GMG Exclusive- Sugar Mag’s Dinner Menu

Although this is subject to change we have the preliminary menu from Sugar Mag’s which will be officially opening for dinner Thursday and Friday nights beginning May 26th and 27th.

There will be no reservations so get there early!


Some pictures from Sugar Magnolia’s when they served outside on Main St for the Block Party-

Lobster Risotto

Sugarcane Skewered Diver Scallops

Khan Studio & Madfish heating up on Rocky Neck

Rubber Duck was the first to sign the guest book at the Khan Studio & Good Morning Gloucester Gallery last night.

Hey Roxie, I want to change my name too, any suggestions?

EJ gives the duck tour of the new gallery. Duck also needs to bring a gallery warming gift of white wine since she was pounding them back.

Then it was on to Madfish and Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents but Rubber Duck was carded, one bummed duck pressed against the glass.

While the duck stayed outside we checked out the first set by Jenny Dee and crew.Rubber Duck thinks Rocky Neck has to be added to the weekend duck tour for the rest of the season. Madfish Grille is open for the season with Safety, 80s Party tonight, and Groove next Friday. Khan Studio open Noon to 8PM every day except Monday and Tuesday.

Skeptics in the Pub May 17th

Skeptics in the Pub

On May 17th, the next meeting of Cape Ann Skeptics in the Pub will feature “Nineteenth Century Medicine in the Twenty-First Century”. The presentation will be made by Rich Sagall, MD, and Rosella Park Sagall. This theme will include some facts about familiar topics that may surprise you and some unfamiliar facts that may make you even more skeptical. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet skeptics such as yourself. We meet at 6:00, at The Dog Bar, 65 Main St., Gloucester. You can find us at

Unveiling Of The Magnolia Memorial Stone Event May 21 10:00

Hello Joe
Thank you so much for your wonderful web site that so many enjoy.  At our Magnolia Historical Society a few nights ago, we were discussing publicity of our event and everyone shouted out GOOD MORNING GLOUCESTER! 
We are very excited about this huge undertaking, a lot of hard work, fundraising, planning and execution has gone into making this dream reality!
Please contact either myself or Lisa Ramos for additional information about this community wide, all invited event!
Cathie Hull


Benefit Concert In Essex May 21st


Hi Joey,

I’m a Worship Leader at Emmanuel Community Church in Essex. We are a small non-denominational congregation with a very active recovery & prison ministry. We are having a benefit concert on May 21st to raise money for repairs and improvements to the building. Below is some information about the event and the poster. Would you please include this on GMG as the event gets closer? THANK YOU, AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

The Upper Room Project is a capital improvement effort to the facilities at the church. The subfloor on the kitchen side of the building in need of repair. The project includes upgrading the kitchen and bathrooms, the nursery, and adding an upstairs multi-purpose space to house Sunday School Classes, AA & NA Meetings, Community Events and Concerts.

The concert will be a blast with food & fun. Ev Harlow "The Bad Boy of Folk" starts the show with a Comedy Set. Pastor Jim LaFontaine & Jeff Davis (with surprise guest or two) "Sons of Thunder" bring the 60’s Classic Rock. Mark Earley & Larry Sortwell "The Earley Birds" will cover the Blues and R & B portion of the evening, then Bob & Jeff Davis "Johnny Carwash" will close the show with some Telecaster Mastery.

This is a Clean & Sober event, and kids are welcome.

Viva Blue Shutters — Another Great Food & Wine Tasting….with a Spanish Flavor

The New Owners At the Blue Shutters Inn have turned the place into a lively event center.

The latest from Tony Sapienza-

Viva Blue Shutters — Another Great Food & Wine Tasting….with a Spanish Flavor

When we planned our most recent Food & Wine Tasting around a Latin America theme (in celebration of Cinco de Mayo) little did we know that we’d have folks with South American roots as part of the crowd. So on Saturday afternoon when we began bringing out Chilean and Argentian wines and South American dishes like lamb and dried cherry quesadillas and grilled shrimp with almond romesco sauce, we were concerned that this might not stack up to their expectations. Well, we impressed even the girls with family from Argentina — as well as guests from Gloucester, GreaterBoston and New York. Speaking of Argentina, one of the more interesting dishes was Carne Arsado with Chimicurri sauce — it turns out the term "chimichurri" was based on the name of American cowboy Jimmy McCurry, who brought the recipe to the ranches of Argentina. So not only did everyone enjoy great food and wine — and lots of laughs and a few cigars after the tasting; we also learned something new. A big thank you to our wine expert Kathy Hill, from the Traveling Vineyard, and our visiting chef, Mark Sapienza from the Langham Hotel, for the wine and food (that’s Kathy in the photo here with Mark’s brother — and Blue Shutters innkeeper — Tony Sapienza showing off some of the dishes from Saturday night). We’ll start up our food and wine events again in the fall — we look forward to seeing everyone back for more tastings then.

anth and kathy

Help the Gloucester Dog Park Secure $100,000!

Please help yourselves & your dogs by raising some much needed funds to make the Gloucester Dog Park a reality! The Gloucester Dog Park has already been approved from the city and it’s future home will be within the Stage Fort Park!

PetSafe is running dog park contest, Bark For Your Park, and the winner receives $100,000 towards construction costs!

We need your vote of support! Please help us garner votes by:

You’ll see the Gloucester, MA entry
If you haven’t registered yet, click the link that says: Not a registered user? Click here to show your support
A survey will pop up asking how you will support the park: as a user of the park, and/or in other ways. For example, maybe you can donate some fill dirt or your time in fundraising, PR and so on. The more we show how we as individuals will support the park in various ways, the better our chances of winning. We encourage you to please fill out the optional text area of how you will support the park so we have a robust entry.

If you can support the park in more than one way, then go to the website 2 days later and any day thereafter and complete the survey again to note the next way you can lend a hand. If you can only be a “Park Enthusiast,” i.e. plan to use the park regularly, that’s okay. If you can support it in a variety of ways, that’s, of course, even better.

Right now we are trying to get into the top 25 semi-finalists list, so from now until June 1st (semi-finals deadline) the push is on for us to vote!

Thank you for your support and be sure to follow the Gloucester Dog Park on Facebook or check out our website for further updates!

Highway Construction in Danvers

I’m not sure if it’s Moe, Larry and Curley or Charlie Sheen and his two goddesses who are doing the highway work up in Danvers but I swear I’ve never seen more than three stooges working there at a time.

They’ve been working there forever. I have no idea why thus stuff takes so long. In other parts of the country I visit I swear they put in entire interstate highways in less time than they take around here to do a single overpass.

Is it a union thing? I’m not sure why they don’t bring in an army of workers and equipment and bang out one job at a time quickly rather than have 20 projects going on at once with just a handful of workers at each project and dragging it out for years.

Khan Studio & Good Morning Gloucester Gallery Video

Tonight EJ will have The Khan Studio/GMG Gallery Open on Rocky Neck for an unofficial opening!  She decided since Jenny Dee and The Deelinquents will be jamming down at The Madfish that she’d open the doors.  Here’s a preview-

Stop in and say hey if you are around (you can even get a sticka!)