Debbie Clarke shares a beautiful prayer in memory of Fred Buck ~

A Litany of Remembrance

Poem by Rabbi Sylvan Kamens and Rabbi Jack Riemer

In the rising of the sun and in its going down,
we remember them.
In the blowing of the wind and in the chill of winter,
we remember them.
In the opening of buds and in the rebirth of spring,
we remember them.
In the blueness of the sky and in the warmth of summer,
we remember them.
In the rustling of leaves and in the beauty of autumn,
we remember them.
In the beginning of the year and when it ends,
we remember them.
When we are weary and in need of strength,
we remember them.
When we are lost and sick at heart,
we remember them.
When we have joys we yearn to share,
we remember them.
So long as we live, they too shall live, for they are now a part of us,
as we remember them.

Laurie Keefe shares a vintage photo of she and Fred and friends playing music together.


Catherine Ryan submits-

Thank you again Sibley family! The recent GMG Hopper post of the Sibley family helping to identify the Rockaway Hotel in an Edward Hopper drawing generated more discoveries! For reference, here’s the Hopper Rockaway image and a link to that previous GMG post-

Catherine Ryan confirms Rockaway Hotel as another Gloucester Edward Hopper match with help from the Sibley family

Posted on March 17, 2013 by Joey C



There are several Edward Hopper examples in the collection of The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston , including this beauty, the 1926 House by ‘ Squam River . Can you name its Gloucester location? There are notes indicating that it’s in the general direction heading into Annisquam.


IT’S NOT. I admit to clinging to this suggested area with some unreasonable hope because of personal bias (my parents lived on Wheeler’s Point for 30 years, and the charm and might of its full panoramic vista). I climbed around friend’s properties, sought views from Pole Hill and multiple high vantage spots. But I could not connect that landscape anywhere to this Hopper image.

All it took was reading one tiny email description from a GMG reader – I didn’t even need to visit the spot—to know immediately how right it was. I’m sure some other readers may know it, too.

Hint #1:

For one thing, many of these Gloucester Hoppers are views seen from a succession of magnificent granite sentinels. They are sites of great natural beauty conditioned geographically by glacial stone. This particular location has a massive sweep of boulder outcroppings.



Hint #2

These two houses in the Hopper drawing are still standing and exact.


Hint #3

If there is one Hopper, chances are there are others within close proximity.  Here’s two other Hopper drawings, all from the same general perch.


Who had the keen eyes? Thank you to Kathy and Jeff Weaver for identifying the sight line for the Gloucester Edward Hopper image, House by ‘ Squam River in the collection of the MFA. It’s no surprise to me that artist Jeff Weaver—who has a history of Gloucester veduta painting himself, and who knows a great thing or two about extraordinary detail, composition, surface and color as bearer of light– would have a tip! You can see more of Jeff’s work here  Gloucester creates many optimum sites for plein air study, and artists continue to evolve their work into unmissable interpretations of reality.

And here’s the Answer:

You are looking past Centennial across the landscape of Newell Stadium and Gloucester High School . (Perhaps this might be a possible new funding source for Newell Stadium? This same stadium and field site is the landscape featured in an iconic Gloucester Edward Hopper work of art. )







There’s another famous Gloucester artist with a link to this same location, and a nice connection for Gloucester high school, and our students to know. Thanks to Fred Buck for sharing this Strople photo from the collection of the Cape Ann Museum and their archives for the Gloucester HarborWalk’s  Virginia Lee Burton marker. It’s a contemporaneous photograph of the GHS high school being built. The steam shovel was the model for Virginia Lee Burton’s beloved Mary Ann from Mike Mulligan ©1939. Follow back the plume of smoke- “Mary Ann” is turned away from the viewer.



school killings in connecticut

joey –
on december 14, 1992, one of our own, a bright sweet high school kid from lanesville, galen gibson, was murdered by a classmate at simon’s rock in new york state.  the murderer also took down one of their teachers, using a mail order rifle.  exactly 20 years later, galen’s parents, greg gibson and anne-marie crotty, were driving home from visiting his grave in seaside cemetery, when they heard the news on the radio of the horror in connecticut.
you can read what greg writes about that at: 

The New York Times-

Why America Lets the Killings Continue

in mourning, as are we all

fred buck

City Hall Weathervane in 1989 before She Was First Hoisted Atop City Hall From The Infamous Fred Buck

photo courtesy Cape Ann Museum

Fred writes-

joey – here’s the schooner with a broken mast on top of city hall.  the copper model was created by washburn on rt. 114 in 1989 and donated to the city by the cape ann savings bank.  this pic was taken just before she was hoisted up to her place of honor.  it is, of course, the elsie, built in 1910 by a.d. story in essex.  gordon thomas, in fast and able, called her "one of the greatest."  if anyone can help bring her down for repairs, step forward!  a model of the elsie by cape ann master craftsman erik ronnberg is on display at the cape ann museum.  it’s a beautiful thing…
infamous fred

copper model of sch. elsie made by washburn, rt. 114 as weathervane for city hall.  donated by cape ann savings bank.  1989.

This post is in response to our August 16th photos from David Cox showing the Elsie weathervane in serious peril below-

Sail on City Hall Schooner needs help–David B. Cox Photos

Posted on August 16, 2012 by Manuel Simoes



2012 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Coverage, Saint Peter’s Fiesta Schedule of Events, Webcam and The Infamous Fred Buck Submits Fiesta 5K Photos



Webcam courtesy Discover Gloucester and

St. Peter’s Fiesta 2012

Friday, June 29

4:45 p.m……. Greasy Pole Contest…and…Women’s Seine Boat Races… Pavilion Beach
6:30 p.m……. Entertainment….Before Opening Ceremonies
7:30 p.m. …… Formal Opening ….St. Peter’s Square Entertainment immediately
following to 11:30 p.m…. Music by Seabreeze

Saturday, June 30

9:30 a.m…….. Youth & Adult Soccer Games…. Newell Stadium
10:00 a.m……. Pavilion Beach…Military Seine Boat Race:
U.S. Coast Guard vs U.S. Navy… 
Gloucester Fire Department vs Gloucester Police Department
2:30 p.m.…… Championship Series – Youth Basketball Tournament….
Fort Playground (Rain Date Sunday, July 1)
3:00 p.m…… Children’s Games…. Beach Court
4:45 p.m…… Sports Events… Pavilion Beach – Seine Boat Races & Greasy Pole Contest
8:00–11:30 pm. Musical Entertainment…St. Peter’s Square….
Aaron Caruso with Musicians, Vocalist
And  Comedian.

Sunday, July 1

10:00 a.m…… Celebration of MASS OF ST. PETER….. at St. Peter’s Park
12:00 noon….. Procession following the Celebration of Outdoor Mass
3:00 p.m…… Blessing of the Fleet… Stacy Boulevard.
3:00 p.m… … Concert….United States Navy Band Northeast…St. Peter’s Park
4:45 p.m…… Sports Events…at Pavilion Beach
Seine Boat Races..&…Greasy Pole Contest
6:00 p.m…… Concert…..St. Alfio’s Band (One Hour) St. Peter’s Park
6:30 p.m…… Children’s Pinata Contest – Pascucci Court
7:15 p.m……. Awards Ceremony – Trophies awarded to winners of the Sports Events
8:30 p.m……  Musical Entertainment –  St. Peter’s Park
featuring Gianni Faraone w/ Ray Cavichio &
his mini Big Band & Natalie Pinto

11:00 p.m…… Raffle Drawings and Closing Procession

GMG Straight Up Crushing The Fiesta Coverage

FIESTA: Thursday Evening

Almost Live Blogging from the Fiesta 5K 6/28/2012 9:33PM

Video and Pics 2012 Saint Peter’s Fiesta 5K Start Filmed At Half Speed- See Anyone You Know?

2012 Jr Girls Seine Boat Practice 6/28/12 Pics From Sista Felicia

Faces of Fiesta

Mamie’s Kitchen To Feature Arancini,Trupiano’s Sausage Subs, Homemade Linguica Rolls and Mudiga Steak Sandwiches

Fiesta Can Begin! Ambie Is Serving Sazzitza Sandwiches On Commercial Street!
Good Morning Gloucester Will Be Your Source For Saint Peter’s Fiesta Coverage–Fiesta Webcams and More
Wednesday Seine Boat Races
2012 St Peter’s Novena, Mass and Procession to the Club Video
The Greasy Pole. A Look Back 09/30/2012
Where is the Fiesta Ferris Wheel?
2012 Saint Peter’s Mass At The American Legion Photos From Alice Gardner
St. Peter Fiesta Preparations Well Underway!
Props To The Men and Women That Keep Saint Peter’s Fiesta Traditions Alive
2012 Jr Seine Boat Practice 4:50AM 6/25/12 Pics and Video
Need I remind you? Tick Tock Baby- 2012 Greasy Pole Approaches!
Girls Jr. Seine Boat Races 2012 Crew X’tra Oardinary! Racing Friday Night of Fiesta

The Infamous One submits-

star of stage, screen, and lobster roll symposia

paulie walnuts making sure the maestro remembered to remove his lens cap

ambie the chef, shy AND retiring

my 10 yr old grandson, troy balestraci, who didn’t win.  THIS time…
the infamous one

This Sounds Like A Job For The Infamous Fred Buck At The Cape Ann Museum

Hello here Joey!

I stumbled across your site when looking for research info on a drydock incident on Aug 22 1877. Yes, that does read 1877! Seems I’m 4th and 5th generation removed from immigrants that made Gloucester and the seas their home and workplace for many years.

I’ve discovered that my great great grandfather had several ships out of Gloucester and even gave congressional testimonial about the Fortune Bay boardings. What I can’t seem to find is the Aug. 1877 editon of the Cape Anne Advertiser that covered my Great, great, great, grandfathers accidental dry dock Death.

Being such a great representative of all things Gloucester can you point me in the right direction?

Thanks Mike

The Sinking Of The Ben and Josephine Account From The Gloucester Daily Times

The Infamous Fred Buck At The Cape Ann Museum found the article from the Times with the account of how our Grandfather’s boat was sunk by the German Sub  on June 11, 1942

Gloucester Daily Times, June 11, 1942
14 Fishermen Reach Shore Safely After Craft Are Shelled
Two Gloucester fishing draggers were shelled and sunk within a half hour of each other off the New England coast Wednesday afternoon, June 3, while the crews of both vessels were endangered by machine gun bullets, shrapnel from hurtling shells and even from direct shelling by an enemy submarine, a long dull grey craft without identification marks.

All 14 men in the crews managed to reach shore after 36 hours of rowing through fog and drenching rain, with neither crew able to salvage an ounce of food.  Capt. John O. Johnson, owner-skipper of the second craft shelled, told a graphic story of the event, while Capt. Joseph Ciametaro [sic], 27 years, Washington Square, skipper of the other boat, described the machine gunning.  The only casualty was Capt. Johnson’s dog "Snooksie."

First Local Casualties
These are the first Gloucester fishermen to be sunk by subs since late summer of 1918, when the German submarines took a toll of Gloucester swordfishermen and market fishermen on Georges Bank.  News of the sinkings were learned here within two days of the tragedy.

In Capt. Ciametaro’s crew were Sam Frontiero, 45 years, 19 Mansfield Street, engineer; Tony Frontiero, 35 years, 17 Elm Street, cook; Sam Orlando, 23 years, 7 Washington Square; Dominic Montagnino, 27 years, 21 Riggs Street; William Mahoney, 49 years, 12 Locust Street; Peter Frontiero, 27 years, 42 Fort Square; James A. Sheaves, 42 years, 12 Marchant Street.

Their craft, costing some $80,000 a couple years ago when she was built, was on the fishing grounds in the late afternoon, and had already made one set, getting 1500 pounds redfish, when in steaming toward what they thought would be a better spot, Orlando on watch forward, saw the conning tower of a submarine off a distance from them.  At first, they thought she might be an American submarine on patrol, but when the raider came within 300 feet of their craft, they saw men on deck armed with machine guns, letting loose a barrage of tracer shots at their craft.

Machine Gun House
"Orlando called me on deck and when I realized they were firing at us, I knew very well she was an enemy," said Capt. Ciaramitaro.  "I ran into the pilot house to get the compass, and as I did, some of the machine gun bullets smashed away at the house.  Mahoney who was up nearby came within inches of getting killed.  They must have thought the firing would be a warning.
"Anyway, we made for the two dories aboard, and lost no time in launching them into the water.  We didn’t even bother to get our clothing or anything else and even left the compass behind.  I had planned to break the seal on the radio telephone in the engine house and notify the Coast Guard that a sub was attacking us, but the firing was too hot for us, and it would take too many precious minutes to get this done.

"Sheaves, Orlando, Montagnino and Tony Frontiero were in the first dory, while Sam Frontiero and myself made for the other.
"Within five minutes of the machine gunning, the sub crew started firing from a gun mounted on deck.  I don’t know what type it was or how big.  I know that those shells came thick and fast, and there must have been anywhere from 40 to 50 shells sent at our boat.  One of the shells must have banged into the foc’s’tle, because we saw the stove come hurtling out through a shellhole in the port side of the boat.

"The shell that did the trick was the last one, smashing into the engine room, causing an explosion, which set the boat afire.  However, it was a half hour later before she finally sunk.  We couldn’t see how good their aim was, because we were on the opposite side from where they were shelling.
"There was a lot of shrapnel from the shells flying around us, but none of us was hit.  None of the crew bothered to speak to us and we said nothing to them.  We don’t know whether they were Germans or Italians.  They certainly weren’t friends.  They were tall and slim.  There were several men on the deck of the sub.

Many Misses
Orlando and others of the crew declared there were more misses than hits as the shells screamed overhead and around them.  It looked like the battle of the Marne might have looked, they thought.  The weather was clear with visibility of at least six or seven miles, said the skipper.  The sea was fairly smooth.

As the two dories were rowing away from the craft in which they had made big money in the past couple years, they saw a short while later smoke rising in the distance and knew that the neighboring dragger had been sunk.

Fog set in on the long pull to shore.  Guided only by the direction of the wind which the skipper had sensed as he left the dragger, the reckoning proved correct and brought them to land 36 hours later.  They rowed in reliefs of two, and both dories kept together.  They had no food, but did have a small amount of water.  It was a long hard pull and when they finally made it, every man was exhausted.  They were given strong steaming coffee, bacon and eggs, and it all tasted mighty good.  Later the navy took charge of the men and took their accounts of what had happened.  They arrived about 4:30 o’clock in the morning.
Asked as to whether or not they were frightened when machine gunned, the skipper exclaimed, "Of course we were scared.  With those bullets flying all around us, there was no wonder we were scared."

"Every time they would fire a shell it would knock the boat around," the skipper added.  "The next shell would swing around the other way."  Said Peter Frontiero, "To tell you the truth, we were stunned.  The sub skipper gave us plenty of time to get off, but he did have a lot of shots fired in the pilot house.  When he let the shells go, we knew he meant business and we got going.  We are glad they never hit our dories."

The Launching Of Our Grandfather “Captain Joe Ciaramitaro” First Dragger The Ben and Josephine

The Infamous One Found this courtesy the Archives At The Cape Ann Museum.  It was listed in The Atlantic Fisherman, April,1941

As I’ve said at least a hundred times now, if you haven’t gone to the Cape Ann Museum whether you’re a resident or Gloucester lover who visits you are missing out on a literal TREASURE TROVE OF GLOUCESTER LOVER ARTIFACTS.  You probably drive past the Cape Ann Museum a dozen times a week. 

Trust me head downstairs once you get there and ask for The Infamous Fred Buck.  Ask him about a piece of old Gloucester you are interested in.  I bet you dollars to donuts he digs something up for you!



Ben Curcuru was our Great Grandfather and the man my father Benjamin Liborio (Libby) Ciaramitaro was named after.  Pictured are Benny Curcuru(great Grandfather to a ton of cousins in Gloucester and our Great Grandmother Josephine.

22,819,054 lbs of Fish Landed In 120 Trips- Our Grandfather Captain Joe Featured In Atlantic Fisherman Magazine 1952

Courtesy Fred Buck at The Cape Ann Museum

To compare this and put some perspective to this accomplishment you can compare that 22,819,054 he landed to the total number of all groundfish landings in one year by all boats in Gloucester in 2010 were 81,400,00lbs.  His average trip over those 120 landings was 190,158.78 lbs.  This was landings of groundfish, not herring or pogies or mackerel.


From NOAA’s Records-

*Total landings of all species on groundfish trips were about 81.4 million pounds in 2010. This compares to landings ranging from 102.4 million pounds to 107.2 million pounds in the 2007-2009 fishing years. Groundfish landings on groundfish trips also declined from a high of 71.6 million pounds in 2008 to a low of 58.0 million pounds in 2010[11]. Non-groundfish landings on groundfish trips also declined from a high of 39.3 million pounds in 2007 to 23.3 million pounds in 2010 (Table 3).




Saint Ann’s Bell Tower – Without A Net! Photos Forwarded By The Infamous Fred Buck From The Archive’s At the Cape Ann Museum

The Infamous One Writes-

joey – here’s a few photos from the cape ann museum archives dating from november 1946.  they were taken by norman swett, a bridgetender at the cut bridge, who was also a very active and accomplished free-lance photographer.  the pix were donated to the museum about 10 years ago by jane douglas, widow of one of the steeplejacks in the group photo (thomas douglas, 3rd from left in back row).  hope nobody gets queasy looking at these guys doing their work like it was nothing special.  if anybody has any ideas on the reason for the rebuild, i’d love to hear them.  happy t-day!  infamous.


Just one more in a long list of contributions to GMG from our FOB Fred.  If you haven’t figured out by now the vast number of treasures located in the archives which are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC (this means you) then god help you!

You have got to get your ass down there and a crappy rainy day like today would be the perfect day to do so!  Say hey to Fred down in the archives and ask them to look something up for you if there is something from Gloucester’s past that interests you.  they get off on that kind of stuff.

For more info about The Cape Ann Museum click the link below-


Empire Fish- 40’s or 50’s From Fred Buck

The Infamous One Shares This Slideshow of Empire Fish Cutting Redfish.  Anyone know any of the people in the photos?

Thanks Fred- it’s nice to share these with the community rather than sit in a box somewhere never seeing the light of day.

Your contributions here have been outstanding!

Update:old news: pilot & roseway- The Infamous One Sends a Shout Out To Dave Bennis of Michigan &

The infamous one follows up with this –

joey – here’s a piece from the 1909 sanborn insurance map that shows where the parkhurst and burnham railways were in relation to each other.  few years earlier than the pilot boat pix, but the layout of the inner harbor didn’t change that much until urban renewal.  fyi, around 2005, some internet angel posted a complete set of the cape ann sanborn maps, from 1885-1917 in pdf format.  i downloaded them and have been using them ever since.  gave copies to the gloucester archives and sfl, and converted them to grayscale tifs for my own research purposes.  museum has these on board as well as the original full color hand-annotated atlases (that weigh about 50 pounds each!)  you want to know how this place has changed over the years?  never mind the pretty pictures, go to the maps.  they tell the story like nothing else can.


last month a nice chap named dave bennis came in to see me at the museum.  he was one of the volunteer crew on the ‘highlander sea’ (nee ‘pilot’) when she came into our port and wanted to see if we had any photos of the vessel in her days as a pilot boat in boston.  we found a few and here’s one taken of her by gordon thomas in 1960 on parkhurst railways for some work.  just so she wouldn’t feel lonely, i found another one of ‘roseway’ (pilot boat #2) on gloucester marine railways in the mid 50s.  dave’s gone back to his day job as lighthouse keeper in the upper peninsula of michigan, but i hope he sees these and comes back to visit us again.
infamous fred buck


check out the cape ann museum

Joey adds-
After recognizing the building in back of the parkurst railways I decided to pull up this picture I took on September 4th ,2011-

Can you line up the windows with the building in the top picture?

The Infamous Fred Buck adds To The Photo Story of The Filming of “Bride 13” On Salt Island

joey – these are some of the museum photos of the "bride 13" filming on salt island.  a,b,c are from the treasure chest left to the museum by gloucester high history teacher myrtle cameron.  d&e are from a photo album page with about 15 snapshots of the cast and crew and assorted rubberneckers on good harbor.  no idea who took the pics, but i’m delighted they did.
infamous fred buck, down cellah at the cape ann museum

salt island 1919.  constructing the set for movie serial "bride 13".  myrtle cameron collection.salt island 1919.  visiting the set for movie serial "bride 13".  myrtle cameron collection.salt island 1919.  view of the set for movie serial "bride 13". cast member on good harbor?  myrtle cameron collection."Bride 13" actress.  Long Beach.  1919."Bride 13".  Scene being filmed at Brace's Cove, Eastern Point.

Just another reason to go visit the Cape Ann Museum.  I’m telling you, if you have a question about something that happened here in Gloucester in the past chances are you can find some really cool stuff with some extremely helpful folks ready willing and able to assist you in your quest!

st. peter on the move, part 3 from the infamous one- 1973 and 1950 Fiesta

Fred Buck Writes-

joey, here’s a couple more, separated by a couple decades, but the spirit is the same.  viva!



From the Archives at The Cape Ann Museum– a must place visit for tourist and resident alike!

Gloucester Harbor, Fitz Henry LaneGloucester Harbor Wharves, Fitz Henry Lane

Fitz Henry Lane: Riverdale, 1863; Gloucester Harbor from Rocky Neck, 1844; On the Wharves, Gloucester Harbor, 1847

A Truly American Art Museum

The Cape Ann Museum is located at 27 Pleasant Street in downtown Gloucester, Massachusetts, America’s oldest fishing port.

Cape Ann – which lies just north of Boston and includes the city of Gloucester and towns of Rockport, Manchester and Essex – has been a leading center for artists since the 18th century, a maritime powerhouse and the source of granite for many major building projects up and down the East Coast. 

The Cape Ann Museum has a number of collections relating to this rich cultural heritage, including an extensive selection of maritime paintings and landscapes by American artists such as Fitz Henry Lane, Milton Avery and John Sloan.

Visit us today to discover the artistic treasures of Cape Ann.

Special Exhibits
In addition to its permanent collections, the Museum offers a rotating schedule of special exhibits throughout the year.  For information on these exhibits and related lectures, programs, and events, please visit the Special Exhibits page.

Membership & Support
The Museum is supported primarily by memberships, contributions, admission fees and sales in theMuseum Shop. Become a part of Cape Ann by joining us today!


Museum Hours & Directions
The Cape Ann Museum is located at 27 Pleasant Street, Gloucester, MA.
Contact us for Museum departments and directions.

Cape Ann Museum hours are:
Tuesdays – Saturdays: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Sunday: 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The Rocky Neck Art Colony Is Looking for Old Rocky Neck Photos

Judy Robinson-Cox writes

Looking for Old Rocky Neck Photos
The Rocky Neck Art Colony is looking for old photographs of Rocky Neck to include in a History of Rocky Neck exhibit in the Rocky Neck Gallery.  If you have any photos taken before 1990 that we could borrow, scan and return to you, please contact Judy Robinson-Cox ( Specifically, we are looking for photos that show the character of Rocky Neck including the artists that worked here and their studios and galleries. The older the better. If we use the photo, we will display it with a short description and credit line for the photographer.

Judy may I suggest you head down to the Cape Ann Historical Museum and see our boy FOB Fred Buck in the archive room?  If anyone hasn’t figured it out by now, they have an incredible amount of old photos and a staff of caring people who would like nothing more than help you access it.

Go see our man-

The Infamous One!

Check out the kind of stuff they do-

2011 Greasy Pole Updates

This year’s Greasy Pole Shrine at Felicia Oil down in the Fort is going to be better than ever (and it was already pretty huge to begin with).  Eric Spear asked for us to put a call out for help finding old photos to add to the Greasy Pole Shrine and connecting the dots is generally something we can do pretty good around here at GMG.

I put him in touch with Fred Buck at The Cape Ann Museum and they have been collaborating to bring a whole slew of new photos that haven’t been seen in a great number of years to the Shrine.  there is also another huge addition which I’ll announce once I get clearance.

Also this just in from Frankie Interrante-

Not sure if it newsworthy to your readers bout Bobby Scola and I will be walking the pole for the first time in over 20 years. Neither one of us has ever won but got a bunch of Saturday walks under our belts. I am walking Sunday in honor of my cousin Benny Interrante who took the flag in 1976, a few years before he went down to sea on the Captain Cosmo.  Bobby I think is walking for Sammo.

Be nice if you let the readers know about our traditions regarding this tradition.

Thanks Frankie Interrante.

Here are some photos from the past-

Joe Agrusso- Greasy Pole Champ

Greasy Pole Champs, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Joey Palmisano- Greasy Pole Champ

Joey Palmisano- Greasy Pole Champ

Russell Heinze- Greasy Pole Champ

Russell Heinze- Greasy Pole Champ

I wonder whats going through his mind

I wonder what’s going through his mind

Special Thanks To Paul and Beanie Nicastro For The Pictures

9 Days!!! Saint Peter On The Move Part II From the 1930s

The Infamous Fred Buck Submits Part II Of Saint Peter On The Move For Our Fiesta Countdown- Photos John C. Adams as part of the Cape Ann Museum collection.

Love The Fiesta Whites! 

GORDON THOMAS COLLECTIONst. peter's fiesta. early 20s.
old# 0287.45g

joey – from the museum archives, for the people of gloucester.  viva!
infamous f.b.

10 Days!!! Contest- St. Peter On The Move- More Fiesta 1950

The Infamous Fred Buck submits another Fiesta Contest for our Fiesta Countdown!

joey – here are two more pix by phillip reisman from 1950.  name the 8 statue bearers, win an 8×10 glossy of your choice.  name the movie playing at the strand that day and win a free pass to see sal zerilli’s film at the cape ann cinema!  (no popcorn included).  don’t touch that dial…
infamous f.b.

gloucester fiesta 7/50
50-50gloucester fiesta 7/50

This is all available for you to check out in one of Gloucester’s finest treasures- The Cape Ann Museum

Head over there and ask for the infamous one down in the archives.  If you are curious about something from the past in G-Town the chances are the team down in the archives can help you find something that you had no idea existed!

12 days!!! Ladies’ Choice Contest From The Infamous Fred Buck and With Prizes

Fred Writes-

joey – fiesta ladies of 1951 and 52, from the museum’s collection of slides by artist phillip reisman, who truly loved this place and doesn’t try to hide it!  first one to name all the beauties in the photos wins an 8×10 glossy of each AND a gift certificate to Amby’s sausages A La Cart.  competition will be fierce for this one!  stay tuned, folks, more to come!
infamous f.b.

gloucester fiesta '52gloucester fiesta 7/51.  phillip reisman photo.

You can see these slides and way more at The Cape Ann Museum

Click here for a link to the Cape Ann Museum