Miniature Gloucester

Lookout Park view of the city with a miniature spin.

Playing with our new camera we had to try the tilt shift effect and I think it works pretty well!  The camera is the Canon SX230hs. We purchased it from Camera Corner in Rockport, which has all the latest Canon and Nikon models.

FOB Kevin Henry Has Been Taking Lessons


Joey, I’m not a food photographer, but I had to shoot the lobsta’ roll(s) Vanessa & I made yesterday !




Looks like someone has been taking lessons from The Mrs on how to prepare the perfect lobster roll. Smile

  • The right type of roll- CHECK
  • No Celery, Lettuce or Paprika- CHECK
  • Light Mayo- CHECK

For the original post click da link-

How to F^@K Up a Lobster Roll -For The New Readers

North Shore Revealed – Day at the Beach in Ipswich

I remember going to Hawaii and loving the guide books called Maui Revealed. They were written by locals and the folks burnt a lot of bridges with the locals and revealed insider tips. Here is my quick and dirty insider tips guide for a day trip to the beach in Ipswich. I know many of you have the Gloucester beach sticker, but it’s always great to check out other North Shore treasures.

Here is the play if you are going to come up from Boston or from anywhere on the North Shore and hit Ipswich.

Cranes BeachOn weekends head over early. Get there between 9:30

and 10am to get in the first 5 to 10 parking rows and avoid a crazy traffic backup. Stay to the far right and head towards the sand bar. The tides are key at Cranes. The water will seem cold right at the life guard stations, but immediately take a hike to the sand bars on the right and enjoy the quieter setting. For a real treat hike around the beach to the backside of Cranes. I usually head out before the large crowds arrive. On your way out, if you have never been to the estate it is worth a walk around.  Another insider tip is to take the cheaper option and head to the beach during the week for a late afternoon swim and dinner. The weather and water are perfect, especially for the pale nation. You can even get the pizza joint, Theo’s to deliver to Cranes. I am fortunate to have The Trustees sticker, which is a great deal.

Ipswich ClambakeAfter you are done at the beach head over to Ipswich Clambake on 196 High Street (take a right off of 133 in Ipswich). It is a great fish market and place for all things seafood. The chowder is excellent and I think they have the best lobster roll on the North Shore. In all honesty I really have yet to test the other places (The Lobster Roll Call coming soon!). Simple, buttered bun and lots of very fresh Lobster.  I can’t say enough about them and the place is sparkling clean.

As you can see my Molly loves the chowder. The biggest honor a restaurant can get from my 2 year old is if she finishes their soup, drinks it and then tries to pour it over her head. 

White’s Farm – Keep heading away from Ipswich on High Street (rt 133) and you hit White’s. White’s is in the top 5 local homemade ice cream joints. Every flavor rocks and the kids can take their ice cream cone and drop it in a real sand box! The play here is to go Kiddie size even for the grown ups.

Ipswich Role Call: Too many great spots to name, but here are a few of the top spots:

Down River Ice Cream – Another great homemade Ice Cream place right past Cranes turn on 133.
Russel Orchard – An Ipswich institution and a great place to stop after Cranes.
The Clam Box – My personal favorite for fried seafood, but get there early or call for take out (insider tip)
Stone Soup – One of the top breakfast places and every dinner on their menu is great. Get the breakfast sandwich on fresh italian bread!
Riverview Pizza – One of my top ten places for pizza on the North Shore.
Choate Pub – Great local bar & great burgers!
1640 Hart House – The tavern here is a great play.
Orange Julius – Yes there is an Orange Julius at the Dairy Queen. Hello 1985 at the mall!
East End Bagels – Across the street from Orange Julius is Mitchell st. and they are down that road and a commenter below and New Yorker validates they have great bagels. I have to check them out!

Thanks for reading,

Greasy Pole: the Musical Get Your Tickets NOW!!!!

Hiya, Joe:
The show is cast, the band is led, and this show is going to be the hottest ticket in Gloucester this June! People are already asking to buy blocks of tickets, which they can now do securely online through Paypal at

IMPORTANT NOTE TO TICKET BUYERS: Seating is limited, so be sure to indicate the date and time of the performance(s) you would like to attend. This is sure to sell out, so get your tickets while they last!

Locals who would like to see Sefatia "The Godmother" Romeo appear in the role of ‘Mama Scollafazza’ will want to attend the performances on:

  • THURS 06/16 – 6:30pm & 7:30pm – OPENING NIGHT!
  • FRI 06/17 – 6:30 & 7:30pm
  • SUN 06/19 7:30 & 8:30pm

  • SUN 06/26 7:00, 8:00 & 10:00pm – CLOSING NIGHT!

Rockport’s own Mama Anita Paldolphe Ruchman, will perform the role of ‘Mama Scollafazza’ for all other performances. Come to  both!

See you at The Annie!
Henry Allen


Hoooooe-Meeeeee Homie

Rubber Duck was convinced by Paul Frontiero of the benefits of meditation.

RD’s mantra? “Hoooooe-Meeeeee” of course.

As always, click on the photo twice to get a large desktop photo to confuse your friends about your gender. Rubber Duck is always copyrighted for non-profit fair use. If you do make money she wants a cut.

Rockport Garden Club Plant Sale Saturday June 4th

Rockport Garden Club Plant Sale

Rockport Community House – 58 Broadway

Saturday, June 4, 2011   9:00 AM – 1:00 PM


The Rockport Garden Club invites you to our annual Plant Sale at the Community House.  A wide selection of annuals, perennials, shrubs, herbs, bulbs, house plants, hanging baskets, and vegetable seedlings will be available.  We will also feature a raffle of unique garden-related items including a kinetic garden sculpture crafted by Jim Waddell.  Proceeds fund planting and maintenance of Rockport’s twelve town gardens, various civic projects, and several scholarships.

Please visit for more information.

Fly Amero’s guest this Wednesday ~ Allen Estes

Wednesdays at the Rhumb Line
To all my wonderful Cape Ann friends: Thank you so
much for coming to the Orleans Trio show at the Shalin Liu
this past Friday.  You will never know how much it meant to
me having you there, cheering me on.  It was truly a night
to remember.  I am both honored and humbled. ~ Fly
Hello everyone!
Wednesday, June 1st
Special Guest:

One of Cape Ann’s greatest musical treasures, Allen Estes
has graciously agreed to appear this week.  He and I will be
warming up for our “Songwriters-in-the-Round” show with
NYC’s Ina May Wool this coming Saturday at the One World
Coffee House!  Allen never fails to deliver a great show!
Dinner with Fly Amero: 8 – 11pm
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Wednesdays Only!
Prime Rib Dinner –
 $9.95 (while they last)
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!

Upcoming Guests:

with special visiting guest, ED DALEY!

I hope to see you there!  🙂 ~ Fly

Amy’s Coffee and Cones Sponsored Free Reggae Featuring Soul Rebel Project

You know Amy and the Rocky Neck Community deserve kudos for sponsoring great positive energy events like this.  Smiling faces and dancing feet, who could argue with that?


Rocky Neck is where it’s at this summer, believe that!

One Day Left – Best of North Shore Voting!


Here is a simple assignment for businesses in and around Gloucester. North Shore Magazine has put out there latest voting for Best of North Shore. It’s simple and I personally have looked at this guide and went to places simply becaus their patrons were loyal enough to log on and vote for them in the comments. I have personally seen it completely drive major business to a Pizza place in Salem. They put a sign stating vote for us and take major pride in their readers choice award!

Thanks – Patrick

Mandrake- The Blog Off With North Shore Dish

GMG contributor and all around great guy Patrick Ryan came up with an idea for a Blog Off with the girls from North Shore Dish.

The premise was simple- The North Shore Dish gals and Patrick and I  go out to a restaurant which was geographically neutral to our respective home bases of operation and a joint that neither one of our blogs had reviewed.  After our meal, each blog would do a post about our experience at the restaurant we both agreed on and whosever blog garnered the most comments about their respective restaurant post would “win”.

I should say that by default North Shore Dish should probably “win” any type of restaurant review contest as that is what they do.  They go out to dine all around the North Shore and give impartial reviews of the restaurants where they dine.  It’s what they do and on the North Shore of Boston, nobody does it better.

What we do here at GMG is a little different, we specialize in fun, positive energy and helping people to slow down and appreciate all the good stuff around us.  We don’t do bad reviews, if our meal someplace sucked or if the service at some local joint sucked, you just wouldn’t read about it on these pages.  There are several reasons for this.  One, anybody can have an off night- a server, a chef, a bartender and I hate to pass judgment online where it could hurt someone’s business.  Hey, I know that I’m not “ON” 100% of the time here at the dock.  I try to do my best but believe me, there are times where I mess up- everyone does.  Another reason you may not read about something is when I’m out for a nice dinner with the Mrs, the camera stays home.  So it is rare that you see pictures from Duckworth’s Bistrot,  The Rudder, The Franklin, Passports, The Dog Bar, ect, ect ect.

So we’re not going to deviate from what we do here on GMG as far as food postings.  We will stick to our strengths which is having fun and for the most part letting the pictures tell the story.  We will leave the incredibly detailed and real restaurant reviews to our buddies from North Shore Dish.

Let’s get to it shall we?

We decided on Mandrake on Cabot Street In Beverly.

Our boy Patrick Ryan had been calling me sporadically during the week to get me fired up about our “Blog Off” and was pushing me to think up some ideas which would bring our post over the top.  As my cousin Frankie has been off for the past week,  work leading up to Memorial Day weekend by myself down the dock has been crazy busy and I didn’t have too much time to think about what we would do to make our post special.  In fact I hadn’t given it much thought until about an hour before we were scheduled to meet.

As you know when real restaurant critics  dine out, they need to keep the fact that they will be reviewing the place a secret from the restaurant so that the critic can get an accurate feel for what type of service their viewership would most likely get without any special treatment.  This is the mode under which the girls from North Shore Dish operate.

They take their credibility as restaurant critics very seriously.  I on the other hand operate altogether differently.  As my favorite radio/tv personality Tony Korheiser always says, “The only reason to do radio is to help your friends, destroy your enemies and get great service at restaurants”  Operating under anonymity while you are at a restaurant to do a review is not part of the GMG way.  We’re up in your face and letting you know that we are about to shed some light on your food and we’re not shy about whipping that camera out.

So it stuck me, we would come in like gangbusters, invade every space we could, chat up the staff and get a feel for what the place is like GMG STYLE.

On the way to Mandrake there would be a little diversion to Stop and Shop for some props.  Knowing how the North Shore Dish girls cherished their privacy I decided to swing by Stop and Shop to pick up some brown paper bags for our friends from NSD to wear over their heads to protect their identities.  I told the cashier at Stop and Shop I need a few paper bags for my daughter’s school project and offered to pay for them but they let me have them for free. Smile

GMG 001

I figured the chances of using this line of reasoning to trick them into actually wearing brown paper bags over their heads and them allowing us to take their pictures at about 20% but it was an idea that I couldn’t resist trying despite the low probability that they would fall for it.

To my surprise they took the “You guys need to remain anonymous to keep your restaurant critic credibility intact” line and let us snap a few flattering photos of our lovely dining companions.

True to GMG form as soon as I got to Mandrake I whipped out the camera, headed to the kitchen to meet the chefs and let them know they better bring their A-Game because their food is gonna be seen by about 25,000 people when we do our post.

The Mandrake chefs were super friendly-  REPRESENT!!!!!


Next up I rounded up the front of the house staff and headed out for a shot out in front of the restaurant with Da Sticka!

Pictured holding Da Sticka below is Georgia.

Georgia is the Grande Dame of the joint.  EVERYBODY KNOWS GEORGIA!   Super friendly, super attentive, not pushy and on point at all time I think every restaurant needs a woman like Georgia  who knows her regulars and makes them feel special every time they walk in the door.  Whatever they pay the woman, they should double it.  Love that broad.


Then you have the edgy hostess who I couldn’t resist getting this shot showing off Da Sticka with her fresh ink and the reflection of the building across the street.


So we settle in with a few libations.  The bartender was expert and served us up these-

GMG 009


GMG 010GMG 011

Next we decided to get a couple appetizers-

A Mediterranean type app with olive tapenade (I’m a sucker for olive tapenade).  You put olive tapenade on the menu I’ll make a meal out of it.

GMG 014

and a seared tuna app which was fresh citrusy and tasty as hell-

GMG 016

a calimari app-GMG 013

crabcakes with lump crab- good ratio of lump crab to binder.  excellent

GMG 015

Here is the gourmet seafood mac and cheese-

GMG 017

My dish- the Dijon encrusted salmon cooked perfectly.GMG 018

After dinner we finished up with a fried dough type dessert covered with caramel, chocolate, whipped cream.  It didn’t suck!

GMG 023

So that my friends is what we do here at GMG.  We let the pictures tell the story, try to inject a little humor and let you decide if the dishes look to your liking.  You’re not gonna get how the wine paired with the main courses or some other fancy foodie bullshit, you just get honest pictures and the commentary and know that if it was featured here on these pages, it was worthy.

All that being said, you all really ought to check out North Shore Dish for unbiased, in depth restaurant reviews with the apostrophes in the right places and all the nitty gritty details the way a proper restaurant critic would present them.  Thanks for a great evening girls.

I suggest you all leave comments on North Shore Dish’s Mandrake review because they are the real deal restaurant critics and probably deserve to win a contest like this.

We just like to have fun,

your boy Joey

GMG 019

Photo credits Joey and Patrick Ryan