Twin Lights Half Marathon needs Volunteers on Saturday, May 12

Volunteer for helping out at the Marathon and get a nice T-Shirt and a lot of fun watching sweaty skinny people run by. Just click this link to get all the info on volunteering for the Race on Saturday, May 12. In the comments section make sure you say you heard about it on Good Morning Gloucester and if ten volunteers do that then Cait Cedarstrom, co-director of the race will give Rubber Duck a blue ribbon!

Favorite Picture from Twin Lights Half Marathon

My wife completed the inaugural Twin Lights Half Marathon. The rain held off and the event had a great spirit about it. I only run when chased, but it looked pretty hectic out there for the runners with all the cars on the road. Hopefully they get some approval to shut down or re-route the traffic next year for the peak period of runners. Congrats to all the runners who participated.

These folks took on 13.1 in costumes and you would think the Lobster would not be so happy to see the chef!

Twin Lights Half Marathon Gloucester MA

Twin Lights Half Marathon Info Session With Dave Murray

Registration is open at

Those who sign up early will get Race Shirts so get on it!