The Northshore Dish vs Good Morning Gloucester Blog Off is ON!

About a month ago we challenged North Shore Dish to a first of its kind blog off. They accepted and we have an official date for our restaurant review – TOMORROW NIGHT AT 7:30! Here are the rules:

  • We all go out to a North Shore establishment. Joey will check his list of Groupons and pay half of the bill. The rule is that it  is a place yet to be featured on either GMG or the North Shore Dish.
  • We have a great time
  • We will both work on our own review posts and post on the same day.
  • The post with the most comments after 3 days (not views, because that is unfair) WINS!
  • Winner gets bragging rights for the best blog on the North Shore!
Since they dine secretly, we are throwing a little twist at the ladies of the dish to throw them off their game. We are offering hints as to where we are going and hoping fans pop in. It is on Cabot Street in Beverly & starts with MAN and ends with DRAKE! See you there and don’t forget to comment after the review on your favorite blog! THANKS Joey C and the FAMILY!

Meet the Architect for Gloucester Stage Company , Alan Joslin of Epstein Joslin Architects, Inc.

To get an idea of the high profile jobs on which Epstein Joslin Architects have been involved with click the links from their website-

Thursday, June 2 – Open Design Workshop  10:30 am – 4:00 pm Public Welcome

 Epstein Joslin Architects led by Alan Joslin will be conducting an intensive and open design process workshop for the public on Thursday, June 2 from 10:30 am until 4:00 pm at Gloucester Stage. The public is invited to Gloucester Stage to meet and talk with Joslin and the team fromEpstein Joslin Architects and to share their observations and ideas about the renovations. Gloucester Stage and Epstein Joslin look forward to and welcome public input as they embark on the design process.

For questions, call Gloucester Stage 978-281-4433

Hope to see you at Gloucester Stage on June 2!

seARTS Thanks The Community

seARTS new green banner

Thanks to our Members and Friends

Gloucester is a Top 25 Arts Destination!

Photo of our winning city by Joey Ciaramitaro of Good Morning Gloucester

Dear seARTS members and friends,

This great news would have not been possible without you. The Society for the Encouragement of the Arts (seARTS) is pleased to announce that Gloucester has been named as a "Top 25 Small City" on its list of top arts destinations across the United States. Small cities are identified as having populations under 100,000 and the nomination for this category was submitted for Gloucester with the intent of highlighting all of Cape Ann in the coverage of the area. seARTS Board Member-elect Kristine Fisher led the campaign with the seARTS Board and art community to get Gloucester on the ballot and then to rally the community and American Style readers to vote! In her September 2010 letter to the editor, Kristine sums it up this way: "One of our goals at seARTs is to raise the level of awareness with the American public about the richness of our very creative community."

Gloucester was voted in #3 just behind Asheville, North Carolina and Santa Fe, New Mexico and was specifically mentioned as an "up and comer."

AmericanStyle mentioned Rocky Neck Art Colony among Gloucester’s main attractions

"Nights on the Neck" was also praised by AmericanStyle

Also noted were the Cape Ann Artisans Tour, the Waterfront Festival and the transformation of the Blackburn Theatre into The Cape Ann Theatre. Congratulations to everyone mentioned, and we’re sure this publicity will be beneficial to you all.

American Style focuses on Art, Craft, Travel and Interior Design and is an excellent resource for artists and art enthusiasts as it publishes the top art events across the country, highlighting select destinations and profiling individual artists.  The idea to pursue this campaign came out of a seARTS strategic planning initiative to look at how great art communities get noticed throughout the country.  "This honor goes a long way toward endorsing the path we are on to support and promote Cape Ann as a beautiful and welcoming place to enjoy the arts — American Style is focused on visual arts, but we are committed to continue to look for and respond to all such opportunities to support all genres of arts and culture on Cape Ann," says seARTS spokesperson, Jacqueline Ganim-DeFalco.  "We hope all the arts and cultural groups and artists will benefit from this coverage and leverage this honored place among other great art communities."

seARTS would like to extend special thanks to all our members and friends whose votes helped make this possible.

And a very special thank you to Joey Ciaramitaro of Good Morning Gloucester for his website posts, his video that got so many people interested in voting, and for lending us his beautiful above photo for the campaign. Many thanks also to seARTS Board Member-Elect Kristine Fisher for her initiative and hard work on this campaign.

Click here for the AmericanStyle Magazine article.

Willow- Cape Ann Animal Aid Pet of the Week


My name is Willow and I am a three-month-old boy kitten.  I am super sweet and affectionate.  I have a handsome grey-and-white coat and if you are interested in meeting me, stop by the Cape Ann Animal Aid (CAAA) in Gloucester.  We are located at 260 Main Street.  Our new shelter at Four Paws Lane in W. Gloucester is scheduled to open  in the early autumn of this year!

If you might be interested in hosting a fund-raiser for us, please call 978-283-6055.

I am so cute, you better hurry and adopt me before someone else does!  You don’t want to disappoint yourself -or ME!

Thanks to Tina Ketchopolos for sending in the Pet of The Week submissions

Did You Know? (Discover Gloucester)

That the Discover Gloucester season’s tourism kick-off event was held on on Tuesday, May 24, 6:00PM at the Stage Fort Park Visitor Welcoming Center?  There was a great turnout, and the new Discover Gloucester Visitor Guide was launched.  Here are some photos from the event, starting with a number of the volunteers who make the Visitor Welcoming Center so welcoming and informative for our visitors.  Also see the cover of the new Visitor’s Guide (which we have a supply of at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery), as well as shots of some of the attendees.  Everyone got a couple of minutes to talk about their business and/or volunteer efforts and to exchange information.  GMG stickers were, needless to say, a big hit.

E.J. Lefavour

Did You Know? Sushi

That there is now an awesome sushi bar at Madfish Grill at Rocky Neck?  Here you see parking angel, Phil and his wife, Lynn getting ready to enjoy hot rock (sashimi-style meat cooked at the table on a 1,000-degree volcanic rock).  Next you see Chef, Jordan Rubin at the Sushi Bar.  Just look at how fresh and beautiful everything looks!  When not at Madfish Grill, I am told Jordan can be found at wildly popular Uni Sashimi Bar in Back Bay, Boston.  I’m not a big sushi fan myself, preferring my meat cooked, but I could definitely go for some of that hot rock sashimi, and plan to next time the Sushi Bar is open (Thursday and Friday for dinner and Saturday and Sunday for lunch and dinner, and Memorial Day – check out menu here).  And can you identify the GMG contributor in the background behind Lynn?

E.J. Lefavour

Memorial Day, Gloucester, 1904

This flag raising ceremony was held at 6:30AM near Addison Gilbert Hospital. In attendance were Gloucester’s Civil War veterans of Company G, Eighth Infantry. Company G, of the Massachusetts Volunteer Militia, was organized in 1788, and was called the “Gloucester Artillery.” After being reorganized in 1852, it was named the “American Guard.” They fought in President Lincoln’s Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) from 1861 to 1865.
Photographer Alice Curtis mentions “Uncle John” was the guest of honor at the Memorial Day flag raisings she photographed in 1904, 1913, and 1915. He is the bearded gentleman on the left. I believe Uncle John was Captain John Lowe.
Alice M. Curtis/©Fredrik D. Bodin
Thank you to all of our veterans for your service.
Printed from the original 5×7 inch glass negative in my darkroom. Negative # A8357-058
Fred Bodin
Bodin Historic Photo
82 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

Did You Know? (Sista Felicia)

I think you all know that Sista Felicia is an amazing cook.  Did you know that she bakes the most amazing macaroon cookies?  She baked these cookies and left them with Joey at the dock for me to have at the gallery (I was in Boston and the gallery was closed).  It was very trusting of her, as they apparently are Joey’s favorites.  He was very disciplined and didn’t break into them until I arrived.  I’ve had two of them myself.  Please come by and visit the gallery (77 Rocky Neck, G3 – noon to 8:00pm) and have one or two, and save me; if you don’t come and eat them, I will have to. 

Sista Felicia, thank you so very much; that was so sweet of you, as was the card with them.  EJ

GHS Business Management Junior Achievement With Kathy OReilly

Kathy OReilly invited us to learn about the Business Management Junior Acievement Class at Gloucester High in which students create a business plan and create a corporation from start to finish.

Kathy Writes-

This class follows a Junior Achievement curriculum and is written to offer our students a curriculum which is rich in writing, math, communication  and computer skills. The curriculum disposes these students to actively engage in critical thinking and self-accountability. This semester our class ran their our own business called “Good Morning Mugs” from capitalization to liquidation.  Our mission is to learn about important business components necessary in building a business and to give our proceeds to a local non-profit organization or as a scholarship.  The unique part about this semester’s class is that we applied for a loan from Cape Ann Savings Bank in order to purchase our materials (inventory) for production and sale.  Our class submitted our business plan and application which was approved by Mr. Harold Rogers, President of Cape Ann Savings Bank in Gloucester.  Mr. Rogers presented it to his board before the approval was made.  I would love to give credit to Mr. Rogers/Cape Ann Savings for their contribution to our business and to recognize their involvement as well as advertise the importance of what this class offers our students here at the high school.  I would also love to give credit to Mr. Bruce Horne and Mr. Andrew Rae from Gorton’s Seafood who come in weekly during the fall semester to encourage and mentor us in our business.  They are highly dedicated in serving the community and we appreciate their time and efforts.

Each student is required to hand in an annual report which requires the following information:  title page, Table of Contents, shareholder letter, Cape Ann Savings Bank Loan Application, Invoice, marketing flyer, business plan, production plan layout, balance sheet statement, Sources and Uses of Funds financial statement, 2 financial graphs showing income sources and uses of funds, shareholder list, employee sales chart, Syllabus, and officer comments.  The shareholder letter will be distributed to their shareholders (along with their 13% return on their investment dividend) upon the conclusion of the class.   Please see features of our class by going to for more information and pictures from

Gloucester Has Been Nominated By Rand McNally and USA Today!

Update- Via Ariane Doud- Best of the Road contest extended to May 30!!!

Ariane Doud from Matter Communications writes-

Rand McNally and USA Today are looking for the best small towns in America. The top towns will be featured in their Best of the Road® cross-country rally this summer and in the 2013 Rand McNally Atlas next year! Gloucester has been nominated as “Most Beautiful,” but to win we need your votes. Please go to the Gloucester page at (click here)  to tell America why Gloucester deserves to be recognized for its unmatched beauty, and help bring some positive national attention to our fair city.

Click the picture to vote-


note the GMG photos used in the campaign Smile

One Man’s Junk….

Hey Joe,

I’ve noticed this floating around Cripple Cove since February or March and finally had a chance to check it out.  It’s actually tethered in the cove.  I thought it was a wonderful re-use of the flotsam floating around and wanted to pass it along to share.  Somebody made this, and I applaud their creativity and effort.  

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid