1899 Bass Rocks and Good Harbor Beach Coaster Tile From Arley Pett

These tiles/coasters have been produced using a portion of a map included in the Stadley Series of Gloucester maps originally printed in 1899

Arley will ship them to you for $48 for the set of four tiles plus shipping of $5 for priority mail. Contact Arley at apett92117@aol.com

Note the Bass Rocks Golf Course Fairways had been subdivided for house lots-

click on pictures for larger views-


Kim Smith’s Pre-Opening Opening Party Pictures (if that makes any sense)

Kim forwards these photos along from the GMG Gallery Khan Studio get together we had before the season kicks off-

The gallery has already been very successful with just a ton of people coming through- and best of all buying stuff.  Besides all the great work inside the walls of our cool ass joint, you can’t help but love the positive vibes and energy from our buddy EJ who is running the place.  If you are a FOB and come into Gloucester you have got to stop in and say hi to EJ. 

We’re having way too much fun aren’t we?


Ed Raiding The Fridge- Shocker!!!


Khan Studio and Good Morning Gloucester Gallery On Madfish Wharf

Click pic below for Bing Map and Directions-


Where’s Paulie Walnuts?

C’est la Vie! at Willowdale Estate–From Kim Smith


Kim Smith Writes-

Dear Gardening Friends,

Think Spring! Come join the North Shore Garden Club for what promises to be a wonderful event. I will be there and available to answer questions about the butterfly garden. Hope to see you there!

Warmest wishes, Kim

Microsoft Word - CestVFinalCover.doc

The North Shore Garden Club is hosting a beautiful exhibition of all things flowers, which will be held at historic Willowdale Estate in Topsfield, Massachusetts. The grounds are open to the public and the event includes classes in flower arranging, photography, and horticulture, and all is free.

The North Shore Garden Club (established in 1915) is a member of the Garden Club of America and was created for the purpose of stimulating interest in all aspects of gardening, as well as to support civic beauty and conservation of natural resources.

Of note at Willowdale this past week…

A sea of fabulously fragrant narcissusMagnolia sieboldii bud Tulipomania at WillowdaleView from the parking lot stairs

Check out Kim’s Blog here

Lin Chandler Is Confused and Disappointed

Lin writes-

Hi Joey et al,
As usual I am stunned and confused by your refusal to support any of our efforts here at 222 Arts & Wellness Center.  I submitted the details of our event a couple of times and even included a video. Don’t bother now….it’s all over and done….and we could have used your support of all of our efforts.  We may not hang out and eat at all the greasy spoons around….or hang off of greasy poles….yup, there’s a salty theme to all who are included in your inner circle.  But, we are making a difference and working hard to support ALL of the community, not just the popular ones….
We have a lot in common:   I am a sponsor and member of Cape Community Cinema, Cape Ann Chamber, Open Door Pantry, Cape Ann Farmers Market, Cape Ann Business Incubator….and a huge supporter of community events.  I volunteer a ton of time to all these same people that appear regularly in your blog…yup, I at least support you by reading your blog every day and visiting some of those folks quite frequently.  We provide a lot of free programming and also provide a great opportunity for folks to get their businesses and careers started up from the ground floor at “sliding scale” rates.  We are not revenue-neutral yet….all my massage fees go directly into bills, improvements and marketing efforts.  We are all about all the same people……and yet you refuse to acknowledge our existence.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely…..your blog, your ego & your decision who wins the popularity contest. I guess we will never quite make the cut in your salty little circle.
Lin Chandler

My Response-

Lin do you realize that if I posted every yoga center, massage therapist, acupuncturist, personal trainers , juicer machine, ect, ect, ect, that there would be no room for anything else?

Im sorry that there isn’t room for all of those people who daily send me stuff but I won’t compromise the quality of the blog and dilute it down to a health and wellness billboard and believe me if I posted everything that gets sent to me you probably would lose interest as there wouldn’t be any room for the type of content which brings our viewership back day after day.

How do I say yes to you but no to all of the other dozens of requests a day to post this stuff?

I won’t apologize for my love and vision for the blog nor will I apologize for my love of the Fiesta, or our local restaurants or art scene or our fishermen.  So Yes I guess I would definitely agree with you that there is a certain salty theme to our subjects.

As to the remark about my ego, let me tell you that this balding, fat, blind stupid guinea doesn’t consider himself all that, believe me.  I’m trying to do the best I can while juggling the blog, our business and most importantly my family.  May I suggest that you start a health and wellness blog?  You can get a free one here at www.wordpress.com  there is also www.blogger.com which costs nothing to sign up for as well.  The tag line for GMG since day 1 has been- “My View of Life On the Dock”. You could name your new blog “My View of life In the Health and Wellness Center”

I applaud all your community efforts and look, you finally made the big time, you’re featured here on GMG!

Kudos to you!

click the picture below to see all the fanfuckingtastic stuff they do over at the wellness centerimage

Joe Sans In The Expedition Impossible Trailer

As you guys know if you follow GMG that The Sanfilippo Boys are on Mark Burnett’s Expedition Impossible.  Here’s a trailer in which Joe Sans Is Featured swimming at 1 minute 48 seconds in. Click the picture to view the video!


More about the upcoming nationally televised show here

To see the other pictures of our hometown heros check out my previous posts here

Invitation to Cape Ann TV Meeting

Join us for our Annual Member’s meeting on Tuesday, May 24 from 6-7:30 p.m. at the Sawyer Free Library Friend Room.
Annual meeting and election of officers, news about what is new and exciting at Cape Ann Television, and yummy refreshments!  
A Special Presentation, “Public Access and Democracy: From the Boob Tube to YouTube, A revolution in Our Time, ” gives members a glimpse at the evolution of public access television, a form of mass media where ordinary people can create content cablecast through their local cable system. Programs produced at Cape Ann Television are produced by the community, for the community!
Please join us!

Caption This!

Write your own caption to this photo and place in the comments.

I have no idea what Joey is doing to Rubber Duck. Post your best guess. Here, I’ll start:

Rubber Duck: “Oh boy I should never of had that second helping of Joey Fries at Passports. I feel like I’m giving birth to a lobster broker.”

Now your turn. First prize gets a visit from none other than the rubber one.

North Shore Garden Club to Host a Spring Flower Show

The North Shore Garden Club to host a spring flower show.Willowdale

The North Shore Garden Club is hosting a beautiful exhibition of all things flowers entitled “C’est la Vie” on May 25th from 1:00-5:00pm.  This event includes many classes of flower arrangement, dried plant material, photography and horticulture.  The historic Willowdale Estate in Topsfield is the setting for the event.

Please join us as a visitor to explore the many categories.  Share with us what is a spring opening of the senses!

The North Shore Garden Club is a member of the Garden Club of America and was started in 1915 for the purpose of stimulating interest in all elements of gardening, charitable giving as well as to support civic beauty and conservation of natural resources.

Contact: Cindy Morton

Photos: Willowdale Estate

Email: cindymorton@verizon.net


Georges By Night May 28th!

Dean Salah Writes-

Our next Georges By Night event is Sat May 28th featuring music
by David Doc Vincent w/Johnny Car Wash and a full course Chicken
Madeira Dinner. Tickets are $30 per person and available by advance
reservation only, at the coffee shop. Tables for larger parties are
always available.   Info@ 978-281-1910 or 978-944-2794

Margaret Lee Had a Great Time In Gloucester

A really nice day in G-town

This week’s GMG blogs led me to make it a point of planning a trek up to G-town this weekend.
I was happy to read about Capt Joe and Sons Partner with an Artist opportunity, and the opening of Khan Studio on Rocky Neck.

My son Freddo and I made the drive up, and as I was coming off of Rt. 133 onto Stacey Blvd. I had the excitement and anticipation of a little kid. Though the fog was quite heavy over the harbor, the sun was shining outside of that fog mist.

On to Capt. Joe and Sons, where I had the pleasure of meeting Artist Abby Ytzen and had the good fortune of being able to purchase her book, Gloucester Fishing 1626-2011. The book is full of nuggets of information on the history of Gloucester fishing as well as stats on the types of boats and native area fish. Nice meeting you Abby and thanks for signing your book.  Then, at long last, I had the pleasure of meeting Joey C. who was hauling lobster traps to and fro in the back of the warehouse. I didn’t want to disturb Joey’s work routine so I thought I’d just say a quick hello and goodbye. Joey, it was ever so nice meeting you. You’d given me the impression through the blog that you were a kindred community spirit, and meeting you in person just embellished that fact. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day.

Down the road and on to Rocky Neck. Our first stop was the Imagine Gallery, as Freddo wanted to purchase one of those funky hats he saw last fall when we visited the gallery and met Brenda for the first time. Nice to see you again Brenda. You emanate such great vibes!

Down Rocky Neck Ave and on to Khan Studio, where we had the pleasure of meeting E.J. Lefavour for the first time and making her acquaintance. Fabulous gallery. This is a must stop by and visit if you go to Rocky Neck. I’m a huge fan of E.J.’s work, and she displays it so nicely in this great studio space. E.J. also has a special feature of the Good Morning Gloucester gallery (it rocks), plus a guest artist space which was also wonderful, and that rotates every 2 weeks. I scored a copy of E.J.’s new book, Did You Know? and she also signed it for me. I recommend purchasing this treasure trove of tidbits of info on the historical aspects of people, places and things of Cape Ann. I also purchased one of Sharon Lowe’s fabulous photo prints. A small pitstop at Weiler Photo Gallery, where Joseph Weiler has some dramatic large black and white framed photos. He told me he still uses film, not digital. Rock on, Mr. Weiler.

Back down to Main Street where Freddo purchased a book at Dogtown Bookstore, I purchased some copper earings at Tiny Island Beach Glass, and tee shirts for myself and my daughter, Mel, at Harbor Goods/Life is Good store. Nice to meet you Julie, and thanks for inviting me to the block parties!

Back down Stacey Blvd and Rt. 127, the scenic route home…
It won’t be long until next time G-town…

Pics From Abby Ytzen’s Gloucester Fishing Exhibit At Captain Joe and Sons

The show which was made possible by a seARTS grant and lots of hard work by Abby was a smashing success.  Even though there was an incredible amount of things happening around town there were a ton of people who came to check it out.

Abby is really going places.  The talent she has for boiling down incredible amounts of data into such an engaging and easy to understand handbook is nothing short of remarkable.  She did it with her Biomes Project and she’s done it yet again with the Gloucester Fishing Handbook.  People gobbled up all the copies of the twenty or so books she had printed and there was some exciting talk of possibilities for publishing it.

Rachel Carver-Brown did a fantastic job with the refreshments.  It was just a great great Gloucester Day!DSC04707



You can check out Abby’s website here for updates as to her next step with the book.

Online Registration Now Open for Run Gloucester! 7-Mile Road Race


Online registration is underway for the second Run Gloucester! 7-Mile Road Race, set for Sunday, August 21 on scenic Cape Ann in Gloucester, Mass.

Runners can register at www.rungloucester.com for one of the New England’s newest and most picturesque road races. Race organizers are hoping to build on the momentum of last year’s inaugural race, which featured 1,000 runners and drew rave reviews from participants and spectators alike.

The race, which begins and ends at the famous Fisherman’s Memorial on the historic Gloucester waterfront, features a relatively flat but challenging course that takes runners along one of New England’s most picturesque seascapes – including five miles of ocean views.

The newcomer Run Gloucester! 7-Mile Road Race is the third of a three-race series of major coastal New England road races held each August – the TD Bank Beach to Beacon in Cape Elizabeth, Maine is Aug. 6, the New Balance Falmouth Road Race Aug. 14 on Cape Cod, and now the Run Gloucester! on Aug. 21.

The Gloucester 7-Mile is viewed as a celebration of the seaport city’s rich running culture while also introducing many and re-acquainting others to the area’s stunning beauty. Runners from as a far away as California and Kenya entered the 2010 race, cheered on by spectators along the course.

Last year, a pair of elite runners from Kenya, Lineth Chepkurui (37:23) and Alan Kiprono (32:54), took top honors. The Gloucester 7-Mile also drew a top-notch contingent of Cape Ann runners, including Matt Curran, 53, of Gloucester (41:26) who topped the men’s field and Layne Alves, 30, of Rockport (44:58) who was the first local woman.

Proceeds from the race benefit the Gloucester Fishermen Athletic Association (GFAA). The GFAA raises funds for Gloucester High School student-athletes, sports programs and facilities, and is a key supporter of the renovation of Gloucester High’s Newell Stadium.

The Run Gloucester! 7-Mile Road Race – which also features a Kid’s Fun Run the morning of the race – was created and is managed by DMSE Sports., Inc. whose founder, Dave McGillivray, also is the longtime race director of the BAA Boston Marathon.

“This is the time of year when we start looking forward to summer and thinking about our fitness goals,” McGillivray said. “We’d like to encourage people to sign up and commit to this race now, circle Aug. 21 on their calendars, set a goal and start getting ready.”

McGillivray said DMSE will look at ways to build on the success of last year’s inaugural race.

“For a first-time event, last year’s Gloucester 7-Mile ran smoothly with great community support and a strong group of volunteers,” he said. “We’re going to try to build on that enthusiasm and support and make this one even better.”

Businesses who wish to be a race sponsor this year may contact Alan Steinberg, Sponsor/Event Consultant at DMSE Sports, Inc., 561-676-3531 or by e-mailing him at alan@dmsesports.com.

For additional information on this year’s race, visit the race website at www.rungloucester.com. Also, find the race on Facebook at www.facebook.com/RunGloucester

Founded by McGillivray in 1981, DMSE Sports, Inc. is a leader in sports event management, specializing in creating, marketing and producing mass participatory athletic events throughout the U.S. and abroad. McGillivray has produced or consulted on more than 900 events throughout the world, including 23 Boston Marathons; the 2004 and 2008 USA Women’s Olympic Marathon Trials, the 1990 Triathlon World Championship, the 1998 Goodwill Games Triathlon, and the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. For more info, visit www.dmsesports.com