Mark Teiwes Shows How To Tell A Story Beyond The Written Word

Here is a video he produced for a piece in the Salem Evening News about Gene Murray. Gene Murray will be teaching his last dance class in the building where his studio resides after almost 40 years on June 30th-

This is the type of video work that I hope to some day be able to produce.  Excellent Work Mark

Check out more of Mark’s work here-


Original Gortons Fish Foods Pin From The 1930’s

These are not reproduced , they are original pins from Gortons of Gloucester back in the 1930s.  Arley Pett sells them for $20 plus $1 shipping.  The patina from pin to pin will vary due to age.

email Arley if you are interested in buying one


Bring Back The Fourth Contest

Melissa Cox writes-

I really could use your help in getting the word out about this contest. All you have to do is click on this link, answer 8 questions (you don’t even have to be correct!) and enter your Name/Email address/City, State and Zip Code.  Every entry counts as a vote for Gloucester as long as that is what you enter at the end of the questions! You don’t even have to live here to vote for our city. Gloucester, MA 01930 is the only thing that you need to know to get the vote in for the city. This could really help out the Fishtown Horribles Parade and the cost do do this is ZERO!! Just a few minutes of your time.  The contest ends on June 14th. Please Please Please help us out. One vote per person per computer!

Please forward this information to anyone and everyone. On their website they have wonderful banners and blurbs if anyone is willing to put it up on their website.  If anyone has any questions please have them email me at
Melissa Cox
Fishtown Horribles Parade Committee, Treasurer

we have a winner..

The Infamous Fred Buck Writes-

joe giacalone nailed this right on the money -  the Sacred Heart, built in Maine by Frank Militello and John Aiello winter of 1944-5.  joe says he can name everyone in the photos (including himself as a little kid in one of them).    infamous f.b. will be traveling to addison st. in a limo to deliver the grand prize to joe and take some serious notes on names and faces to add to the files at the historical.  thanks to david cox for never throwing anything away!


Did You Know? (Water Shuttle)

that the Gloucester Water Shuttle started yesterday and will run through the fall!  $10 on and off all day, $5 one way:

11 – 4pm Weekends, Spring and Fall (now through 4th of July and Labor day through Columbus Day)
11 – 7 pm Summer (4th of July through Labor Day), 7 days a week

Stops to Discharge/Pick Up Passengers:
Harbor Loop on the Hour
St. Peters Square 15 past the hour
Rocky Neck, landing at The Studio, half past the hour
Cruiseport and Cripple Cove on request

run by Steve Douglas with his new catamaran!

Speaking of The Studio, it is now open, and since you have to pass through to get to or from the water shuttle landing, check out their menu and stop for lunch. 

Marilyn Swift and Suzanne Gilbert Represent

Artist, Marilyn Swift and NSAA Gallery Director, Suzanne Gilbert represent at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery on Saturday.  There were so many people on Rocky Neck yesterday that I am surprised it didn’t take on water.  It was so hectic in the gallery that I missed many photo ops and chances to have people represent.  It was great to meet so many fans of Good Morning Gloucester and I wanted to thank you all for coming by.  Don’t be strangers.

E.J. Lefavour

Did You Know? (Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery Grand Opening)

Spoken Word poet, Joda Khan

That the grand opening of Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery will be held on Thursday, June 2 from 5:00 to 9:00 pm during Night on the Neck, with a performance by spoken word beat poet, Joda Khan (think bohemian, Kerouac, Ginsberg, Maya Angelou – not your grandmother’s poetry).  Some of your favorite GMG personalities are bound to be in the house (maybe even R. Duck accompanied by Paul Morrison).  Come on by, have fun, represent, get your photo up on GMG, and then at 9:00, swing over to Madfish Grill and kick up some sand with Soul Rebel Project (wharf girls, EJ and Alma McLaughlin will be leading the dance party – maybe Brenda Malloy and Wendie Demuth will join in).  Who knows, maybe we can even get Art Rocks! Paul Frontiero onto the dance floor.

E.J. Lefavour

Forgive me please………

Too anyone who took the time to try to find an “Art, Rock!” please forgive me! it was all Joey’s idea! 🙂 I actually felt bad for the others who were looking for it. I Honestly don’t understand the intense interest in this “Art, rocks!” Thing. Others do.  But I enjoy doing them. Thanks goes out to my “Art Sensei” Deb Clarke for helping my simple mind think outside the box! She’s an awesome Women and ARTIST!  David “Doc” Vincent should feel lucky to have Such a woman! as his partner.  Also my “GIRL” Cathy who’s my biggest supporter and supports my “craziness” that this blog has brought me into. she has help so many families endure their parents challenges in their time of need at Seacoast Nursing home. You should feel very Lucky to have a woman like my wife Catherine looking after your Parents, Grandparents and Family. Their aren’t too many around like her! She’ll probably be mad at me for saying that here. But her and people like her never get the recognition they deserve publicly! I thank them now, because you never know what will happen in your life. I could get hit by an ice cream truck tomorrow. Which wouldn’t be too bad of a thing as long as I had an ice cold creamsicle before it happens. 🙂


This cute couple from Newburyport stopped by the dock for a Sticka!  The girl was wearing a pair of  those very trendy rubber boots that are all the rage with the women folk nowadays.  I found it a bit odd footwear choice given it being 8o degrees and sunny yesterday but hey, you gotta love the funkiness! 

They were out and about shopping for a wedding ring, Congratulations!!!!


Reminder: Check GMG For A Paul Frontiero “Art, Rocks!” Found!

There will be a very special Art Rock Announced Sunday Morning at 9:00AM

Your Chance to Join “Art, Rocks!” Immortality!!!!!!!

Yes, we are definitely up to something 🙂

Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock

Update:  Found- look for the video 🙂