Cape Ann Timebanks With Super K and Nancy Goodman

Nancy Goodman writes-

The TimeBank is a network of people who exchange services, earning and spending one “time dollar” for every hour of service.  We are all about having fun AND taking care of each other, enhancing the true community that Gloucester already is in so many ways.  People can check us out on Facebook or at  Thanks again for helping us get the word out.

Liliy Tomlin Quote of The Week From Greg Bover

“I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific.”
Mary Jean (Lily) Tomlin (1939-     )

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Detroit born comedian and actress Tomlin got her first big break in 1969 as a member of Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In where she developed long-running characters such as Ernestine, the telephone operator, and Edith Ann, the wise and plain spoken five-year-old. She went on to create memorable roles in movies including “All of Me”, “Nine to Five” and “Short Cuts.” She was nominated for an Academy Award for her role in Altman’s “Nashville”, and has received numerous awards including four Emmys, a Tony, and a Grammy for her Broadway and recorded work including the one-woman show "The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe".

Greg Bover

Art and Artists on Boston ‘s North Shore

Wednesday, June 8th 7:30 to 9:00 pm.

Presenter: Jim McAllister, Local Historian and Art Collector

jim mcallister(2)

From the sandy beaches of Lynn and Swampscott to the rugged fishing communities of Cape Ann to the marshes of Ipswich, Boston ’s North Shore has long been a magnet for artists from America and Europe .

Winslow Homer, the Impressionist Childe Hassam, and Maurice Prendergast are just a few of the famous painters who were drawn to the area and left behind their visual impressions of its natural beauty and residents.

Join Jim McAllister as he traces the development of the lively North Shore art scene between 1870 and 1930. McAllister will profile some of the area’s home grown painters, including Frank Weston Benson, Arthur Wesley Dow, and Charles Woodbury. He will also look at specific North Shore locales, especially the Lynn Beach area, Ipswich, and East Gloucester , where artists gathered to paint. 

McAllister’s talk will be heavily illustrated with images of works depicting North Shore scenes by both resident and visiting artists. These works will range from urban views of Gloucester by John Sloan, Edward Hopper, and Stuart Davis, to woodblock prints of the Ipswich River by Arthur Wesley Dow; to the charming naive paintings by Marblehead ’s J.O.J. Frost.

Waterline Center

66 Main Street, Essex Essex Shipbuilding Museum

Admission $8 members, $10 nonmembers For more information call (978) 768-7541

Supporting Our Troops

The Cape Ann Military Family Support Group meets on

the first Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. at the

Major Fred W. Rito Veterans Center, 12 Emerson Avenue , Gloucester . They provide support to Cape Ann families and friends who have family and friends serving in the military.

On Thursday, July 7 from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m., members of the Cape Ann Family Support Group will be in the Café at Addison Gilbert Hospital, please stop by and visit their

informational table.

During the month of June, items will be collected for our military serving in Iraq and Afghanistan . Items that are needed include:

Energy bars,Hard candy,Gum, Granola Bars, Pretzels, Pringles, Cookies, Canned nuts

Powdered Drink Mixes, such as Gatorade, Lemonade,, Kool-Aid, Ice-Tea mix, etc.

Micro-wave popcorn,Beef Jerky

Items may be left at the main entrance of the Addison Gilbert Hospital during the month of June. These items will be provided to The Cape Ann Military Family Support Group who will be making up care packages to our local soldiers serving.

Thank you for your consideration to help!

Tina Ketchopulos

Laurie Lufkin Featured In Yankee Magazine

Check It Out-

Best Cook: Downriver Picnics

When Laurie Lufkin was little, her folks would buy subs from the local deli, the family would all pile into a boat with drinks, a big pot, and a bag of steamers, and they’d head downriver to the vast white dunes of Crane Beach. Her father owned the marina here, and her grandparents lived across the Essex River. "We’d boil up the clams and eat them right there on the beach," she says.Now Laurie goes down to the beach with friends in her own little skiff, puttering along the river, past the marshlands and Hog Island, out almost to the open ocean. "I’m so lucky to live so close to one of the most gorgeous places on the planet," she says.

For the rest of the story click here

Congrats Laurie!

Did You Know? (Dirty Car)

That I had a really dirty car until she was amazingly cleaned by the Boy Scout Troop 112?  They are doing a car wash right now on East Main Street behind Smokin Jim’s Bar-B-Que – until noon.  If you have a dirty car and want to get it clean and help support Troop 112 – get down there right now.  Troop 112 will also be holding a yard sale on June 18 from 8:00-noon at East Gloucester Marina on Norwell Court (across from Richdale’s on East Main).  Get clean.

E.J. Lefavour

Pauline Breshnahan On The American Flag


With Memorial Day this weekend I thought I could pass along a little information on flying your American flag that people may or may not know.

On Memorial Day flags should be flown at half-staff until noon.

It should not be displayed at all during stormy or rainy weather, unless for some special reason and in NO case should it ever touch the ground. It should be raised with hearty briskness and when lowered, it should be done solemnly and slowly.

When the flag is displayed horizontally or vertically flat against a wall or similar place, the blue field must be at the left of a person facing it.
I have proudly sold American flags at the store for over 12 years and proudly carry ONLY American flags that are Made in USA!

Whenever purchasing an American flag I think that people do not realize that many of the flags that cost less are made overseas.

Please buy American and fly it with pride.

Our next important date for flying your American flag is Flag day which is June 14th.

Don’t forget to thank a Veteran this weekend.

Pauline Bresnahan

Pauline’s Gifts 512 Essex Ave.

Gloucester, MA 01930

Did You Know? (Eider in Eclipse)

Photos by E.J. Lefavour

That this is an adult male common eider in eclipse plumage?  Male eiders are very handsome sea ducks, who exhibit strong sexual dimorphism to attract females, so when I saw this mangy looking fellow feasting on a mollusk beside Capt. Joe & Sons, I didn’t know what it was.  In the non-breeding season, they moult into this drab female-like appearance, which is called the eclipse plumage. When they shed feathers to go into eclipse, the ducks become flightless for a short period of time.  Some duck species remain in eclipse for one to three months in the summer, while others retain the cryptic plumage until the next spring when they undergo another moult to return to their breeding plumage.

E.J. Lefavour

Bobby Ryan Goes International!

The above is a link to the trailer for the Canadian Evasion TV cooking show “Bouffe en Cavale” or “Gourmet on the Go”. Note the harbor in the image. In past seasons Chef Vincent Chatigay and good humored co-host Norman Helms travelled throughout Quebec and the Maritime Provinces. This season they have “Grilled” their way around New England. They were in Gloucester last fall to visit the local Rum Distillery, Ryan & Wood, home of Folly Cove Rum. In the show Distiller Bob Ryan explains the process of making his Folly Cove Rum. They stayed and ate in Gloucester for several days. In return Vincent and Norman showed some of the various ways they utilize the Folly Cove as a culinary ingredient. GIGOT D’AGNEAU GRILLÉ AU RHUM ET AUX ABRICOTS, SAUTÉ DE LÉGUMES AU CARI ET AUX FRUITS MACÉRÉS, PUNCH AU RHUM, are dishes on the show which were assembled one beautiful morning on the docks of East Gloucester.

If you have friends or customers in Canada have them watch the show and give them another reason to come back to Gloucester!


Bob Ryan-Ryan & Wood, Inc.