“Public Access and Democracy: From the Boob Tube to YouTube, A Revolution in Our Time” – CATV Annual Meeting

Coming Up: Tuesday, May 24 from 6-7:30 p.m. at the Sawyer Free Library Friend Room

Come to the Cape Ann Annual Meeting and hear: “Public Access and Democracy: From the Boob Tube to YouTube, A revolution in Our Time”

Learn about the evolution of public access television, where ordinary people can create television programs and release them on CATV and the internet!

Let’s figure out how to merge Blogging and Broadcast!

There was a time before there was bloggers, before there was social media, before there was internet when the only public media “portal” to our community was Public Access Television: Channels 12, 27, and 67 on your Comcast cable dial.

There is a long history of individuals who fought long and hard for the right of each community to have these channels for PEG programming, which stands for Public (general interest), Education (school and public education programs) and Government (transparency in government meetings). Today, Public Access facilities around the world produce more programming annually than CBS, NBC, and FOC television combined.

YOU have the right to make television shows and cablecast them on CATV, as well as out through the internet. One of the most exciting developments on Cape Ann in the past few years is the incredible success of Good Morning Gloucester and the existence of all you wonderfully talented authors. In a keynote presentation that will be given by Barry O’Brien, there is a great acknowledgement of the work of Joey C., and the team of bloggers that make GMG so much fun. As television and the internet merge, we want to determine how our rights to Public Access television can be preserved and developed by applying our communities’ talent.

There will be tasty refreshments! Come on over Tuesday, May 24 from 6-7:30 p.m. at the Sawyer Free Library Friend Room and join the conversation.

Short Film and Twin Lights soda TONIGHT in Rockport!

A free event to kick off the  Motif No. 1 Day festival!

7 o’clock tonight at the Old Firehouse in Dock Square, downtown Rockport. A short film, Twin Lights soda…a great way to start the celebration of the arts in Rockport!

Discolored Water on Western & Hesperus Avenues

The DPW has been getting numerous discolored water complaints from residences on Western Avenue, Hesperus Avenue, and Ocean Highlands.  The discoloration has been brown and yellow water associated with iron from unlined cast iron water main.  Iron in the water poses now public health threat; however, it  is aesthetically unpleasing and can stain clothes.  DPW crews have been flushing mains to clear up the water and have fixed a leak at Castel Hill Road/Hesperus Avenue and replaced a fire hydrant on Ocean Highlands.

Yesterday the DPW employed a leak detection specialist who found three water leaks on service lines to residence on Ocean Highlands and DPW crews have started working on those leaks.  No other leaks on Hesperus or Western Avenue were found.

The DPW is investigating the water main piping near Ravenswood entrance and hopes that leads to clearing up of the discolored water at that area of Western Avenue.

If you have any questions please contact Karen or me.

Thank you

Lawrence A. Durkin, P.E. – Environmental Engineer

City of Gloucester – Department of Public Works

Office of Water Compliance

50 Essex Avenue, Gloucester, MA 01930

Phone 978-281-9792, Fax 978-281-9724

Douglas Hofstadter Quote Of The Week From Greg Bover

In fact, a sense of essence is, in essence, the essence of sense, in effect.
Douglas Hofstadter  (1945-     )


Best known for the 1980 Pulitzer Prize winning book Gödel, Escher, Bach: the Eternal Golden Braid, Hofstadter is the Distinguished Professor of Cognitive Sciences at Indiana University at Bloomington and was for many years a columnist (Metamagical Themas) for Scientific American magazine. Much of his work centers on how the mind processes language and the interaction of form and content, with frequent excursions into the philosophic nature of music. He is the son of Nobel Prize winner Robert Hofstadter.

Greg Bover

The Sinking of The Can Do During the Blizzard of ’78 Audio Tapes

Blizzard of ’78 Massachusetts: The Loss of the Pilot Ship Can-Do in Salem Sound

Lobsterman Mike’s uncle Warren was vhf watchstander during the horrific blizzard that sank the Can-Do


The Can-Do, a pilot ship based in Gloucester, Ma., set out during the blizzard of ’78 to aid a floundering Coast Guard ship trying to rescue the crew of the oil tanker Global Hope.

Credit: Lobsterman Mike/Adam Bolonsky
Copyright: Lobsterman Mike/Adam Bolonsky

Fort Square Café Hash and Eggs

Fort Square café isn’t the only breakfast joint in G-Town where you can sit at the counter and feel as though you are part of the community no matter who you are but it combines that type of feel with some of the best grub in town.

Rusty and Heidi are about as real and welcoming as they come.  I would highly recommend that if you are new to the area to belly up to the breakfast counter and get a taste of Heidi’s delicious food and a healthy helping of Gloucester hospitality while you are at it.



Coast Guard Station Gloucester – Safe Boating Day – National Safe Boating Week

Coast Guard Station Gloucester to hold Safe Boating Day event
GLOUCESTER, Mass. – U.S. Coast Guard Station Gloucester will hold a Safe Boating Day event from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., May 21, 2011 at their location on the waterfront.
The event is help to promote safe boating awareness though demonstrations and informational booths.
"The goal is to put all aspects of boating safety back in the public eye as we approach our spring and summer boating season," said Chief Warrant Officer Luis Munoz, the commanding officer of Station Gloucester.
The station will showcase an assortment of search and rescue demonstrations, boating under the influence information, flare demonstrations, commercial fishing vessel safety, tours of Station Gloucester and its vessels, structured boating and paddling safety and various informational booths.
Representatives include Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod, Coast Guard Auxiliary, U.S. Power Squadron, State of Massachusetts Marine Environmental Protection, commercial fishing safety representatives and many others.
The event will be held at the station located at 17 Harbor Loop in Gloucester, Mass.
For more information about the event please contact Adam Smart at (978) 283-0705
For more information about this release contact 1st Coast Guard District Public Affairs at (617) 223-8515.