Brenda Malloy Art Exhibition- ART & SOUL


Featuring new paintings by Brenda Malloy
Champagne reception Friday, July 2, 5-9pm
Gallery hours Sat & Sun, July 3 & 4, 12 – 7 pm
Kismet Wharf (next to The Studio Restaurant)
51 Rocky Neck Ave, Gloucester, Ma.
info or questions call Brenda at 978-282-1346
Colorful, funky, chunky, abstract art incorporating everything from clothing, birch bark, found objects and anything else that happens to be laying around. 3" x3" on up to 4′ x 5′, all price ranges. Come one, Come all, check it out!!!!!!!!


Saturday Greasy Pole Walker Salvatore Frontiero

Watching tv one night 2 weeeks ago my son james got a phone call. All I heard at first was james talking to someone on the other end.

James; “Wow! That’s awesome!, Congratulations! Do you want me to tell Dad or will you? ok, here he is.”

My first thought was someone hit the lottery! or Someone got a great job!

I was wrong on both counts. My son Salvatore was on the phone all excited about how he was picked to walk the Greasy Pole on Saturday.

Of course when he told me I was excited for him! (not really) but I pretended to be.

I gave him some words of encouragement; “What are you F’n Nuts!, What if you get hurt? Can you swim? Do you know what your getting yourself into?, Do I have to watch?, Are you going to be drinking?” The answer to all those questions was, “YES”!

What could I do? He’s old enough to make his own decisions. I guess it is a Gloucester tradition. His Granfather did it, my oldest Son did it and hopefully Sal will be the last to do it. But I still have two more Boys who’d like to try it. Oh God my Heart!

 My Heart will be out there on the Pole today with Sal. But, Thank God I won’t be.

When you hear Salvatore Frontiero’s name called today please say a prayer, Give a yell and watch him to make sure he comes out of the water safe.

WE LOVE YOU SAL! Have a Great Time! Enjoy the Tradition! and don’t Drink to much! See you on the Beach! Love, Dad

Sal wil be the one with the red Spiked hair.

Sal is also a cook for the Madfish Grille and Bass rocks Country Club.

Salvatore Frontiero, all Spiked Up and ready to go!