Dining at Beauport……..Finally! A new episode of Inspired Cooking…

view from the brick terrace at the back of the house

Hi Friends.

There will be a brand new episode of Inspired Cooking airing on Cape Ann TV tonight at 8:30. Last week I had the good fortune to tour the summer home of Henry Davis Sleeper, Beauport, on Eastern Point in Gloucester. Not only did I get a wonderful tour from the delightful and every knowledgeable site manager Pillar Garro but we recreated one of the recipe Mr. Sleeper is said to have served his guests.

It is a simple cold salad, easy to prepare and would likely have been served for lunch.
I am going to give you the recipe at is originally appeared in Elise De Wolfe’s book “Recipes for Successful Dining” that was published in 1934. Both Pilar and I were stumped as to how crayfish might have made it on to a menu in Gloucester back in those days so if anyone has any clue on that, please respond with a comment below.

Crayfish Gloucester

Cook crayfish in boiling salted water for 5 minutes. Cook small lobsters in a court bouillon for 12 to 15 minutes or a large one for 25 minutes. When cold cut the lobster meat into pieces and mix with the meat of the crayfish and a mayonnaise dressing to which have been added a teaspoonful of chili sauce and a dash of paprika. Serve in crystal cups garnishing with a circle of lettuce leaves. Decorate the top with the red portions of the crayfish. Serve very cold.

I stuck pretty much to the recipe, using equal parts of lobster to crayfish and I made the dressing separately and folded it in to the seafood, using just a small amount of the chili sauce as not to obscure the taste of the seafood.

I am sure that Mr. Sleepers cook and housekeeper Mary Wonson would have made her own mayonnaise and chili sauce but I took the prepared route on this one.  I seasoned the dish with salt and pepper and place it in iced shrimp cocktail glasses on a bed of gorgeous native lettuce that I bought here in Essex–gorgeous!

The Ice Cream Store, Bearskin Neck

At five in the morning Bearskin Neck is a great place for a walk.

Nice and quiet. The next afternoon walking out on the Lumber Wharf with our ice cream from The Ice Cream Store (daughter is in love with Purple Cow) and a Latte from Bean and Leaf I started to wonder what if.

What if the Large Family who really liked ice cream showed up. Say, six really large ice cream lovers, ordered Banana Splits then went to the back table of The Ice Cream Store and all sat down to eat. If I was at the counter ordering my one scoop of Purple Cow Cone and heard some wood creaking I think I would run for the door.

The green building to the right is the Bean and Leaf. Great Latte’s cookies, chowder, (that’s all I get, I bet the other stuff is good too.) Free WiFi. I’ve been in the back window of Bean and Leaf for a high tide with a Nor’ Easter pushing swells into Old Harbor and the waves would occasionally slap up against the building.

Beth Swan and Rob Hall Want You To Check Out- Marion Stoddart’s Documentary-The Work of 1000

Hi Joey!


The documentary that Rob and I have been privileged to work on is premiering! We’re very excited and though it isn’t necessarily Gloucester, or even Cape Ann related, all the water flows into the ocean eventually and it is relatively local.

An inspiring story of how one person can do the work of 1000 it shows how one woman helped transform a river and initiated ripples of positive environmental impact throughout the community, state, and national levels.

The project is more than a documentary. It is a vehicle for empowering and inspiring individual and collective action, an educational resource, and a model of effective leadership and advocacy that we can use today. A ten minute movie short version, partially funded by MassHumanities, has been shown to over 600 people ranging from high school and college students to technical "water keepers", to conservation and recreation organizations. Come see the full movie in Groton, MA on June 12th!

Tickets to the movie are free and the celebration party afterward is $25.

RSVP online at: http://www.workof1000.org/screenings/reserve-tickets


Beth Swan

Art in the Barn this weekend

Essex —

Essex County Greenbelt will hold its 21st annual Art in the Barn Exhibit and Sale, June 11-13, a fundraiser to benefit its land conservation efforts, at the Cox Reservation in Essex. Admission is free,and the public is invited to browse or to buy.

The work of over 150 new and returning artists will be exhibited and for sale. Participating artists represent a diversity of style and medium, including fine art painters, potters, photographers, woodcarvers, sculptors and jewelers.

In addition to the art exhibit and sale, the event will feature live artist demonstrations by jewelers, potters, woodcarvers and plein air painters, with some artists offering hands-on instruction. On-site demonstrations will be held both Saturday and Sunday, beginning at 10 a.m.

For more information, click here.

Felicia from Spain on the Stanley Thomas

While taking photos off of St Peter’s Plaza, I ran into Felicia, she was posing with her friend on some of the boats tied up.  I asked permission to also take photos and here are the results.  I asked her to pose on the Stanley Thomas, for the color contrast.

The only information I got was that she was “Felicia”: from Spain, that was good enough for me.  I hope they are enjoying themselves in Gloucester.

The Wedding Food Nazi Poll

Is it only Italian men that solely rate a wedding by how good the food is?

It always amazes me how much stock some people put into how good or bad the food is at a wedding.  How the food tastes is not going to make or break me having a good time at a wedding (although it is always nice to have something to eat if you are going to be in one place for an extended period of time).

Not wanting to alter the results of this poll any more than the opening statements we will further discuss this once we have people start to vote.

Market Restaurant At Lobster Cove- The GMG Interview

Never have I seen such an excitement among online foodies as the one created over the past month for the newly opened Market Restaurant At Lobster Cove. Check the video for the inside skinny and the slide show at the end of the video

My breakfast sandwich was fantastic and it looks like The Mrs will be doing a recon mission for dinner with her girlfriends next week. I’d say that she would get you some great photos from that dinner but I think we all know that when the Mrs gets together with her merry band of alcoholics friends it will be more about the wine than the picture taking. 🙂

You Asked We Delivered (Well Beth Swan Delivered)-GMG Facebook Fan Page

Continuing my Facebook Hold-Out people had been asking us to put our updates in a GMG Facebook Fan Page so that they could get their GMG updates through FB.  There was no way for me to start a GMG Facebook Fan page without signing up for a Facebook account so new contributor (more about this soon) Beth Swan put one up for us.  I guess you need to have 25 or more people who “like” you before they will give you the shortened http://www.facebook.com/GoodMorningGloucester URL without a whole slew of numbers and letters after it.  Within a day the page had the required number for us to have the URL.  So if you are a Facebooker, you can go to the URL and do whatever it is you do to get the updates to show up on your wall.

I think that’s what it’s called-a wall.  I’m pretty much clueless as to the ins and outs of FB.  But if it were Twitter it would be your timeline. Sample below-


Good Morning Gloucester Facebook Fan Page

In addition to Beth Swan I should also thank Jill and Kristen from North Shore Dish for the inspiration and how-to.