One Hour At a Time Gang Notice For Saturday

Hi all:

Received a nice email from John McElhenny from Matters Communication..  They are doing a garden at Burnham’s Field in central Gloucester on Saturday.  What we should do is the morning cleanup of the litter that accumulates there.

Time:                    Let us make it 9:00 if that works for all

Where:                 Burnham’s Field in central Gloucester

I will bring the bags and please make sure you bring gloves.

Thanks all and have a nice day.

Donna Ardizzoni

Motif #1 back in the 70’s Photo Number 2 From Len Burgess

Here’s a 35mm shot of the original Motif #1 back in the 70’s.
You can see it was a patched-up rugged old building.
Also, thanks Joey for including the information of the Digital Photo Workshop at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum,
It filled up very quickly.
Len Burgess


When did middle school children’s activities get so bananas?

When did middle school children’s activities get so bananas? Travel teams, pro style uniforms, traveling overseas, non-stop fundraising?

Remember Babe Ruth and pee-wee baseball with iron on numbers on t-shirts? Now they wear the same uniforms as the pros.

Why promise kids that if they earn enough through fundraising that they can go overseas? What’s wrong with taking a 4 hour bus ride to NYC? A big city is a big city, believe me.

Clean Team 2011- It’s On Baby! Get Your Application In!

The Cape Ann YMCA is excited to announce that we, along with the City of Gloucester, will once again be offering our summer Clean Team program! Applications are now available at the Cape Ann YMCA. We gladly except all Gloucester residents ages 14 and older. We’re looking forward to a great summer of fun and keeping the city look clean and well maintained.

Cape Ann YMCA

Katy Milne
Youth & Sports Director
( 978-559-3014
( 978-283-0470 x1714
( 978-283-3114 Fax

Help support the YMCA, click here.

71 Middle Street, Gloucester, MA 01930

Good News From The Bandit Kings

Ah, Bandits…we meet again.

What’s the Good Word?
• Tonight Friday, May 13: In honor of superstitious musicians everywhere, The Bandits are getting in cars, driving up the highway, and not stopping until they hit Portsmouth, NH. More precisely, they are not stopping until they reach the Dolphin Striker’s Spring Hill Tavern. There they will stop, unload the cars, set up some mics and stands, plug in a guitar a bass AND a keyboard, then they will stand up and play their sweet sweet rock n roll. All night. (9pm, free).

• THEN, NEXT THURSDAY, May 19 is a dream come true: That’s right. next Thursday is the night that seminal indie-rock legends, pApAs fritAs finally re-assemble in all their glory to play the Rhumbline in Gloucester, MA. They are playing TWO shows in America before they go play some big important festivals in U-ROPE. They are playing ONE show on the North Shore and it will be, at most $2 to get in. That’s if the bar charges at all. The fritAs will play this show sandwiched between two other bands that play good songs: pretty power pop rascals—The BFs, and cowpunk heart stoppers—The Bandit Kings. You’ll want to say you were there. And get there early, seating is going to be a doozy.

• Oh and we got some new press! Boston Band Crush liked our single, GoGoGo…When someone tells us to “GoGoGo,” we usually expect to be in a warzone and have grenades or thermal detonators exploding all around us. Now the problem with this is that the Bandit Kings are going to get your ass killed in the warzone. No, I don’t think we’d have any problem with them being reliable soldiers, but their version of “GoGoGo” is so easily enjoyable that you might pause to look around and savor the blue sky or an attractive patch of grass on the ground and get yourself blowed up by the enemy. But you’ll be happy, right? Read the rest here (go on, press it. You know you want to).
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The Bandit Kings are:
Renee Dupuis on lead vocals and keys, Ann Marie, also on lead vocals, Dennis Monagle on drums, Joe Cardoza on bass, and Dan King on lead guitar. The Bandit Kings’ play original tunes written by the band members and hot b-sides by classic artists for longer shows. They have found bare-bones musical chemistry, including the rich meld of vocalists Ann Marie and Dupuis, who “both have voices that bring us back to the dawn of country rock, whisky soaked and raspy in just the right places while never crossing into the overpowering. The song is a rare treat that could have been tossed aside as a boring anachronism in less capable hands.” -Boston Band Crush
* The Requisite disclaimer
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The Bandit Kings | Victory Agents
The Bandit Kings are a little bit country
and a whole lot of rock n’ roll.

Tonight ~ Friday ~ Dog Bar

Last minute call for a cancellation to fill in at The Dogbar tonight here in Gloucester,, still drumming up the band to play. Hope to see you we start at 9. Love Mike


Live Music 6 Nights a week – No Cover Ever

65 Main St
Gloucester, MA

Gloucester Gig Rowers – Open House on Sunday

Wicked Local Photo by David Sokol

WHAT Open House

WHO Gloucester Gig Rowers

WHEN Sunday, May 15, 5-8 p.m.

WHERE Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center, Harbor Loop


With warmer weather just around the corner, the Gloucester Gig Rowers want to offer a unique alternative to those looking to get out a bit more and meet new people this summer.

The group rows in a pair of Cornish pilot gigs –seafaring craft that are traditionally about 32 feet long and require six rowers and a coxswain to be considered fully manned – from April to November every year out of the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center. Some row recreationally, some row competitively and some are just trying it out for the first time.

Billed as a social experience as well as an opportunity for exercise and a little competition, members of the Gloucester Gig Rowers are hoping to attract others to what makes gig rowing and being part of the group so appealing. With that in mind, the non-profit organization will host an open house to the public on Sunday, May 15, from 5-8 p.m. at the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center.

Read more: Gloucester Gig Rowers to hold open house on Sunday – Gloucester, MA – Wicked Local 

Djahlmer Ray, first-generation Finnish immigrant who lived in Lanesville during the Great Depression Patent For Fishing Reel in 1938

Djahlmer Ray, first-generation Finnish immigrant who lived in Lanesville during the Great Depression, filed this patent for a fishing reel in 1938. His brief for the patent sums it all up: he wanted a reel that was durable, inexpensive to manufacture, and simple to repair. In other words, a Lanesville man through and through.
More important, RAY wanted a reel whose drag was easy to control when landing large fish!
Ray was interviewed in 1978 for the Gloucester Oral History project. By then he had moved to Fairhaven.
His and other residents’ interviews can be checked out on CD from the Sawyer Free Library.

Link to his patent’s images:

Thanks To Adam Bolonsky For forwarding this

Community Recognition Awards At The Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church Friday, May 20, 2011



The Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church is pleased to announce that 13 people will receive the church’s 2011 Community Recognition Awards at a ceremony to be held at the church on Friday, May 20, 2011.
Selected by the church’s Social Justice Committee, the women and men receiving these honors come from all walks of life. (Their names, along with descriptions of their works, are attached.) Some are known for the deeds they have done for their neighbors. Others are being honored for giving generously to the entire community, often with little or no public notice. All have made a lasting mark on Gloucester and were chosen because, although they may follow a wide variety of faith traditions, their actions embody the best of the spirit that guides Unitarian Universalism – open-hearted giving to others, done without thought of remuneration or recognition.

These awards were introduced by the church Social Justice Committee in 2006 as part of the 200th anniversary of the landmark church edifice at Middle and Church Streets. Built in 1805-06, this Federalist-style church is the home of the first Universalist church in America, now affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Association. Its lighted tower reaches 155 feet above sea level and is a Gloucester icon, quietly helping guide mariners day and night into America’s first seaport. The building’s historical importance is recognized on the National Register of Historic Places and by the Massachusetts Historical Commission and the Essex National Heritage Commission.
The awards ceremony will begin at 7:30 p.m. and the public is invited. There is no charge. For more information, please call the church office at (978) 283-3410.



David Brooks, founder and President of Cape Ann Art Haven. In 2008, shortly out of high school himself, Mr. Brooks started Art Haven after budget cuts reduced school art programs.  Art Haven has expanded to serve all ages.  Activities include mural painting, darkroom photography, pottery, beginner adult classes in drawing and pottery, afterschool art history classes, a home school class, and family studio time.

Stephanie Buck, Jane Walsh, and Sarah Dunlap, being honored together for their collaborative work with the Gloucester city archives and the Cape Ann Museum library — including basic research that helped to unravel the mystery of Fitz Henry Lane.  Their love and knowledge of Gloucester history, and the pleasure they take in sharing this knowledge with others, are vital to our collective understanding of our community.

Thomas Byers, a volunteer at the Sawyer Free Library responsible for all the computer-generated graphics used there and by the Gloucester Lyceum, from posters and wall displays to images displayed on LCD screens. Following retirement from C.B. Fisk, Inc., in 1991, Mr. Byers enlisted as a volunteer at the library and soon had a completely new career. After 20 years, he continues to work at the library four days a week, six hours a day – in a room that the library recently renamed in his honor.

Joey Ciaramitaro, founder of the web blog GoodMorningGloucester:  an online board of community events, photos, video interviews, and tributes to "good eggs — adding a new, Internet-based dimension to Gloucester’s sense of community. Begun as a “view of life on the dock,” GoodMorningGloucester four years later is a “good news” must-read web-based community meeting-spot that viewed by several thousand readers every day.

Dan Connell, co-founder and leader of the award-winning Cape Ann Forum lecture series. Initiated in response to the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon,  Cape Ann Forum presents programs on important topical issues, usually of global scale, but relevant to everyone.  Mr. Connell draws on his extensive connections as a journalist to garner speakers of national and international acclaim. Through Mr. Connell’s efforts, the Cape Ann Forum also sponsors a scholarship given annually to a Gloucester High School student. 

Phil and Pat Hadley, for their support of families confronting mental illness. Along with Linda Lewis of Rockport, the Hadleys lead support groups for people dealing with mental illness issues, help affected families seek resources they need, and even accompany them as they weave through the world of social services. Their work led to formation of the Cape Ann Chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Health, including establishing an office in Gloucester and helping people in recovery to market crafts and art works at local shops. In addition, since the loss of state funds for the Cape Ann Social Club, the Hadleys now mentor that group, hosting meetings, lunches, celebrations and art programs.

SooHwa Ono, for multiple charitable acts for the people of Gloucester. Through the Junior ROTC unit at Gloucester High School, where she is unit commander; her membership in the National Honor Society at GHS, and independently, Ms Ono’s contributions are many. She has served three years as a Trained Teen Mentor with the Cape Ann Families Program operated by Pathways for Children; volunteers with other ROTC members to shovel snow at homes of elderly people, assists at Harvest Meals served by the Cape Ann Interfaith Commission, and helps set up the race course for the Fishbox Derby. Ms. Ono will be entering the Air Force following graduation.

Donald Riley, for multiple contributions to youth reaching far beyond his role as MCAS supervisor at Gloucester High School. Each fall for six weeks Mr. Riley teaches, without charge, six-week-long SAT preparation classes for college-bound students. He helps students write college-entrance essays and scholarship applications. He organizes bus trips for students to out-of-town sports events. As a Hall of Fame candlepin bowler, Mr. Riley last year hosted a GHS baseball-team fundraiser at the Cape Ann Lanes. And as Youth Awareness Coordinator for the Cape Ann Moose Lodge, he trains GHS student-athletes as motivational speakers at Gloucester’s elementary schools – this year leading those students to the Moose International Youth Awareness Congress in North Carolina.

Rick Roth, co-founder and executive director of Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team, a volunteer run, non-profit founded in 1990 that has identified and helps to protect more than 100 vernal ponds in Gloucester and Rockport – ecologically unique ponds that are home to vulnerable amphibian species. CAVPT also has produced an award-winning vernal pond video, helped create a Vernal Pond Scout badge, led dozens of vernal pond field trips, and given vernal pond and snake presentations to thousands of people statewide. He is also on the board of the non-profit Kestrel Educational Adventures, whose naturalists lead classroom workshops and student field trips to help children and adults better understand ecologically sensitive habitats.

Dick Wilson, for leadership in founding the Gloucester Fisherman Athletic Association and longtime volunteer work for Wellspring House. Mr. Wilson, an athlete as a Gloucester High School student and later a School Committee member, helped start the GFAA to sustain school sports programs following loss of public funding. Creating the Gloucester Triathlon and sponsoring the Twin Lights Half Marathon, along with other events, the GFAA has raised tens of thousands of dollars so school sports might continue. Most recently, the GFAA has led the campaign to completely rebuild Newell Stadium at a cost of $3.5 million. The GFAA hopes raise $2 million of that, to be added to the $1.5 million that the cash-strapped city government has been able to budget.