Cape Ann Animal Aide Pet of the Week


I am Tisha, a two-month-old female Beagle/Dachshund pup with a pretty tan coat.  I am at the Cape Ann Animal Aid, a non-profit shelter in Gloucester. Learn about our exciting fund-raisers such as "Comedy Night" at the Rhumb Linein Gloucester at 7 p.m. on Thursday, May 12th and other events.  Visit

Stop by 260 Main Street to see me.  I am just a little pup, I have lots to learn; but eager to do so.   I look forward to becoming a well-mannered lady and hope you will help me to become one.   Hurry and visit me, I am saving up kisses for you!

It Happened in Rockport…

…Can you believe it? On Saturday night, April 23rd, there were THREE things taking place at night. At night!

Citizens of Gloucester, you cannot fully appreciate how amazing this is, as Rockport rolls up its sidewalk at approximately 5 pm. (Then all of us go over to Gloucester to eat dinner at one of your many fine establishments.) Well, that’s what it feels like, anyway. But, this was not the case a few weekends ago. Oh no. On THAT very special night there was an event at the Rockport Art Association (it was private, but who cares? At least there were live human beings coming in and out the front door of the RAA after dark), another event at the Shalin Liu Performance Center, and an art opening at the Tusinski Gallery, all three events taking place on Main Street.

I attended the opening at the gallery and, over a week later, am still enjoying the experience of seeing people in downtown Rockport. So exciting. Here are some photos from a very happening gallery opening. Consider this the society pages of the new so crazy-we’re-up-past-8-o’clock-Rockport. The rest of you on Cape Ann, feel free to join us downtown after dark! Maybe you’ll be able to talk a restaurant owner into staying open for dinner if you come! We’ll toast the good life on Cape Ann together.

Celebrating the release of the book along with an accompanying art show.
People! Lots of people!
MORE people!
A Rockporter sporting fashionable footwear.

Kat Valentine Tutorial: Selling eBooks Directly from Your Site or Blog

Hi Joe,

Ever since I wrote my series on indie publishing I’ve gotten a lot of requests to explain how to sell e-books directly from one’s own blog or web site. So I wrote a tutorial that your readers might find useful. It is on my blog:

Tutorial: Selling eBooks Directly from Your Site or Blog

Selling books for e-readers through Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, etc. is easier than ever but, with a little bit of work, you can also sell your eBooks directly from your own web site or blog. You can set your own price and the only cost to you will be what Paypal deducts for their services. I have sold hundreds of books and knitting patterns in PDF format this way. Below I’ll walk you through the steps you’ll need to take to do this. All the images below can be enlarged by clicking on them. What you will need are:

  1. Your manuscript in e-book format – PDF, HTML, TXT, DOC, EPUB or any other.

  2. An online storage site. If you have your own web hosting site that will work. If not you will need an online storage service like Dropbox, LiveDrive, etc. If you do a search for “online file storage” you can find one that will work for you.

  3. A Paypal account that is upgraded to a Merchant Account. If you already have Paypal you can use that by just upgrading the account. It’s free.

  4. A web site or blog where you plan to sell your books.

Continued on Parlez-Moi Blog: