to stop in and say hi to EJ. 

We’re having way too much fun aren’t we?


Ed Raiding The Fridge- Shocker!!!


Khan Studio and Good Morning Gloucester Gallery On Madfish Wharf

Click pic below for Bing Map and Directions-


Where’s Paulie Walnuts?

The GloucesterCast Podcast Episode 9


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In this episode- Patty Knaggs on WBUR, Abby Ytzen/Captain Joe and Sons seARTS Partner With An Artist Exhibit May 21st, Kenny’s Strange Footwear, community garden at Burnham field, tomato release day is coming up at Goose Cove, Gloucester reads poetry and Sawyer Free Library, Khan Studio/ Good Morning Gloucester Gallery on Rocky Neck, Kenny’s Real Estate Segment

Patty Knaggs on WBUR

Abby Ytzen/Captain Joe and Sons seARTS Partner With An Artist Exhibit May 21st

Kenny’s Strange Footwear, community garden at Burnham field,

tomato release day is coming up at Goose Cove may 25

Gloucester reads poetry and Sawyer Free Library- Joey’s Poem Here

Khan Studio/ Good Morning Gloucester Gallery on Rocky Neck

, Kenny’s Real Estate Segment

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Khan Studio & Good Morning Gloucester Gallery Video

Tonight EJ will have The Khan Studio/GMG Gallery Open on Rocky Neck for an unofficial opening!  She decided since Jenny Dee and The Deelinquents will be jamming down at The Madfish that she’d open the doors.  Here’s a preview-

Stop in and say hey if you are around (you can even get a sticka!)