“Little Sandra” from Glenn AKA “Swimdad”

This is a great photo from Glenn. AKA “Swimdad” A Gloucester Fishermam now residing in the great State of California. Glenn is one on my biggest supporters when my posts get a little carried away. I always appreciate his support. Your right Glenn “we’re getting F’N Old!”

From Glenn AKA “Swimdad”;

Hi Paul;        I have been trying to get this pic to you but had to wait till I got a new all in one printer.  The person who took this got in touch with Matt and wanted to know if anyone would like copies back in 1978, never did get the persons name.  That’s me on the left, Tommy in the middle, Matt on the winch and Skipper Mike in the pilot house. 


Almost 33 years ago, boy are we getting fuck’n old



Thanks again always for your support and this great Photo!

6 thoughts on ““Little Sandra” from Glenn AKA “Swimdad”

  1. Good Morning Paul California? GreatState? NOT! The smaller cities and towns are trying to balance their budgets with speeding tickets and illegal parking citations.
    I got 1 for dropping off my son in a red zone at the high school at 5:45 a.m. The officer was behind a tree with a video camera. Never even knew I had a ticket till I got it in the mail. Watch out Gloucester you could be next.


  2. Looks like a warm day, maybe June 6, 1978, the same day California voters approve Proposition 13, which slashes property taxes nearly 60% which ultimately ends with you getting a ticket at at 5:45AM for parking at your high school 33 years later.

    Great photo, I right clicked then clicked again to make it really big for the details.


    1. Yes you got that right Paul and on top of that Arnold just got caught with something in the cookie jar. It wasn’t his hand!


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